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WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 22, 2014 11:15 PM MST... I promised I’d be back before October. I’ve wanted to meet that deadline in the worst way, and, well, that’s the way I’m doing it.


At the end of last year, I thought I’d be back on the air from our new location in six weeks. After a while, I hoped for six months. The plan was to make sure the basic necessities were covered of what passes for the rest of my life, and that I was free to devote enough prep time to make a show enjoyable (ignoring those who claimed, they much preferred to enjoy what ensued when I wasn’t able to prepare). Now it’s over 9 months, and if I wait for that nice, orderly, even keel; you’ll never hear me again. So here I go:


The Rollye James Show will be live this Friday.

7 to 9 PM Pacific (and Arizona)

8 to 10 PM Mountain

9 to 11 PM Central

10 to Mid. Eastern

Find out how to listen at


The foregoing is not to say that I haven’t done my best to be ready for this. And I actually dared to think that all my planning had paid off. We reassembled the studio furniture, concocted a reasonably reliable computer network, organized the records, books and CDs (which number higher than I can count, especially the vinyl part), sent iffy components off for reconditioning, made sure every piece of equipment had a working back up, and wired meticulously. I even dusted, just because. You know this is leading up to something, don’t you?


Moments after I recorded a promo to play online (for few hearty souls who are still listening to the endless replays) announcing I’d be back this Friday, the perfectly working, and recently bench tested, six line telephone hybrid, failed. And the equally solid six line backup failed. For a moment it appeared I’d be talking to myself, not that I’m a stranger to that scenario. Then, remembering what pack rats we are, we unearthed a couple one-line hybrids that will have to do. I won’t bore you with the logistics, other than to say that you’ll still be calling 610-640-6400 (or if you need me to spring for long distance, 888-8ROLLYE, 888-876-5593). At our end it will be a circus, which may or may not work, but assuming it does, we’ll have two, not six, lines available-- which should be fine since it has been so long since I’ve done a show that there may not be more than two people calling anyway. Since it’s Friday, we’ll do trivia, and catch up on whatever crosses your mind.


You might be thinking that I deserve this, starting a show during Mercury Retrograde. But I looked at it as a return to the show, which makes the period auspicious— apparently for some one else.


But I had to heed the wishes of those who felt the year would not be complete without the annual poll of the World’s Worst Hit Records, which traditionally for this show begins on October 31st, a night of Horrors, and ends on Thanksgiving, a night of Turkeys. With one show under my belt, I should be in fine shape to start the balloting during the second one, which conveniently falls on Halloween.

Initially, it’ll be a Friday only show, as there are certain tasks which still require too much of my immediate attention to commit to more. But there will be a Thanksgiving show (if for no other reason than to count down those awful records), and hopefully before the Christmas show, we’ll be back to our five night a week routine.


This may be more information than you’ve ever wanted to know, but now you’re up to date on the status of the show. In short, it remains off balance, as it always has been. A lot may go wrong Friday, and every bit of it will be my fault. But for everything that goes right, thank my buddy Luke Davis in Philadelphia. He has singlehandedly kept the replays going, has set up the new server, made the mailing list work, and so much more, among many herculean tasks unrelated to the program. Without him, it would be a lot longer before you heard me.


Talk to you Friday!



Actually I haven't said anything for over a month, but if you somehow missed something,

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