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MARCH 31, 2013 continued... By day I'd read-- and I couldn't miss the many stories about the proliferation of mobile devices. The oft-touted statistic that more than half of Americans have smartphones hardly begins to tell the story. How they're being used, and by whom is revealing. I'm no longer surprised when I hear from professional drivers who tell me that online listening is their first choice on the road. The dead zones are fewer with each passing day.

It became undeniable to me that my biggest objection to doing an online show-- that the majority of listeners couldn't hear it-- was no longer valid. Not only would most of my former audience be able to hear it, but the wide majority of them would be able to hear it in their vehicles.

I haven't yet conquered my other objection to an online show-- which is that it breaks the law of supply and demand. Or maybe it proves it, but either way, the issue is how to attract new listeners when there is a seemingly infinite amount of choices. (No one can search for someone they don't know-- and I can't even imagine what generic search terms would yield me as a result.)

My original plan was to partner with a radio station-- get a gig on a great signal and promote my stream. But after a handful of near misses (and a couple incredulous stories about deals gone bad, which I won't share, to respect a few very well meaning folks who had my best interests at heart), it's become increasingly clear that I don't want to return to radio as it is right now. I don't even listen to it. And maybe you don't either. Maybe that says everything. XM/Sirius had no interest in me, and from what you've written, many of you have less interest in them, now that online options are so vast. For most of us, they've become superfluous.

So I'm doing what I said I wouldn't do-- an internet based show. I have no idea if this will work, but I think the time is right to find out. I've got a few technical changes I need to make before this starts, and I'm not sure how long that will take, so I don't have a firm start date yet. Now that I've told you about it, I'll have to make it a priority to get it done.

Unlike most hosts, I write my own books (as opposed the ghost writers, used so often by entertainers), and I do my own tech work. The latter is not always an asset, as I started out in engineering before solid state, let alone digital. So I'm not shy about asking a couple great folks for help when I need it, but overall the buck stops with me. In addition to tweaking the server, I've got a few things to get up to speed on doing, which you've been asking me to do for some time (RSS tasks like podcasts and mailing lists, for instance). It will probably take less time than I'm expecting, but no promises on a date until I know more.

I asked you a while back when and how you listened. I've kept all your responses and will compile the data. Whatever most of you want, is what you'll get. If you haven't yet weighed in with your wish list, now's a good time to do so. For those of you who have, if you've got any more thoughts, comments or suggestions, don't be shy. Email me here.

The passionate response from some of you is humbling and it's the sole reason I'm trying to do this. Thank you. And thanks to all for your past listening. Looking forward to doing it again.


WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 2012... Hard to believe it's been over 7 months since I've updated this page. I'm flattered by the interest of many of you who have been hounding me to do so. I appreciate every email you've sent.

2012 has been a busy year for us. Jon was occupied doing network television promos --all those video and graphic things, which I barely comprehend. That's an ironic statement for me to make, as my time was also taken up with a television project, "Unsealed"-- two half hour shows, which debut this month.

You can read about "Unsealed: Alien Files" and "Unsealed: Conspiracy Files" on the official website here. My role has been primarily research-- suggesting topics and guests, and providing background information. Given what you've heard me talk about on the radio, you know my suggestions included plenty of things that haven't been featured on national television previously. I can't wait to see what they've done with it. I know it will be worth the watch, and I hope you'll be watching with me. Check your local listings for stations and times. And if you're a facebook user, check them out here.

It was a joy to work almost daily with show runner Vince Rotonda and writers Ali Dubrow and Sue Kutch. My thanks to Mary Carole McDonnell, Boyd McDonnell, Colet Abedi & Farzin Toussi for including me in their excitement. If you're a Facebook user, you can visit their page, here.

My participation in the first season wrapped earlier this summer. What's kept me busy since then is moving the studio to yet another undisclosed location. (New mountains, better feel.) The last move we made was a disaster on almost every level. While we were hoping not to relocate again so soon, we already can tell it was well worth it.

By the way, if you ever have to move a lot of stuff (like 54 feet worth of about 33,000 pounds), I recommend Broadway Express heartily. You've got to know what you're doing (arranging for packing and loading), but as far as transport, they're the hands down best in North America-- most economical, most reliable, great follow through, excellent drivers and good equipment. They know what they're doing and they've quickly become one of my favorite companies. Special thanks to Gary Beam who went out of his way to make it a great experience for me (and he succeeded beyond my expectations), and to driver extraordinaire RIch Haga who was everything I could possibly have wanted.

I'm writing this on the road again-- returning from the memorial service for Dale Sommers, Saturday in Cincinnati. The Truckin' Bozo was a wonderful character and I miss him. He was a unique talent-- whose love of radio was equalled only by his respect for commercial drivers. For some personalities, it's an act. For Bozo, it was part of his DNA. It was great to spend time with Sean Compton, Gary Burbank, Bill Cunningham, and Randy Michaels among others, though I wish it was a different event that brought us together.

It sounds trite, but it's no less true-- Bozo's in a much better place now. But that doesn't make it easy for those of us left behind. We mourned our loss Saturday, but more fittingly, celebrated the impact he had on so many of us. Dale lived life on his terms, and in the final analysis, it was a life well lived. You can imagine the stories, which flew fast and hilariously. The service will be on YouTube soon. I'll get you a link when it is.

Thanks to so many of you for weighing in on your availability to listen online. It's been a real eye-opener reading your comments. I've also been surprised by my own listening habits-- successfully seeking out online content as I cruise across the continent (Northern Soul and Beach Music mostly). We'll be talking again, and as soon as I know when and where, I'll be here to tell you.

And big thanks to those of you who "liked" my facebook page ( I'm embarrassed that I set it up and have done absolutely nothing with it, but... the point of it was to reach out to folks into social networking, prompting them to check out this site, so since I haven't updated anything here (about that, I'm really embarrassed), nothing has changed there... other that several of you who found the page and "liked" me . Thanks again for that! But worry not, if you're not on facebook and have no desire to be., available to anyone without signing up for anything, will continue to be the main repository for all things me. So by all means, don't sign up if you're not already there. (The same goes for twitter too, where 23 of you are following me and I haven't said anything yet.)

A belated Happy Birthday to Bucky Lemon (September 3rd). Bucky is my oldest friend, dating back to my constant listening to the radio long before I actually was on it. I dragged him to more stations than anyone should have to see, and introduced him to assorted folks he had no desire to meet, but he went along anyway. Of course later I accompanied him to an odd assortment of places when he was consumed with obtaining Depression Ware. I guess he has the last laugh. The radio stations we visited are long gone, but the Depression Ware he bought has become quite the pricey collectible.

In answer to so many requests that I weigh in on the presidential race, I will: Forget about it. Concentrate on your local, state, and federal reps. Not only will they be our future presidential candidates, but right now they're our only hope. With any luck there's a few Ron Paul-esque types among them who will work towards preserving liberty. Find them and support them. Get enough of them in Congress and they will have more impact that whomever we have in the White House.

I promise not to wait another 7 months for an update. And I promise to update this page as soon as I know where and when you can hear me. Thanks again for your interest.


