APRIL 2017

FRIDAY APRIL 28, 2017  10:00 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  Billboards are everywhere these
days, but 1984 was the first time the side of this was used for a billboard.  Side of what?  A Cow. A
farmer from Canada sold space on the sides of his Jersey cows.  Price?  $500 a year.  These days
European farmers are not shy in offering stenciled ads on the sides of their herds.. most popular
sponsors? .. radio stations and ice cream.  Downloads up, Stream on, I’m gone.  But I expect I’ll be
back next Friday night at 7 pm Mountain.  Talk to you then.

FRIDAY APRIL 21, 2017  10:00 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  In 2003, at a meeting of the
Society for Consumer Psychology, a research study on the songs or jingles most often stuck in
people’s heads was presented. 74% of the respondents said it was songs.  15% said it was a jingle.
#5  was The Lion Sleeps Tonight, #4 was the Mission Impossible Theme,  #3 was the Kit Kat jingle,
“Gimme a break…”   What was #2 or #1…   #2 was “We Will Rock You” by Queen and #1 was
“Who Let The Dogs Out” by Baha Men.  Downloads up, Stream on, I’m gone.  But I expect I’ll be
back next Friday night at 7 pm Mountain.  Talk to you then.

FRIDAY APRIL 14, 2017  10:00 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  If you missed the first hour, you
missed a conversation with Neil Norman of GNP Crescendo Records.  (Click on it for an interesting
catalog with something you’ve probably got to have.)  Check out his documentary on The Seeds, at
PushinTooHard.com.   In hour 2, we played trivia:  On any given day, the odds are 1 in 4 that
someone in America does this.  Does what?  Eats at a fast food restaurant.  Downloads up, Stream
on, I’m gone til next week at  7 PM Mountain Standard (which is the same as Pacific Daylight).

FRIDAY APRIL 7, 2017  9:30 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  The oldest person in the world to do
this, did it  at 91 years old in America in 2003. Did what?  Rob a bank.  Red Roundtree handed a
teller a note in an Abilene Texas bank in August 2003.  Once the teller determined he was serious,
she gave him $2,000.   Downloads up, stream on. I’m gone.

FRIDAY MARCH 31, 2017  9:30 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  There are 10 million of these in
China— that may sound like a lot but there are over 200 million of them in America.  What are they?
cars. There are slightly more cars than people in America while China’s 10 million cars are spread
out across 1.3 billion people.  Downloads up, Stream on.  I’m gone— til next Friday night, 7 PM

FRIDAY MARCH 24, 2017  9:30 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  1988 was the first time a tax
form was filed with this deduction. The IRS disallowed it, but after many appeals,  in 1994,the ruling
was that, pending a few specifics, this was definitely an allowable expense.  What was deducted? 
Breast Implants. Chesty Love (real name Cynthia Hess), a Wisconsin stripper successfully argued
that increasing her breasts to a 56FF increased her income and therefore was a business expense.
The court concurred saying they couldn’t find any other personal benefit for the breasts which were
10 pounds each.   Downloads are up.  Stream is on.  Podcasts are out (but whether anyone
receives them is still up for grabs— I’ll put it on the distant to do list).  Talk to you next week.

FRIDAY MARCH 17, 2017  9:30 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  You can find these anywhere in
the world, but the oldest one still in existence dates back to 1745 in Bethlehem, PA.   There are less
of them today than 20 years ago.  What are they?   Book stores  Moravian Book Shop in
Bethlehem, operated by the Moravian Church is the oldest.  Downloads are up, podcasts are out
(though I’m not sure if anyone receives them anymore— it’s on the to do list.  Apologies to the guy
in Canada who hopes in vain that it’ll move further up that list quickly), stream is on and I’m gone til
next week.

FRIDAY MARCH 10, 2017  9:30 PM   The odds are 1 in 5 that you have a close friend or family
member obsessed with this.  With what?  Germs. Daylight Savings Time happens Sunday—
everywhere but here.  So as of next Friday, we’ll be live at 10 PM Eastern, 7PM Pacific. Downloads
are up, Podcasts are out,  Stream is on, And I’m gone, til next Friday at an hour later, thanks to
daylight time.

FRIDAY MARCH 3, 2017  9:15 PM MT... We've just established I have no idea what time it is.
Particularly with regard to when this show is on.  It's off now.  But it will be on again next Friday at 7
PM Mountaint Time.  Do not get used to that becasue Dalight Savigs will happen everywhere but
here.   So for this coming Friday, the show will be on at 9PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific.  After that (until
next fall) it'll be on at 10 PM Eastern / 7 PM Pacific. Make a note of it. God knows, I should. 

Kimberly in Kansas City passed along a great link.  You're probably aware of Unity and the host of
publications under their umbrella.  It dates back to 1889 when Charles Fillmore and his wife Mildred
formed an organization in Minnesota around the New Thought movement.  Whether you view it as
spirituality, enlightenment or just self-motivation,there's an exhaustive list of publications
surrounding the genre.  If you're blind, accessing the material is challenging--  but not anymore.
Unity as transformed hundreds of titles into braille and audio. (You've got to have the necessary
equipment but if you're blind, no doubt you do.)   Go to Unity.org/braille and see the treasure trove
for yourself.

Now for that trivia question...  It’s standard on today’s houses and has been for quite some time, but
the first time a home was sold with this was 1853.  The next time after that was 1869.  Sold with
what? A front lawn. Suburban houses in Llewellyn Park, NJ had front lawns in 1853. Today the New
York City close-in suburb, 12 miles from Manhattan, is a gated upscale community.    In 1869,
homes in Riverside, Illinois (suburban Chicago, near the Brookfield Zoo) included front lawns. 
Downloads up, Podcasts out,  Stream on, And I’m gone, til next Friday at 7 PM where I am sitting.


