MARCH 2020

FRIDAY MARCH 27, 2020  9:45 PM MST…  Good to hear from so many of you.  Trivia question? 
We had one:As of 2004, there were over 100 million in the US, and under 10 million in China—
which is a pretty paltry number considering there are over 1.3 billion people there.  What is it?  
Cars, according to the New York Times.  Hope to talk to you next Friday night, at 7 MST.

FRIDAY MARCH 20, 2020  11:30 PM MST…  Long show.  But good to talk with many of you,
including Tom who hasn’t called in 9 years.  After several weeks, we reveal the trivia answer:   The
first time a woman held this job was 1974.  She was on the job until retiring at the end of the
century.  By the 2000s there were 8500 women doing it for a living.  Doing what?  Fighting fires
Judy Brewer was the first woman to be hired as a firefighter.  She signed on at the Arlington Virginia
department  and retired as a battalion chief in 1999.  Stream is on, replay is up and I’m down until
next Friday at 7 PM

FRIDAY MARCH 20, 2020  6:05 PM MST…  Yes, show tonight.  The important thing to remember is
that Arizona has no daylight savings time.  So if you’re on EDT we’ll start at 10.  CDT, that’s 9. 
MDT, that’s 8, and PDT that’s 7.  No matter how I express it, it’s less than an hour from now.  And I
hope you’ll call.

FRIDAY THE 13th OF MARCH 2020  5:00 PM MST…  No show tonight.  Can’t imagine we won’t be
back in action next Friday but this afternoon saw the demise of two of the computers I use to do the
program—  none to worry, I’ve got spares, but they’re not formatted and I’d be unrealistic to think
they will be in time to talk with you.  So apologies, and hopes that we’ll get together next Friday
when it won't be the 13th.

FRIDAY MARCH 6, 2020  9:30 PM MST….  Good to talk with several of you tonight—  we’re
holding over that trivia question for a final week (scroll down below to read it), and we’ll reconvene
next Friday night—  but between now and then, Daylight Savings Time happens— except not here
in Arizona. We stay on Mountain Standard Time.  That means if you’re listening in Eastern Time,
we’ll be live from 10 to Midnight,  Central from 9 to 11,  Mountain from 8 to 10 and Pacific from 7 to
9, just like here in Arizona.  Streams on, replay is up and barring an ugly relapse, I’m gone til next
Friday. Talk to you then.

FRIDAY MARCH 6, 2020 5:00 PM MST... Live show in 2 hours.  No guarantee for what condition in
which you may find me, but if we make it through 2 hours, I'll proclaim it a success... even more so
if you call.  Talk to you soon.


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 28, 2020  2:15 AM MST….  No show tonight.  Haven’t been able to get my
fever to break, so I’m not up to sitting upright, let alone talking.  Maybe next week?  I’ll keep you

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 20, 2020 NOON MST…  We'll I've done it now. Contracted a Corona
Virus. Not the thing from China, more like the common cold from Globe.  Whatever it is, it feels like
the end is near.  Of course as soon as the fever breaks, I'll reassess that and probably be fine.  But
for now, no show tomorrow night. Hopefully next week, but I'll keep you posted.

FRIDAY VALENTINE’S DAY 2020  9:00 PM… We’ll save our trivia question for next week.  Be
thinking about it in the meantime:  The first time a woman held this job was the mid 1970s.  She
was on the job until retiring at the end of the century.  By the 2000s there were 8500 women doing it
for a living.  Doing what?    Stream on, replay up.  Talk to you next Friday night,  6 PT,  9 PT.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7, 2020  10:00 PM MST..  Good to talk with several of you last night. 
Apologies to those on hold who gave up.  Maybe next week.  As for trivia tonight-- it was a broad
question that easily could have been narrowed, but if I did that, you’d get it instantly.  So we went
with the global view:  Over 190 million Americans do this. Not only that, most do it every day.  When
polled 74% of us say we’re better than average at doing it.  That breaks down to 84% of men who
claim to be superlative,  61% of women.  Only 1% of either gender admits being sub par when we
do it. What is it we’re doing?  Driving.  According to the Journal of Safety Research, we think we’re
better at it than we probably are. And of course if I added the obvious— you gotta be able to see to
do it, it would have lasted about a minute. 

The phones held up well, and I’m grateful to Telos for that.  My heartfelt thanks to them for fixin’ me
up.  Eventually though this equipment will fail. It’s old and impaired and we agreed that this would
be the last go-round for these antiques.  I’ve got the financial ability to replace everything, but not
the reason to expend anything on it.  It’s fun to get together with you on Friday nights, but I don’t
have sufficient time to commit to doing it.  So when I’ve lost my last piece of hybrid gear, that’ll be it
for now.  My hope is that I may well have time in the future to commit to a real show, and at that
point, I’ll freshen everything and be back.  My humble thanks to several people who have offered to
hire me, carry the show, or whatever I want.  Honestly, that says more about the slim pickings
among radio hosts, than it does about me.  But it’s nice to be wanted for whatever reason.  And it’s
wonderful to have you listening.  And who knows, this equipment may well outlast me, so it could be
awhile that we’ll be talkin’, health-permitting.  So, talk to you next Friday night at 9 ET / 6 PT.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7, 2020  12:01 AM MST…  Yes, there really will be a live show tonight. 
Barring unnatural catastrophes, that is.  OK, natural ones too, but I'm not expecting any.  9 PM ET /
6 PM PT.  The phones seem to work, so do call.  610-640-6400.  Talk to you tonight. 


FRIDAY JANUARY 31, 2020  HIGH NOON MST…  The phone hybrids are back.  I plan on testing
everything this coming week and talking to you live next week,  February 7th.. the first Friday in
2020.  Apologies for not changing the stream.  But with any luck, we’ll make it moot next Friday.  I
greatly appreciate all the encouragement I’ve received in the interim. Seems like more than two
people do listen to the show, and more impressively, are clamoring for its return.  I’m humbled. 

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with another Chick Lambert spot for Ralph Williams Ford  This one from
Seattle.  And no, it didn’t air.  Chick’s fondness for adult beverages was legendary, but I believe he
was stone cold sober on these spots.  As a precaution however, Williams had him picked up by limo
at home (for a while, a boat in Marina del Rey), after (according to widespread rumors, anyway), he
totaled a few demos on the way to record.  There was also a rumor that his dog, Storm, was a
rental.  Brought to the site by handlers each shoot.  And word is the crew took bets on who would
urinate on the tires first— Storm or Chick, or both simultaneously.  The foregoing not withstanding,
he was reputed to be a good guy— and a great car salesman (off the air, even more than on it). I
think he died over a decade ago now, but I can’t find a word of it online.  Too bad.  Cal Worthington
whose entire on air persona was a pimp on Chick, and Mad Man Muntz who started the genre (if
you can call it a genre), were both eloquently remembered.  Chick?  Nary a word. But late night
1950s Los Angeles television viewers will never forget him.

NEW YEAR's NIGHT 2020 10 PM MST... We made it to 2020 and I remembered to do the show. 
Thanks for listening. Proof that my memory isn't what it once was, it wasn't Ralph Edwards with the
car lots-- it was Ralph Williams and his announcer was Chick Lambert.  Here's what we couldn't
play on the air.   The phones hybrids should arrive at Telos in Cleveland before the week is out. 
Several of you have written to let me know you wanted me to continue these shows. So, as soon as
they phones are back, the live shows will resume.  I will keep you posted on when that is.


NEW YEAR'S EVE 2019… Well this is a first.  I set up the show earlier today.  Later, I went out to
dinner.. and completely forgot it was New Year’s Eve, let alone I had a show to do. I remembered
when I saw an email from someone asking where I was. Clearly I’m in no condition to answer that. 
I am the walking definition of lame.  I am Exhibit One in the reasons for Mandatory Retirement. I
was going to say, ‘Thank god I don’t do anything that matters’, but I realized that to at least two of
you the show does matter.  So I’m planning on doing a New Year’s Night show to make up for my
incomprehensible lapse.  As I just proved however, planning and doing are two entirely different
things.   But if you’re not doing anything New Year’s night at 9 PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific, check the
stream and I might be talking to you live.

CHRISTMAS NIGHT 2019  9:30 PM MST…  Had a ball talking with Steve Bryant tonight. Hope you
caught the live show, but if not, you can hear it as this time I didn’t forget to record it. It’s on the
stream right now, and you can also get a replay clicking on th DOWNLOADS link on the Nav Bar
bavoe. .  Meanwhile, you can keep up with Steve on his blog at as well as on
his YouTube channel Steve Bryant.  Check it out!   Next live show— New Year’s Eve. It’ll be the
final meeting of this year’s edition of The Rollye James’ I Hate The Holiday’s Club.  Talk to you
Tuesday night at 9 ET / 6 PT.

CHRISTMAS EVE 9 PM MST…  We played what has to be the World’s Worst Christmas record—
and that says a lot since there are choices like Band Aid.  But this bests ‘em all. If you missed it,
you’re out of luck. I just tried to digitize the stream only to find in my attempt to set up the phones I
forgot to record it.  I won’t make that mistake tomorrow night, and I hope you’ll join me as I talk with
Steve Bryant. (9 ET / 6 PT)

MONDAY DECEMBER 23, 2019  10:30 PM MST…  There WILL be a live show tomorrow night,
Christmas Eve, and another one Christmas Night.  On Christmas Night, Steve Bryant joins me—
as has become Christmas tradition.  We’re still taking one call at a time— but hopefully one of them
will be yours.  We’ll be live at 7 MST (9 ET / 6 PT).  Hope to talk to you then!

FRIDAY THE 13th OF DECEMBER 2019 - 9:30 PM MST...  So, we still are without either of the six
line hybrids, so the show was one call at a time.  On top of that, the phone number we use for
one-line at a time was mysteriously forwarded to a plumber in the San Fernando Valley. (But one of
the trusty tollfree's  888-2ROLLYE worked just fine.)  We still got calls.  All of which came with an
echo at the callers end, but not at mine.  Friday the 13th aside, it really makes me wonder whether
the universe is saying, 'Stop doing this show now!'   That said, nothing will deter me from my
promise to do live shows on big holidays.  So Christmas Eve and Christmas night at 7 MST, we'll be
live.  Christmas night, Steve Bryant joins me, and that's always a lot of fun.  (There will be no live
show next Friday night the 20th.) Replay's up, stream on, and I'm gone.  Talk to you Christmas Eve.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 6, 2019 10:00 PM MST…  Phones still down, but we are taking calls
sequentially one at a time (if you get voice mail it’s because I’m talking to someone else, call back). 
I’ll give you the number on the air.   Yes, we played trivia:   In 1977, there were 48 people known to
make money doing this, though some sources claim 170 people were trying to make money doing
it.   About 25 years later, in 2003,  published reports showed over 35,000 people made money doing
it.   This year, it’s thought that 250,000 people made some money doing it, with a estimate of almost
double that, trying to make money doing it.  doing what?   Impersonating Elvis.  From singers to
skydivers, the numbers are startling.  How do we know?  It was the Minneapolis Star Tribune that
there were 48 Elvis impersonators at the time of his death.  It was the Seattle Post-Intelligencer who
reported the 35,000 figure.  The Harrisburg Patriot-News came up with the current figures and the
claim that up to 170 people were imitating Elvis at the time of his death. Replay up, stream is on
and I”m gone til next Friday night at 7 MST.  Talk to you then.


