JULY 2015

FRIDAY JULY 31, 2015 10:00 PM MT… Podcasts have been sent, downloads are up, stream is playing— what could go wrong? Oh, let me count the ways, but for now all seems stable and here’s last night’s trivia question: In America 60% of us do this at least once a month. 67% in Ireland do it monthly but in England it’s just 19%. 12% do it at least monthly in France, and 53% in Italy. Do what? attend church

FRIDAY JULY 24, 2015 10:00 PM.. Had a great time talking with Bud Buschardt, author of The Sump'n Else Show (along with Sam Sauls). If you're a fan of early rock and roll dance shows, this is an incredible period piece you'll want to add to your collection-- even more so if you grew up in the Metroplex or just enjoyed the many phases of Ron Chapman's career. No trivia tonight-- I forgot to come up with a question, but we did have fun with some obscure oldies.

FRIDAY JULY 17, 2015 11:00 PM MT... Longer show tonight (it lasts as long as you call). As for our trivia question: In 1915 this was mailed to every American with a listed telephone number. (Hint: It was a private company that did the mailing.) What did they mail? Answer: Chewing Gum. Wrigley mailed 1.5 million packs of gum to the listed households. They did it again in 1919 and had to mail out 7 million packs.

Next Friday (July 24th), we'll talk with Bud Buschardt, author of The Sump'n Else Show joins me at 7. We'll play trivia and maybe play a couple oldies that will bring back memories you never even had right after that.

FRIDAY JULY 10, 2015 10:00 PM MT... Looking for the trivia question? Here it is: In 2000, Michael Jackson was upset. So upset he paid $150,000 to do this. Do what? Put a curse on Steven Spielberg and David Geffin for not giving him the role of Peter Pan in Hook, which came out 9 years earlier, cost $60 million to produce and bombed. should have sent Spielberg a thank you note, instead he paid a witch doctor $150,000 slap a curse on him. It was reported that 42 cows were slaughtered in the “ceremony”.

Looking for the download of the show, or the podcast? Stop now. I'll let you know when I can manage to upload the files. First I've got to figure out why I can't. But at least the replay is running continuously on the stream. That's as good as it gets for now. Apologies and promises to stay on it.

FRIDAY JULY 3, 2015 11:15 PM MT…. Happy Birthday Jerry Blavat! Hard to believe The Geator turns 75 today— even harder to believe when you see him in action on stage— like you will again tonight at Memories In Margate.

Tonight’s trivia question: More people do this per capita in New Hampshire than in any other state, followed by Nevada, North Dakota, Montana an Wisconsin. What are they doing? Drinking Beer... spo dee o dee (yeah, another beer-related question. (We'll move on to something completely different next week.)

Oh and this just in: There won't be a podcast this week. At least not at this writing. The file won't load. I won't belabor the details, but I will try to find a work around. Thanks for your patience. Remember you can always access the download at rollyestream.net.

JUNE 2015

FRIDAY JUNE 26, 2015 10:30 PM MST… The Downloads are up, Podcasts are out, and Stream is playing (the first half of the show, anyway— for some reason I haven’t been able to get the whole file uploaded to that space, but I won’t stop trying)… you’re probably here for the trivia answer, anyway. First the question: A private company paid NASA $130,000 to see whether this could be done in space— what?

The answer? Brewing beer— Beck’s paid to place a tube with beer ingredients aboard the space shuttle to determine whether beer produced in a weightless environment fermented faster and was less likely to produce a hang over — no word on the result, but in a related study Researchers at Denmark’s Delft University of Technology spent a year devising a way to get beer out a a keg and into astronauts mouths in space’s zero gravity environment. No word on who funded that either, for all I know, the astronauts pitched it so they could enjoy the results.   Talk to you next Friday 7PM Pacific (and Arizona), 10 PM Eastern.