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 24, 2017  6:00 PM MT…  No show tonight.  Sorry for the short notice.  I
waited until the last minute as I was hoping my body would cooperate, but not tonight it won’t. 
Hopefully it’s a date next Friday night at 7 mountain time.  Thanks for your understanding.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 17, 2017  9:30 PM   Research labs are getting more expensive all the time. 
Starting one can run over a million dollars, but even so called consumables are costly.  In medical
research for instance, body parts have to be acquired.  What is the most expensive body part to buy
(from cadavers, not the living)?   Skin, at $1,000 per square foot.  Knees run abut $650,  heads
$500— a full torso will set you back $5,000 but that’s comprised of several body parts… 
Downloads up, Podcasts out,  Stream on, and I’ll talk to you next Friday at 7 MT.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 10, 2017  9:30 PM   At the turn of the last century, what passed for medical
care had some odd solutions.  For instance, at the end of the 100s,  the well-respected Merck
manual, said this was a the preferred treatment for asthma. What?  Cigarettes  — better than the
treatment for acne which was arsenic.   Downloads are up, podcasts are out, stream is on, and I’m
gone til next Friday at 7 PM Mountain Time.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 3, 2017  9:30 PM   Trivia question?  The average American does this 16 times
a year.  Blind Americans however, do it 20 times a year. Do what?  Read a book. These figures
come from a Gallup Poll and the National Library Service for the Blind.  Gallup finds that 83% of
Americans claim to have read at least half of one book within one year.  10% claim to have read
more than 50— (I don’t know if romance novels count), and 5% claim over 100.   Do comics count? 
No word on qualifiers for what constitutes a book.   Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is
on, and I’m elsewhere until next Friday night at 7 (mountain).


FRIDAY JANUARY 27, 2017  9:30 PM MT...  We held the trivia question from last week, and got a
winner (not that there’s a prize, other than pride in winning, which goes to RJ).  Until 1968, women
were not allowed to work at this well known company.  (This excludes the usual clerical positions
and such.)  Which one?  McDonald’s.  Corporate felt that women employees would attract young
men who would be hanging around the parking lot.  The rule was unwritten, but enforced.  In the
latter ‘60s, a franchisee in Elkhart, Indiana couldn’t find male workers, so they hired the wife of a
local preacher.  When corporate found out they threatened pull the franchise unless she was fired. 
The franchisee refused and eventually McDonald’s backed down and in 1968, McDonald’s formally
rescinded the informal ban.   Downloads are up, podcasts are out, stream is on, and I’ll talk to you
next Friday at 7:00 Mountain Time.

FRIDAY JANUARY 20, 2017  9:30 PM MT…  holding the trivia question over for a week…  and if
you’re wondering what it was, you’ll just have to listen next Friday night at 7 PM (Mountain Time) 
Podcasts out, downloads up, stream is on,  I’m gone— til next time.

FRIDAY JANUARY 13, 2017  9:30 PM MT…  Women all over the world have been doing this since
the 1800s—  most women anywhere today do it every day…  but in Japan, most women didn’t do it
prior to 1932.  Do What?  Wear underwear.  A Tokyo department store fire on December 16,1932
caused over a dozen deaths of women who refused to climb down rescue ropes for fear their bare
bottoms underneath their kimonos would be exposed.  We made it through the night without even
mentioning that it was Friday the 13th, but it’s over now.  Never told you Mercury was retrograde,
but it’s been direct since January 8th (and will be back to its pre-retrograde position in the 28th). 
Sorry for the delay in getting last week’s download up (along with the update on this page).  But
everything should be where it should be now.  Podcasts out, downloads up, stream on… Talk to you
next Friday at 7 MT (6 PT / 9 ET  —610-640-6400)

FRIDAY JANUARY 6, 2017  9:30 PM MT…  Most of us are faced with this every day, and we don’t
like it.  The first time anyone anywhere ever had to deal with it was 1978.  Deal with what?  An
unsolicited mass email… May 3, 1978.. Gary Thuerk, a marketing guy from DEC (Digital Equipment
Corp.) sent a mass email to 600 ArpaNet users touting an upcoming event where DECs newest
computer would be unveiled.   Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on, and I’ll be back
next Friday at 7 PM  MT  (9 PM ET / 6 PM PT).

NEW YEAR'S NIGHT 2017  9:30 PM MT...  Spent a couple hours on the phone with Val Shively
As far as I'm concerned, my new year started off just right.  Hope you enjoyed it.  This concludes
the  2016 edition of The Rollye James Show's I Hate The Holidays Club.  Podcast out, download
up, stream on, and I'll talk to you live Friday evening at 7 PM Mountain TIme.


NEW YEAR'S EVE 2016   9:15 PM MT…   Bottom line— here’s hoping that 2017 is the year we’ve
all been waitin’ for!   The Rollye James Show’s I Hate The Holiday’s Club will have its final meeting
tomorrow night (Sunday)  7 PM MT  (9 PM ET / 6 PM PT).    Please join us.  Better yet, call. 
610-640-6400.   Trivia question?  The first time a woman was allowed to do this in America was in
1992. Do What?  Play in an NHL game.  (Manon Rheaume for the Tampa Bay Lightening against
the St. Louis blues.)   Podcasts out, downloads up, stream on, and I’ll talk to you in about 20 hours.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 30, 2016 5:00 PM MT...  No show tonight because we'll be live for the final
two shows of the 2016 edition of The Rollye James Show's I Hate The Holidays Club.  That would
be tomorrow night (New Year's Eve) and Sunday night (New Year's Night) after which it will be over
til next Thanksgiving.  Talk to you tomorrow night. (I hope)  7 PM  Mountain Time (9 PM ET / 6 PM

SUNDAY DECEMBER 25, 2016 9:30 PM MT...  Great, as it always is, to spend a couple hours with
Steve Bryant tonight.  Here's Steve's YouTube channel, and here's Steve's blog site.  

We'll be live again on New Year's Eve and New Year's Night (the last two meetings of The Rollye
James Show's I Hate The Holidays Club) next Saturday and Sunday. (Same time, 7 PM MT.)  If you
missed last nigh's show, you won't find it on the replay now (the show with Steve Bryant will play
until the next live show) but you can still download it.  (Click on downloads above.)

SATURDAY DECEMBER 24, 2016  4:30 PM MT... I am currently sitting in the dark as Globe-Miami
has a widespread power outage.  APS (our electricity provider) has not yet identified the problem
that has taken out four substations.  I am writing this on generator power (my own).  I'm shutting
down all the non-essentials now, and am planning to do the show in three hours. But I wanted to
post a message while I still could in case I'm unable to connect later.  The weak link in this equation
is the broadband provider and if they go down i'm toast.  (We're in the process of cementing a
dedicated connection from someone other than CableNone but for now I'm at their mercy.)  Hope to
talk with you soon, but if you don't hear me, you'll know why.  Three hours is a good amount of lead
time for APS to fix this.I'll keep my finger's crossed.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 23, 2016 5:30 PM MT...  No show tonight, but back to back live shows
tomorrow (Saturday 12/24) and Christmas night.  We'll talk with Steve Bryant again this year on
Christmas night, and that's alwys fun.  If you're a holiday hater, or are saying ho ho hum about now,
we'll keep you company and take your calls.  The Rollye James' I Hate The Holidays Club meeting
comes to order tomorrow and Sunday night at 7 PM MT (9 PM ET, 6 PM PT).  Talk to you then!

