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FRIDAY NOVEMBER 21, 2014 10:30 PM MST… RIP Jimmy Ruffin. Lots of people playing “What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted”, which is a wonderful record, but we started with some obscurities (of course) from the woulda-coulda-shoulda variety…. "Since I've Lost You" is particularly tasty. We also played some fine Dutch Robinson, then and now. As for the trivia question: Which president do most presidential scholars think of as the worst? James Buchanan, a waffler extraordinaire.


We’re still voting on the World’s Worst Hit Records. You can email me here. Voting ends Wednesday night, and then Thursday, Thanksgiving, a night for turkeys, we play the top ten back. And yes, even though the show is only a Friday affair at this point, we’ll be live on Thanksgiving. 9-11P ET / 6-8P PT.. and live again next Friday too.


Don’t forget, if you want to download the show, go to and get it.



FRIDAY NOVEMBER 14, 2014 10:00 PM MT… Tonight’s show is running on the stream, available for download here, and sent out as a podcast (details here). Keep those votes coming for the World’s Worst Hit Records. Talk to you next Friday, 9 PM ET/6 PM PT.



FRIDAY NOVEMBER 7, 2014 10:30 PM MT… I forgot to mention that with the end of Daylight SavingsTime, the show hours have probably moved wherever you are. Right now, we’re live:

Eastern 9 - 11 PM
Central 8-10 PM
Mountain 7-9 PM
Pacific 6-8 PM


I’ve gotten a few emails asking for the show to be on an hour later, as it has been. And a few saying they liked it better the way it is now. And several who forgot it had moved. But I’d like you to weigh in, if you haven’t already. Do you prefer it live 10-Mid Eastern/7-9 Pacific all year round? (That’ll mean it will change in Arizona, but I’m OK with that, if you prefer.)


I thought no one was calling during the second hour. Turns out that not only are they hybrids away for repair, but the lines themselves failed. I’m assuming it’s user error somehow (me, not you). Maybe by next week I’ll have figured it out. I appreciate your continued trying. The show is clearly a work in progress.


Along those lines, you can easily download the replays at (click on downloads), and you can hear the stream as you always have, but as for the podcasts: they work everywhere but iTunes. If you were previously signed up with iTunes, you can probably get them to reactivate the feed, but as for subscribing new, right now they can’t find me (and I’m not going to help them until we move the podcasts to another server, which I’m in the process of doing— once that’s complete, it will be easy again). All the info is also on (click on podcasts).


Soroya’s done a fine job with her latest soul mix. For someone not nearly as old as the music, finding a fine bunch of obscurities is noteworthy. Here’s the link.


Don’t forget to vote on the World’s Worst Hit Records (by email here, or on the air Friday nights: 610-640-6400). And since we’re not on every weeknight, it’s fine to talk issues. We covered the midterm elections last night, and more.




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