THANKSGIVING 2019   9:30 PM…  Hope you caught the World’s Worst Hit Records tonight. If not,
it’s on the stream and available on the downloads page. But in case you want to know right now,
without all the embellishment you’ll get from the show, here’s the list:
10.  Peggy Sue – Buddy Holly
9.    Afternoon Delight – Starland Vocal Band
8.    A Horse With No Name - America
7.    Honey – Bobby Goldsboro
6.    Torn Between Two Lovers – Mary MacGregor
5.    My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
4.    You Light Up My Life – Debbie Boone
3.    Achy Breaky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus
2.    Muskrat Love – Captain & Tennille
1.    DOA - Bloodrock
No Live Show tomorrow night, but a week from tomorrow, there will be one.  An update on the
phones:  I’ve fried two Telos 1x6 hybrids, so they’re going back to Cleveland.  There turn around is
usually good, so hopefully we’ll be fully back in action, but if not, we’ll make do with one call at a

Meanwhile, The Rollye James’ I Hate The Holidays Club is in full swing.  If it’s Ho Ho Hum to you,
kindred spirits await through the New Year.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22, 2019  7:30 PM  MST…  Foiled by the phones. Started the show only to
discover that when you were on the phone with me live on the air, you couldn’t hear my end of the
conversation. After ruling out all the easy and obvious things, I realized there was no need to torture
you as I worked through whatever this issue is.  It’s disappointing to me as as I was counting on
some solid voting for the World’s Worst Hit Records. Fortunately, email is being delivered, and I
hope you’ll be sending some.  Click here to do that.  Any year, any genre— only qualification is, it
has to be a hit.  You can vote for as many songs as you like, but don’t vote for the same one twice. 
However, if you heard someone else voting for songs you have, by all means email to second their
nomination.  It’s a cumulative total, so your input is needed.  I’ll tally the list and fix the phones and
I’ll be here live 7 PM  Thanksgiving night.  Hope to hear from you!   —Oh, as for the replay of
tonight’s short show— not worth preserving, so I didn’t.  Had fun playing some Steve Caldwell
(Orlons) records, but we’ll do that again soon.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 15, 2019  9:30 PM….  Tonight’s trivia question was a continuation of last
week’s. You’ll recall that office desks are 420 times dirtier than toilet seats.  New York, no shock,
has the dirtiest. What city has the cleanest? (We’ll define city as having over half a million people in
it.)   Tucson, Arizona.   Oh about those toilet seats—  when it comes to public restrooms, the
average women’s bathroom has twice the bacteria of the average men’s room.  Baby’s diapers and
sanitary napkins are the biggest culprit.  Download’s up, stream replay is on and I’m gonna til next
Friday at 7 PM MST (9P ET / 6P PT)

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2019  9:30 PM….  Votes on the World’s Worst Hit Records continue… vote
until the day before Thanksgiving— either by calling the show when we’re live (Fridays 6-8P PT /
9-11P ET, now that DST is gone for the winter) or emailing here.  We’ll play them back live,
Thanksgiving night, as it’s a night of turkeys. Doesn’t matter what year, what genre— but it does
have to be a hit.   As for trivia:  This is for you, germaphobes. Amazingly, toilet seats are one of the
cleaner items you’ll encounter— 50 bacteria per square inch.  Back in the day, telephone hand sets
were some of the dirtiest— 500 times more dirty than toilet seats.  These days, this is one of the
dirtiest items—  420 times dirtier than a toilet seat. What?  Office desks. We’ll have a related
question for you next Friday.  Stream on, download up, and I’m gone til next week.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1, 2019  11:30 PM   Daylight Savings Time ends tomorrow. So what does that
mean for us in Arizona? Nothing.  But since we don’t have day light savings time, if you do— it will
change the time you hear the show.  We’ll be live 9 to 11 PM  Eastern,  and 6 to 8 PM Pacific.   As
for trivia:  There’s a 7 out of 10 chance that a stock will go up if the company does this. Does what? 
Puts its name on a stadium.  49 stadiums were studied.  70% of the companies that obtained
naming rights,  i.e. Staples Center, saw their price stock increase after the naming was announced. 
The logic is that such a big advertising commitment demonstrates the companies’ belief that it will
be around a long time.  It is more effective in influencing stock prices than event sponsorship such
as the Olympics, or hiring celebrity spokespersons for branding.   Stream on, replays available, and
I’ll talk to you next Friday at 9 ET,  6 PT.


FRIDAY OCTOBER 25, 2019 4:15PM MST….  No show tonight.  Apologies for this, but there will be
a show next Friday Night, November 1st, as we’ll be kicking off the annual voting for the World’s
Worst Hit Records.  Talk to you then!

FRIDAY OCTOBER 18, 2019 10:30 PM MST… We’re holding over the trivia question for next week.
Think about it:  There’s a 7 out of 10 chance that a stock will go up if the company does this. Does
what? We’ll take your answer next Friday night at 7 MST.   Meanwhile, stream is on, downloads are
up and I’m gone.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 11, 2019  11:00 PM MST..  We talked about the usual roundup of useless
information which brings me to the trivia question: Gearing up for Halloween, let’s talk frights. 15%
of the population has this fear when they see these clustered closely together.  What are they? 
Holes. It’s Trypophobia, a strong aversion to the sight of closely packed irregular patterns or
clusters of small holes or bumps— like honeycombs, or bubble baths, even strawberries,  and it
was discussed on Segment 2 of last week’s Radio Health Journal on both KQSS and KJAA. 
Trypophobia has been in the news lately as the new iPhone unveiled last month has a trypophobic
pattern with it’s three closely clustered round camera lenses on the back.  There’s a debate on
whether it’s its own disease, but many theories see it as evolutionary, a response to diseased skin
or infectious parasites, which can present as close holes or bumps.  And you thought you’ve heard
of everything?  Stream is on, replays are up and I’m gone. Talk to you next Friday at 7 MST (I hope).


FRIDAY SEPTEMER  27, 2019  3:00 PM MST…  I had fully intended to do a show tonight— until
about an hour ago when I had to conclude I can’t do it.  The bad news is that I had planned to take
next week off for other reasons, so it’s going to be two weeks before the next live show. I'll be with
you in spirit.  Thanks for understanding.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 20, 2019  10:30 PM…  We talked about everything tonight, from exactly how
money winds up tainted by cocaine to Merle Travis.  We had a trivia question too:  There’s an 80%
chance that you have this in your wallet.  What?  A dollar bill that contains traces of cocaine. In
2003, the Arizona Republic explained it this way.  When a rolled bill is used to sniff cocaine it gets
into circulation and contaminates counting machines which in turn contaminate all the money
passing through.  RJ got it right, but he didn’t know why. Stream is on, Replays are up, and I’m
gone, hopefully to return next Friday night. 

FRIDAY THE 13th of SEPTEMBER, 2019  10:30 PM MST…  The Vibrations, Marathons,
Jayhawks— all the same group, at least for a while, were on the agenda tonight, along with a wide
variety of something close to nothing but entertaining nonetheless.  And a trivia question- that RJ
aced:  As of 2004, 9 million people in the world had this distinction.  25% of them— over 2.2 million
lived in the US.  What distinction?  They were in prison. China came in second with 1 million, and
Russia third with 860,000 prisoners.  Last year, the prison population world wide was 11 million—
about 18%, 2.1 million were in the US.  China was second with 1.65 million— but third was Brazil
with 690,000— then Russia with 583,000.  Per capita, the US has the highest rate by far, followed
by El Salvador, Turkmenistan, the Virgin Islands, Thailand, and Cuba. Stream on, replay up and I’m
gone til next Friday night at 7 PT / 10 ET.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 6, 2019  4:45 PM MST..  Last minute snafu has me tied up.  Firm plans to
talk to you next Friday night at 7 PT / 10 ET.  (We’ll see how that works out, but right now there’s
nothing stopping me.)  Many apologies.


FRIDAY AUGUST 30, 2019  9:30 PM MST… We were live (or as close as I get to that these days). 
And we had a trivia question:  Los Angeles police spend 15% of their time responding to these calls.
What kind of calls?  False burglar alarms. 95% of alarm calls are false alarms.  There are so
many— over 106,000 a year in the city alone— that in 2004, Los Angeles instituted a fee:  $115
when police responded to a false alarm.  We had fun reminiscing about nothing close to nothing,
and probably not much different from the day before.  Til next Friday night at 7PM, amuse your self
with the stream or replay.

FRIDAY AUGUST 30, 2019  5:00 PM MST… Show tonight.  2 hours from now. Hope to talk to you
at 7 PT / 10 ET.

FRIDAY AUGUST 24, 2019  4:45 AM MST…  I tried to figure out how to be back in Globe before the
show started tonight, but unless I can quickly solve the grand unified theory, I’m not going to
succeed.  Can we try for next Friday?  I have every reason to believe I’ll be sitting in Globe talking
to you, but given my track record, no firm promises on that.  In the meantime, for your listening
pleasure, my buddy Johnny Goyen, big Houston radio personality back in the day, is back where
he belongs— doing morning drive— this time on  Can’t wait to hear him
again.  And looking forward to hearing from you next week. 

FRIDAY AUGUST 16, 2019  12:45 AM MST…  I know it already.  No show tonight.  I’ll never make it
back here in time.  But hopefully next Friday I’ll be better at scheduling.  Apologies.

FRIDAY AUGUST 9, 2019  9:30 PM MST…   Dredged up some awful records— a few great ones
too, so I’m not sure if that accounts for the dearth in calls.  As for our hold over trivia question:  
There are many weird theories explaining why Al Gore lost the election in 2000, but nothing tops
this one.  Hint:  The odds bear this outlandish theory out, though it’s undoubtedly coincidental.   
Jimmy Carter tried to better his chances by taking it into account and still lost in 1980.  What is it
that caused Al to lose according to one theory?   The right side part in his hair. It’s not a right-left
political debate, according to anthropologist John Walter who claims a right part draws attention to
the right brain, which is correlated with feminine features, while a left part brings to mind
characteristics thought to be male, like strength and resolve.  After receiving a letter from Walter,
Carter moved his part, but it didn’t help.  Very few presidents have had right parts.  And on that
note, the stream is on, the replays are available and I’m not.  Talk to you next Friday night at 7.

FRIDAY AUGUST 2, 2019 9:30 PM MST  Interesting calls, but not much action on our trivia
question, so it remains until next week.  In case you’d like to think about it and you didn’t hear me
ask:   There are many weird theories explaining why Al Gore lost the election in 2000, but nothing
tops this one.  Hint:  The odds bear this outlandish theory out, though it’s undoubtedly coincidental. 
Jimmy Carter tried to better his chances by taking it into account and still lost in 1980.  What is it
that caused Al to lose according to one theory?  Stream is on, replays are up, I’m gone until next
Friday at 7 PM MST.