FRIDAY DECEMBER 16, 2016  9:30PM MT...  Triva question from tonight:  One out of three
Americans believe this about themselves (clue, it has nothnig to do with physical attributes-- it's all
mental).  Believe what?  That they have a great idea for an invention.  (This explains all the late
night  'invent help' commercials.)  Downloads are up, Stream is on, Podcasts are out.

Holiday Schedule:  In keeping with The Rollye James' I Hate The Holiday's Club, we'll have live
Shows on Christmas Eve (Saturday night) and Chrsitmas Night (Sunday night). No show next

KJAA has switched formats. Calling it a work in progress is a major understatement. But at least
you won't hear Neil Diamond, Chicago or any of the usual oldies mulch. As I type, Jimmy Norman's
"I Don't Love You No More" is playing.  Listen here.

THANK YOU for all your prayers and kind words. What I have is chronic, not acute, and I plan to
keep it that way.  Talk to you next week.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 16, 2016  2:30 PM MT... Live show in 4 1/2 hours  9 PM ET / 6 PM PT.   Talk
to you then.  (Apologies for the site being interimmitently down--  DNS issues. Hpefully fixed.  If not,
I'm writing to myself.  But the stream is unrelated, so you'll be hearing me, even if you're not reading

FRIDAY DECEMBER 9, 2016 12:30 AM MT...  No show tonight.  I'm really sorry about this.  I won't
belabor it other than to say, if I could, I would. And hopefully I will next Friday.  

Friday December 2, 2016  9:30 PM  Board games are a $400 million dollar a year industry in the
United States.  (most of it goes to Utah, at least from my experience). As of a decade ago, it’s no
surprise that the biggest selling board game of all time was Trivial Pursuit— it sold over a million
copies in 2002 alone.  But what was number 2?  Cranium.  (Monopoly was #3, Scrabble #4 and
rounding out the top five was “The Game Of Life”.)


THANKSGIVING 2016… 9:15 PM Mountain Time… I'm most thankful that I don't have to hear
anything associated with #6 or #9 on this year's version of the World's Worst Hit Records.  Here's
how you voted:

10 Relax - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
9 Christopher Cross - Sailing
8 Bad Blood - Neil Sedaka
7 Don't Think  Twice - Wonder Who
6 My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
5 Ebony Eyes - Everly Brothers
4 Honey - Bobby Goldsboro
3 Gimme Dat Ding - Pipkins
2 Brand New Key - Melanie
1 Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus

We got lots of email votes. Thanks to all of you- for the long lists: Bob, David, Dennis & Linda, Ed,
Gayle, Joan, Pam, Rob, and the four or five people who wrote anonymously… not to mention the
many people who sent in just a few votes. I have no idea if that many people even listen to this
show, but who can resist casting a vote in November for something?  Plus Soroya, Kimberly, Bob,
Richard, Dave and all of you who called in while we were live. Your vote counted.

The Rollye James' I Hate The Holiday's Club is now in session.  We'll have weekly meetings on
Friday at 7 PM MT.  So if it's HO HO HUM or worse, this is the place.  Talk to youa week from
tomorrow night.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 18, 2016   9:30 PM  Holdover question from last week regarding the World’s
Worst Hit Records.  We’ve been doing it for decades, but we’re not alone.  in fact when VH1
debuted in 1985, they did their own poll.  We’re assuming it’s in-house bur regardless, they
considered this the world’s worst hit of all time.  What is it?   We Built This City by Starship.  It was
the debut record for that incarnation of Jefferson Airplane and it went to #1 on Billboard in
November 1985.  

Speaking of the World’s Worst Hit Records, voting continues for a few days.  Remember, they’ve
got to be hits— any genre, any decade.  Vote until this coming Wednesday night, the day before
Thanksgiving by email here. Thanksgiving night, the night of turkeys, I’ll be live playing them back
live— take it as a threat or a promise.  Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on— and until
Thanksgiving I’m gone. But you find yourself wanting to escape the holiday, tune it at 7 PM MST (9
PM ET / 6 PM PT) and I’ll keep you company.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 11, 2016   9:00 PM  We’ve been doing the annual poll of the world’s worst hit
records since the mid 80s— but so have a lot of other sources... many music publications, writers—
most notably Dave Barry— and even TV networks have gotten in on it.  Speaking of the latter, when
VH1 debuted in 1985, they did their own poll— most likely in-house only, and most definitely
unscientific.  Never the less, VH1 declared this song as the worst hit record ever. What is it?  Turns
out we had a short show (too many people forgetting that we don't have daylight savings time in
Arizona so everyone else in the country started hearing us an hour earlier this week), so we'll hold it
over for next week, when hopefully you'll listen live-- at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT.

Speaking of the World’s Worst Hit Records, the voting continues.   Remember, they’ve got to be
hits— any genre, any decade.  Vote until the day before Thanksgiving, on the show (610-640-6400)
or by email here. Thanksgiving night, the night of turkeys, we’ll be live playing them back— take it
as a threat or a promise.  Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on— and until next Friday,
I’m gone.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 4, 2016   9:30 PM  In 1980, for the first time ever a Rhode Island public
school student was allowed to do this.  He had to take the matter to court, but he won, to the
dismay of school and police officials. The result was he was allowed to do what?  Aaron Fricke was
allowed to take a same sex date to his senior prom.  The school said no. The courts said, any date
of your choosing.  (Here’s a wiki article on it.)  Voting on the annual poll of the World’s Worst Hit
Records continues.  Only qualification is it’s got to be a hit— any genre, any decade.  Vote during
the show, or by email here.  Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on— and until
(hopefully) next Friday, I’m gone. DON’T FORGET:  Daylight savings time goes off this weekend
which means that unless you’re in Arizona, the show will start an hour earlier effective next week. 
As they say in telephone-speak, ‘please make a note of it.’


