Here because you like R&B and soul oldies?  Go to now!

MAY 2020

FRIDAY MAY 15, 2020  8:30 PM… Good to talk about Little Richard and Betty Wrignt, but so sorry
for the reason being their passing.  Next show will be Friday June 5th.  Have to talk a couple weeks
off.. but we’ll pick it up with the same trivia question, which remains unanswered.  It’ll give you time
to think about it:  This used to happen in America on occasion until the mid 1830s, then increasingly,
it became more rare.   The last time this happened in America was over 24 years ago in 1996, but it
absolutely could happen again.  What is it?    Stream is on, replay is up and I’m gone. Talk to you in

FRIDAY MAY 8, 2020   Our trivia question was guessed, almost immediately.  Who knew?  I didn’t,
and now that I do, I’d rather I didn’t but here it is: Trivia question: In the 12th century, cocoa beans
were a currency. A Mayan could buy a rabbit for 8 of them.  But if he parted with 100 cocoa beans
he could buy this.  What?  A slave. (Don’t blame me for this horrid piece of esoterica.  It cam from
Times of London Higher Educational Supplement 5/21/04.)  Stream on, replays up, I’m gone. Talk to
you next Friday night 7 MST.

FRIDAY MAY 1, 2020  8:30 PM   The trivia question went quickly this week.  Bragging rights go to
John In New York for knowing this: Salt Lake City is the Jell-o capital of the world.  They’ve held that
almost-honor seemingly forever. But about 20 years ago they briefly lost the title to another city? 
What city dethroned Salt Lake City for the title Jell-o capital?  Des Moines, IA. In 1999.  I don’t think
they’re advertising this victory. But they do have great loose hamburgers— Maid-Rite.  Don’t laugh.
They’re good. And they’re historical. Maid-Rite was the first chain to have car hops and drive
throughs.  Things haven’t been the same since the last of the Angell family, which started them in
Muscatine, but I digress. I’ll digress more next Friday night at 7 MST. Talk to you then!

APRIL 2020

FRIDAY APRIL 24, 2020  8:15 PM MST…  Good to talk to so many of you, and thanks for keeping
the show to an hour.  Just enough time for some coffin stories (you had to be listening) and a trivia
question:  The average American spends $2500 on this annually.  Connecticut residents spend the
most on it.  West Virginians spend the least.  What are we buying?   household furnishings. 
Replay’s on the stream, replay is downloadable.   Talk to you next Friday night at 7 MST. 

FRIDAY 4/17/20  8:10 PM MST… Thanks for helping me keep the show to an hour for the time
being.  Great to hear from John in New York— first time in over a decade. And to those of you who
haven’t called in a long time, or maybe at all, please do.  Our trivia question?  Stayng with last
week's cat theme.  37% of cat owners admit to doing this every year?  Dog owners do it too— in
fact dog owners are more likely to do it. Do what?  Hang a Christmas stocking for their pet.  (Gallup
Poll 1996).  Streams on, replays up, and I’m gone til next Friday at 7 MST (same as Pacific while
daylight savings is on).  Talk to you then.

FRIDAY APRIL 10, 2020  8:30 PM MST…  Thanks for calling— and keeping the calls short. For the
foreseeable future, I’ve got to limit Friday night to around an hour— and I appreciate your help on
that, and of course your listening.  Several guesses on the trivia question. None of them correct,
and given the right answer there’s no surprise there:   11% of Americans admit they’ve ended a
relationship over this. What?  Their cat. It comes in 5th on the list.  More prominent causes include
poor communication, financial problems, lack of commitment and infidelity. according to a 1999
article in the Houston-Chronicle.  If you missed the show entirely the stream is on until we’re live
again next Friday and the download is up.  I’ve heard from Phil in Minnesota that this page isn’t
loading right in all browsers. I know the cause but finding the culprit is not as easy. I’ll probably
replace this pane entirely.  But not tonight.  I will put it on the infamous to-do list, so if your’e having
trouble reading this, bare with me. It’ll get fixed.  Eventually.  Talk to you next week.