FRIDAY JUNE 19, 2015 11:00 PM MST... As usual I forgot to give you the answer to the trivia question— but then again, all of you forgot to take a guess: Owners think they’re creative when they name their boats, but it turns out the same handles keep popping up. In the ‘90s, the number one boat name was “Serenity”. By the middle of the first decade of the new century (around 2005), it dropped to number 8. But what were the top 3 names in 2005? (Any one will do): Happy Hours, Carpe Diem, Reel Time. Other than complete lack of interest in that, it was a pretty good show, thanks to your calls. Over 3 hours long. I appreciate your participation!

FRIDAY JUNE 12, 2015 10:00 PM MST... Tonight's show is streaming, downloadable and about to go out as a podcast. But if you're just wondering about the trivia question: 11% of dating Americans have ended a relationship over this. More common causes of romantic breakups include poor communication, financial problems, lack of commitment and infidelity. But for more than 1 in 10, it's this. What? Their cat! Talk to you live next Friday night.

FRIDAY JUNE 5, 2015 11:00 PM MST... If you're looking for a replay or podcast for Friday's show (June 5th), stop now. You won't find it. I've played it here, digitized it several times and not once would it upload. So, for what ever reason, the internet overlords feel you shouldn't hear it. I know when to give up. Talk to you live on Friday (June 12th). I'd tell you this won't happen again, but until I have some semblance of an idea as to why it happened this time, it's a promise I can't make. Catch the live show if you can.



JUNE 1, 2015: Apologies for, and embarrassment over, how long it’s taken to update this blog. Hopefully you’ve been listening on Friday nights and are up to date. All the info on how to listen anytime is on Rollystream.net.

Everything is going through a redesign, but when we emerge, expect to easily find links, this blog, answers to trivia questions (you know, the ones I often forget to reveal at the end of the show when no one gets ‘em right) and the all inclusive “more”.


For now, if you’re a fan of 1960s television top 40 dance shows, one of the best in the nation was Sump’n Else. Hosted by Ron Chapman, arguably the most popular radio personality in Dallas/Ft. Worth, it was huge with metroplex teens. Bud Buschardt, also no slouch to radio with a distinguished career locally and nationally, was in the perfect position to know everything about The Sump’n Else Show, working behind the scenes as a producer/director/camearman at WFAA-TV where Sump’n Else (and The Beat!) was produced. He, along with Dr. Samuel J. Sauls, a retired prof from the University of North Texas (where Bud also taught) have written, “The Sump’n Else Show” and it’s worth the read. We’ll have him join us soon on a Friday night to talk more about it, but get a head start and pick up a copy at Amazon. Here’s a link.


Local TV dance shows have a warm place in my heart— Buddy Deane in Baltimore being the quintessential mainstream example. But nothing beat Mitch Thomas, who hosted an African American dance show on Philadelphia/Wilmington’s Channel 12. No one on American Bandstand came close to the moves scene on Mitch’s show. Too bad there is virtually no recordings left. The problem was the cost of the 2 inch tape used at the time. No one could afford not to reuse it, and gone are the best memories.


More soon. I realize “soon” is a relative term, but I’ll make it a point to make good on my promise. I realize the website is still a shell. It's mortifying to think it's never been anything but a shell since the last redesign and we’re doing another one now. I'll make sure that doesn’t happen again.


But the magic happens with you on the radio (or presently, online)—

so thanks for listening-- and calling!





FRIDAY DECEMBER 26, 2014 9:45 PM MT… I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve updated this blog. The reason I’m doing it now is, though I promised repeatedly during tonight’s show, I forgot to give you the trivia answer. This will save you some email. First the question: Of the 50 states, West Virginia has the most and Colorado has the least. Most and least what? Now the answer: Fat folks. According to the New York Times, 28% of West Virginians are obese, while only 15% of Coloradans are that hefty. (Mississippi is a close runner up with 27%.)


This year’s edition of The Rollye James’ I Hate The Holidays Club is rapidly drawing to a close. We were live Christmas eve, Christmas night and tonight. And next week, we’ll do the same for New Year’s Eve, New Years’ Day and Friday the 2nd, when it will be all over, for those of you who find this time of year at best to be Ho Ho Hum.


Last night Steve Bryant joined us, as has become our holiday tradition. You can find all his terrific songs on his YouTube channel here. He’s also got a blog, here. Talk to you New Year’s Eve!