FRIDAY OCTOBER 28, 2016   9:30 PM  After leaving the White House, Abe Lincoln did this more
often than any other president.  Did what?  Haunted the White House.  Among those who professed
to see him in, of course, the Lincoln bedroom, were Winston Churchill, Harry Truman and Maureen
Reagan.   Halloween’s on Monday, so it’s started…  the voting on the annual poll of the World’s
Worst Hit Records.  Only qualification is it’s got to be a hit— any genre, any decade.  Vote during
the show (Friday nights at 7 PM MST, which right now is the same as Pacific Daylight), or by email
here.  Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on— and until (hopefully) next Friday, I’m

FRIDAY OCTOBER 21, 2016   9:30 PM  In New York City, rat bites have been a problem.  But
statistically, New Yorkers are over 10 times more likely to be bitten by this than a rat.  Bitten by
what? A resident. Human bites are 11 times more frequently reported than rat bites in New York
City.  Let’s hope this figure accounts for only the reporting, not the reality.   Downloads are up. 
Podcasts are out. Stream is on (though it might take a bit before the stream starts.)  And I’m gone. 
As to when I’ll be back—  probably next Friday, but after this week’s medical emergency, all bets
are off.  We’ll keep the shows short, and I’m hoping to do them, but if not, I promise to find an
intriguing interview or two to play in my place.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 14, 2016 11:15 PM MST…  Congratulations to Soroya for finishing book two!  
Get a copy of Velvet Hammer:  Book Two of the Joey Roxy Chronicles. Absolute free to Kindle
Unlimited customers (and soon if I heard it right, free to everyone).  Not a Kindle Unlimited
customer, and don’t want to wait?  It’s only $5 right now.   Click here for all your options. 

FRIDAY OCTOBER 14, 2016   9:30 PM  Tucson has the cleanest.  New York has the dirtiest. 
Cleanest and dirtiest what?  Office desks.  New Yorkers eat at their desks.  They’d probably do
better eating off their toilet seats. On average toilets seats have 50 bacteria per square inch.  Office
desks have 21,000 per square inch.  (Phone receivers are worse— 25,0000 bacteria per square
inch.)    Why?   People tend to use disinfectant on toilet seats regularly.  Phones almost never.  
Downloads are up, podcasts are out, stream is on, and until next Friday 7 PM Mountain Standard
Time, I’m gone.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 7, 2016   Some US generals used it to calm their nerves during World War 2. 
British POWs in German camps used it to escape, but war or peacetime, for the last hundred years,
it’s mostly used by kids.  What is it?  Monopoly.  General Eisenhower was said to be an avid
Monopoly player, supposedly playing the game hours before he led the invasion into North Africa. 
As for escaping, it was British Intelligence officers in cahoots with the makers of the game to hide
maps, compasses and small saws under the Monopoly board for certain editions that were
distributed to those in prison camps by phony charities.  One run, for instance had a thin silk map of
northern France under the Free Parking space.   Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on,
and I’m gone— ’till next Friday at 7 PM  Mountain Standard Time.


FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 1:00 AM MT  I am taking off tonight.  But I'l be back next Friday
night at 7, looking forward to talking with you!  The stream was delayed in starting this week, but it's
up and running now.  Downloads from last week are also available.  Talk to you next Friday. 

RIDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 9:30 PM  The trivia question was a holder from last week— great
question (if I say so myself):  This product was introduced in 1957.  As of the year 2000, 40 million
had been sold in America.  Loved by some, derided by many, and outlawed in several places, what
is it?  Plastic Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornaments.  (Bet you thought they were around way longer than
that, but plastic isn’t all that old— not that that explains it.) Downloads are up, podcasts are out (for
those of you who signed up a long time ago, since you can’t sign up right now), stream is on and
I’m gone till next Friday at 7 PM Mountain Standard Time--  or the Friday after that.  Possible I'll skip
next week, but I'll give you plenty of notice to line up something better to do.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 16, 2016 9:30 PM  We had a great trivia question tonight— and no one got
it, so we’ll save it for next week, giving you some time to think about it:  This product was introduced
in 1957.  As of the year 2000, 40 million had been sold in America.  Loved by some, derided by
many, and outlawed in several places, what is it?  Downloads are up, stream is on and I’m gone till
next Friday at 7 PM Mountain Standard Time.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 9:30 PM  We’ll stick with spelling this week. Thousands of cities in
America, but which one is most often misspelled?  Pittsburgh.    I’ll be back next Friday night. 
Downloads are up. Stream is on (took a while longer than I expected, sorry).   Podcasts are gone
(and I’m not motivated to find out where). So until further notice download or stream, or better yet,
listen to the live show and call in! 

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 2, 2016 9:30 PM  Spelling for most adults is apparently a difficult task.  Even
very familiar words are mangled by a lot of us.  We’ll ignore restaurateur, which isn’t an English
word anyway,  and ask:  What is the most misspelled word in the English language?  Millennium.  
Gotcha!  We’ll do it again next Friday night.  Until then, stream is on, downloads are up, podcasts
are sent (and I don’t know why you can’t get ‘em if you’re not already getting ‘em, but I’ll put that on
the infamous to-do list) and I’m gone. 


FRIDAY AUGUST 26, 2016 9:30 PM  Tonight’s trivia question was apparently easy.  Congrats to
Soroya and Bob who knew instantly.  Over 65% of all American adults can name the three Rice
Crispies characters.  But less than 35% of Americans can name even one of these, and there are
three times as many of ‘em!  One of what?  Supreme Court Justices.  Anthony Kennedy (since
1988), Clarence Thomas  (since 1991), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (since 1993),  Stephen Breyer (since
1994),  Chief Justice John Roberts (since 2005), Samuel Alito (since 2006), Sonya Sotomayer
(since 2009), Elena Kagan (since 2010), and a vacancy due to the death of Antonin Scalia
(1986-2016).  Podcast is out, dowlonad is up, stream is on, and I'm gone-- until next Friday at 7. 

FRIDAY AUGUST 19, 2016 9:30 PM MST…  Trivia:  It dates back seemingly forever, but 1962 was
the peak year for this almost ubiquitous activity in America.  It’s been downhill ever since.  The
figure is almost half of what it was in 1962.  What is it?  Drinking coffee. In 1962, American’s on
average drank 3.12 cups a day.  Now we drink less than 1.64 cups a day.  Podcasts are out—
though I have heard that it’s no longer possible to subscribe from the link on the podcasting page.
I’ll work on that.  Meanwhile, download it, or listen to the stream.  And we’ll talk next Friday at 7
(Mountain Standard). Thanks!