FRIDAY APRIL 3, 2020  10:15 PM… No trivia question tonight.  Too busy putting out sponsor fires
(offering to update everyone’s copy was a great idea until everyone took me up on it), and airing the
Arizona Town Hall, which wasn’t supposed to be a comedy but…  well, enough bad news. The good
news is I’ll be back next Friday night and I’ll have a trivia question.  But I’ve got a caveat. With so
much happening right now, I need to keep these shows shorter. I don’t want bail— especially since
so many of you have been gracious enough to write that you consider the show a nice break from
world events right now— but in order to keep doing it, I’d like to keep it closer to an hour. Your part?
Call in earlier. Talk to you next week   7PM PT / 10 PM ET.

MARCH 2020

FRIDAY MARCH 27, 2020  9:45 PM MST…  Good to hear from so many of you.  Trivia question? 
We had one:As of 2004, there were over 100 million in the US, and under 10 million in China—
which is a pretty paltry number considering there are over 1.3 billion people there.  What is it?  
Cars, according to the New York Times.  Hope to talk to you next Friday night, at 7 MST.

FRIDAY MARCH 20, 2020  11:30 PM MST…  Long show.  But good to talk with many of you,
including Tom who hasn’t called in 9 years.  After several weeks, we reveal the trivia answer:   The
first time a woman held this job was 1974.  She was on the job until retiring at the end of the
century.  By the 2000s there were 8500 women doing it for a living.  Doing what?  Fighting fires
Judy Brewer was the first woman to be hired as a firefighter.  She signed on at the Arlington Virginia
department  and retired as a battalion chief in 1999.  Stream is on, replay is up and I’m down until
next Friday at 7 PM

FRIDAY MARCH 20, 2020  6:05 PM MST…  Yes, show tonight.  The important thing to remember is
that Arizona has no daylight savings time.  So if you’re on EDT we’ll start at 10.  CDT, that’s 9. 
MDT, that’s 8, and PDT that’s 7.  No matter how I express it, it’s less than an hour from now.  And I
hope you’ll call.

FRIDAY THE 13th OF MARCH 2020  5:00 PM MST…  No show tonight.  Can’t imagine we won’t be
back in action next Friday but this afternoon saw the demise of two of the computers I use to do the
program—  none to worry, I’ve got spares, but they’re not formatted and I’d be unrealistic to think
they will be in time to talk with you.  So apologies, and hopes that we’ll get together next Friday
when it won't be the 13th.

FRIDAY MARCH 6, 2020  9:30 PM MST….  Good to talk with several of you tonight—  we’re
holding over that trivia question for a final week (scroll down below to read it), and we’ll reconvene
next Friday night—  but between now and then, Daylight Savings Time happens— except not here
in Arizona. We stay on Mountain Standard Time.  That means if you’re listening in Eastern Time,
we’ll be live from 10 to Midnight,  Central from 9 to 11,  Mountain from 8 to 10 and Pacific from 7 to
9, just like here in Arizona.  Streams on, replay is up and barring an ugly relapse, I’m gone til next
Friday. Talk to you then.

FRIDAY MARCH 6, 2020 5:00 PM MST... Live show in 2 hours.  No guarantee for what condition in
which you may find me, but if we make it through 2 hours, I'll proclaim it a success... even more so
if you call.  Talk to you soon.


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 28, 2020  2:15 AM MST….  No show tonight.  Haven’t been able to get my
fever to break, so I’m not up to sitting upright, let alone talking.  Maybe next week?  I’ll keep you

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 20, 2020 NOON MST…  We'll I've done it now. Contracted a Corona
Virus. Not the thing from China, more like the common cold from Globe.  Whatever it is, it feels like
the end is near.  Of course as soon as the fever breaks, I'll reassess that and probably be fine.  But
for now, no show tomorrow night. Hopefully next week, but I'll keep you posted.