TUESDAY FEBRUARY 14, 2012 1:00 PM (MT Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks to those of you who emailed recently. I had a number of folks who aren't facebook users concerned that perhaps they had to be in order to keep up with me. A resounding 'No you don't!' to that. This site will continue to be the main repository for all things me. You'll continue to be able to access my musings, links and audio right here. The facebook public figure page ( is for the many people who enjoy that site and want the convenience of having me there. (And no I don't have, and won't have, a personal page on facebook.)

If you haven't weighed in yet, I'd appreciate it if you'd tell me about your online listening habits. If I were to do a live show, let me know:
1. When would you be most likely to listen to it live (as opposed to accesing replays/podcasts)? Everything is up for grabs here-- days, nights, weekends, please let me know your preferred window of time.
2. On what would you be listening (your laptop, smart phone, whatever keeps you comfortably connected)? That answer will help me determine how best to stream it.)

Your response more than counts. As you may know, I had a business of streaming other people dating back to the mid '90s, though in the last decade I pretty much let it lay fallow. But I've got the server, the bandwidth and the ability to do most anything online. What I don't know is whether it would be worth it, and that's what you're going to tell me. I won't be doing anything immediately, as we're working on a few projects that are taking most of our time. But I will put effort into determining whether to proceed, and that will be in large part based on your response.

Thanks again for your support. Maybe we'll be talking before too long. Yes, Every day there's something else to say that most media isn't saying. While the world talked all things Whitney over the weekend, did you know that Interpol helped enforce sharia law? Wondering why you should care? Read this.

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 1, 2012 5:00 PM (MT) I've been blown away by the response to my note that I don't anticipate returning to the air anytime soon. One of the things that's come up is the growing use of mobile devices to access streams. What impressed me were the handful of professional drivers who wrote to urge me to re-active something live, since I've got the server and the bandwidth. So what I need to know is whether YOU would be listening. If your day to day life now includes listening to audio online, either at your computer, or more interestingly, on a mobile device, please drop me an email (click here) and tell me about it (including when and where you listen). I've also had a few requests to return to shortwave. That's easy to do, but once again, I need to gauge how many of you listen that way.

And I've heard (repeatedly and vociferously, actually) that some of you want me to do a facebook page for the show. I'm adverse to social networking personally, but I do see good value in promoting business interests. To that end, I've set up a page with nothing on it yet. The rub, of course, is if you're not a facebook member, you can't access it. But if you are, please go to and "like" it. What I'm trying to determine is how many of you use facebook and would want to get updates from me there.

Meanwhile, our television projects are going well. Jon's doing cable network promos (by the tons), and two interesting television shows I've been working on are debuting across the country in September on broadcast stations. If you like my links, I think you'll love these shows. I'll have more to tell you about them soon.



MONDAY JANUARY 23, 2012 2:00 AM (MT) Thank you, to all of you who have been asking when you'll hear me again. I'm humbled by your continued interest. For now, your best option is If there's a specific show you want to hear, let me know and I'll try to find it and upload it for you.

I appreciate your past listening.

SUNDAY JANUARY 8, 2012 5:00 PM (CT) And a big Happy Birthday to Val Shively today. Val lords over the biggest repository of obscure R&B records in the world (over 5 million in stock). He's as old school as the songs he sells-- nothing online. But if you've been trying to find something specific he's the man to call-- 610-352-2320.

No news on me returning to the air. The devil is in the details and what I hoped to announce at this point, won't materialize I went into it with an open mind, focused on making a deal work, but as we got down to specifics, I realized it wouldn't give me what I need to make it a successful venture in the long term, so I passed. As much as it would be great to talk with you again, I don't want to be back on the radio, only to leave shortly thereafter. That would be frustrating for everyone.

For the time being, I've pulled the streaming server, as I'm hopelessly bad at changing the streams. I will keep the downloads page, active. though right now, the archives are deactivated. I figure you've had plenty of time to download what you wanted to hear over the last nine months. If there's something specific you want to hear, let me know.

I'll also keep this site,, active. When there's news of interest, I'll be back to tell you about it. I have a feeling that'll be sooner than you think. Thanks for your past listening.



FRIDAY DECEMBER 9, 2011 12:01 AM (MT) As promised, more notice and yes, the show I was planning to do with Melody from Discount Gold & Silver Trading Co. last Monday has been rescheduled. We'll be live this coming Monday-- December 12th from 11 PM - 1:30 AM (ET) / 8 -10:30 PM (PT).

You can hear the entire show on shortwave: WWCR 3.215, and you can catch the last hour and a half on AM: KCKN Roswell 1020 AM (50,000 watts heard throughout most of the West). Or you can listen online. I'll stream it (click here). WWCR will also stream it (click here and select WWCR 1). And KCKN will stream the last hour and a half (click here or here).

Do call in. The number to use is 800 596 8191, and the topic-- as usual when I'm around-- is whatever you'd like it to be. I doubt we'll run out of things to say, and I hope you'll be sayin' em to me Monday night.

Right now, I'm listening to the last show of Steve & Johnnie on WGN in Chicago . Really sad to see them go. When Chicago legend Eddie Schwartz left the overnight show going on two decades ago, I thought he was irreplaceable. Of course I was prejudiced as Eddie was a long time friend (dating back to 1970 when he produced Robert W. Morgan's brief Chicago morning stint on WIND). But Steve & Johnnie were more than up to the task. They've kept me company for years, and more recently, I've been listening through my pillow on my wifi radio. I"ll miss them, but from what I understand, they'll be online in no time. And I'll be there to hear it (assuming it's still happening in the middle of the night). There's an upcoming TV show too. is the place for all the info.

MONDAY DECEMBER 5, 2011 5:45 PM (MT) Yes, I will be on the air with Melody from Discount Gold and Silver Trading Company-- but not tonight. The info below is valid, but the date and time are wrong. I'll let you know as soon as it's rescheduled.

MONDAY DECEMBER 5, 2011 12:01 AM (MT) For those of you who asked for a live show, if you're available to listen tonight, you'll hear one for two and a half hours. My friend Melody from Discount Gold & Silver Trading Company has asked me to join her on shortwave (WWCR 3.215 starting at 11 PM ET/ 8 PM PT). We'll also be on one of the nicest 50kwers in the west (check out these coverage maps) , Roswell's 1020 AM (which is now KCKN starting at Midnight ET/9 PT).

Plenty of opportunities to listen online too-- I'll stream all of it (just click on LISTEN to your above left--- it might be the easiest option). WWCR will stream the first hour (click here and select WWCR 1), and KCKN will stream the last hour and a half (click here and/or here). You can also get info at Melody's site:

Can you call in? Absolutely. And I hope you will. 800 596 8191 is the number to use. (Don't call our lines-- I'm the guest here, not the host-- which is a very nice change of pace for me.) What will we talk about? Do you think there's a shortage of topics right now? Suffice it to say, we won't run out of things to discuss.

And what if you miss it? I'll leave it up on the stream for a while, and I'll also put it up as an archive at You'll also be able to access it from Melody here. Hope to talk to you tonight!



SUNDAY OCTOBER 30, 2011 4:30 PM CT This year you can escape the horrors of Halloween! If you're a regular listener, you know that Halloween marks the opening of the World's Worst Hit Records annual poll. But since the live show is still on hiatus, Chad in Louisville came up with a great idea-- stream last year's winners (which were aired on Thanksgiving, the night of turkeys of course). If you haven't bookmarked the stream, click here to access it, and recall all sorts of past musical trauma.