JULY 2019

FRIDAY JULY 26, 2019 10:20 PM MST  We had fun talking about all sorts of things.  Proof of that is
the trivia question:  Saddam Hussein’s associates came from all the expected professions— military
leaders,  bureaucrats and diplomats, chemists, assassins, even a few unexpected like  teachers (he
taught school early in his career) and artists (he had thousands of portraits, statues and murals
depicting his face scattered throughout Iraq), but he’s also on record as having seven associates
based in four countries who did this for a living.  Did what?  Made psychic predictions.  Hussain
consulted with sorcerers and magicians from  Iraq, Turkey India and Morocco.  Now THAT would
have made for a great Art Bell show.  The stream is on, the replays are up and I’ll talk to you next
Friday night at 7 MST.

FRIDAY JULY 19, 2019  10:00 PM MST…  Trivia question?  This is quite the accomplishment.  It
used to be very rare, but in the last couple decades it’s happened more frequently, though it’s
doubtful it ever happened to you.  The result is usually a big celebration. Except for the guy who
dropped dead in 1992 after doing it.  Doing what?  Bowling a perfect (300) game. Bob Bittner, a 40
year old from Taylor Michigan who had been bowling since he was 9, rolled the perfect game in
1992 and got so excited he dropped dead at the alley.    But in researching it, he wasn’t the only
perfect scorer to fall victim to that fate. It happened to Ed Lorenz in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 2005. 
And to Don Diane in 2008 in Ravena, Michigan. But bowling drama isn’t confined to the Wolverine
State.  In California in 1992, Dennis Coleto dropped dead after 11 perfect frames just before that
final roll. But friends blamed unrelated job stress as he’d survived three perfect games earlier in the

What stations did Rounsaville own in the mid ’60s?  We were talking about that with Jim in New
Orleans:  WLOU Louisville, WCIN Cincinnati, WVOL Nashville, WYLD New Orleans, WTMP Tampa
and WFUN Miami.  Rounsaville had sold his earlier stations, all of which he signed on for the first
time, including WQXI in Atlanta (and some early UHF TV stations, well one anyway,  WQXI-TV 36 
for a minute in 1955— he also held UHF permits in Louisville and Cincinnati).    Stream is on,
replays are up and I’m gone til next Friday night at 7 MST.

JULY 12, 2019 9:45 PM MST… We were live for 2 1/2 hours earlier tonight.  Hear it on the stream,
or on the replays.  We had a trivia question too— one I particularly liked, which wasn’t guessed so
we’ll hold it over for next Friday night when health, phones, ISPs and the state of the US Internet in
general be willing, we’ll talk to you live at 7 MST.

FRIDAY JULY 5, 2019  5:30 PM MST…  No live show tonight.  Been battling problems all day. Not
sure what’s worse— how I feel (I’ll spare you the gory details) or the state of my local internet
connection  (I’ll spare you those details too).  Both are not conducive to having fun, so we’ll plan on
next week and I’ll see if I can’t round up two dixie cups and a string.  Rural life in America, ain’t it

JUNE 2019

JUNE 28, 2019 10:00 PM MST…  RIP Dave Bartholomew.  We spent time discussing his role in
seminal rock and roll.  He passed at 100 years old last week.  We had a trivia question.  RJ got it. 
(So did Lisa and David in Windsor, but I didn’t see their email until after the show.)  In America,
there’s a 93% chance you did this last week. Did what?  Listened to the radio, according to Nielsen.
While radio captures 93% of adult Americans each week, television snares 88% and smart phones
are catching up with 88%. That’s 98% of boomers, 97% of Gen-Xers and 95% of Millennials.  In
2017, the biggest format was country, followed by News Talk.  Stream on.  Download up.  Unless
I’m befallen by the unexpected, I’ll talk to you next Friday night at 7 PM MST.

FRIDAY JUNE 21, 2019  1:10 AM MST…  We’re starting the summer with flair here in the
Globe-Miami area. More like flare.  From a major wildfire. Has part of the local area evacuated.  So
my first priority right now is to make sure the local radio stations we own are doing what they’re
supposed to do: serve the public interest.   There’s a community meeting tonight I don’t want to
miss, so that means missing the live show. Apologies for that. I have every confidence that we won’t
succumb to the flames but when you’re suggesting to your audience that they paint their phone
number on cattle they can’t get to the fairgrounds, its time to take this seriously.   I have every
expectation we’ll be talking next week. Apologies for missing tonight.

FRIDAY JUNE 14, 2019 10:45 PM MST… Great to talk to many of you tonight, including Steve
Bryant!  He’s always a hit. And you’ll want to check out his for the rest of the
story.   Our trivia question kept you guessing:   Capital One wants to know what’s in your wallet.  I
have no idea how many credit cards they’ve issued or how many you have in your wallet, but I do
know there’s a one in 10,000 chance that you have one of these in your wallet. Clues:  It’s not a
credit card, not a debit card.  And you don’t know you’ve got one.  What is it?  Counterfeit US
Currency.  Talk to you next Friday night at 7 MST.

FRIDAY JUNE 7, 2019   6:45 PM MST…  I thought I was doing a show tonight. My body apparently
just made other plans. Apologies to all.  Hope to talk to you next Friday.

MAY 2019

FRIDAY MAY 31, 2019 10:15 PM….  60 years ago tonight the 2nd Annual Disc Jockey Convention
was wrapping up in Miami. It certainly sparked my interest in radio.  And one of the jocks on the
scene was a young Gary Allyn.  We talked with him earlier tonight and we talked about various
phases of his illustrious career, which began in Dayton at WING in 1955.  It’ll play continuously the
stream for the next week, or you can download it anytime. (click on downloads above for the May
31st show).

After that, we played Trivia. If you missed it:  Americans have bought a lot of these over the years. 
In the last century, the biggest sales year was 1941, when Americans both 4 billion of them in one
year.   The leanest year was 1971, when only  820 million were sold.  What are they?   Movie
Tickets.   Talk to you next Friday night at 7 MST.

FRIDAY MAY 24, 2019  10:00 PM MST… we’ll save tonight’s trivia question for next week and we’ll
tackle it in the second hour. In the first hour, we’re going to talk with Gary Allyn, whose history as a
rock and roll disc jockey goes back as far as rock and roll itself.   You can check out some of his
history on  He’s also in the San Antonio Radio Hall of Fame, and probably many
others.  Gary is not only great at what he does, but he’s loaded with terrific stories.  Meanwhile,
download’s up, stream’s on and I’m gone— til next week.

FRIDAY MAY 17, 2019  10:00 PM MST… Well, that was a first for me—   doing a  trivia show and
forgetting to include a trivia question.  Apologies for that.  I’ll have one next week, I vow.  Toward the
end of the show I had fun reminiscing about The Dells— the reason was sad— the death of bass
signer Charles Barksdale.  But it gave me a chance to play some great Dells songs—  “Now I
Pray”  “I’m Calling”  “She’s Just An Angel” “Dry Your Eyes”  “Time Makes You Change” “It’s All Up
To You”  “It’s Not Unusual” and “Why Do You Have To Go”— after the show typing this I’m
streaming a few more… “Movin’ On” and “My Dream”—   all of which should have been big charters
over the decades and the closest any anything got to it was “I’m Not Unusual,” which was a mid 60s
flip side. 

We also talked about Carl C McIntire, whose antics always made me laugh. (The 20th Century
Reformation Hour with Amen Charlie was a particular hoot.)   He’ll go down in history, not so much
for his colorful rhetoric (comedians stole his line ‘Send a dollar to kill a commie for Christ,’ which he
said with drop dead sincerity), as for his place in the FCC annals— not for them storming his pirate
ship anchored off New Jersey (which they did).  It was what came before it— emboldened by the
Supreme Court decision that upheld the Fairness Doctrine and its equal time protection when a
station engaged in personal attacks, the FCC yanked the license of the station McIntire owned in
suburban Philadelphia.  Apparently it didn’t sit well with them that he suggested to someone who
had been unmercifully attacked that if he wanted to rebut the rhetoric he could buy the time.   

And we played some nice Bobby Sheen records too.  And the original "Devil With The Blue Dress"
(Shorty Long).  And we talked to a lot of you.  What we didn’t do was play trivia. But we will next

FRIDAY MAY 10, 2019  9:15 PM MST…  Great to talk with Neil Ross earlier. If you like what you
heard, you’ll love his book.  He has a life time of great stories, and best of all he’s one of the nicest
people with whom I’ve ever worked.  Even tempered, congenial, bright and quick witted.  Primo
friend material.  You can get a copy of his book “VOCAL RECALL (A Life In Radio and Voiceovers)
here, and if you’re even a casual radio fan, you won’t be sorry you did.  Stream is on, replays are up
and I’m looking forward to playing trivia with you next Friday evening at 7PT/10ET.

FRIDAY MAY 3, 2019 9:15 PM MST It was great to spend time with Billy Terrell tonight.  Great
music and great memories.  Get a copy of his book, “The Other Side of Rock and Warhere.  You’ll
won’t be disappointed.  If you missed the show, or just want to hear it again-- Stream is on and
Downloads are up.

Next Friday, May 10th, we’ll talk with Neil Ross.  Neil and I worked together 40 years ago in Los
Angeles at KPOL.  I never had any doubt he’d go on to great things.  His voice over career is
nothing short of amazing, and the stories he tells in the book he just wrote are compelling.  Pick up
a copy of “VOCAL RECALL (A Life In Radio and Voiceovers)here.  And join me next Friday at 10
PM ET / 7 PM PT.

APRIL 2019

FRIDAY APRIL 26, 2019  10:30 PM MST   Digitizing the replay I realized I never activated any
processing— so excuse the levels.  They’ll be all over the place.   Trivia question?  RJ got it on the
first try: Residents of San Francisco are almost twice as likely to buy this than are people who
reside in other US cities.  Buy what?  Reading materials.  In 2003, the average San Franciscan
spent $266 per year on books and papers. The national average was a bit less than half of that.

Next week, Billy Terrell joins me in the first hour.  Billy wrote a handful of songs that are in power
rotation on KJAA— which is saying a lot, since I only emphasize the stuff I really love.  (Click on
KJAA HOME on the above nav bar if you want to find out more about the station.)  He’s also written
a compelling book about his life.  Talking about his childhood, Billy admits that by comparison,
Vietnam was an upgrade.’  But through horrors have come some amazing stories and even more
amazing songs. Check out the book here.  And check out the show, next Friday night at 10 ET / 7

FRIDAY APRIL 19, 2019 10:30 PM MST.  The gods of telephony smiled.  Phones hunted, ATA
enabled calls, Hybrid put them on the air.  We didn’t have any massive internet or studio equipment
glitches either.  Good Friday turned out to be just that. Good. Happy Easter, and/or Passover to
you. It feels like a holiday to me.  April 19th is historically an inauspicious day (OK City bombing,
Waco siege, Bay of Pigs Invasion, Warsaw ghetto uprising, first civil war blood shed, and the start
of the Revolutionary War with the Battle of Lexington and Concord. I hope you turned out as good
as mine did this year.