FRIDAY VALENTINE’S DAY 2020  9:00 PM… We’ll save our trivia question for next week.  Be
thinking about it in the meantime:  The first time a woman held this job was the mid 1970s.  She
was on the job until retiring at the end of the century.  By the 2000s there were 8500 women doing it
for a living.  Doing what?    Stream on, replay up.  Talk to you next Friday night,  6 PT,  9 PT.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7, 2020  10:00 PM MST..  Good to talk with several of you last night. 
Apologies to those on hold who gave up.  Maybe next week.  As for trivia tonight-- it was a broad
question that easily could have been narrowed, but if I did that, you’d get it instantly.  So we went
with the global view:  Over 190 million Americans do this. Not only that, most do it every day.  When
polled 74% of us say we’re better than average at doing it.  That breaks down to 84% of men who
claim to be superlative,  61% of women.  Only 1% of either gender admits being sub par when we
do it. What is it we’re doing?  Driving.  According to the Journal of Safety Research, we think we’re
better at it than we probably are. And of course if I added the obvious— you gotta be able to see to
do it, it would have lasted about a minute. 

The phones held up well, and I’m grateful to Telos for that.  My heartfelt thanks to them for fixin’ me
up.  Eventually though this equipment will fail. It’s old and impaired and we agreed that this would
be the last go-round for these antiques.  I’ve got the financial ability to replace everything, but not
the reason to expend anything on it.  It’s fun to get together with you on Friday nights, but I don’t
have sufficient time to commit to doing it.  So when I’ve lost my last piece of hybrid gear, that’ll be it
for now.  My hope is that I may well have time in the future to commit to a real show, and at that
point, I’ll freshen everything and be back.  My humble thanks to several people who have offered to
hire me, carry the show, or whatever I want.  Honestly, that says more about the slim pickings
among radio hosts, than it does about me.  But it’s nice to be wanted for whatever reason.  And it’s
wonderful to have you listening.  And who knows, this equipment may well outlast me, so it could be
awhile that we’ll be talkin’, health-permitting.  So, talk to you next Friday night at 9 ET / 6 PT.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7, 2020  12:01 AM MST…  Yes, there really will be a live show tonight. 
Barring unnatural catastrophes, that is.  OK, natural ones too, but I'm not expecting any.  9 PM ET /
6 PM PT.  The phones seem to work, so do call.  610-640-6400.  Talk to you tonight. 


FRIDAY JANUARY 31, 2020  HIGH NOON MST…  The phone hybrids are back.  I plan on testing
everything this coming week and talking to you live next week,  February 7th.. the first Friday in
2020.  Apologies for not changing the stream.  But with any luck, we’ll make it moot next Friday.  I
greatly appreciate all the encouragement I’ve received in the interim. Seems like more than two
people do listen to the show, and more impressively, are clamoring for its return.  I’m humbled. 

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with another Chick Lambert spot for Ralph Williams Ford  This one from
Seattle.  And no, it didn’t air.  Chick’s fondness for adult beverages was legendary, but I believe he
was stone cold sober on these spots.  As a precaution however, Williams had him picked up by limo
at home (for a while, a boat in Marina del Rey), after (according to widespread rumors, anyway), he
totaled a few demos on the way to record.  There was also a rumor that his dog, Storm, was a
rental.  Brought to the site by handlers each shoot.  And word is the crew took bets on who would
urinate on the tires first— Storm or Chick, or both simultaneously.  The foregoing not withstanding,
he was reputed to be a good guy— and a great car salesman (off the air, even more than on it). I
think he died over a decade ago now, but I can’t find a word of it online.  Too bad.  Cal Worthington
whose entire on air persona was a pimp on Chick, and Mad Man Muntz who started the genre (if
you can call it a genre), were both eloquently remembered.  Chick?  Nary a word. But late night
1950s Los Angeles television viewers will never forget him.

NEW YEAR's NIGHT 2020 10 PM MST... We made it to 2020 and I remembered to do the show. 
Thanks for listening. Proof that my memory isn't what it once was, it wasn't Ralph Edwards with the
car lots-- it was Ralph Williams and his announcer was Chick Lambert.  Here's what we couldn't
play on the air.   The phones hybrids should arrive at Telos in Cleveland before the week is out. 
Several of you have written to let me know you wanted me to continue these shows. So, as soon as
they phones are back, the live shows will resume.  I will keep you posted on when that is.