I also got around to posting Jon's fall pictures. Click on "ABOUT" to your left, and you'll easily find two new links. My favorite picture, predictably, is of Morgan in the Jeep window, but if you're into nature photography, you might like them all. I get a lot of emails complimenting me on taking the shots, but be assured that Jon is the artist among us. All I do is sit in the car and play with the computer, or the dogs.

Speaking of the dogs, Maggie's September's pregnancy didn't take. But she's healthy and happy and probably ready to come into heat again before the end of the year. I'll keep you posted on that, and will try to get some new pictures of the brood soon. Puppy Winston is enormous now at 2 years old, and just beautiful.


MONDAY OCTOBER 24, 2011 12:01 AM (MT) When I read a few blogs that wondered whether I'd retired, I figured I better update the site. No truth to retirement, or the notion that I was waiting to see if Harold Camping's final prediction for the end of the world (Friday, October 21st) came true, thus negating any need to work. (If I was of that mind, I'dve waited a bit longer-- to this coming Friday, the 28th, which as you might have read is the recalculated date for the end of the Mayan calendar.)

So you think this blog is starting out ridiculously? The government can top that. $900,000 of your tax dollars to study penis size in the gay community. I couldn't sum it up better than London's Daily Mail: What a bunch of dicks. I'll get back to economic absurdities in a moment, but just after I last wrote, I came across a story that had me fuming....

I've been surprised this didn't more coverage. Let me lay it out. If you want a driver's license, you've got to reveal all your personal details to the state. You figure that's all confidential, right? After all, you're telling them your legal name, your street address, date of birth and more. Those three things alone are enough to have someone steal your identity, not to mention the possibility that a stalker will have all they need to find you. (Think that's overblown? More than a few Americas have been killed because their attackers used drivers license databases.) But Florida is taking it a step further. They're selling your info. Last year they made $63 million dollars divulging what you're forced to tell them. No doubt other states are doing it, but adding to the outrage-- a Florida judge says it's legal. The court assuages fears saying that buyers have to comply with regulations not to harass people, and they don't give out your social security number (they don't have to-- you're still in harm's way.)

The Florida ruling goes further to state that insurance companies, for instance, are entitled to the info. By the same logic, they rule that companies, which compile reports on you, companies with which you have no direct dealings-- companies that will not let you even see what they're compiling-- companies that that make their money reselling your data to third parties--- are perfectly legal clients. What a great revenue stream-- force you by law on some phony pretext to reveal your info, and then give you no recourse when they market it.

But it gets worse, these days in America. A growing number of states are making it illegal for you to capture police stops on public streets in plain view. They cops can record you--- but if you try to record them? It almost got one Illinois man, life in prison. Fortunately this story resolved well when the Illinois court said the ruling was unconstitutional. Don't breathe easy yet, though. A Massachusetts court ruled it was fine to jail folks for constitutionally protected behavior. This is the definition of a police state. Still need more evidence? The NSA admits it tracks you by your cell phone. And they're not the only agency to track American citizens. Senator Ron Wyden is appropriately outraged. Think you can remain under their radar? States everywhere are closing those loopholes. Take Louisiana (I won't say please). A new Louisiana law bans using cash for second hand transactions. The bill's authors say they're after criminals. More likely they're after you. How dare you buy something without big brother knowing it.

I don't have quite as much sympathy for those who voluntarily put themselves in harm's way-- but then again, Facebook probably should have told users that you're tracked even when not visiting the Facebook site. The official explanation? It's a bug in the system, they didn't really mean to watch your every move, all the time. Of course they didn't. Just like the government didn't really mean to hand weapons to criminals to create the kind of crisis that would allow Americans to embrace widespread gun control. Aren't up to speed on Fast & Furious. Here's the timeline. Here's John Bolton explaining it to the NRA (worth hearing, even though it's 11 minutes long). Here's an Arizona sheriff, close to the action, explaining the effects. Until recently, you'd think that lawmakers didn't notice the plan fit the textbook definition of Hegelian Dialectic. (Look it up if you're wondering.) Finally, republican lawmakers are asking a few questions. Don't hold your breath for complete answers.

Fast and Furious might be an expeditious way to confiscate guns, but the states are decimating your rights without it. Take Arizona (I will say please) where a man was ordered to surrender his weapons because someone didn't like what he wrote in a blog. That's two for one-- violating the first and second amendments without nary a care.

Finally some justice. The SOB judge who sentenced countless youths to jail for his own financial gain (often for virtually no reason at all) gets 28 years in jail. Hopefully this will not be lessened on appeal. May he rot among criminals who do deserve to be imprisoned-- those who have it in for judges in general, and a specific hatred for his ilk.

Back to economic absurdity. In case you missed it, the feds have found yet another way to encourage American employers to leave our shores. This time it was Gibson guitars, and the tactic was a threat. 'We'll bring charges against you for the rare wood you're using , but you can avoid all the unpleasantries by relocating your manufacturing off-shore.' The CEO was none to pleased. Here's Michelle Malkin's recount of events with some nice embedded links. Hard to believe we're ushering companies abroad, when so many leave voluntarily-- including those sterling examples like Fisker. Remember Fisker? That was the company that got $529 million of your tax dollars from the Energy Department to build electric cars. Joe Biden heralded Fisker as the bright new path to thousands of American manufacturing jobs. Are there thousands of Americans looking for manufacturing jobs in Finland? That's where the Fisker is being manufactured.

But not only do we send jobs offshore, we import workers for the positions we can't shed which brings me to the bad news that the Mexican Truck Program is back. Not only is this an outrage to American commercial drivers, but four-wheelers better be as concerned over this. But all is not lost-- the DOJ is protecting American workers, such as teachers who can't speak English. OK, maybe all is lost.

The Obama administration would be the most open in our country's history barked Barack repeatedly during the campaign. Funny but they're appealing a ruling (handed down by an Obama appointee) making the White House visitor logs public. Which visitors are they so hell-bent on keeping private?

While the government is trying to keep their own doings private, they have no problem making your medical records public. Think mandated electronic health records is all good? Better read about what happened to 300,000 Californians and their most private data including social security numbers. Oh wait, maybe you did. It was all online for everyone to see. That brings us to Obamacare (which, among other things, mandates electronic health records). We've got a Pennsylvania judge ruling against it in September, and a US appeals court ruling against it in August, since I last wrote-- but even the White House itself now admits that part of it can't work. The part in quesiton is the CLASS Act (long term care) and HHS' Kathleen Sebelius admits it's not economically feasible. None of it is feasible, if you ask me. Among the insanity-- the plan inadvertently asks employers to snoop into their employees family finances, and penalizes them if they don't. (From the 'damned if you do' column, their are probably penalties elsewhere if they do.)

But for those who love the notion of socialized medicine, here's the NHS horror of the day: In their own words, the NHS is waiting for patients to die or go private before scheduling surgery. And for those who don't, there's rationing: cataracts, hips, knees, tonsils-- don't hold your breath for surgery. Of course, I'm not entirely sure we're better off here, where people who are injured or sick on hospital grounds, are instructed by staff to "call an ambulance".