Technically, plenty more to reconfigure but I’m gonna let everything sit for a while.  No reason to
tempt my fate (the logic that had me sitting here with two failed hybrids, so I’ll remember that and
not wait too long to tackle the next weak spot).   Trivia question—  no one got it but a lot guessed: 
One out of eight people do this regularly online, even though they know they shouldn’t.  Do what? 
Use the word “password” for their password.  

RIP Kent Harris.  It was fun introducing some of you to his stuff that really shouldn’t die with him. 
RIP Joe Terry, lead singer of Danny & The Juniors.  We reminisced about the group and Danny’s
untimely demise 35 years ago. Group member and writer David White died last month.  We talked
about him too.  And RIP Brad Messer.  That one hit me hard.  He was a terrific news guy, had an
incredible prep service that saved me for years, and was an all around good person.  Don’t know
anyone with a bad thing to say about him.  I hope they’ll be sayin’ something for years.  He
deserves to be remembered.   Talk to you next Friday night.

APRIL 19, 2019 3:00 PM MST… Live show tonight at 10 ET / 1 PT.  Plenty to talk about including
the newest member of our family.  Loki is a beautiful Malamute Husky cross, who we adopted from
the Yavapai Shelter in Prescott.  He has a fondness for hard plastic.  The story about how he ate
my alarm clock and the Walmart saga that ensued, on tonight's show.

FRIDAY MARCH 29, 2019  12:30 AM MST…  No phones.  No show.   My provider moved me to
another platform without realizing that the hunt group was programmed specifically to work with live
radio.  That’s quite a bit different than the standard options available to business clients.  The guy
who programmed it is no longer involved in day to day activity, and no one there seems to know
what to do.  They’re working on it, and I’m hopeful a solution will be found.  During the downtime
I’ve taken the opportunity to send both telephone hybrids back to Telos for repair, and I’ve ordered a
replacement ATA (the interface between telephones and VoIP service).  I’m forecasting a return in
the second half of April, but I’ll keep you posted. If we haven’t found a solution by then, I’ll do some
interviews to keep you entertained— in fact I’ll find time in the coming week to get some vintage
interviews on the stream.  Check this page for updates.  And don’t forget to sign up for the mailing
list, if you haven’t.  Click here.  Thanks!

FRIDAY MARCH 22, 2019  6:50 PM MST.. I give up. I’m taking it as a sign from above.  Not one but
two telephone hybrids (the devices that allow me to put you on the air when you call) have failed.  
I’ll send them back (to Cleveland, where Telos is located) for repair but I have no idea about
timetable. Next week I’m planning to talk to a guest (without taking calls). I have a feeling you’ll find
him interesting.  Apologies for this.  Now carry on with a hopefully swell weekend.

FRIDAY THE IDES OF MARCH 2019  9:00 MST… I should have warned you.  Daylight Savings
Time happened last weekend.  I’m sure you know all about it, but I don’t know if you remembered
that we don’t have in Arizona. What that means is the show shifts an hour twice a year. If you’re on
the east coast, we’re now live 10P-1A.  If you’re on the west coast, we’re now live 7-10P.  That’ll be
the case until Daylight Savings Time is off, at which point we’ll revert to 9-Mid ET, 6-9 PT.  Nice to
hear from so many of you, a surprise too since the phone lines had a mind of their own.  The hunt
group apparently found other hunting ground. Therefore, we’ll hold the trivia question for another
week.  What was it? Better tune in next Friday to find out.  Or listen to the replay or the stream.

FRIDAY MARCH 8, 2019  9:30 PM MST..  Made it through two hours of talk with limited phones. 
Some of you got busy signals, or disconnect messages, or something other than us—  migrating
the phones to another platform has not been without issues, but it’ll get better (and not because it
can’t get any worse, but that’s a consideration).  We had a trivia question— and no one got it, but
not many of you got through so we’ll save it for next week when I fully intend to be here again. 
We’ll see.  Thanks to Carol Ford for the show prep, as always.  She makes even me sound good. 
It’s a talent, I tell ya… hers, not mine.

FRIDAY MARCH 1, 2019  6:00 PM MST..  Sorry for the short notice, but no show tonight.  
Hopefully next week.


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 22, 2019  9:45 PM MST..  New show tonight.  Hope you caught it.  If not, it’s
streaming and available for downloading.  We covered quite a lot of lost luminaries— miss a couple
weeks of live shows and the deaths just keep on coming. We said goodbye to Fred Foster, Jackie
Shane and assorted others.  I have every intent of doing a live show next Friday night too and I
hope to talk to you then!

THURSDAY VALENTINE’S DAY 2019  11:00 PM MST..  No show tomorrow night.  I’m feeling
reasonably OK, but I’ve got some technical stuff I need to do tomorrow night.  We’re working on
KJAA.  Speaking of which, if you noticed it’s gone from the stream, that’s temporary. It should be
back this weekend.   If you happen to be local to Globe-Miami, you probably discovered we’re back
on the air.  Lots to be done until we’re up to full power, but we’re heading in the right direction. 
Schedule wise, some things have to be done tomorrow night, which unfortunately precludes my
doing the show.  But hopefully I’ll have plenty to say next Friday, February 22nd.  Looking forward to

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 8, 2018  4:00 PM MST… What a week. I was going to detail all the horrors
tonight until I added to my woes with not being able to do the show.  I’m going to re-air the Mary
Ann Winkowski show on the stream, and hope we’ll get together live next Friday night.  Go have


FRIDAY JANUARY 9:30 PM MST…  You probably want to know about the trivia question:    They’re
everywhere now, but in the 1890s, Yale University became the first entity to ever have one of these.
One what?  A sporting team mascot. No one prior to Yale, from professional sports to amateur
athletic teams ever had one.  In 1892, a Yale student gave a blacksmith $5 for a smoke covered
bulldog called “Handsome Dan.”  The dog went to college sporting events with his owner, barking at
victories, menacing opponents.  When the Hartford paper wrote the dog’s obit in 1898, it noted that
Dan was always there on a leash, which particularly benefitted the Harvard team that could attribute
its continued existence to strength of the rope.  Dan was elevated to mascot status by adoring
students, who had him stuffed when he died.  He’s still in a trophy case in the school’s gym. I can’t
top that.  Stream is on, download is up, and I’m gone. 

Oh, actually there was something I wanted to share— Bob from Memphis is producing Clarke
Davis’ “Back To The Hop”. It’s on every Saturday night from 8 to 10 ET.  Go to
and you’ll find it (scroll down).  Like everything else on Top Shelf, you’ll hear some fine obscure
oldies.  Top Shelf Tim wouldn’t have it any other way.

FRIDAY JANUARY 25, 2019  9:00 PM MST…  Trivia questions? They’re everywhere now, but in the
1890s, Yale University became the first entity to ever have one of these.  One what? Not enough
takers to disclose so we’ll save it for next week.  We might have a guest in the first hour, someone I
think you’d like to hear, but til its firmed, we’ll leave it as I have every expectation to be live next
Friday night and I hope you’ll join me.  7 PM MST (9 PM ET / 6 PM PT).   Oh yes replays of the
show are streaming and downloads are available.  Use the nav bar above to access either, and sign
up for the new mailing list.  If you’re on the old one, I’ll probably be sending an email to you telling
you to sign up for the new one, but beat me to the punch by clicking on “Alerts” above.

FRIDAY JANUARY 18, 2019  10:00 PM   Spent a great two hours with Mary Ann Winkowski
tonight. If you missed it, be sure to check out the replay here. I think you’ll like it. Visit her website,, check out her YouTube channel here, and don’t miss the audio version
Mary Ann’s book “When Ghosts Speak”!  Here’s a link.  I discovered tonight that Mary Ann narrated
it herself!  You won’t want to miss that.  Catch you on the stream (or the replay), or talk to you live
next week, 7PM Mountain Standard Time.

FRIDAY JANUARY 11, 2019  10 PM MST…  Great talking with Brian Wilson.  Definitely pick up a
copy of his “50 Stories, 50 Years in Radio” here.  And check out too.  The stream
is on, the replay is up.

Next Friday night at 7 MST  (9 ET / 6 PT)  Mary Ann Winkowski joins me.  If you don’t know Mary
Ann, you’re missing out.  She’s got an infectious personality, a wonderful disposition and a unique
talent.  She sees dead people.  Not those who have gone on to the great beyond and crossed over.
She sees earthbound spirits.  You know.  Ghosts. 

Check out her YouTube channel here (and subscribe!).  Peruse her website,   And pick up a copy of  “When Ghosts Speak”.  There’s now an audio
version here.  And while you’re at it, don’t pass up her last book, “Beyond Delicious:  The Ghost
Whisperer’s Cookbook: More than 100 Recipes from the Dearly Departedhere.  You’ll not only get
the ingredients, but the story behind how Mary Ann was given the information directly from the
dead.  Some are a real hoot.  And all are tasty. 

So don’t forget.  Next Friday night at 9 ET / 6 PT. Mary Ann will take your calls, too!

THURSDAY JANUARY 10, 2019  9:30 PM MST…  Brian Wilson joins me tomorrow night at 9 ET /
6PT.  Not the Beach Boy (though being confused with him is just one of the stories in Brian’s latest
book).  Brian Wilson the radio guy.  I know you’re gonna enjoy this, but if you want to get a jump
on what we’ll discuss, pick up a copy of Brian’s new book, “50 Stories:  50 Years in Radio”  here
(The Kindle version is free.)

FRIDAY JANUARY 4, 2019  9:45 PM MST  Thanks to everyone who called— from first timers to
listeners from way back in the day.  It was fun.   Trivia question:  There are well over 105 million of
these in America, yet most people would complain that they can’t find one when they need one. 
105 million what?  Parking spaces. 105,200,000 as of 2004, actually.   Downloads are up, Stream
is on, and I’ll be gone til next Friday night, when I think we’ll have a guest.  I just need to confirm it.
So watch this space.  I think you’ll want to hear the show.

FRIDAY JANUARY 4, 2019  6:30 MST…  Yes we’ll be live tonight.  Thanks to all of you who
emailed to ask. Talk to you in half an hour. 


MONDAY DECEMBER 31, 2018  9:00 PM MST…  I made it, and at least three of you listened.  I
know because that’s the sum total of callers.  We had some fun talking about everything from all
you ever wanted to know about Yuma to amoebas on the loose in Los Angeles.  Needless to say, it
was not worth preserving so you won’t have a replay.  But Guy, Steve and Bill can attest I made it
through the night.   It’ll be next year before we talk again, which won’t be as long as it sounds, since
the next year is coming up in about three hours here.  I’m hopeful that the next live show will come
up on Friday.  We’ll see, but for now, plan on it.  I am.