FRIDAY NOVEMBER 21, 2014 10:30 PM MST… RIP Jimmy Ruffin. Lots of people playing “What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted”, which is a wonderful record, but we started with some obscurities (of course) from the woulda-coulda-shoulda variety…. "Since I've Lost You" is particularly tasty. We also played some fine Dutch Robinson, then and now. As for the trivia question: Which president do most presidential scholars think of as the worst? James Buchanan, a waffler extraordinaire.


We’re still voting on the World’s Worst Hit Records. You can email me here. Voting ends Wednesday night, and then Thursday, Thanksgiving, a night for turkeys, we play the top ten back. And yes, even though the show is only a Friday affair at this point, we’ll be live on Thanksgiving. 9-11P ET / 6-8P PT.. and live again next Friday too.


Don’t forget, if you want to download the show, go to rollyestream.net and get it.



FRIDAY NOVEMBER 14, 2014 10:00 PM MT… Tonight’s show is running on the stream, available for download here, and sent out as a podcast (details here). Keep those votes coming for the World’s Worst Hit Records. Talk to you next Friday, 9 PM ET/6 PM PT.



FRIDAY NOVEMBER 7, 2014 10:30 PM MT… I forgot to mention that with the end of Daylight SavingsTime, the show hours have probably moved wherever you are. Right now, we’re live:

Eastern 9 - 11 PM
Central 8-10 PM
Mountain 7-9 PM
Pacific 6-8 PM


I’ve gotten a few emails asking for the show to be on an hour later, as it has been. And a few saying they liked it better the way it is now. And several who forgot it had moved. But I’d like you to weigh in, if you haven’t already. Do you prefer it live 10-Mid Eastern/7-9 Pacific all year round? (That’ll mean it will change in Arizona, but I’m OK with that, if you prefer.)


I thought no one was calling during the second hour. Turns out that not only are they hybrids away for repair, but the lines themselves failed. I’m assuming it’s user error somehow (me, not you). Maybe by next week I’ll have figured it out. I appreciate your continued trying. The show is clearly a work in progress.


Along those lines, you can easily download the replays at Rollyestream.net (click on downloads), and you can hear the stream as you always have, but as for the podcasts: they work everywhere but iTunes. If you were previously signed up with iTunes, you can probably get them to reactivate the feed, but as for subscribing new, right now they can’t find me (and I’m not going to help them until we move the podcasts to another server, which I’m in the process of doing— once that’s complete, it will be easy again). All the info is also on Rollyestream.net (click on podcasts).


Soroya’s done a fine job with her latest soul mix. For someone not nearly as old as the music, finding a fine bunch of obscurities is noteworthy. Here’s the link.


Don’t forget to vote on the World’s Worst Hit Records (by email here, or on the air Friday nights: 610-640-6400). And since we’re not on every weeknight, it’s fine to talk issues. We covered the midterm elections last night, and more.




6:30 PM FRIDAY NIGHT, OCTOBER 31st...HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2014… And to celebrate, we’ll open the polls on this year’s edition of the World’s Worst Hit Records as voted on by you. We’ll review past winners, or maybe that should be losers. So tonight at 7 (Pacific, 8 Mountain, 9 Central and 10 Eastern) do call: 610-640-6400 (or if you want me to pay for long distance 888-876-5593, 88-88 ROLLYE).


We’re still down to two phone lines and not sure when we’ll be back to all six. (The phone hybrids have made it to repair with no ETA on when they’ll make it back.) So that means be patient. If you get a busy signal, hit redial— and here’s a tip. As soon as a call concludes, that means there’s room for another one, hopefully your call.


As for the podcasts, they’re going out to everyone who previously subscribed— but as it’s been so long since we have sent any out, some catchers like iTunes won’t deliver 'em without you letting them know you still want to receive 'em. So whatever program you use to receive podcasts, double check to see it still thinks you want to receive mine.