The presidential election is being covered everywhere, so I'll be mercifully brief. Perry? Don't, for a minute, forget that he forced teenage girls to take the Gardisil vaccine. He's trying to back peddle from it, but ask any mother of a 13 year old girl in Texas what they were told. And how bad is Gardisil? We've talked about it in the past, but here's the latest.

Cain? Personally I like the guy, but his 9-9-9 plan is a disaster lying in wait. The only way Americans should ever consider a sales tax is with a concurrent constitutional amendment banning an income tax. If you're deluded into thinking that a low income tax rate and sales tax rate could exist simultaneiously at any reasonable rate in the future, would do well to recall what happened when income tax was passed at 1%. The thought that it could ever reach an outrageous 10% had lawmakers saying it was unthinkable-- that the public would lynch them before that. And don't start me on Romney who doesn't like Obamacare but saddled Massachusetts with a similar plan he publicly defends. Even in the last presidential election cycle, it was obvious Romneycare was a disaster. My dream probably goes without saying-- if Ron Paul got a fair shake among the major media pundits, he'd be in! But failing that, the best we can hope for is gridlock- let Obama win the presidency and both the house and senate will go republican. The less they do, the better.

Should I mention Gaddafi? You've heard it all ad nauseum, but it might be fun to look at his statements about Barack being his friend. (Actually none of it is fun, and our invasion of sovereign nations in undeclared wars is startling, made even more so when you realize that the New World Order plan is to first decimate uncooperative nations. With that in mind, look for attacks on Iran and Syria in the future-- North Korea too, but that stupid we can't be... can we?)

Often I leave you with a fine obscure R&B oldie. Turns out I'm not the only one to crave these little known gems. Young Mayer Hawthorne is a big fan too. And he's done something about it. He's come up with excellent covers of things like The Festival's "You've Got The Makings Of A Lover" and maybe even better, he's got new songs destined to be classics. You've got to hear his latest, "The Walk". It's my current fave. And for fellow fans of soul tv dance shows, checking out the video behind "A Long Time" is a must. (Don't miss the classic Colonial Merchandiese Mart spot at the end). Mayer (really Andrew Cohen from Ann Arbor) gives me hope for the future-- which is more than all the preceding political links begin to do.

Thanks, as always, to those of you who send links-- especially Donna in New York, Woody in Massachusetts, Steve in Florida, Joy in New Jersey and the incomparable Mad Scientist of Oregon. Til next time, hopefully not a long time, that's a wrap.


JULY 2011

SUNDAY JULY 17, 2011 10:00 PM (MT) Plenty to talk about over the last month, but if you somehow missed a few stories, I've got a lot of links, and other info too. Jerry Blavat's written a book, Elizabeth Hutton's hosting a cruise, Rupert Murdoch could be in more trouble than he realizes, but let's start with the lump in everybody's throat- the debt ceiling.

This is a lose-lose if ever there was one. If we raise the debt ceiling, the value of the dollar (and all US investment vehicles, T-Bills and such) falls. (If that doesn't make immediate sense, think of your credit score--- too much debt and it plummets.) If we don't raise the debt ceiling, we may default on our obligations, plummeting the value of the dollar and our investment vehicles. Which is worse? If those were the only two options, obviously, not raising it would be worse. But they aren't. Default isn't inevitable. (Read this piece from John R. Lott, well reasoned as usual..) Besides, cutting spending would be much preferable to increasing our ability to borrow which leads to the DC battle. Obama actually walked out of debt talks. Why? He wants to raise taxes. Here's what he wants. Here's Obama chastising republicans for not screwing their constituents who don't want more taxes. Here's dozens of words that mean taxes. Here's an obscure provision that may let Obama prevail without congress. Here's Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's plan. And here's Obama petulantly saying he can't guarantee Social Security checks will go out next month if he doesn't get his way.

But all that news is everywhere. And to a degree, so is the botched plan to grab your guns which gave Mexico numerous US weapons, and cost a border patrol agent his life. You really need to know about this. It's huge and unconscionable, and no citizen, regardless of what they think of the Second Amendment should be ok with it...

Think it's not a poorly excecuted, unthinkable gun grab? Read this. On top of that, we may have trained the corrupt Mexican forces. What's more corrupt than Mexico? Maybe Quartzite Arizona. Seems the mayor and a citizen are on to the city council and police there. The woman who brought up their corrupt action was seized and kidnapped at a town hall meeting so she couldn't speak. Think that's overblown? Read this. After the story received national attention, a 'state of emergency' was declared at yet another public meeting not open to the public so laws could be bypassed. What's happening is blatantly unconstitutional but the state turned a blind eye, though that may be changing with the volume of complaints they're receiving Here's the mayor's facebook page.

Then there's the Houston area couple who lost all six of their kids to CPS. No one claims they were being mistreated. No one accuses mom or dad of being bad parents. The African American man and wife are simply too poor to have kids. Think that wasn't it? Read this. Fortunately a good samaritan has donated a home. They may be reunited by the time you read this, but without widespread coverage (and the help of the couple's minister), it's doubtful it ever would have happened.

"Woman arrested for filming police from home" is the headline. She's clearly not the first, but why should this be a problem for authorities, assuming of course they're operating within the law and under the constitution, in good faith. But when cops don't want to be captured on video, good faith is an assumption no one can make.

Then there's the TSA-- storming public places 8,000 times a year. And it's not confined to airport, or places that are public really-- like your car. Afraid of "terrorism"? Here's what you should worry about first. OK, maybe not first. Maybe terrorism is the problem-- at least the way the TSA terrorizes us and lets potential terrorists on planes. It's a few weeks old now, but how the hell could a Nigerian man with no ticket, no boarding pass and no ID get on a plane, only noticed in flight because he smelled. Read about it (and the multiple boarding passes he held.)

Confirmed: The White House is attempting to control news reporting. Right now, it's just excluding Fox News, but considering the trouble Rupert Murdoch has in Great Britain, it's not a stretch to think he'll lose his television licenses here. (First, a brief timeline of the illegal wiretapping on the part of England's "News Of The World.") Now as to how that translates here, you may remember RKO General, a chain of radio (and television) stations that lost all their licenses a few decades ago. The reason? The parent company, General Tire, was ruled "an unfit licensee". It wasn't what they did on the air, or even in America. General Tire was convicted of making bribes in South America (to rubber plantations or such). The logic was that if General TIre was unfit in one area, they were unfit in all, and ultimately unfit to have broadcast licenses. (They "fought" it for years-- until the legal expenses outweighed the profits.) If it can be show that Murdoch or those he put in overall command, had knowledge of the wiretapping, it isn't hard to see a precedent from the late RKO Radio.

All of that may be child's play compared to the fraud perpetrated on the American people by Obama. My head is still spinning that the "official" "long form" birth certificate was "released". I'm not alone. A high level software engineer employed by one of the 50 states identifies the template of the forgery. An Adobe book editor is positive the certificate is an altered document, manufactured to look authentic. An expert from "Rathergate" (who played a key role in the CBS news anchor's downfall) shows why it can't be real. Is the FBI investigating this? (Some say yes.) The biggest issue to me is the phony social security number. (Here's a private investigator proving it's a phony and alleging gov't officials and media are hiding the truth.) Of course Snopes thinks they can explain it away-- not. (Hopefully you're not still believing Snopes is in any way unbiased.)