MONDAY DECEMBER 31, 2018  6:00 PM MST…  Gonna give this a try.  Not sure if anyone will be
listening, let alone calling, but in an hour, we’ll be live.  Also not sure how long I’ll hold up, so if you
want to call, by all means, do.  And if you’ve got something better to do on New Year’s Eve, don’t
give this another thought.  Go for it and have fun.  But if you’re doing absolutely nothing, and want
someone to do it with you, I’m amazingly good at doing nothing.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 21, 2018  2:00 PM  MST…  No show tonight.  You know I’m not feeling good
if I’m going to miss a holiday, but sadly this year I will.  I’ve gotten a few emails asking about 2019
and whether I planned to do live shows.  Indeed I do.  I’ve also gotten a few emails telling me to
hang it up now (lol)— though it’s tempting, at the very least I want to bank some interviews
(including your suggestions) before making that decision. For now I am fully planning on live
January shows.  Hopefully New Year’s eve too!  I’m so sorry about this. Thanks for understanding.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 14, 2018  9:00 PM MST… A rocky start indeed… and we never did get all the
phones to work, but at least we had a couple lines.  And Tony, our second caller, got the trivia
question:   Nicotine is most frequently used in cigarette production.  What is its second biggest use?
As an ingredient in insecticides. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.  Oh, wait, that’s what people
are doing.  Maybe you want to rethink that tobacco habit.  They put it in insecticides because it
quickly kills small things.  Any questions?  Downloads up, Stream on, talk to you next Friday night.  I
hope.  7 PM MST.  Maybe.  Too embarrassed to make promises at this point.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 14, 2018  4:15 PM MST…  The meeting of The Rollye James Show I Hate
The Holidays Club will come to order promptly at 7 this evening, failing any last minute disasters,
none of which I anticipate. Talk to you in a few hours.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 7, 2018   5:00 PM  MST… Typing that date made me realize it was 58 years
ago today that WABC debuted as a top 40 station.  58 years?  I could believe 20, but 58?  It seems
like just a decade ago, Mike Joseph (their format’s original consultant) and I were dishing the dirt
behind “The Sound of New York,” as it was dubbed.  (Most fans know that WABC was still
contractually obligated to run network offerings like Don McNeill’s Breakfast Club in morning drive,
fewer remember the overnight debacle of “Joe Rosenfeld’s Happiness Exchange” a locally brokered
program that had plenty of time left on its lease.)  58 years?  OK, maybe 30.  Time flies.  But I
digress. I’m writing now to alert you that there’s no live show tonight.  Apologies.  Jon assessed the
situation and proclaimed me unfit for duty.  No sense in arguing, so carry on without me and know
that The Rollye James’ I Hate The Holidays Club quietly continues for disenfranchised frolickers. 
Hopefully we’ll meet and make noise next Friday. 


FRIDAY NOVEMBER 30, 2018  10:15 PM MST… the cost of one of these in 1920 was $100.  By
the end of the last century it was $750 million.  Now they’re going for over a billion.  What are they? 
NFL Franchises. In 1999, Dan Snyder bought the Washington Redskins.  Since then, the Miami
Dolphins, Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills all sold for more than a billion.  Earlier this year, the
Carolina Panthers brought 2.3 billion to owner Jerry Richardson who had been accused of sexual
harassment and racist behavior.   Stream and replays are up.  You know where to find them.  With
any luck, you’ll find me next Friday night at 7 MST, talking to you.   Meanwhile, The Rollye James, I
Hate The Holidays Club carries on.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 23, 2018  10:15 PM MST…  Keith from Michigan got it—  no prize, just
bragging rights, but the answer… well, let’s ask the Trivia Question first:  It’s hard to be outside
wandering around without running into one of these anywhere in the world.  They’re ubiquitous, but
it wasn’t until 1852 that the first one appeared.    What are they?   Mailboxes.   So where did the
first one appear?  On a street corner on the Isle of Jersey  in the Channel Islands.   I’ve uploaded
the show to the stream and left last night’s show as well.  With any luck, they’ll play back to back
until I’m back, next Friday at 7 PM MST.  (Downloads are up too— and I even remembered to link it
on the downloading page.)  Talk to you next week.

THANKSGIVING 2018  10:45 PM MST…  It was fun spending Thanksgiving with you.  And we’ll do
it again tomorrow night (Friday) at 7.  We’re holding the trivia question over.  Downloads are up,
stream is on, and The Rollye James’ I Hate The Holidays Club has come to order.  Talk to you in 21

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 20, 2018  8:30 PM MST…  There will be a show Thanksgiving.  I may
never know what cause the broadband to collapse, but it’s been reliable (for what it is) for more
than a week, so the Broadband gods are smiling.  More importantly, thanks to the help of Luke
Davis we determined what was creating a hard switch between live and pre-record.  Sadly, Carol
Ford is back in New York, so she won’t be joining me, but if you’re around and sick of family by 7
PM Mountain Standard Time, I’ll be live online (assuming no other atrocities descend upon me)
hoping to hear from you as we open the annual meetings of “The Rollye James’ I Hate The
Holidays’ Club.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 14, 2018   7:45 PM  PST   I knew it was time to give you an update
when I ran across a conversation about my recent demise.  I thought about doing a show letting you
know what it was like on the other side, but unless we die and go to Las Vegas I’m still here on terra

Again, for those who are keeping tabs for reasons I can’t fathom,  my health woes are chronic not
acute. Somedays I feel like I’m going to die, but I have absolutely no reason to believe I will— at
least not any sooner than the statistical norms for that kind of stuff.

I am disappointed about Friday night. Our broadband connection had been problematic, but I didn’t
realize it was to the point of failure.  Found that out in the opening moments of the show, and
quickly switched to a backup connection which unbeknownst to me is now devoid of the static IPs
for which I still pay. The resulting DHCP disaster (conflicts throughout) knocked more than just me
offline.  About a half hour in, I called it quits.  Carol Ford was equally displeased, so we decided to
assuage our misery with a trip that doesn’t involve radio— or internet.

I’m breaking my self imposed digital banishment to assure you that I am indeed among the living, 
as far as I can determine, though there will be no evidence of it Friday night.  That brings me to the
most frustrating point of all.  The perfect confluence of circumstances is leading me to cancel the
2018 edition of the World’s Worst Hit Records. I don’t do this casually— but considering the lack of
shows before Thanksgiving and the early date on which it falls this year (it’s next week— as early
as it gets), it doesn’t make sense. 

I’ll be back in the studio on Sunday and I will attempt to ferret out the cause of my broadband woes
(assuming it’s something that is remotely in my control, which is a bad assumption to make).  If I am
successful, I’ll crack the mic on Thanksgiving— how long I stick around will be entirely up to your
participation, but at least we’ll open this year’s meetings of ‘The Rollye James I Hate The Holidays

I promise to be back to you on this page prior to Thanksgiving with an update. I thank you for your
interest and I apologize, primarily on behalf of the state of broadband in the United States of
America, for my absence. 

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 2, 2018   3:00 PM  MST.. Phoenix.   I know when I’m beat—  the phones I
could work around, the total loss of the internet this afternoon I can not. I had to drive to the Valley
to send this.  No pity party for me, I had to come to Scottsdale for a doctor’s appointment anyway.  
I have no reason to believe the internet will be back up by show time, so I’ve asked Brian Wilson
to reschedule— as soon as I have a date, I’ll let you know.   I can’t fathom not having internet
service by next week (and I don’t want to fathom it, either).  So as far as I’m concerned, we’re a go
for next Friday and Carol Ford in studio!

One request:  please start voting by email now for this year’s list of the World’s Worst Hit Records
Click here.  I will receive these emails, no matter how far I have to drive to see them.  Apologies on
behalf of the state of broadband in rural America.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 2, 2018  1:30 AM MST  Well I’ve done it now.  I’ve managed to completely
confuse the ATA containing the hunt group. If you need an English translation, I’ll bottom line it— I
screwed up the phones— I know how to fix them but I won’t have time to do it before tonight’s show.
Gotta go to the doctor in Scottsdale and should make it back in time to talk to you.   But all is not
lost.  Brian Wilson is going to join me.  The top 40 morning man turned talk show host turned
author has just written “50 Stories, 50 years in radio” and I’ve had a wonderful time reading it this
week.  Brian warned me I was in the book, and he wondered whether I’d want to put off the
interview until after I read it.  Not a chance said I, though I must admit to a subtle wash of relief all
over when I discovered I was only in the credits.  Twice.  More than enough considering the dubious
nature of some of the players in these 50 stories.  I can promise you one thing— reading the book
will make you laugh.  Get a copy from Amazon here.

Time is not on my side today.  The voting begins on this year’s tally of the World’s Worst Hit
Records and you can’t call in (unless I find time before the show to fix the mess I’ve made).  But
you can email your choices here— and I hope you will. 

Next week, Carol Ford joins me in studio for the whole show.  I know you won’t want to miss that. 
We’ll find out what her choices are for the World’s Worst Hit Records, and talk to you about yours,
among a plethora of other things.  So between now and then, vote early and vote often. Kinda like
the midterm election, only a lot more fun.  

Talk to you tonight— and apologies in advance that you probably won’t be able to talk back.


FRIDAY OCTOBER 26, 2018  9:30 PM MST  Trivia question?   Not one guess.  We’ll save it for
next week.  Speaking of next week, halloween is coming up.  (And daylight savings is ending, but
not for a couple more Friday Nights.)  Voting on the World’s Worst Hit Records opens next Friday
night.   Downloads are up, stream is on, and I’m gone, with every expectation of returning next
week at 7 PM  MST.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 19  9:30 PM MST   Apologies for it being so long.  Glad some of you were
around to hear the live show tonight.  If you missed it, here’s the trivia question (and answer). 
These days there’s warnings about everything anyone could possibly put in their mouth.  But it’s
nothing recent.  The first time Americans were warned about this was in 1888.  The New York Times
thought it could be the downfall of civilization.   And as the roaring 20s came to an end, the
government concurred.  What was it that worried them?   Cigarettes. In 1929, the surgeon general
told the senate that cigarettes were particularly bad for women, causing nervousness, insomnia and
other assorted maladies, lowering the physical tone of the Nation.  The New York Times was
probably more focused on the distaste of the habit, claiming if it caught on big it would be the ruin of
the republic.   Downloads are up, stream is on, and I’m gone, with every expectation of returning
next week at 7 PM MST.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 12, 2018  5:00 PM…  I’m back and ready to roll— all least I was until about an
hour ago.  I had to say goodbye to Cleo, the last of our Bernese Mountain Dogs, and I wasn’t given
the opportunity to be with her when she crossed the rainbow bridge. That's the hardest part.  I’m
counting several things— on Cleo being in a much better place already— on me being in a much
better place next Friday night— and with any luck, as  it’ll be three weeks since a live show-- on you
to remember to listen and call.  Apologies for bowing out tonight. 


FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 28, 2018  5:00 PM  MST..  No live show tonight.  I had planned to do it
against all odds because next week, I’ve got a scheduled week off (Friday October 5th) and I didn’t
want to take two weeks in a row, but fate intervened (or something like it) and that means that their
will be a two week hiatus on the live show.  But it will return (along with me), so here’s hoping to talk
to you live on Friday October 12th!   This will give everyone time to compile updates.  I expect to
hear from all the usual suspects including Bob who has been missing in action these past few
weeks.  I’m counting on his absence being because he was too busy with something better to do
than call, and that he’ll have a full report upon my return.   My gratitude to Carol Ford for all the
great show prep.  I’ll save it. The dead will remain so until we get together again to remember them
on October 12th (and indefinitely after that too, come to think of it).  

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 21, 2018   9:30 PM MST   A fine night of gossip and worthless knowledge.  If
you’ve been wondering just what is going on in Pahrump, you’ll want to check out Soroya’s live
podcast at tomorrow at 5 PM ET (If you miss it, the replays will be there).  
Expiring minds want to know.  Trivia question?  This well known large retailer was originally going to
open as “Pants and Discs”.  The night before the sign was to be painted, a change was made.  Now
we all know it as something else.  What is the retailers name?  The Gap. It opened in San
Francisco in 1969, selling pants and records, hence the idea, Pants and Discs.  The owner’s wife
nixed it at the last moment, choosing instead The Gap to capitalize on the generation gap, in
widespread use.    The replay of tonight’s show is streaming, the download is up, and I expect I’ll be
talking to you live again next Friday night at 7 MST.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 14, 2018  8:45 PM…  We’ll save the trivia question for next week.  If you
missed the show, you can hear it on the stream or download it from the replays.  Talk to you next
Friday night!

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 7, 2018  6:50 PM PST.. As usual, I waited until the last minute to call it
quits— no live show tonight,  you have my apologies and best efforts for a live show next Friday. 
Thanks for understanding.


FRIDAY AUGUST 31, 2018  9:10 PM MST…   This very common word in the English language
came into use in 1873.  Actually it was 9 years earlier that women prisoners were quoted in a book
on them as using it to refer to an apparel item, and in under a decade it really caught on.  What
word?  Sneakers, which appeared in 1873 in an advertisement by a department store, 9 years after
“Female Life In Prison” came out, quoting the gals as referring to the rubber soled shoes warn by
correction officers as “sneaks”.  Downloads are up, stream is on, and we’ll most likely talk live next
Friday at 7 PM MST…  But before I go, gotta get you a link to Soroya’s podcast.  You can listen to
the first two, right here.  !  Happy Labor Day, Monday.

FRIDAY AUGUST 24, 2018  10:30 PM MST…    Tonight’s trivia question?  You had a one in 50
chance of getting it right and no one did.  Plenty of guesses, though.  What state has the highest
percentage of Playboy Magazine readers per capita? Iowa. Lowest?  Mississippi. That’s
according to the New York Times, which crunched the numbers 13 years ago.  Haven’t heard of an
update since then.  They’re probably too busy reading.    Downloads are up, Stream is on,  and I’m
gone— til next Friday when we’ll have another live show.  Thanks to everyone who asked—  Jon is
fine.  The scorpion sting was beyond awful for 24 hours, then it quickly abated to nothing.  We
found the critter. And confirmed what I suspected:  bark scorpion.  But now, dead scorpion.  We’re
watching for his or her offspring.

SUNDAY AUGUST 12, 2018  4:20 PM MST…  Sorry to say, I left without uploading the show file.  I
will do that as soon as I get back (next weekend).  It will be under “Downloads”.  The stream
meanwhile will continue to play the previous show (which was my plan all along— see post below,
but I hadn’t planned on completely forgetting to do the upload, then again I hadn’t planned on what
you’re about to read, either— Jon’s almost fine now, btw.  It was indeed a scorpion, a bark
scorpion... the kind you don’t want to encounter, but around here usually do).  I did save the show,
however, and it will be there.  It’ll just take a week.   Talk to you live on the 24th!

FRIDAY AUGUST 10, 2018  10:30 PM MST…    Sorry for the delay in posting this.  Right after the
show Jon was stung by what we are pretty certain was a scorpion.  He’s on his way to the
emergency room now.  I’m sure he’ll be fine, but his symptoms are sufficiently alarming him that he
feels someone with more letters after their name than me should tell him that. So off he went.  I put
the download up (click on Downloads on the above menu bar to access it) but I left the stream
alone since last week’s show has become one of my most requested— who knew?  Got a couple
emails asking me to leave it for a while, and so I will.  There’s no live show next week, but we’ll be
back on the 24th, looking forward to talking to you.

Congrats to Kimberly from Kansas City who knew the trivia answer:  In Iran and Saudia Arabia, this
is required.  In turkey, Tunisia and Singapore it’s prohibited.  What is it?  The headscarf.  Kimberly
thought it might be a hijab as opposed to a burqa, but good enough as the source didn’t elaborate.  
(After I got off the air, I decided to look it up.  Apparently the laws didn’t elaborate either— but since
the question was written (around 2010), things have changed somewhat in both Tunisia and Turkey.
It’s now allowed to wear a headscarf (hijab or burqa)  in both countries, but it’s seen as a class
distinction.  Rarely do upper class women choose to don them.  Now I know.  And you do too.)  

FRIDAY AUGUST 3, 2018  10:30 PM MST…     We’ll save out trivia question for next week since
we had no takers, but we did have fun with plenty of stories.  Steve Bryant was a riot.   We
swapped porno tales. Soroya updated us on the Art Bell/Heather Wade/Bellgab-Ellgab soap opera,
and told us about the new podcast she started. You can hear it for yourself here.  And we played 7
questions with Jerry (he asked ‘em) and if I have anything to say about it, he’ll delete my wiki profile
rather than fixing it, but now he knows —and so do you, if you were listening, or if you will be
listening to the stream or the download.  Both are up.  Talk to you next week.

JULY 2018

FRIDAY JULY 27, 2018  9:30 PM MST… We had a lunar eclipse earlier tonight— the longest one
we’ll see (or not see, depending on where you are)  this century.   Best place for viewing— Ethiopia.
Astrologers say it lasted 103 minutes— but looking at it, the effects were said to be evident for over
6 hours.  It’s not the end of the world as we know it, and depending on which astrologer you
consult, it can foretell various events ranging the spectrum of great to downright awful.  Mars was a
player in it (and the same configuration involving Mars won’t occur for another 25,000 years), so
was Uranus, the ruler of the unexpected.

As for the expected—  Trivia Question:  Residents of what American  city spend the most money on
reading materials every year?..  San Francisco.  But even they aren’t reading a lot.  $266 bucks for
books and such a year.  The average figure across America is $144.

Kyle (of Radio Racket fame) and his cohosts are doing a live show Saturday from 5 to 9 PM EDT.. 
if you’re a radio fan, you might want to join in the fun at

Downloads are up, stream is on, and I’m gone til next Friday at 7 MST.

FRIDAY JULY 20, 2019  10:30 PM MST…     Trivia question tonight:  No matter what time, or
where, you’ll find people doing this.  Throughout the world, people are more likely to do it around 5
PM.  Japan is the lone exception where most people do it in the middle of the night, but that’s 
probably for economic rather than cultural reasons, so discount that, and concentrate on what
people are doing throughout the world at 5 PM, more than at other times.  What are they doing? 
Internet searches.  Google mostly. Google now processes over 40,000 searches a second (over
68,000 when I checked earlier), 3.5 billion a day, and over 1.2 trillion a year worldwide.  Google was
processing 200 million searches a day in 2004 when it announced its IPO.  When it was founded in
1998, it was doing 10,000 searches a day.    Downloads are up, Stream is on,  and I’m gone— til
next Friday when we’ll have another live show.

FRIDAY THE 13th OF JULY 2018  10 PM MST…    Stream is on, download is up, and if you missed
last week’s download, it’s there now.  More Rollye than you’ll probably want to hear, but it’s all there
for those gluttons of punishment reading this.   Trivia question?   8% of college students do this
socially unacceptable thing regularly.   What’s interesting is that 13% of adults do it all the time, and
64% of adults do it occasionally.  Do what?  Curse when they talk.  Most adults do it to express
anger or frustration, a few claim to rely on it when expressing  surprise.   And most likely 90% of the
college students are lying, but no stats on that.     Talk to you next week.

TUESDAY JULY 10, 2018  10:30 PM MST… Short show last Friday— but about an hour and a half.
Maybe you heard it live..  or on the stream which I uploaded immediately.  As for the download or a
note on this site, embarrassed to say I forgot all about it.  I’ve rectified that now, so click on
downloads on the above nav bar if you’re so motivated.  Otherwise, I’ll talk to you live on Friday
night.  We’ll save the trivia question for you.

JUNE 2018

FRIDAY JUNE 29, 2018  10:20 PM MST.. We managed to not only do a show, but do one for 3
hours.  That’s thanks to all your  calls.  You were the stars.   The trivia question was a holdover from
June 16th, when the show was abbreviated due to my stupidity.   And it went fairly quickly— not as
quickly as it did on the 16th, when just after the show I heard from David and Lisa who survived
listening in a third world country, ok— Detroit, to email with the correct response.  So what was the
question?  Wealthy industrialist Andrew Carnegie donated a fortune over his lifetime.  His
philosophy was, to die rich is to die disgraced, so he funded a lot of things including 2500 of these. 
What?  Libraries.  To be exact, his money constructed 2509 libraries across the US and around the
world.   Downloads are up, replay stream is on, and it’s even the right show.  I hope.  Talk to you
next week.  I really hope.

FRIDAY JUNE 22, 2018  6:30 PM  MST..   Sorry to say, no live show tonight.  I was planning on
doing one but Jon just assessed me (OK, he said, ‘I think you’re dying,’ which I am not) and has
determined I am not show worthy.  My protest that I screwed up last week  and therefore must
soldier on went unheard.  I guess it’s telling that I was too weak to protest.  So, with no promises
this time, we’ll try this again next week.  Thank you for your understanding.  Carry on with
something enjoyable and I’ll be with you in spirit.

FRIDAY JUNE 15, 2018  7:35 PM MST…   My track record for screwing up is nothing, if not
consistent.  Rollye strikes again. There was a show, but no callers— or so I thought so I hung it up
after 15 minutes, only to discover that the phones weren’t live even though I had every reason to
believe they were. I’ll spare you further explanation and look forward to talking with you next Friday
night. Thanks to those hearty souls who emailed that they tried to call. I’ll save the trivia question for

WEDNESDAY JUNE 13, 2018  The Crack of Noon, MST…  Apologies for uploading the wrong file
for Friday night’s replay. More apologies for taking so long to correct it.  It wasn’t for a lack of trying,
but I’ll spare you the details and say all’s well now— on the download and the stream.  Talk to you
Friday night.

