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FRIDAY OCTOBER 2, 2015. Trivia question: The average American spends four minutes a day, every day, doing this. Doing what? Searching for misplaced things. Downloads up, replays streaming, podcasts waiting’ for you to access, and I’ll be back next Friday, 7PM Eastern.





FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 25, 2015 10:30 PM MT… Trivia? More people in New Hampshire (92%) have done this than have residents of any other state. Fewer people in Texas (77%) have done it compared to those residing in other states. Done what? Graduated high school. Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on and I’m outta here til next Friday.


FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 18, 2015 Yes there was a trivia question: The first time a woman did this was in Houston in 1962. Did what? And I even remembered to reveal the answer: Had her breasts enlarged. Timmie Jean Lindsey, was in a hospital for tattoo removal when doctors asked if she wanted to be a medical pioneer and be the first woman to have silicon breast implants. She agreed under the condition that the doctor would also pin back her protruding ears, and left the hospital with “firm, round, C cups”. Interviewed at 73, she said the only change was she seemed to get more wolf whistles than before.


Stream is running, podcasts are sent, downloads are up, and I’m outta here til next week.



RIDAY SEPTEMBER 11, 2015 10:30 PM. Here for the trivia question? You may not think it’s theft, but it is. According to one large survey, 63% of Americans admitted to having stolen this… stolen what? Office supplies from an employer. (That’s according to polls from the Chicago Tun Times and Readers Digest.)


We played some of Bobby Sheen’s “Dr. Love”. It’s from Soroya’s latest podcast, which you can access here, and "The Stars" one of Barbara Lewis' last records (on Enterprise in 1970), which you can hear from time to time on It's a former #1 on TIm's Second Chance Survey on Monday Night's Hi Fi Party (8-11 ET).


Podcasts are out, downloads are up. I’m done til next week. Talk to you then.



FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 4, 2015 10:30 PM… The replay is up. It’ll be on the stream (once the stream cycles through last week’s show which was playing when we went live), it’s available for download at, and the podcasts have gone out— twice actually.


The first time around there was a repetitive artifact all the way through the file. AM fans of many days gone by wouldn’t be daunted because they’ve listened through everything to hear John R. or Wolfman… but for everyone else, it was unacceptable. I knew what it wasn’t, and didn’t think I’d quickly figure out what it was, but fortunately, I did.


Very fortunately as it would have been mighty embarrassing to have someone as legendary as Uncle Ricky of join me on a show that was not well preserved. His attention to quality is inspiring and I can’t imagine he’d want to add the show the way it sounded to his roster of over 3300 airchecks. But, it’s all good now, and it’ll probably be up on soon. But never mind me, you can hear any or all of the aforementioned 3300+ airchecks for just $10 (and you can hear ‘em as many times as you like through February 14, 2016). If you’re remotely a radio fan you’ll sign up. And if you have more money hanging around, you’ll donate. The $10 (or how ever much more you’d like to give) is totally tax deductible. is a 501c3.


Think of any disc jockey you listened to as a teen. I don’t care how old you are— pick one. I’m willing to wager, they’re on Check it out!



FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 4, 2015 5:30 PM MT…. Looking forward to tonight. We’re gonna talk with Uncle Ricky. He’s spent the last 20 years amassing more than 3300 air checks— many of ‘em priceless. And the price to hear them all is just $10, and you’ll have access through February. Sign up here. We’ll have fun bringing back memories, playing some of your faves, and just for Kimberly, a big time screw up when a salesman tries to record his own spot. Trivia after that. And a Happy Belated Birthday to Bucky Lemon. It was yesterday. Talk to you in about an hour and a half.





FRIDAY AUGUST 28, 2016 10:00 PM MT... Happy Birthday Maggie Murphy! (Jack Armostrong's youngest daughter is 33 today.) I didn't forget to record and process the show. I did forget to give you a trivia question. But we had fun hearing about CKLW's 20 20 news. Most of that is not on the replay (by design) but you can get a copy of a great documentary on the Big 8 at Other that that, the stream is up, the downplays are loaded and the podcasts are out.


The bad news is that our phone number disappeared (momentarily, I assure you it's momentarily). But when you can't get through on 610-640-6400, don't forget we've got a toll free number: 888-876-5593 (easy to remember: 88 88 ROLLYE).


More info on Chris' podcast: go to, click on Podcast, scroll down till you find RCL (for Radio Connection Live). Last one up there is from 8-23. You can listen live from 3 to 5 pm ET each Sunday.



SUNDAY AUGUST 23, 2015 11:45 PM… Due to numerous requests, OK three emails, I searched for what might have happened to the recording of Friday night’s show. Bottom line, I came up empty. I could go on about potential causes but it’s probably more productive to make good on my promise to provide a link for KJSC Radio. Proving I’m totally lame, I forgot who asked for it, or what kind of show he did, but I do remember it is on Sunday Afternoons from 3 to 5 PM Eastern. Check it out. I also made a note to gather up some CKLW newscast air checks for this coming Friday night. You’ll have to listen Friday to hear if I managed to follow through.



FRIDAY AUGUST 21, 2015 10 PM MT... I'm so sorry. I didn't record the show. I thought I was recording the show, but I guess when I set it up I was much more interested in my roast beef sandwich (great roll) than whether I was actually recording anything. So there is no new stream, there are no downloads and no podcasts were sent. It pains me as the darn show went for over FOUR hours. And we had some fine stories. Of course it will get better and better in my mind because there's no archive. But I tend to tell the same stories repeatedly so I'm sure you'll hear 'em again.


At least I remembered to answer the trivia question. It was: The average American spends $2339 a year on this. People in Connecticut spend the most on it. People in West Virginia spend the least. What is it? Trivia answer: Household furnishings. All I can figure is it averages that per year. People actually spending it every year? There must be more money available (or unfortunately easy credit terms) than I realized. Talk to you next Friday night.



FRIDAY AUGUST 14, 2015 11:00 MT... Trivia question? This is wonderful: In the 1930s, this common store bought item was the most popular contraceptive among American women. And it remained the leading female hygiene product through through the early 1960s. What was it? ...wait for it... Lysol. Until the early 60s, the label advice included.... cleaning the toilet with it, gargling it and using it as a douche— in spite of the fact it often caused burns. The podcasts are sent, the stream is streaming and the downloads are waiting for you to download 'em. Talk to you next week.



FRIDAY AUGUST 7, 2015 11:00 PM MT... Here for the trivia question? Per capita, the British are the biggest consumers of this in the world. By comparison, Italians consume a tenth as much. Generally, English speaking countries lead the world in buying this. Americans on average spend around $32 a year on it. On what? Breakfast cereal— Britains spend $35, in Italy it’s $3.40 a year. In Spain, it’s only $2. Que Pasa Tony the Tiger.


Here for the link to Soroya’s latest podcast? Click here. We said farewell to Billy Sherrill. Lots of obits including plenty of audio, but I’d like to think Billy would smile at my choice— his production of Ted Taylor’s “Somebody’s Always Trying”. Eat your hearts out country music fans. RIP Billy.


The stream is streaming, the downloads are waiting for you and the podcasts are en route. So, I’m done til next week. Talk to you on Friday.



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