Apart from how he got it office, what Obama is doing in it concerns a lot of us. A constitutional scholar says nothing is more impeachable than war without authorization. But none to worry for Barry, he found two lawyers wh are will ing to say that dropping bombs and killing people is not war. (If it's OK to drop bombs on people with whom we're not at war, that may be even worse.)

Gotta be some good news... yes! CAIR loses it's IRS tax-exempt status.

Back to depression (literally and figuratively): The real unemployment rate was over 16% in June... here's a map of cities where employment won't recover for years. The biggest culprit? Corporate offshoring (thanks to our global treaties). Obama says technological innovations will create new jobs (never mind that such advances have killed millions of them too-- and forget about our policies which will have any developed innovation offshored too). Maybe it's all in the marketing. Anheuser-Busch is trying to trademark area codes-- not all of them, just these. Meanwhile, it may be horrible to be out of work, but a lot of people who still have jobs aren't too happy either-- like this guy who replaced his bosses big presentation with porn.

Would it be any better if the republicans were in charge? Hardly. Even those you might have thought would be great make you wonder. Take Allen West in Florida. Steve in Ft. Lauderale loved his stance against taxpayer handouts-- until he discovered West was among the big lobbyists for help in financing BankAtlantic Center's renovations. (Ironically Bank Atlantic Center is home to the Florida Panthers, the president of which was previously 'vehemently opposed' to a similar deal for the Dolphins' stadium.) Too bad.

On the other hand, no one (in their right mind) has illusions that Texas Governor Rick Perry is anything remotely conservative, let alone libertarian. The guy who previously mandated HPV vaccines for young teens (we'll get to vaccines in a few paragraphs) was a big backstage force behind defeating the tough anti-TSA groping bill. What passed actually authorizes TSA groping. Thanks Rick. Ron Paul (who will not run for reelection in the House in 2012, but will hopefully be a major influence in his presidential bid) is going after the TSA big time with his Traveler Dignity Act.

12 things mainstream media is ignoring. Only 12? Try countless issues of note, but these 12 are worth mentioning nonetheless. Also not big news is the settlement with black farmers. Seems nobody wants to look at this, though simple math (and the testimony of actual black farmers ) will prove it's fraudulent through and through. Be angry, very angry. $1.15 billion going to... well, who?

And if you're a commercial driver, I don't have to tell you to be angry about the US-Mexico cross border trucking program. The Christian Science Monitor headline is infuriating enough-- the landmark agreement resolves 15 year conflict. Hardly. OOIDA sets the record straight, and aims to help do something about the atrocity.

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said we'd find out what was in Obamacare after we passed it and then read the bill? Turns out that free insurance meant for the "poor" will inadvertently be open to middle class early retirees. A married couple with an annual income of $64,000 will be eligible for medicaid, until medicare kicks in at age 65. How many people is that? Oh, around 3 million. Nobody noticed.... which brings us to the NHS Horror of the Day: 26 year old woman dies of a deep vein clot. She went to the NHS, complained of the pain and was diagnosed by a nurse using a computer guide. She begged for further care but was told to go home (and die-- they didn't say that, but that's what she did.)

So.. is Japan using kids as test subjects for radiation research? Seems they've got enough of both (kids and radiation) and are dissuading parents from protecting their children... meanwhile the Vatican blesses GMOs (unofficially of course). Holy Crop!... New studies: Fluoride can damage the brain after all... direct link between vaccines and infant mortality... HPV has little value says the National Cancer Institute (but not according to Rick Perry, and nevermind those deaths)... FDA sez women can't keep breast implants for life (how many knew this?)... Dishwashers harbor killer bugs... Better to live in the country than the city (concrete leads to depression).

Glad to read that the idiot self-righteous, self-help guru that led a ceremony leading to the deaths of some participants, was found guilty! (Guilty of the lesser charges, and the jury has not agreed on aggravating circumstances, so no word on final sentencing.)

A couple interesting articles on the music industry. Killers of it in analog days, and killers of it in digital era. Well done, dispels some RIAA myths.

Myths? That brings us to global warming. The Inuit people in Alaska know a lot more than Al Gore will ever hope to learn. And it's al first hand. According to them, the sun is in the wrong place, so are the stars, and the evidence says the earth is tilting-- leading to... yes, global warming. (Along those lines, I changed the stream. The interview with Jesse Ventura is running and the end of it is priceless when he gets into his friend Al Gore's theories.)

Thanks as always to the Mad Scientist in Oregon, Woody in Massachusetts, Donna in Albany, and everyone who sends even the occasional link. I appreciate being on your radar.

Jerry Blavat has written a book. If you're an obscure oldies fan, from Philadelphia, or just love radio from back in the day, it's a must read. It's called "You Only Rock Once" and it's available here from Amazon. I loved it. Couldn't put it down!

More into the mystical? For those looking at life spiritually (probably a good option in these troubled earthly times), Elizabeth Hutton is hosting a cruise to the Mexican Baja (LA to Catalina to Ensenada and back.) from September 26th through the 30th. There will be spiritual development classes, and optional private readings. Best of all it's inexpensive. Oceanside rooms start at $379. There are about 20 spaces left, so if you're interested call Cherlyn at 702-290-4106 or email her here.

Casey Anthony? I doubt you need any leads on where to find that news (check this weeks' tabloids, if in doubt). So, what do I think? Scares the heck out of me-- not that she wasn't found guilty, but rather the folks who saw the whole trial and think she should have been convicted. I'm not weighing in on whether she did it (OK, I will-- she probably did)-- but the bottom line is the evidence presented didn't meet any sane legal standard. The last thing I want is a jury to do is make a decision based upon their gut feelings or raw emotions. Actually that's the second to last thing I want-- worst of all are the folks hoping Ms. Anthony will have to pay the costs of trial related expenses out of her "future profits". Again, I can see how it's easy to be emotionally on board with that sentiment, but think about it-- anytime the state would want to fleece a citizen, just put 'em on trial and bill 'em. Not that a change in the system to the loser picking up the expenses of the winner would be bad-- but Florida is not remotely proposing that. It was horrifyingly sad all the way around, but would have been moreso if she was convicted on a hunch. For those of you wanting to see her rot in hell, she will-- and not only in the hereafter. Do you think this woman will ever be safe on the outside? To those of you incensed that I'm even wasting time on this stuff, there are two reasons-- several emailers asked my opinion, but more significantly (and disturbing) are the broader emotional issues above. Any of us might find ourselves on trial and I'd hate to think that we'd face a jury swayed by anything other than the facts before them (though I'm sure it happens as often as not).

Nothing new to report about returning to the air. Many of you have asked if I'd do a live internet show. Definitely not full time, but if enough of you want an occasional show (and will participate if we do it), I might schedule one (with plenty of notice to you). If you're up for that, drop me an email here and let me know what time is best for you. No promises that I'll actually make it happen, but I'll try-- and in the meantime, I'll try to change the stream more often, or at least keep it on a monthly schedule. Thanks for your continuing interest.