FRIDAY JUNE 8, 2018  11:30 PM MST  Wars have always been a part of human history, and
they’ve been fought for all sorts of reasons— often religion.  But it wasn’t until 1969 that a war
between two countries was fought over this. It happened in Central America and it may not have
been an official war, but at least three thousand people were killed in a few days over this. What? 
Soccer. On June 8, 1969, Honduras beat El Salvador. The night before, Honduran fans surrounded
the hotel where the El Salvador team was staying, intentionally making a racket so they couldn’t
sleep.  The El Salvadorans retailed when the series returned to their country.  Afraid of violence, the
Honduran team showed up in armored cars.  But when a dirty dishtowel was hung in place of the
Honduran flag and hundreds of visiting fans were beaten by El Salvadorans, the Soccer War broke
out in earnest.  It took a while, but the download is up, the podcasts are out (for both of you who
can get them), the stream is on, and I’m gone.  Talk to you next Friday at 7 PM MST.

FRIDAY JUNE 1, 2018  6:56 PM MST… I waited until the last second hoping for a better outcome. 
The good news is the phones are fixed. The bad news is I’m not.  So to speak.  But hopefully we’ll
talk live next Friday night. 

MAY 2018

FRIDAY MAY 26, 2018  9:30 PM MST   In 2002, African soccer teams were prohibited from doing
this to improve performance.   What?  They were officially prohibited from using the services of a
witch doctor. Previously they not only were doing it, but doing it very successfully. One game,
where the juju man rubbed a concoction on the goal posts led to the other team not scoring for a
record 448 minutes.  That led Maui in a 2001 contest, to stop Cameroon from practicing before a
critical game due to fear that the Cameroon witch doctor would cast a spell.  Something had to be
done, and in 2002, it was. No more witch doctors.  The download is up, the podcasts are out
(assuming you’re one of the few who can get them), the stream is on, and I’m gone.  Talk to you
next Friday at 7 PM MST.

FRIDAY MAY 18, 2018  6:50 PM  MST…  No live show tonight.  Sorry for the late notice. I thought
I’d be well enough to do it, but my body has other plans.  None to worry, I will be back live next
Friday night to kick off Memorial Day weekend, even if I have to do it laying down. 

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 9:30 PM   So we held our trivia question over from last week—  George from
Pennsylvania got it right:  At the FBI, the 1960s were a hotbed for cultural investigations.  One such
investigation lasted more than a year before the Bureau admitted defeat.  With no proof of anything,
they quietly closed it, after publicly opening it.  What were they investigating?  Whether there were
dirty words in Louie Louie by the Kingsmen. Parents had been complaining.  FBI audiologists were
tasked.  Their memo reported they played the record at various speeds but none helped to
determine what was sung.  Their conclusion in 1964 was “‘Louie Louie is uninteilliglbe at any
speed.”  Amazing they didn’t go to the source— the original version by Richard Berry, which is easy
to decipher.  That lapse alone makes you wonder about their investigating tactics toward things that
really matter.   Speaking of things that don’t… Downloads are up, stream is on, and I’m gone til next
Friday evening at 7 Mountain Standard Time.

FRIDAY MAY 4, 2018  9:30 PM MST   Last week’s trivia question that we were going to save for this
week, was answered immediately after the show online by David & Lisa in Windsor. If you missed it,
or are wondering…  These days every US president has one.  The last president without one was
Harry Truman.  What is it?  A college degree. We did have a trivia question tonight, and unless
someone answers by email before I’m done typing this, we’ll save it for next week too.    I did
manage to capture the show, it is on the stream.  The download is up, and the podcasts are out
(assuming you’re one of the few who can get them).  Talk to you next Friday at 7 PM MST.

APRIL 2018

MONDAY APRIL 30, 2018  11:00 PM MST  I got an email from L Burk with a capture of Friday
night’s show.  L had a hunch that the show was lost on purpose, but so much for hunches. It truly
was inadvertent. I have no shame.  These shows are all about the same.   It’s good to talk with the
hearty souls still interested in calling, and I’m astounded with the amount of you still listening to
replays— but I have to laugh (or cringe) when I get emails that the show has deteriorated and is not
what it once was on XM (or before).   It’s not meant to be.  The show is in a holding pattern until I
determine whether I’ll ever find time to mount a serious effort.  So for now, I just remember (most of
the time) to turn on the mic at 7 on Fridays (Mountain Standard Time, the translation of which varies
due to daylight savings depending on where you are).  Listen at your own risk.  As to how much
you’ll like it, your experience may vary.   Meanwhile, thanks to L, last Friday night’s show is on the
stream and available for download.   I’ll assume you know how to hear it.

FRIDAY APRIL 27, 2018  9:30 PM MST   This is the first time in a while I’ve done it, but sorry to say,
I didn’t capture the show.  Not one word of it.  No excuses, just apologies.   We’ll hold our trivia
question over for next week, and will talk to you next Friday at 7PM Mountain Standard Time.

FRIDAY APRIL 20, 2018  9:30 PM MST…   I’m back.   Apologies for not giving you a link to the last
show (April 6th).  It’s there now along with this on.  Click on downloads above..  Good to hear from
many of you.  Thank you.  Triva?  Every day around the world this happens to over 27,000
travelers.  What?  Airlines lose their luggage.  98 percent of the bags are found within 5 days, but
when they’re not, the airlines’ liability is limited to $1,400 per bag— no matter what you packed in it. 
Bob in Memphis got it on the first guess. 

We all feel the loss of Art Bell— for him, it’s got to be a relief— his suffering from COPD is
blessedly over.  But selfishly, we all wish he would have been amongst us for at least another
decade.  Even though he was not doing shows anymore, his presence reminded us that overnight
radio could be great.  Needless to say, there’s no current indication of that.  As for the future of
Midnight In The Desert, or the plans that his widow Airyn has for her family, we have no clue.  But
recently one of Art’s closest friends and long time supporters, Bob Crane, set up a fund for his
daughter Asia’s future.  He’s donating a dollar from every “I Love Radio” teeshirt purchased at
CCrane.  Asia designed the logo!   Art was proud, and you’ll wear it proudly  You can order one for
men here, and for women here.  Tell them Rollye sent ya.

Too many passings this week— one which hardly received any attention at all was Chuck Harder
Chuck, a conspiratorial talk show host before Alex Jones was out of diapers, originated For The
People, broadcasting for awhile from the Telford Hotel in Florida, which he bought in the 1980s.  He
was quite the character— and sadly it appears that virtually no one remembers him enough to
notice he’s no longer with us either.  He’ll be missed by the few of us who do recall many years of
entertainment and education.

Downloads are up, Stream is on, Podcasts are out for both of you who get them— and I’m gone—
til Friday the 20th.  Have fun but stay safe on Friday the 13th.

FRIDAY APRIL 6, 2018  9:30 PM MST…   Great to hear from so many of you tonight— including
some new voices.  Thank you.   Triva?  According to the Daily News, in New York, this is most likely
to happen on Saturday.  What?  Murder.  More homicides on Saturdays statistically than any other
day.   Downloads are up, Stream is on, Podcasts are out for both of you who get them— and I’m
gone— til Friday the 20th.  Have fun but stay safe on Friday the 13th.

MARCH 2018

FRIDAY MARCH 30, 2018  9:30 PM MST  It takes the average American 30 minutes to do this.  But
it takes the White House eight hours.  What is it?  Mow the grass.    Talk to you next Friday at 7
MST. Downloads up, stream on and I’m gone.   Don’t forget, we don’t have Daylight Time in
Arizona, so the show probably starts an hour later wherever you are.

FRIDAY MARCH 23, 2018  9:30 PM MST  In America, per capita, more of these professionals are
found in Massachusetts than any other state.  Fewer of them are found in Mississippi than
anywhere else. Who are these professionals? Psychiatrists.  There are 32 per every 100,000
people in Massachusetts and six per 100,000 in Miss.   Downloads up, stream on and I’m gone. 
Talk to you next Friday at 7 MST. Remember Daylight Savings makes the show start an hour later
(unless you’re in Arizona where nothing changes).

FRIDAY MARCH 16, 2018  9:30 PM MST  Have a telephone? Then almost certainly you’ve
encountered this. Bets are you don’t like it much, either.  Nothing you can do about it.  Except in
Saudi Arabia where it’s been banned.  Yes, illegal do do something there that’s common practice
just about everywhere else.  What is it?   Music on hold.  Islamic courts banned it several years
ago.  Downloads up, stream on and I’m gone.  Talk to you next Friday at 7 MST. 

FRIDAY MARCH 9, 2018  9:30 PM MST  We rely on the US Mail for a lot of things.  But usually not
this. I don’t know how many people have tried, but there are two instances on record in the 20th
century when they successfully did it.  What did they mail?  People.  The parents of a 5 year old in
Idaho paid fifty cents in 1914 to have their daughter mailed from Grangeville to Lewiston.  And as
reported in the Chicago Tribune on October 10, 2000, a 28 year old midget mailed himself from
New York to Los Angeles paying  $68.15 in postage.  (No word on whether that account was current
as of the publishing date.)    Downloads up, stream on and I’m gone.  Talk to you next Friday at 7
MST.  NOTE:  There’s probably a daylight savings change for you on Sunday.  There isn’t for us in
Arizona.   So next week the show will start an hour  later than it did tonight.  10 PM EDT, 9 PM CDT,

FRIDAY MARCH 9, 2018 6:30 PM MST.. Live show in 30 minutes.  No screener though, so let it
keep ringing until I can get to your call.  Talk to you soon.

FRIDAY MARCH 2, 2018  6:00 PM  -- No show tonight.  I have every intention of being live next
week (of course I had every intention of doing the show tonight-- but it'll give me a week to feel a lot
better).  My apologies.  


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 2, 2018  9:30 PM MST  9 out of 10 American kids will do this at least once
next month. Do what?  Eat at McDonalds (according to an article in US News and World Report).  
Downloads up, stream on and I’m gone.  Talk to you next Friday at 7 MST.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 16, 2018  9:30 PM MST  What is the largest man-made structure in the world?
A garbage dump. The Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island, which closed in 2001 is 20 times the
size of the Great Pyramid.  In 1991, it over took the Great Wall of China as the largest man-made
object on earth.  Though no longer used, it still is the source of 2% of the world’s man-made
methane.  Downloads up, stream on and I’m gone.  Talk to you next Friday at 7 MST.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 9, 2018  9:30 PM MST  On the average night in America, 2.5 million of us are
doing this.  Doing what?  Sleeping in a hotel room.  You know the rest:  Download’s up, Stream’s on
and I’m gone til next Friday at 7 PM MST.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 2, 2018  9:30 PM MST  At the height of his popularity, everyone wanted to
interview Frank Sinatra, and every imaginable question was raised.  In the 1950s, he told one
magazine that he attributed this to his prowess in the bedroom— and he did it just before each one
of his sexual escapades.  Did what?  Ate a bowl of Wheaties, which he claimed made him “the
Tarzan of the boudoir.”  (as reported in Hollywood Confidential in 1956)  You know the rest: 
Download’s up, Stream’s on and I’m gone til next Friday at 7 PM MST.


FRIDAY JANUARY 26, 2018  9:30 PM   Department stores employ a lot of people to do a lot of
things.  But the first time a department store worker was asked to handle this now common task
was in 1890.  What task?  Appear as Santa Claus—  to the delight of kids who came face to face
with him for the first time in Brockton, MA.   Download’s up, Stream’s on and I’m gone til next Friday
at 7 PM MST.