Jon is out trick or treating as I type. Actually he’s out in the KQSS/KJAA Trolley handing out candy to kids on Broad Street in downtown Globe. He’ll be back to take your calls by showtime. But last night, he went to Miami’s Bullion Plaza (in Arizona, not Florida), came back with footage and put this Halloween diddy together for the folks who hosted a party there.


While we’re on the subject of Halloween Videos, the folks at Sweetwater (where I buy racks and stuff), forwarded this one from Audio-Technica. It’s a plug of their products in the form of “How To Mic A Zombie”, proving that they have a sense of humor and time on their hands. (We like Audio-Technica, and use some of their stuff regularly, though the mic I use on the air, for better or worse is an EV RE40).


Can't forget this, as far as I'm concerned anyone doing podcast at the end of October complete with fangs is deserving of a Halloween mention, doncha think? Here’s Soroya’s Velvet Heaven #21!



WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 22, 2014 11:15 PM MST... I promised I’d be back before October. I’ve wanted to meet that deadline in the worst way, and, well, that’s the way I’m doing it.


At the end of last year, I thought I’d be back on the air from our new location in six weeks. After a while, I hoped for six months. The plan was to make sure the basic necessities were covered of what passes for the rest of my life, and that I was free to devote enough prep time to make a show enjoyable (ignoring those who claimed, they much preferred to enjoy what ensued when I wasn’t able to prepare). Now it’s over 9 months, and if I wait for that nice, orderly, even keel; you’ll never hear me again. So here I go:


The Rollye James Show will be live this Friday.

7 to 9 PM Pacific (and Arizona)

8 to 10 PM Mountain

9 to 11 PM Central

10 to Mid. Eastern

Find out how to listen at www.rollyestream.net.


The foregoing is not to say that I haven’t done my best to be ready for this. And I actually dared to think that all my planning had paid off. We reassembled the studio furniture, concocted a reasonably reliable computer network, organized the records, books and CDs (which number higher than I can count, especially the vinyl part), sent iffy components off for reconditioning, made sure every piece of equipment had a working back up, and wired meticulously. I even dusted, just because. You know this is leading up to something, don’t you?


Moments after I recorded a promo to play online (for few hearty souls who are still listening to the endless replays) announcing I’d be back this Friday, the perfectly working, and recently bench tested, six line telephone hybrid, failed. And the equally solid six line backup failed. For a moment it appeared I’d be talking to myself, not that I’m a stranger to that scenario. Then, remembering what pack rats we are, we unearthed a couple one-line hybrids that will have to do. I won’t bore you with the logistics, other than to say that you’ll still be calling 610-640-6400 (or if you need me to spring for long distance, 888-8ROLLYE, 888-876-5593). At our end it will be a circus, which may or may not work, but assuming it does, we’ll have two, not six, lines available-- which should be fine since it has been so long since I’ve done a show that there may not be more than two people calling anyway. Since it’s Friday, we’ll do trivia, and catch up on whatever crosses your mind.


You might be thinking that I deserve this, starting a show during Mercury Retrograde. But I looked at it as a return to the show, which makes the period auspicious— apparently for some one else.


But I had to heed the wishes of those who felt the year would not be complete without the annual poll of the World’s Worst Hit Records, which traditionally for this show begins on October 31st, a night of Horrors, and ends on Thanksgiving, a night of Turkeys. With one show under my belt, I should be in fine shape to start the balloting during the second one, which conveniently falls on Halloween.

Initially, it’ll be a Friday only show, as there are certain tasks which still require too much of my immediate attention to commit to more. But there will be a Thanksgiving show (if for no other reason than to count down those awful records), and hopefully before the Christmas show, we’ll be back to our five night a week routine.


This may be more information than you’ve ever wanted to know, but now you’re up to date on the status of the show. In short, it remains off balance, as it always has been. A lot may go wrong Friday, and every bit of it will be my fault. But for everything that goes right, thank my buddy Luke Davis in Philadelphia. He has singlehandedly kept the replays going, has set up the new server, made the mailing list work, and so much more, among many herculean tasks unrelated to the program. Without him, it would be a lot longer before you heard me.


Talk to you Friday!



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