NEW YEAR'S EVE 2019… Well this is a first.  I set up the show earlier today.  Later, I went out to
dinner.. and completely forgot it was New Year’s Eve, let alone I had a show to do. I remembered
when I saw an email from someone asking where I was. Clearly I’m in no condition to answer that. 
I am the walking definition of lame.  I am Exhibit One in the reasons for Mandatory Retirement. I
was going to say, ‘Thank god I don’t do anything that matters’, but I realized that to at least two of
you the show does matter.  So I’m planning on doing a New Year’s Night show to make up for my
incomprehensible lapse.  As I just proved however, planning and doing are two entirely different
things.   But if you’re not doing anything New Year’s night at 9 PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific, check the
stream and I might be talking to you live.

CHRISTMAS NIGHT 2019  9:30 PM MST…  Had a ball talking with Steve Bryant tonight. Hope you
caught the live show, but if not, you can hear it as this time I didn’t forget to record it. It’s on the
stream right now, and you can also get a replay clicking on th DOWNLOADS link on the Nav Bar
bavoe. .  Meanwhile, you can keep up with Steve on his blog at as well as on
his YouTube channel Steve Bryant.  Check it out!   Next live show— New Year’s Eve. It’ll be the
final meeting of this year’s edition of The Rollye James’ I Hate The Holiday’s Club.  Talk to you
Tuesday night at 9 ET / 6 PT.

CHRISTMAS EVE 9 PM MST…  We played what has to be the World’s Worst Christmas record—
and that says a lot since there are choices like Band Aid.  But this bests ‘em all. If you missed it,
you’re out of luck. I just tried to digitize the stream only to find in my attempt to set up the phones I
forgot to record it.  I won’t make that mistake tomorrow night, and I hope you’ll join me as I talk with
Steve Bryant. (9 ET / 6 PT)

MONDAY DECEMBER 23, 2019  10:30 PM MST…  There WILL be a live show tomorrow night,
Christmas Eve, and another one Christmas Night.  On Christmas Night, Steve Bryant joins me—
as has become Christmas tradition.  We’re still taking one call at a time— but hopefully one of them
will be yours.  We’ll be live at 7 MST (9 ET / 6 PT).  Hope to talk to you then!

FRIDAY THE 13th OF DECEMBER 2019 - 9:30 PM MST...  So, we still are without either of the six
line hybrids, so the show was one call at a time.  On top of that, the phone number we use for
one-line at a time was mysteriously forwarded to a plumber in the San Fernando Valley. (But one of
the trusty tollfree's  888-2ROLLYE worked just fine.)  We still got calls.  All of which came with an
echo at the callers end, but not at mine.  Friday the 13th aside, it really makes me wonder whether
the universe is saying, 'Stop doing this show now!'   That said, nothing will deter me from my
promise to do live shows on big holidays.  So Christmas Eve and Christmas night at 7 MST, we'll be
live.  Christmas night, Steve Bryant joins me, and that's always a lot of fun.  (There will be no live
show next Friday night the 20th.) Replay's up, stream on, and I'm gone.  Talk to you Christmas Eve.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 6, 2019 10:00 PM MST…  Phones still down, but we are taking calls
sequentially one at a time (if you get voice mail it’s because I’m talking to someone else, call back). 
I’ll give you the number on the air.   Yes, we played trivia:   In 1977, there were 48 people known to
make money doing this, though some sources claim 170 people were trying to make money doing
it.   About 25 years later, in 2003,  published reports showed over 35,000 people made money doing
it.   This year, it’s thought that 250,000 people made some money doing it, with a estimate of almost
double that, trying to make money doing it.  doing what?   Impersonating Elvis.  From singers to
skydivers, the numbers are startling.  How do we know?  It was the Minneapolis Star Tribune that
there were 48 Elvis impersonators at the time of his death.  It was the Seattle Post-Intelligencer who
reported the 35,000 figure.  The Harrisburg Patriot-News came up with the current figures and the
claim that up to 170 people were imitating Elvis at the time of his death. Replay up, stream is on
and I”m gone til next Friday night at 7 MST.  Talk to you then.