FRIDAY AUGUST 12, 2016 9:30 PM MST…  Thanks to CableNone, the local broadband provider, it
was an interesting show. Apologies to Kimberly who may still be lost in telephone hell for all I know. 
The trivia question was gotten instantly, and worse yet, as an aside. But to be honest, I’m not sure if
I’ve asked it before:   From 1969 to 2004, the Philadelphia Flyers relied on this to win the game. It
was their Lucky Charm of sorts and who can argue with success.  During that time, they had 67
wins, 17 losses and three ties.  What was it?  The playing of Kate Smith’s “God Bless America”
before every game. I can only hope that fans knew to show up late.   Podcasts are out, downloads
are up, stream is on, and I’m gone—until next Friday night 7 PM Mountain Standard Time.  (Same
as Pacific Daylight).  610-640-6400 is the call in number.  I hope you’ll use it. 

FRIDAY AUGUST 5, 2016 9:30 PM MST…   There are over 105 million of these located in the
United States.  Leaving one of them takes 32 seconds on average, but if someone is watching, the
average is 39 seconds.  What are they?  Parking spaces.  Downloads are up, Podcasts are out,
Stream is on, and I’m long gone till next Friday at 7:00 PM  Mountain Standard Time.

JULY 2016

FRIDAY JULY 29, 2016  10:00 PM  MST…  Good to hear from all of you.  Fortunately the weather
was with us and we got through a whole show (and then some).  Downloads are up, PoasatMore
people in Nevada do this than any other state— more than 3 out of 5,  fewer people in Alabama do
it— less than 1 in 20. Do what?  Opt for cremation.  Talk to you next week.

RIDAY JULY 29, 2016 6:15 PM  MST..  There may or may not be a show or part of a show tonight. 
Gila County, AZ is having severe thunderstorms and the power and internet is iffy. (We've got
generators everywhere but the location where I do this show.  Of course CableNone doesn't have
them anywhere, near as I can tell, so it probably wouldn't matter.)   I figure the fact that I'm giving
you this warning is insurance that it won't happen, so I expect to talk to you in about 45 minutes.

FRIDAY JULY 22, 2016  10:30 PM MST  Several callers tonight. A wide variety of topics. 
Congratulations  The first time this two word phrase was used was in the 1790s in France.  It’s
commonplace today, worldwide but it’s doubtful people will think it went back that far.   What is it?  
Plastic Surgery.  Pierre-Jospeh Desault, a French anatomist and surgeon suggested using it for the
art of fixing facial deformities.

Congratulations to Kimberly on passing her braille exams.  Not reading it— editing it, which isn’t as
easy as it sounds.  Wait, it doesn’t sound easy at all.  Good work!    And congratulations to Soroya
Her first novel “Velvet Heaven” is now also available as a hard copy.  The July 1st post has the link
for those of you wanting to read it as a kindle. But if you prefer to hold it in your hands and read it as
a paper back, now you can, and it’s still eminently affordable.  Click here for a copy.

Downloads are up, Podcasts are out, Stream is on, and, you got it, I’m gone.  Talk to you next
Friday, 7 PM Mountain Standard Time.

FRIDAY JULY 15, 2016   9:10 PM MST…  17 million Americans fear this very common thing. What?
the number 13.  Triskaidekaphobia sounds suspiciously like the fear of Richard Nixon (the original
Tricky Dick) but alas it’s fear of a numeral.  The number 13 became unlucky because it was the
headcount at the last supper. The US Navy will not launch a ship on that date.  Podcasts are out,
downloads are up, stream is on. Talk to you next Friday night at 7 Mountain Time.

FRIDAY JULY 8, 2016   10:15 PM MST…  Downloads are up, Podcasts are out— and stream is on
though it might take awhile before today’s show is playing (instead of last week’s— long story,
probably take me longer to explain it than you’ll wait to hear the current show).  As for that trivia
question:  It didn’t take a team of sociologists to know that among ethnic groups and nationalities,
Jews tell the most jokes about themselves.  The British like jokes about irony and social class. 
Americans are obsessed with cleanliness, so jokes about being physically dirty are plentiful. 
Germans enjoy toilet humor, according to sociologists because they’re potty trained earlier than
anyone else.  But what nationality tells the fewest jokes, not only about themselves, but about
anything?  The Japanese, according to sociology professor Dr. Christie Davis in “The Mirth of
Nations”.  Talk to you next Friday night at 7 MST…

FRIDAY JULY 1, 2016  10:30 PM MST...  Three hours of trivia and only one guess at our trivia
question?  We'll hold it over for another week-- and you'll have to listen then to find out what it is. 
Not much music, but a ton of sociology, which you might or might not find entertaining. The
podcasts are out, the downloads are up, the stream is on, and I'm gone-- for now.

FRIDAY JULY 1, 2016 6:30 PM MST...  Soroya has published her first book!  And you can get an
e-copy here.   I'm sure she'll tell you more in about half an hour.  We won't hear from Tim tonight.
He's baby sitting his automation (which shows more dedication than I'll ever have-- what could
posibly happen?  Nobody dies from a few messed up oldies-- more messed up than they were
when they recorded them, that is.)  Deaths this week?  Sir Mack Rice and Soctty Moore. Talk to you
at 7.

JUNE 2016

FRIDAY JUNE 24, 2016  10:00 PM MST…  The podcasts are out, the downloads are up, the
stream is on.  Amazing but true.   As for that trivia question…  53% of adults say they do this every
night.  What?   The answer is not nearly as titillating as your guesses: Wake up to go to the
bathroom.  Talk to you next week.

FRIDAY JUNE 17, 2016  10:00 PM MST…  Wisconsin has the highest rate of this in America at
25%.  Tennessee has the lowest rate at 7.4%.   Rate of what?  Binge Drinking.   It’s defined as five
or more drinks in quick succession.  Among cities, San Antonio, Texas has the highest drinking rate
at just under 24%. Downloads? Podcasts? Stream?  Not this week.  And for a change, not of my
own fault.  Well, at least not directly.  Unbeknownst to me, the recording stopped 20 minutes after
the show began because the drive was full.  The drive was full because I didn't empty the trash in,
well, never.  Not for a few years anyway.  It's a big drive. So I have now dutifully emptied the trash
and stand ready to record every dulcid tone next week.  Too bad, too.  It was a good show.   Of
course they keep getting better and better when you have no reference to actually hear them again.
Oh well, talk to you next Friday night at 7 MST.

