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SUNDAY FEBRUARY 16, 2014 4:00 PM MST… Yes, it's been a while. No I haven't abandoned the show At last writing, I was hopeful that I was on the mend and commencing to unpack. Then the norovirus hit. Actually Jon was felled by it first, but within two days I understood first hand all those reports about thousands of cruise ship passengers being confined to staterooms. No need for elaboration. It wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't already down with the remnants of upper respiratory hell. A few times in the last two weeks I thought I was back to what passes for normal, only to be knocked out at the least opportune time, so I've given up on proclaiming myself healed. I have not given up on unpacking though, and today it is actually happening. I've probably opened 20 boxes already-- though I'd never know it with about 650 to go, but assuming I'm not in bed wondering if I'll make it through the night, I'll keep at it, and hopefully the next email will have a projected start date.


Meanwhile, Luke, who has been so generously updating my stream and keeping it online, has been hit with his own horrors of health woes. He's rebounding and tells me he's determined to get different shows up for you soon. (I told him to take his time. Even though he's thousands of miles away in Philadelphia, his symptoms have mirrored mine, so I know exactly how he feels and I'm hoping he'll take time to heal.)


The promised Jeep update: After a new engine and transmission and assorted minor parts, we anticipated finding it in fine condition. We hadn't counted on the rats. Since the vehicle was parked for a few months, it became home to some very determined varmints. Our first clue was smoke coming out of the hood. Our concern was the fire that followed but luckily we doused it in time to avoid any real damage beyond what rodents can do (and that's a lot more than I realized was possible). They fortified their nest with cactus thorns. Jon was picking them out of his hands for days. As expected, the creatures dined on various wiring. $500 later, we were on the road again. We celebrated by driving to Phoenix. Almost didn't make it back. All the symptoms, which started in September, returned. Considering there was nothing left to replace, we were clueless but thankful we managed to limp home after midnight. It's back in the shop now with word that the O2 sensor was bad. Hopefully there will be no more reports on it. As for the Z-28, I'm almost afraid to jinx the good news, but it is in fine form. (It was the fuel pump as I suspected.)


Soroya's been busy. Here's a lnk to Podcast #8, one for #9 and one for the special edition Arjan mix. (Arjan knows his stuff, so it'll be interesting to see what Soroya chose.) Check it out. I pledge more regular updates. Now we'll see if I live up to it. Thanks for your emails and posts too. I hope to be reading everything this week. I appreciate your patience.



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