THANKSGIVING 2019   9:30 PM…  Hope you caught the World’s Worst Hit Records tonight. If not,
it’s on the stream and available on the downloads page. But in case you want to know right now,
without all the embellishment you’ll get from the show, here’s the list:
10.  Peggy Sue – Buddy Holly
9.    Afternoon Delight – Starland Vocal Band
8.    A Horse With No Name - America
7.    Honey – Bobby Goldsboro
6.    Torn Between Two Lovers – Mary MacGregor
5.    My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
4.    You Light Up My Life – Debbie Boone
3.    Achy Breaky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus
2.    Muskrat Love – Captain & Tennille
1.    DOA - Bloodrock
No Live Show tomorrow night, but a week from tomorrow, there will be one.  An update on the
phones:  I’ve fried two Telos 1x6 hybrids, so they’re going back to Cleveland.  There turn around is
usually good, so hopefully we’ll be fully back in action, but if not, we’ll make do with one call at a

Meanwhile, The Rollye James’ I Hate The Holidays Club is in full swing.  If it’s Ho Ho Hum to you,
kindred spirits await through the New Year.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22, 2019  7:30 PM  MST…  Foiled by the phones. Started the show only to
discover that when you were on the phone with me live on the air, you couldn’t hear my end of the
conversation. After ruling out all the easy and obvious things, I realized there was no need to torture
you as I worked through whatever this issue is.  It’s disappointing to me as as I was counting on
some solid voting for the World’s Worst Hit Records. Fortunately, email is being delivered, and I
hope you’ll be sending some.  Click here to do that.  Any year, any genre— only qualification is, it
has to be a hit.  You can vote for as many songs as you like, but don’t vote for the same one twice. 
However, if you heard someone else voting for songs you have, by all means email to second their
nomination.  It’s a cumulative total, so your input is needed.  I’ll tally the list and fix the phones and
I’ll be here live 7 PM  Thanksgiving night.  Hope to hear from you!   —Oh, as for the replay of
tonight’s short show— not worth preserving, so I didn’t.  Had fun playing some Steve Caldwell
(Orlons) records, but we’ll do that again soon.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 15, 2019  9:30 PM….  Tonight’s trivia question was a continuation of last
week’s. You’ll recall that office desks are 420 times dirtier than toilet seats.  New York, no shock,
has the dirtiest. What city has the cleanest? (We’ll define city as having over half a million people in
it.)   Tucson, Arizona.   Oh about those toilet seats—  when it comes to public restrooms, the
average women’s bathroom has twice the bacteria of the average men’s room.  Baby’s diapers and
sanitary napkins are the biggest culprit.  Download’s up, stream replay is on and I’m gonna til next
Friday at 7 PM MST (9P ET / 6P PT)

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2019  9:30 PM….  Votes on the World’s Worst Hit Records continue… vote
until the day before Thanksgiving— either by calling the show when we’re live (Fridays 6-8P PT /
9-11P ET, now that DST is gone for the winter) or emailing here.  We’ll play them back live,
Thanksgiving night, as it’s a night of turkeys. Doesn’t matter what year, what genre— but it does
have to be a hit.   As for trivia:  This is for you, germaphobes. Amazingly, toilet seats are one of the
cleaner items you’ll encounter— 50 bacteria per square inch.  Back in the day, telephone hand sets
were some of the dirtiest— 500 times more dirty than toilet seats.  These days, this is one of the
dirtiest items—  420 times dirtier than a toilet seat. What?  Office desks. We’ll have a related
question for you next Friday.  Stream on, download up, and I’m gone til next week.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1, 2019  11:30 PM   Daylight Savings Time ends tomorrow. So what does that
mean for us in Arizona? Nothing.  But since we don’t have day light savings time, if you do— it will
change the time you hear the show.  We’ll be live 9 to 11 PM  Eastern,  and 6 to 8 PM Pacific.   As
for trivia:  There’s a 7 out of 10 chance that a stock will go up if the company does this. Does what? 
Puts its name on a stadium.  49 stadiums were studied.  70% of the companies that obtained
naming rights,  i.e. Staples Center, saw their price stock increase after the naming was announced. 
The logic is that such a big advertising commitment demonstrates the companies’ belief that it will
be around a long time.  It is more effective in influencing stock prices than event sponsorship such
as the Olympics, or hiring celebrity spokespersons for branding.   Stream on, replays available, and
I’ll talk to you next Friday at 9 ET,  6 PT.

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