JUNE 2011

FRIDAY JUNE 17, 2011 2:00 PM (MT) No lack of things to worry about these days. And what isn't worrisome is downright ponderous. Take Cedar Falls, Iowa, for instance. The local government has passed an ordinance 6-1 that requires lockboxes on all businesses, and residences with more than three units (ie apartment buildings of any size, tri-plexes, etc.) containing the keys to every business and home. Cedar Falls is a college town so my first hope when I saw the link that Steve from Ft. Lauderdale sent, was that this was a prank. Au contraire. It's actually an expansion of a law on the book since 2004, and the city council points out that it's in effect in communities throughout the nation. Court challenges will determine the fate of the 4th amendment, but for now, Cedar Falls has no problem forcing you to give your keys to the authorities.

If you've been listening to Alex Jones, you're aware of what happened in Texas, and I'm with him, it's an outrage. Seems state lawmakers came up with HB 1937, a bill that would have made it a crime for TSA to touch a person's private areas without probable cause. The house passed it unanimously. The senate was poised to do so as well. Then the feds intervened and said they'd stop flights in and out of Texas (a bluff to be sure since American, Southwest, Continental and over a dozen smaller carriers are headquartered there). Here's the story about that. But the name to remember is David Dewhurst, the Lt. Gov. who aided and abetted the feds and strong armed the failure of the bill in the senate. Encouragingly, you haven't heard the end of this. Sen. Patrick from Houston vows it will be back, and next time it will pass-- not if the TSA has anything to say about it though. Their intent is clear. You know they've now blocked private airport screeners? This is about control, not safety.

Thanks to The Mad Scientist in Portland, we've got tons of bad news. (Woody in Massachusetts contributed several as well.) I'm indebted to both of them.

We'll start with the 'anything to keep my job' file. The union representing letter carriers thinks they should increase the services they provide-- to include thwarting terrorists. First suggestion is not snooping. It's expensive scanners for trucks to detect biological weapons. We'll get to the economy in moments, but back to snooping, new FBI rules allow them to do it without any real evidence of wrong doing.

It's even worse when you combine the USPS and the FBI, as one 91 year old woman in suburban Portland discovered. Her crime? She mailed a letter of support to someone who wasn't doing anything illegal. That got her an FBI raid. The abbreviated version here may sound convoluted, but the real story isn't any better. This is not OK.

Should anyone be surprised that the House has passed a bill that gives them the authority to declare worldwide war? It has a better sounding name than that, NDAA National Defense Authorization Act, but when you read it, you discover it's the international offense act, and offensive this is.

Bilderberg meeting? Alex Jones covered that too-- extensively as usual. Here was the agenda. And here's Jim Tucker's wrap up (on video-- sorry I couldn't find a print version).

Ah, the economy. A good friend called me very concerned. Her husband of 40 years, a major gold trader, is in a panic that the meltdown is imminent. His biggest tip off? His international clientele won't accept dollars anymore. Those of course aren't the only indicators-- not by a long shot. You've heard that China has divested virtually all of it's T-Bill holdings... You know that half of last month's jobs (a total that was not impressive in any way) came from a single employer... McDonalds. You've read that Mazda will stop making cars in the US... You think that your social security payments are already being cut (and you're right, here's 3 ways it's happening)... no wonder more Americans think the economy will never recover... in fact almost everyone is warning about the next financial collapse.

Why? Well have you seen the chart about rising household debt? This explains how people are out of work and not living in a tent-- yet... Manufacturing jobs haven't been this low since the '40s. The difference is back then, we knew they'd come back when the economy strengthened. Now, with outsourcing, we're guaranteed they won't be here no matter whose economy grows. Can't find the scary manufacturing jobs chart but here are six others that you need to see (like the average duration of unemployment being off any chart now).... Many of us won't be able to retire until our '80s, and even that is optimistic. It assumes we won't die first... and here's 18 signs that the collapse of society is accelerating across the board.

All that recent hoopla about the IMF chief jailed for sexually attacking a maid in the US? Russia thinks Dominique-Strauss-Kahn was jailed for discovering that all the US gold is gone. Sound far fetched? Then explain why top Egyptian banker Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar who was in league with Kahn has alsobeen charged by the US with sex crimes against a maid-- even though he's a 74 year old devout muslim. Putin finds it all questionable.

China meanwhile is cracking down on food hoarding. And why would anyone food hoard? China claims ther efforts are to stablize food prices. Me thinks citizens are on to what might be coming.... Anyone think the government (anyone's government) can fix the economy? Here's a study that says the US government can harm it: EPA regs increase prices, kill jobs... but what about Obama's economic stimulus? Don't ask the Toledo restaurant owners mentioned by the president earlier this month as an indirect beneficiary of the Chrysler bailout. They've now closed their doors after 70 years. Part of the problem? The government ban on smoking.... So 28 months after taking office, Obama says the recovery's "going to take time". Lots and lots of time.

Lots going on in the Obama eligibility camp. I'm still stunned the White House would release a long form birth cert which was clearly a forgery. You may have heard that a 22 page brief has been filed with the FBI by an investigator proving it's not real. Here are those details. This week though, Retired Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, comes forth and says it's proof positive that the birth story is not as Obama tells it... so who produced it? Perhaps the supporters of Obama who are now gleefully coming forth to admit they forged the Keyan birth certificate that circulated a while back.

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, MD, out of prison for questioning Obama's authenticity, still thinks the issue needs resolution. A couple YouTube clips: An interview on The Global Freedom Report where Lakin says he doesn't regret his actions , and one with "Where's The Birth Certificate" author Jerry Corsi. The biggest issue to me is the social security number Obama is using. If any of us did that, we'd be in prison. Here's a YouTube on that. (After seeing it, you can search for many others.)

Away from the man and back to his actions: More US employers say they'll drop health coverage once Obamacare takes effect. Everyone but Obama's administration knew this would happen... Tax laws and coverage change with the coming of Obamacare too-- forget about most alternative medicine. You won't be deducting vitamins-- even though, unlike the many deaths from pharmaceuticals, vitamins have not killed anyone. Here's a 27 year study.

Then there's the NHS.. Here's a couple horrors of the day: newborn dies after 61 hour delay at overstretched NHS maternity unit.. and Patient left to die in corridor, ignored for hours and then dragged across the floor. But good news if you were worried about swine flu after the media (and vaccine makers an complicit governments) scared the hell out of you: half of the UK population had swine flu and many didn't realize it.

Britain probably doesn't have time to address NHS problems. They're too busy figuring out how to criminally prosecute thought crimes from elected officials. I can't begin to do this justice in a sentence. Read it here.

Draconian anti-piracy censorship bill passes senate committee. What's wrong with this? Everything. And here's more on why. Beyond the complete lack of understanding how the technology works and who and what would inadvertently be affected, the senators want to put people in jail for embedding YouTube videos. The record industry operates on a failed model. No doubt they have piracy issues that should be addressed, but everything they're doing to protect and regain their business will lead to killing it entirely. But we've talked about that a lot. One more computer story-- be careful who repairs yours. This creepy tech found an interesting way to enhance his voyeuristic tendencies.

Now comes word that nuclear fuel has melted through the base of Fukushima. (I told you from the get go that this was more serious than Japan chose to reveal.) They're not dealing well with the fallout (literally and figuratively) either. Here's a story about a Japanese farmer committing suicide over the destruction and lack of help. Meanwhile, perhaps affecting you-- green tea. Jaspan recalls Shizuoka tea over radiation fears. Drink green tea? Know from where it comes? Might want to look into it.