FRIDAY JUNE 10, 2016  10:00 PM MST…  Wisconsin has the highest rate of this in America at
25%.  Tennessee has the lowest rate at 7.4%.   Rate of what?  Well if you have utterly no idea,
you’re in luck. I forgot to give out the answer, so we’ll hold it over for next week and see if you come
up with a winner.  Not that there’s a prize or anything, but bragging rights are always fun.  
Meanwhile, downloads are up, podcasts are out, and stream will be on as soon as I can upload it.  
Talk to you next Friday night at 7 MST!

THURSDAY JUNE 9, 2016 6:00 PM MST...  So you see what happened was....  (all good stories
start out that way, don't they?)... Donna wrote to let me know our Amazon link wasn't working.  More
than that, it wasn't there.   In the process of investigating where it might have gone (and why it left),
I realized it would be easier to reconstruct the site. Yeah it was that bad--  the site was created in
three different programs over as many years with no thought toward integration (not to mention that
it was hosted on two urelated servers, which it still is for now).  But I haven't found the time to do
that.  So today I stopped what I was doing (something close to nothing but different from the day
before to quote Prince) and created this temporary home page with a promise to you to work on it
as time allows. Until then, with any luck, the Amazon link to your right is visible and working.

FRIDAY JUNE 3, 2016 10:00 PM MST… We spent the first hour tonight with the legendary Charlie
Gracie. A link to his must-read book is in the post below this one. But you’ve also got to check out
his latest CD “Angel On My Shoulder” (click on it for a good price from Amazon). The title cut is
terrific, and you’ll really want to hear his duet with Dee Dee Sharp, “Just A Closer Walk With Thee”.
We’re holding over tonight’s trivia question and will start with it next Friday. Talk to you then.
Downloads are up, Podcasts are out, I'm working on the stream right now, which should be
available by the time you read this.

FRIDAY JUNE 3, 2016 12:01AM MST… In the first hour tonight (10 PM ET / 7 PM PT) we’re talking
with my friend Charlie Gracie. He recently turned 80 (something I can’t wrap my mind around—
seems like only a couple years ago that he was recording for Cameo Records. Make that about 60
years ago now). Everybody including Paul McCartney shared their affection. (You’ll hear Paul’s bit

With the help of noted writer John A. Jackson (Bandstand, Philadelphia Soul, etc), Charlie finally
did what we all have been asking— he wrote a book! You can get a copy of “Rock & Roll’s Hidden
Giant: The Story of Rock Pioneer Charlie Gracie” here. But WARNING: If you’re anything like me,
you won’t stop reading for days. Check out CharlieGracie.com too. We’ll take your calls and have
some fun. It’s gonna be Fabulous!

MAY 2016

FRIDAY MAY 27, 2016 Downloads up, Podcasts out, Stream on, Trivia answered: Most people in
America can claim this. More people in New Hampshire— 92%— can claim it than in any other US
state. Fewer people in Texas— 77% can claim it, fewer than in any other US state. Claim what?
They graduated high school. I’ll talk to you next Friday at 7 PM Mountain Standard Time.

FRIDAY MAY 20, 2016 10:30 PM MST… Trivia question: Per capita, Mongolia has more of these
than any other country in the world. Oklahoma has more, per capita, than any other state in the US.
More of what? Horses. Mongolia has 1 per every resident, Oklahoma has 1 per every 12 residents.
1 per every 46 residents in Oklahoma is a horse owner. Downloads are up, Podcasts are out,
Stream is on and I’m gone. Talk to you next Friday at 7 PM MST.

FRIDAY THE 13th of MAY, 2015 9:30 PM MST… Last week we talked about haunted houses. 46
states have laws that say a seller must disclose the presence of ghosts— four do not. Name two of
them: New York, Massachusetts, Virginia and Maryland. Podcasts are out, Downloads are up,
Stream is on and I’m gone ’till next Friday evening at 7 MST. Talk to you then.

FRIDAY MAY 6, 2016 10:30 PM MST… Here’s something novel… replays. I actually taped the
show. (Again sorry about last week.) Podcasts are out. Downloads are up. Stream is on. Now about
that trivia question— which I remembered to ask this week. In The US, most of these are found in
California than anywhere else. But that’s still only 274 of them. Virginia comes in second with 141 of
them. Pennsylvania with 99 is third. New York with 92 is fourth and Texas rounds out the top 5 with
73 of them. Of what? Haunted Houses. Talk to you next week 7 PM MST (10 ET / 7 PT).

APRIL 2016

FRIDAY APRIL 29, 2016 10:00 PM... Podcasts are not out, downloads are not up, stream is on, but
it's last week's show. Yes, I forgot to tape tonight's program-- but I also forgot to ask the trivia
question (got on late, more interested in my toasted ravioli and coke). Apologies with amends to
come next Friday night.

FRIDAY APRIL 22, 2016 9:30 PM MST… Podcasts are out, Downloads are up, Stream is On and
I’m gone. So is tonight’s trivia question, which was easily answered by Uncle Duke: As of 2001,
3,978 US government employees were authorized to do this. Do what? Stamp a document as “Top
Secret”. Talk to you next Friday 10 ET / 7 PT.

FRIDAY APRIL 15, 2016 9:30 PM MST… Kimberly aced the trivia question: The first member of
congress to ever announce this, did so in 1983. Announced what? That he was gay. Gerry Studs
D-Mass was the first openly gay member of congress. But what was more eye raising was his
conduct years earlier. He was censured for admitting to a an affair with a 17 year old page (age of
consent in DC is 16, but still considered inappropriate due to their vastly different status). Stream is
on, downloads are out, podcasts are up and I’m gone— till next Friday.. remember that’s 7 PM
Mountain STANDARD Time— 10 PM ET, 7 PM PT.

