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MONDAY SEPTEMBER 1, 2014 Noon MST... It's Labor Day weekend and you're wondering what happened to the 4th of July and my thought that I'd be on the air by then. Me too. It never occurred to me how many things could crop up at once to waylay my most ardent expectations. The good news is the studio is together and I'm ready to do a show technically. The bad news is I'm still not ready to host it.


In answer to some of your Facebook posts: Yes I'm still with you, and against most things in general… Yes, sometimes I wonder if I'll be back, too-- but I have the advantage of knowing I will, just not when…. Yes, you are hearing replays on the stream. Would anyone in their right mind interview the same people over and over? And over. (The replays are really just a place holder for the live stream which will return. Eventually.) The least I can do is plug Soroya's podcasts in the interim. This is a woman with a full time wholly unrelated job and a real life, and she manages to churn out shows. Puts me to shame. Here's a link to the latest one. To everyone who has called 610-640-6400: you don't want me to return your messages, as it's usually the middle of the night when I'm hearing them-- but I do hear (most of) them, and I thank you for thinking of me.


I really was planning to start the show in July, but Jon graphically laid out my workload and convinced me not to do the masochism tango until the weather was cooler. I'd tell you what's keeping me busy, but the litany would be competition for even the best soporific. If it's remotely related to running a radio station, or a small business with a big tower, I'm doing it-- while filling in for anyone who doesn't show up. Did the news again last week and repeatedly invited everyone to come hear a beloved local dead guy play big band music. But hey, I announced even more incredulous things while filling in for Art Bell in the '90s. This time, I missed the word "late" until it was too late. But I did insert a handful of national stories that major media missed. I won't detail my interaction with the Miami (AZ) chief of police, but I managed to invite some distasteful soul that overheard it, not to listen to the radio station. The next day said soul won a seat on the Town Council. It was not a major political feat as there were four open seats and only four candidates running. Even so, we've made an executive decision not to let me out of the house again.


Just last night, Jon rattled my cage and convinced me to start the show slowly next month with something that takes no effort but yields a lot of fun-- Friday Night Trivia. That will allow me to be back in time for the annual poll of the World's Worst Hit Records. Hopefully sometime after that I'll be ready to expand to other weeknights. No promises beyond my pledge to do all I can to get back to you as soon as possible.


I never in my wildest dreams thought that what I was embarking upon could take so much time that it would be fall before I was back on the air. In some ways my life is simpler. All I do is work and sleep. But it should become more manageable by year's end-- providing I survive. Speaking of which, thanks for asking about my friend Bill. He's still hanging in there-- getting up and doing morning drive, confounding his doctors who are thinking about writing book on his survival. The current team was more optimistic than Mayo but they too can't believe he's still walking and talking. Listeners will loudly attest to that talking part. And I for one am grateful for all of it, realizing that every day he's still with us is a gift.


I'm also profoundly grateful to Jon. For a creative, video oriented guy who really enjoys his insularity, in addition to everything he usually does, he's had to become a people-person, interacting with the community while managing, promoting and selling radio. And he never complains. So I make up for it by complaining enough for both of us. I doubt that meets the definition of doing my part, no matter how I position it.


But none of that is why I haven't communicated. I didn't want to keep giving you start dates I couldn't meet. But now that I've promised by Halloween, I'll be motivated to make it a firm priority to do it. Until then, I'm humbled by your continued interest and eager to be talking to you again.


Actually I haven't said anything for months, but if you somehow missed something,

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