Can you say counterproductive? All the tools you need to burgle houses are on sale-- from the police in Great Britain.... Harold Camping has had a stroke. He's having trouble speaking. The Lord doeth work in mysterious ways. Seems like Camping won't be predicting another return anytime soon (though after the last date, he said (again) he calculated wrong and it's coming up this fall-- don't hold your breath, donate your money, or get rid of your possessions).

Remember Johannes Mehserle? He's the BART cop in California who shot a 22 year old unarmed man on a train platform. Given the details, many called it murder. He's been behind bars since last July when he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Now, just a year later, he's free.

Awwww.. black bear takes dip in backyard hot tub. (I love bears.) More animal stories: If you're from the south, you know about Kudzu-- the fast growing killer vine brought to you by the government thinking it was doing a good thing. Lots of methods to kill it have been unsuccessful, or impractical, but for one guy, it's money in the bank. He rents out sheep and a few well behaved goats. Turns out it's healthy for the critters who are quiet as long as food is plentiful. And with kudzu, it's plentiful.

So how did those Libyan soldiers rape so many women? You've probably never thought about that, but you may be interested to hear about the government supply of viagra.

Grand Rapids is not dead. Good for the Michigan city that vowed to make a public display of their vitality after Newsweek called them one of the top 10 dying cities in America. (It could have been worse-- many places have or should be declared fully dead already.)

And this explains all you need to know about the news media. Fox News mistook Tina Fey's comedic impression of Sarah Palin for the real thing, showing her instead of the former governer as an image graphic.

If you're wondering where the heck the Trivia prizes are, I've got some encouraging news for those of you who won between Christmastime and the end of the show. The envelopes are addressed and stamped and ready to be stuffed. This translates to, you'll actually have something in your mailbox in less than a month.

Sorry the links have been infrequent, and even sorrier I haven't digitized more old shows for replays. I'll get to it this week. As for updating this site, two problems over the past several days-- my inherent laziness, and server issues. The latter turned out to be a an easy fix once I got around to investigating (or so I think-- we'll see if you actually can read this). The former is hopeless but I'll work on it.


JUNE 6, 2011 10:00 PM (MT) I've changed the stream. Charlotte Iserbyt joins me. She wrote The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. It's been downloadable free for a while but the site associated with it, is currently offline, so check out the show and your worst nightmares about why voters can't think, kids can't read, and adults can't comprehend their mortgages, will be confirmed.

Speaking of nightmares-- plenty of links to share, and I promise to do that soon. We're away from the homestead for a few days, but never fear, my to-do list is awaiting our return. Top of it? Updating the links and getting the final batch of prizes out to you. Thanks for your patience on both.


MAY 2011

MONDAY MAY 23, 2011 6:00 AM (MT) I figured I'd want to see if the word really was ending this past weekend, before giving you links. As you probably heard, Harold Camping was sure that May 21st was Judgement Day. (Maybe it was, and I just don't know the right people. Assuming the rapture did happen without notice, according to Harold, the earth will end October 21st.)

In case you've missed this whole story, evangelist Harold Camping of Family Radio Worldwide, is nothing if not predictable. In the latter '80s, he said judgement day would coincide with Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year-- 1987, I think but could have been '88-- I remember this because a friend of mine delayed painting his house, just in case it wouldn't matter.) More widespread was his recalculation of the day to be around September 15, 1994. Exactly why anyone would go for round three is unfathomable to me, but a lot of people did. And most people didn't.

Here's what Harold was saying (before Saturday). Here's more from back in January. and here's a great report on End Times themed parties for the weekend. And here's a tragic story of a guy who spent his life savings because of Camping's prediction. Here's what Camping's camp and his followers are saying now. (Camping will speak soon-- it'll be good.)

Today is doomsday for one family in MIssouri. May 23rd is the date that the federal government says is their last chance to "settle" with them for over $90,000. Should they not pay up, the fines will go to almost $4 million. So what did they do? They sold rabbits. Healthy, outstanding bunnies. In-state. For about $10 each. Violating no laws-- but the USDA wants to keep Americans safe from folks like them. Here's an outrageous story of government overreach. And here's the government defending their stance.

Jerry Corsi's book is out, and already a best seller. (If you haven't gotten a copy yet, "Where's The BIrth Certificate" is available at a great price from Amazon. Click on it.) It's already topping the best seller list and the White House, according to some reports, is in a panic. Esquire Magazine proves it has absolutely no credibility when it reports that Joseph Farah had pulled the book for inaccuracies. (When called on their fiction, they claimed it was parody. Expect Farah and Corsi to sue.)

Some folks think that the White House issued long form birth certificate settles the matter. Others, including computer experts, are stunned that what appears to be an obvious forgery was released. Here are a few things to ponder.

President Obama opinion that Israel should retreat to its pre-1967 borders certainly got a lot of attention (and a definite No! from Netanyahu). What hasn't been mentioned was Pastor Manning's prediction in 2008: "Give me Osama, I'll give you the Jews." Not only does this African American conservative nail it, but he gets the timing right too. What's most stunning to me, is the opinion of pollster Zogby, that Jews will vote for Obama despite his Israel stance. Not that I doubt his opinion is right, just that I can't fathom how the hell it could be.

So how did Obama become president really? This in-depth piece will show you the CIA's involvement not only with Obama but his mother and fathers. (Tough to read, but worth it.) You did hear that Terry Lakin is free, didn't you? Meanwhile, the Supreme Court put another Obama case on the docket (that doesn't mean it will be heard, but it will be considered-- you can bet that this one won't be heard-- IMHO). On to other Obama obscurities, who really does own Obama's home in Chicago? Here's who's paying the taxes.

Congrats to North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple. He's signed a bill nullifying Obamacare. Here's an earlier idea that slipped by me. Barack's BS Bingo. Next time Obama's giving a speech, you can make it interesting. Print out your card here. Check the appropriate box when you hear one of the phrases in it. When you get five blocks horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, stand up and shout BULL. (You'll be shouting a lot.)

Now this is interesting: a federal judge orders the FBI to answer questions about missing Oklahoma city bombing videotapes.

Obama's bad, but don't think for a minute that Newt Gingrich is better. Doubt me? Read this. Then, when you have a lot of time on your hands, check out David Icke's site (completely unrelated but chock full o goodies). You'll find something intriguing if you read long enough.

After the news about Osama's capture/execution, how often did you hear someone comment that we better watch out for retaliation? When a 7th grader in Tacoma mentioned it on Facebook, he got a visit from the Secret Service who interrogated him at school (without parental permission). I guess there really are no terrorists, otherwise who has time to do this?

Then there's the teacher in Massachusetts who refuses to hang up a student's picture. What did the 11 year old draw for his class assignment that was so offensive? A picture of the American flag. And finally, going back to what we were talking about in March--- I told you so. The Japanese Nuclear Power plant melted down day one-- it just took us this long to know it.

I'm embarrassed I haven't been better at getting links up for you. I appreciate those of you who have been prodding me to stay on it. And even more so I appreciate The Mad Scientist, Woody in MA, and Steven in FL for giving me great links to pass on to you. Right now I've got Lloyd Thaxton on the stream. I'll change in in the next day or so. And I promise to get to the final mailing of trivia prizes next. Thanks for your patience.