FRIDAY APRIL 8, 2016 9:40 PM MST… Stream’s on, Downloads are up, Podcasts are out, and
Trivia is hereby answered: McDonald’s golden arches are the second most recognizable symbol in
the world. What’s the first? The five rings of the Olympic Games (according to John Vidal in the
book McLibel). Talk to you next Friday, 7 PM Mountain Standard Time here in Arizona.

FRIDAY APRIL 1, 2016 9:00 PM MT… We got through the show, which is an accomplishment in
and of itself. Feeling much better than last week, but positive comparison to last week’s yardstick
would include pretty much anyone still breathing. Los Angeles police officers spend approximately
15% of their on duty time doing this. Doing what? Responding to false burglar alarm calls. The
department gets about 106,000 a year, 95% of which are false. Podcasts are out, downloads are
up, stream is on and I’m gone till next Friday— Mountain Standard Time. (That’s 10 PM ET, 7 PM

MARCH 2016

FRIDAY MARCH 25, 2016 7:00 PM MST… Writing this before the show as I’m not sure I’ll be well
enough to post it afterwards. Food poisoning. Since Monday night. Awful. So… the trivia question
(assuming I get through the show long enough to ask): According to one extensive research study,
Rio de Janeiro is the kindest city in the world. Kuala Lumpur is the least kind- followed fairly closely
by New York City. The researchers then turned their attention exclusively to America. Picking 36
cities at random, they conducted the same research. What city did they determine is the kindest in
the USA? Rochester, NY. The study, which took place in 2003, included the percentage of people
who would give inadvertently dropped pens back to their owner, whether a man with an injured leg
would get help picking up a dropped magazine, and whether a blind person would get assistance in
crossing a busy street. If you’re reading this, podcasts are out, downloads are up, replays are
streaming and I’m praying’ to die. It’s actually better than it was a couple days ago, but that’s little
consolation right now. Don’t forget about Daylight Savings Time— it probably means we’re on an
hour later than you’re used to hearing us— unless you’re in Arizona, then all is as usual. Talk to you
next week. Now there’s confidence, given my precarious state.

FRIDAY MARCH 18, 2016 10:00 PM MST Trivia question? If you’re an American adult, the odds are
1 in 4 that you’ve got one. More people in Seattle have them than in any other state, almost half of
them— 48.8%, have one. Have one what? A bachelor’s degree. Census figures show that 25.9% of
Americans over 25 have a bachelors degree or higher. Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream
is on, and I’m gone till next Friday. Daylight savings reminder. Arizona doesn’t have it. So the show
is probably on an hour later than it has been. That’s 7PM Mountain Standard Time, meaning the
show is on at 10 on the East Coast, 7 on the West Coast.

FRIDAY MARCH 11, 2016 In 1924 the New York Times declared that engaging in this was a sign of
“Temporary Madness” as it was nothing more than a “primitive sort of mental exercise”. Engaging in
what? Filling out Crossword puzzles. Rather ironic, no? They bemoaned crosswords’ popularity
coming right after the fad of mahjong, causing people to pay exorbitant rates for sets and tiles.
Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on and now I’m gone… Don’t forget, Arizona doesn’t
have daylight savings time— so next week, if you’re anywhere else, the show will start an hour later
. 10 PM ET, 9 PM CT, 8 PM MT and 7 PM PT. Talk to you then!

FRIDAY MARCH 4, 2016 8:10 PM MT... We planned, God laughed. Don't expect a podcast or
replay because there was no show. There was no show because there were no phones. There
were no phones because... no, that's far to embarrassing to admit. Let's just call it operator error. I
wasn't the operator (nor was Jon) but what went wrong was right in front of us, so we should have
been able to track it down quickly, even if it wasn't of our doing. I could elaborate but I won't. I was
back in business 45 minutes later, but too late to expect anyone to be hanging out "just in case". So
on to next week. But before I go, I want to mention someone who is gone: John Rook.

It pains me to report his passing, but his pain is now over, and for that I'm grateful. John was a good
friend for many years and I'll miss everything about him. Thinking of him will always make me smile.
But I mention it as it's also a big loss for radio. John programmed KQV in Pittsburgh to stunning
results that caused ABC to promote him to program director of WLS where he was from about 1965
through 1969. Everyone in the business is familiar with his reign there-- it was nothing short of a
phenomenon. The amount of people who got into radio because of WLS is huge- including one
Rush Limbaugh who used to listen to Larry Lujack (a Rook hire on both WLS and WCFL, which
he consulted after leaving WLS causing people to wonder if he was sane, trying to topple his own
handiwork but the results were predictably Rook-- he exceeded everyone's expectations).

It's been about a month since we talked but I want to share part of the conversation-- John was
complainin' (as only he could) that the press on him always played up WLS, but rarely mentioned
KFI (in Los Angeles which he programmed for years from the '70s into the '80s). Given the time
frame, and KFI's less than noteworthy track record, he felt what he was able to accomlish there was
actually more of a feat than 'LS. "And no one ever mentions it!" he almost wailed. I promised I'd go
in and edit his wiki page-- eventually. Now that his obit is everywhere, I haven't had a chance to see
how KFI is positioned, but John-- wherever you are, I hope you're reading this, knowing I set the
record straight.

One caveat: I tend to agree with those who highlight WLS, and I wish more folks knew what an
unlikely whirlwind he was in Pittsburgh, but probably most of all I recall Rook, as "Johnny Rowe"
filing in in both morning and afternoon drive on WABC in New York when the jocks there walked out
on strike.

I wrote about John in my book, but if you haven't read it, he's a prime example of winning every
battle and losing the war. He had a chain of small market stations that Clear Channel wanted to add
to their holdings. When he wouldn't sell, they undercut him (offering fatally low commercial rates to
his sponsors) to the point that it was impossible for him to operate. The Justice Department
confirmed he had a case, but they informed him he'd have to fight it privately. (That should have
been a clue to what would come.) John's assets were well in the 7 figures, but dwarfed by Clear
Channel's in-house legal resources. They had no problem delaying, appealing and all manner of
depleting John's funds. So each battle he won brought him closer to not having the money to fight,
which was the ultimate outcome. Shakespeare was right. First kill all the lawyers. None of them
explained the difference between the battles and war, and the end result was John Rook, who
made so much money for so many people, had none of his own. The last decade has been very

And now it's rougher on his sister Dot. She and John lived together on their ranch in Coeur d'Alene.
With him gone, so goes what income he had. Frankly, it's a stretch for her to afford the cremation
bill. And it's a damn shame. But I'm hoping that enough of us who remember John fondly will kick in
a few bucks. Jason Rook, who was the light in John's eyes and a hugh help to both him and Dot,
has set up a GoFundMe accout. Even if you've only got a dollar, every one will add up. Here's a
link: https://www.gofundme.com/gbsn92ss --Bless you for considering it.

