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JUNE 2014



SUNDAY JUNE 1, 2014 2:00 AM MSTÖ I promised Iíd be online as soon as there was something to say. Until now there hasnít been. But reports of my demise are premature, as the saying goes. There were more than a few moments over the last five months where we thought the irony would be that I came to help a dying friend and wound up succumbing first. Itís been rough physically, but still not an excuse for not getting you an update. The bottom line is even on days when I felt up to it, I didnít want to say anything until I had a better handle on if the show would resume, let alone when.


Amazingly, as of this past week, Iím back to whatever passed for normal previously, and I can say with authority, that the show will be back. As to exactly when, Iím less sure, though I predict itíll be reasonably soon. Thereís a lot going on at this end, and some of the realities of taking over two radio stations with not much first-hand knowledge of what that entails-- including three different software programs previously unseen be me, doing what entire staffs formerly handled-- has forced me to draw up a priority list. Hosting the show is not at the top of it, but itís a lot closer than it probably should be.


I was spoiled by the best broadband in America (1 gb, symmetrical). Here the fastest upstream I can get is 5 mb (downstream is touted to be 75 mb, but my reality is 50 mb shy of that). But itís enough to get me to you (and your phone calls to me), so all will be fine. Thank you to so many of you who have emailed (sometimes repeatedly asking how soon Iíll be back). Once I have a firm date, I wonít waste any time in letting you know.


And a big, big thank you to Luke Davis. You wouldnít be hearing replays without his kindness. Right now his incredible friendship extends to helping me figure out how to get a fairly universal video stream online so Jon can broadcast high school football in the fall. (And heís a friend indeed, as heís learning it as he goes alongócanít think of anyone else who would do that for me. If you think thatís an odd project to tackle, you havenít heard about the rest of my day. If it needs to be done and no one else is around to do it, Iím nominatedó from covering school board and town council meetings (the challenge is not falling asleep and I havenít met it well) to compiling the automation logs. (The last time I put a radio station log together the ďnewĒ strip system debuted. It entailed a lot of typing, sorting, and inserting strips of cardboard into metal plates prior to lugging them to a copier. No matter how arcane computer logging programs may seem, theyíre great in comparison to that.)


Yes, Iím itching to get into the music, particularly on the AM, which is oldies, but Iíll leave that alone until after Iím back talking to you every night (and playing whatever I want to hear during breaks). Iím going to go out on a limb here and predict I can be back on the air before the month is out (yeah, I know, it started today). But hedging my bets, I can guarantee itíll be before next month ends. As soon as I know more, you will too. Thanks for your patience. There wonít be a shortage of things to discuss.


In the meantime, check out Soroyaís podcasts. Sheís done so many since I last wrote, I suggest you view the facebook page for Velvet Heaven to puruse them here.


Actually I haven't said anything for months, but if you somehow missed something,

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