Jilly sent me a link about the writer of 'You Light Up My Life" committing suicide. But that's not all-- he was awaiting trail on charges he sexually assaulted dozens of women. Then there's his son, in jail, charged with murdering his Peruvian swim suit designer girlfriend. Talk about a soap opera. I'm with Jilly-- that song always creeped me out too.

Can't leave on a bad musical note, so here's the song of the day: Clem Curtis -Point Of No Return- a wonderful Northern Soul shuffler. I had to hear it a few times before it grew on my years ago and now it's a favorite. If his voice sounds familiar, he's the former lead singer of The Foundations ("Baby Now That I've Found You", "Build Me Up Buttercup" etc.) Glad to say he's still performing, even has a website: of course.


THURSDAY MAY12, 2011 12:01 AM (MT) I changed the stream to the show we did with Bernie Goldberg. And I'm working on uploading more files to I also realized that I didn't get prizes out to the last group of winners, so if you've been wondering, now you know. And now that I know, I promise to get to it before the month is over. Lots of things going on, but until I make good on my word to continue to update the site, check out Alex Jones' Infowars & Prison Planet, and of course World Net Daily. The latest Jerry Corsi book(click on it for a good price from Amazon) comes out next week. That'll be fun as he deconstructs the birth certificate issue. Is there anyone reading this that believes the long form released last month is anthing but a forgery? It's so obvious, I'm frankly surprised they put it out. Maybe it's a test. If you buy this, you'll buy anything the White House is peddling.


SATURDAY MAY 7, 2011 12:01 AM (MT) Finally, a few more downloadable files. Check out You'll find another hour with Alex Jones and an hour with Bernie Goldberg. I've also changed the stream-- it's a show with Al Cuppett. (Eventually I'll sort out when these shows were done, but for now, I'm concentrating on getting more of them up.)

A lot has happened in the last few weeks and I promise links soon. Alex Jones has done a marvelous job on deconstructing Osama, and I concur with his assessment.

I apologize for not updating anything sooner. I never thought I'd be busier not doing a show, but that about sums up April. It was a good month off the air for Mediatrix, my company.

But that's not to say I haven't had my eye on something that would return me to the radio. I'm stunned by how many of you have written about it, and believe me, I enjoy talking to you as much as you enjoy hearing me. Thanks for the big vote of confidence. But it's not going to happen for the foreseeable future.

It would be easy to return to the air in a deal that my accountants would fire me over accepting, or one that would shortchange sponsors, or you. In the long run, everything that's come across my desk has failed to impress me for various reasons. Even so, all have been from very well intentioned folks and I'm grateful and flattered to hear from every one of them.

I'm not shelving the possibility of a terrific scenario unfolding down the road, but for now as I put my Miss Cleo hat (and move the fruit aside-- oh wait, that was Carmen Miranda), I don't see anything emerging in the short term that make sense, from a business sense. So that said don't hold your breath for updates.

Given that, and the numerous requests to do it, I'll keep this site, active for the blog and links; active for downloadable files, and I'll continue to stream audio on my server. (At least I'll continue to stream audio as long as I can remember to regularly change the files, and as long as the stats tell me you are listening.)


APRIL 2011

THURSDAY APRIL 21, 2011 12:01 AM (MT) I added a few more files to You can download Gary Matsumoto (Vaccine A), Charlotte Iserbyt (The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America), Ron Diamond (Philadelphia jock who played terrific oldies back in the day) and Jerry Blavat (Philly icon who played 'em then, and still plays terrific oldies now). Charlotte Iserbyt is also available continuously on the stream.

Links? How about another wonderful Jackie Ross record? "Keep Your Chin Up" on Brunswicik in 1967 is a Northern Soul classic!

OK, political links... Trying to protect your children by not medicating them with drugs causing major side effects? Expect a SWAT team, the removal of your child, and your arrest. Here's what happened in Detroit.

Despite public outcry against it, the Obama administration is still trying to force an Internet ID plan on you. They say it will protect you. Seems to me, divulging less, not more, of who you are will protect you, but they call my thinking conspiratorial.

An updated list of Dead Scientists. OK, some are not so questionable, but enough will leave you with grave concerns-- of course some will call that conspiratorial, but not the relatives of the deceased. (Speaking of that, no real news on the Delaware Wheeler murder.) And no real news on me. But I'll keep you posted here.


MONDAY APRIL 18, 2011 2:30 AM (MT) Listener Steve from Ft. Lauderdale requested the Madeleine Cosman show. It's currently running on the stream, and it's also available for downloads at, where I've added several more interviews to including Art Laboe, the 3 John Hook interviews, Herb Kent.

You can assume my priority continues to be R&B oldies-- oh speaking of which, going through my old 45s, I came across the flip side of Jackie Ross' "Selfish One." I had forgotten how good "Everything But Love" was! (Click on it to hear it on YouTube.) It'll sound familiar, if you've listened to the show, because I often play "Jerk & Twine" which is the same instrumental track with different lyrics. Really nice.

I know that's not what you had in mind for links, and I promise to get to what you might not be hearing elsewhere, soon. Maybe even tomorrow. Meanwhile I got another stack of 45s, I gotta get to now. So, bye. Thanks for checking in. Nothing new to report at this end.


THURSDAY APRIL 14, 2011 12:01 AM (MT) I'm finally getting around to updating the site. If you go to you'll see the interviews shaping up. I'll try to add more weekly, but these should keep you busy awhile. I'll also try to change the show on the stream periodically so if you listen on WiFi radio it won't be the same ole' same ole' for weeks on end.

I did put a recording on the call-in numbers, but apparently I've failed at allowing you to access it. (Not to belabor a technical point but right now, the call-in lines are set up as a hunt group. I'll need to disable that to activate the recording. It's on the list, but for now, check this site for updates.)

Updates? There aren't any. As I mentioned previously Sirius/XM is interested, but there's no available bandwidth at this point. I don't foresee that changing this year (though anything is possible), so I've set my sights on something else. It's a long shot, but if I can pull it off, you'll hear me. I can almost guarantee that. I can absolutely guarantee it won't be for awhile though, so if you're here looking for updates, feel free to take a month or so before getting back to us.


APRIL 1, 2011 12:01 AM (MT) No April Fool's, it really was our last show on XM 158. Thanks for all your wonderful calls. To reiterate the shared sentiment, we are family. It was fitting to talk with Jerry Corsi in the first hour. If you missed that, you can catch it on the stream or downloadable at

Thanks to Peter Chowka for bringing back memories from the show we did together over 20 years ago, Dr. Joe for reminding me that this is the anniversary of Herb Jepko's death, the man who fostered the kind of radio community that told every one of us listening that we were not alone. Check out

Hoping that Donna will sell millions of Joe Karbo's book, The Lazy Man's Way To Riches. will formally debut later this month (with rare footage of the late Karbo), but you can click on it and buy the book now. To this day, it's the only book that boils down all the spiritual knowledge of the ages into an easy to follow formula that just might transform your life.

And if you haven't read my book yet, I immodestly recommend it. You can order a hard copy from For those of you wanting the audio book, now that I'll have more time, I promise, I will do that. But be forewarned-- I'm not a good dramatic reader. The voice-over community is safe from my efforts.

Don't forget to check out the updates page here. This really was your show. Thanks for making it a pleasure to do. Hope to talk to you soon.



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