I should mention that one of John's pet projects was his Hit Parade Hall of Fame. That will go on,
under the guidance of former CBS Records president Ron Alexenburg. HitParadeHallofFame.com
will keep you posted.

As Claude Hall says, "We come, we do, we go." I know John is in a much better place, and that's
the only thing that makes this easier to bear. RIP to our friend, John Rook.


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 26, 2016 10:45 PM MT… We got a correct answer on our trivia question:
Texas has the most of them in the USA— 229,000. Alaska has the least— 610. Most and least of
what? Farms. Podcasts are out. Downloads are up. Stream is on… and you guessed it: I’m gone.
Talk to you next Friday night at 7 PM Mountain Standard Time.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 19, 2016 10:45 PM MT… Stream is on, Download is up, Podcast is out, and
I’m outta here— but not before answering today’s trivia question: This cause of death is all too
common now , but the first ever report of someone succumbing to this was in the mid 1890s in
Great Britain. Three years later the first victim in America died from it. From what? Automobile
accidents— more specifically being hit by a car. In 1896, Bridget Driscoll was run over on a London
street. In 1899, Henry Bliss was stepping off a Trolley car at 74th and Central Park West when he
was hit by a taxi.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 12, 2016 9:40 MT…. Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on, and
I’m gone.. but first the trivia question, in case you missed it: The Philadelphia Flyers hockey team
claimed that doing this before a game led to a disproportionate amount of wins from 1969 to 2004.
What was their lucky charm? Playing Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” before the games led to 67
wins in that time frame. It accounted for 17 losses and 3 ties. No word on whether it was worth it.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 5, 2016 9:40 MT…. Trivia answer? First the question: It’s been widely reported
that the most intelligent dog is the Border Collie, followed by the Poodle and German Shepherd. But
what’s considered to be the least? Now the answer: The Bulldog, followed by Basenji, Afghan
Hound and Chow. Stanley Coren remarked that there’s probably furniture out there more trainable
than Chows.

Some links? Jon Gaunt’s Talk2MeRadio. And if you’re not up for the Super Bowl of football, how
about of radio? Air checks are duking it out Sunday 3 to 5 ET on KJSCRadio.com  Podcast? Out.
Downloads? Up. Stream? On. And me? I’m gone. Talk to you live next Friday at 7 MT.


FRIDAY JANUARY 29, 2016 9:45 MT…. Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on and
trivia question is answered. If you missed that last part: Countless hit movies were made in the 20th
century. Counting the curse words in those hit movies released before the year 2000, which movie
has the most profanity? Pulp Fiction is #1 with 411 curse words, released in 1994. South Park
Bigger Longer and Uncut from 1999 has the most profanity per minute, with 399 words in 80
minutes. Other notables include Scarface from 1984 with 299 curse words. Good Fellas from 1990
gets an honorable mention. It had 246 four letter F words alone. Talk to you next Friday.

FRIDAY JANUARY 22, 2016 10:15 MT…. Stream is on, downloads are up, podcasts are out, trivia
is answered: In 1910 only 9 people in America held this job. 100 years later, there are almost
14,000 doing it. Doing what? Working as a special agent for the FBI. And I’m gone, till next Friday at

FRIDAY JANUARY 15, 2015 10:30 PM... Trivia question? The size of them went up, but the number
of them went down. Today they are three times as big on average, but we’ve got less than half the
number we had in 1950. Back then, there were 5.4 million of these in America. 50 years later, there
are 2.1 million of them. What are they? Farms. (It’s a somewhat nebulous statistic as the
government defines “farm” as an enterprise selling more than $1,000 in agricultural products a year.
6 out of 10 farms sell less than $10,000 worth of goods annually. The average size of a farm went
from 139 acres in 1910 to 441 acres today. And of course the biggest change is corporate farming.)

So you like internet streams— particularly those that play some goodies you never hear on the
radio? Rich Brother Robbin has one, and you can hear it here. But Rich Bro is like so may
micro-streamers in that he has no idea what he’ll do if the CRB doesn’t carve out a niche for small
webcasters. This problem amplifies the reality that there’s no money in this labor of love for what
are essentially hobbyists. And there’s a real possibility that guys like Rich Bro will have to hang up
his online headphones. That’s where you come in. There’s a donate button on
www.RichBroRadio.com where you can contribute. Doesn’t have to be much. Even a couple bucks
will make a difference. And what better way to spend your snack money than supporting the kind of
radio you don’t hear on the radio anymore?

Stream is on, downloads are up, podcasts are out, and as the clock strikes go, I’m gone until next
Friday at 7 (Mountain). Talk to you then!

FRIDAY JANUARY 8, 11:59 PM MT... Happy Birthday Val Shively! Trivia question? 20% of spouses
claim this is a stress in their marriage. What? Golf, according to Sports Illustrated. No word on
percentage of wives verses husbands on that statistic. Podcasts out, stream on, downloads up, I’m
gone— till next Friday night, 7 PM MT.

FRIDAY JANUARY 1, 2016 10:20 PM MT… So good to talk with Tribune Television President Sean
Compton about Johnny Carson’s debut on AntennaTV tonight. Hopefully you caught it. If not,
there’s always tomorrow, or any day thereafter. 366 days in 2016 with 366 different shows to
watch— complete shows, not clips. Find out more at AntennaTV.tv

We managed to get some trivia in too. And Mike knew the answer to tonight’s question: Fishing is
America’s oldest, and arguably favorite, pastime. But what American city boasts the highest
percentage of anglers? Minneapolis —with 38% of residents fishing, according to American
Demographics in 2003. Land of 10,000 lakes and all— "all" being 10 million mosquitos.

The Rollye James’ I Hate The Holidays Club is now officially closed. You made it through another
year! We’ll reopen next year on Thanksgiving— but lots of shows between now and then. Every
Friday at 9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT (until Daylight Savings Time anyway).

Downloads are up. Podcasts are out. Stream is on. And I'll talk to you live next Friday.

Link to CCrane