FRIDAY JANUARY 19, 2018  9:30 PM   Only two states—  Vermont and Virginia allow residents to
shoot at this living thing anytime, without repercussion.  Show at what?  Fish.  Some call it
unsportsmanlike, and several efforts have been made unsuccessfully to ban the practice, but be it
pistols, revolvers, shotguns or even the occasional AK-47, it’s perfectly legal to shoot fish in
Vermont and Virginia. The object is to shoot just in front of the fish, causing a concussion that brings
the now dead but otherwise unmolested fish to the surface.  Concussion? They probably die of
fright.   Downloads or up, podcasts are out (for both of you who can get them), stream is on and I’m
gone til next week at 7 PM MT.

FRIDAY JANUARY 12, 2018  9:30 PM   4 out of 10 drivers say they’ve done this while driving. 
Done what?  Given another driver the finger.  What’s the top 3 in most infuriating driving behavior: 
slow drivers in the fast lane, abrupt lane changing, and tailgating. Downloads are up, stream is on,
and I’m gone.  Talk to you next Friday night at 7 MT.

FRIDAY JANUARY 5, 2018  9:30 PM  Virtually all Americans own at least one—  the average
American owns nine.  But on a regular basis, they use five.   What is it?  Jeans  —according to
Women’s Wear Daily in 2004, which adds that the average American also owns four pairs of denim
shorts and two denim shirts.   Downloads are up, stream is on, and I’m gone.  Talk to you next
Friday night at 7 MT.


FRIDAY DECEMBER 29, 2017  9:30 PM  This American company started selling soap as their main
product over 100 years ago. Then they dropped soap and started selling baking powder as their
primary business.  But that didn’t last either.  The next choice however was a winner, and everyone
today  knows their name and associates it with the third product they chose to sell— which is a
winner to this day.  From soap to baking soda to what?   Extra credit if you can name the company. 
Chewing gum.  Wrigley’s.  I will do my darkest to get the downloads up and the podcasts out
tonight.  (Again, apologies for the delay in the Steve Bryant Christmas show which is now
accessible everywhere.) 

But what about New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day?  You’re on your own.   Partly because I’m
feeling less than stellar (ok, in truth, pretty terrible), but partly after judging how few of you were
around to hear the World’s Worst Hit Record countdown on Christmas eve, leading me to believe
there’s no hope of throngs waiting to hear me  on New Year’s Eve. (And that’s a good thing—
hopefully all of you had something much better to do last week, and will again this week.)  So.. til
next Friday night— that’s a wrap.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 29, 2017 6:30 PM MT...  I can't believe I forgot to up loade the podcast (for
both of you who can access it) and put up the download (for everyone else) of Christmas Night's
show with Steve Bryant.   It’s become tradition that Steve join me on Christmas night, and I’m
grateful for his talent and generosity.  If you haven’t already, check out his youtube channel here
The stream’s been replaying the show all week, but now it’s available as a download in perpetuity.
(Just click on "downloads" on the above nav bar.)

SUNDAY CHRISTMAS EVE 8:30 PM MT…  We had some fun while everyone else frolicked (or
refrained from same, depending on the particulars) and counted down the World's Worst Hit
Records, 2017 edition, as voted entirely by you.  If you missed it, the download is up and the stream
is currently replaying it.  We embellished the list significantly but boiling it down, here's the top 10:

10.  Christmas Shoes - NewSong
           I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
8 (tie). My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
7.  Brand New Key - Melanie
6.  Chica Boom - Daddy Dew Drop
5.  Last Game Of The Season - David Gates
4.  Jungle Fever - Chakackas
3.  Achy Breaky Heart -Billy Ray Cyrus
2.  Honey - Bobby Goldsboro
1.  Elvira - Oak Ridge Boys

Tomorrow on Christmas night, Steve Bryant joins me live at 7 PM MT.  We'd love to hear from you
by phone, but either way, we'll keep you company.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 22, 2017  10:30 PM  MST…   The voting officially closes at midnight— but the
results of The World’s Worst Hit Records 2017 will be revealed live Christmas eve at 7 MST. 
Christmas Night, as has become tradition, we’ll be joined by Steve Bryant. Hope to have you
listening and calling.

It was great hearing from Steve Jarrell. Check out his!

FRIDAY DECEMBER 15, 2017  9:30 PM   In 1915, there were 27 million of these in America.  90
years later, in 2005, there were less than 7 million.  What are they?  Horses.  Vote on the World’s
Worst Hit Records through next Friday night. Call the show, or email here.  We’ll have the reveal
and countdown on the Christmas Eve show Sunday December 24th.  And we’ll be live on Christmas
night, with Steve Bryant joining us, as has become tradition.  Downloads are up, podcasts are out
(for both of you who seem to be able to get it, that is), stream is on, and I’m gone until next Friday, 7

FRIDAY DECEMBER 8, 2017  9:30 PM   We'll hold the trivia question over for another week. 
Meanwhile, voting on the World’s Worst Hits continues through Friday night December 22nd.
Downloads are up. Stream is on.  Talk to you next Friday, Dec. 15th  at 7 PM MST.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 1, 2017  Voting on the World’s Worst Hits will continue through Friday night
December 22nd. We’ll have the reveal and countdown on the Christmas Eve show Sunday
December 24th.  And we’ll also be live on Christmas night, with Steve Bryant joining us, as has
become tradition.  Now for this week’s trivia question: 

We think of Donald Trump as being the first non-political figure to run for, and win, the presidency—
but the idea of recruiting someone from outside the usual political figures dates back at least to
1968, when both major parties, democrat and republican were considering recruiting this public
figure as vice president.  Richard Nixon went so far as to do a background  check on him, but
everyone knew all about the guy, from his legendary status outside of politics.  Who were both
parties considering?  Vince Lombardi, coach of the Green Bay Packers, known for his leadership
skills.   Nixon found out he was a Kennedy Democrat, though Lombardi’s wife thought he was a
conservative republican.

Downloads are up, podcasts are out (for both of you who seem to be able to get it, that is), stream
is on, and I’m gone until next Friday, Dec. 8th at 7 PM MST.


FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10, 2017   In china there are 12745 people to every one of these.  in Japan
there are 6737 people for every one.  In the US, there are 274 people for every one.  One what? 
Lawyers. And in Israel, it’s even lower— 1 lawyer for every 225 people.    Hopefully by the time you
read this, the graphics will be back on the website.  (If you’re reading this at all, I know I’m half way
there.) Podcasts sent to both of you who can get them, Downloads up, Stream on… and I’m gone til
Friday after next—  or maybe the Friday after that.  I’ll keep you posted.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 3, 2017     Some things are more likely to happen in certain months—  like
June and weddings.  But oddly enough, and I can’t fathom why,  Americans do this more in August
than any other month.  Do what?   Eat out.  According to the National Restaurant Association, more
of us eat out in August than any other month. And year round, more of us eat out on Saturday than
any other day.   Halloween has passed, but the voting is just beginning.  Weigh in on the World’s
Worst Hit Records.  Call in at 610-640-6400, or email me here.   Results will be divulged around
December 1st.  (Usually it’s November but I’ve got something coming up later this month that I can’t
miss.  Details not forthcoming.)  Podcasts sent to both of you who can get them, Downloads up,
Stream on… and I’m gone til next Friday at 7 MST. Talk to you then.


FRIDAY OCTOBER 27, 2017  10:30 PM MST... I promised RJ some links to instrumental versions
of Candy Girl. Here is the Bob Crewe Orchestra.  And here is Charlie Calello’s take (he arranged
the 4 Seasons hit).   Now for the trivia question:  This year there are over 1800 billionaires world
wide.  in 1985, there were only 13.   20 years after that in 2005, there were 691 billionaires world
wide.   Of those 691 billionaires in 2005, 388 were self made.  Some shared other traits too.  In fact,
18 of them shared this dubious distinction.  It was not the kind of thing the average person would
associate with great wealth.  What did those 18 billionaires have in common?  They were all high
school drop outs.  That included  Richard Branson, Kirk Kerkorian, David Murdock (head of Dole
Foods), the late Carl Lindner (United Dairy, Chiquita Brands, Cincinnati Reds),    Downloads up,
Stream on, I’m gone til next Friday at 7 MST. Talk to you then.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 27, 2017  4:00 PM MST...  This is for RJ in New York (click here to see the
video I'm discussing.)  If you’re thinking, I'm watching a1980 promotional clip, but these look like
1956 pictures, you’re probably correct.  Here is the actual Pan Am promo from 1980, just after they
acquired National Airlines.  I came across the video above while searching for something almost
unrelated. (Larry Santos wrote the 4 Seasons’ hit “Candy Girl”, and I’ve followed him ever since—
he’s the guy who did the musical jingle for the spots.  Here’s another version that RJ and anyone
else into nostalgia will enjoy.  Talk to you tonight at 7 (Pacific / 10 Eastern).

FRIDAY OCTOBER 20, 2017  It’s a good bet that any high schooler since the late 1950s has read
at least one of these books. There are a lot from which to choose.  But amazingly, the guy credited
with writing all of them, never actually wrote any of them.  Not even a word.  But he became wealthy
from them nonetheless.  What books?   CliffsNotes. (Jack Cole had success with study guides
known as Cole’s Notes in Canada. He suggested to a college bookstore rep from Nebraska, Cliff
Hillegas, that the concept would do well in America.  CliffNotes were born in 1958 with 16
Shakespeare study guides.   So who writes them?  The people who grade the papers that are
probably helped by them: teachers and professors.)

Downloads up, Stream on, I’m gone til next Friday at 7 MST. Talk to you then.

FRIDAY THE 13th OF OCTOBER 2017  10:00 PM MST…   Gotta be the worst trivia question, but
you've got three different scenarios from which to choose:  We all know about insane soccer fans
but nothing tops the antics of Far Easterners in 2002.  One guy killed his wife, a woman broke off
her engagement and turned to prostitution, and another guy attempted suicide.   Pick any one of the
three and tell me why.   The wife was killed over trying to change the television channel during a
world cup match between Italy and Mexico.  The woman used prostitution to raise funds to travel to
England to take David Beckham from his wife.  And the would be suicide’s motive was, to
paraphrase from his note:  ‘I intend to become a ghost  to be able to help Korea win.’   He didn’t
succeed at killing himself.  Whether his incessant chant of “Victory To Korea” while he was being
taken to the hospital was any help is debatable.   South Korea did win, but the results are contested
to this day.  This question could have been worse.  I could have included another Japanese fan of
Beckham who checked into a hotel room where Beckham stayed so he could lick the toilet seats.

And now for something completely different…  heck, anything would be completely different after
that.,,  RIP Jimmy Beaumont and Bunny Sigler— both ends of Pennsylvania, but  closer in
musical taste than you might imagine.  We played some of both of them, and a bit of Ruby and the
Romantics too— no she didn’t die.   Downloads are up, Stream is on-- I'm actually working on
reviving the Podcasts, but don't hold your breath. It won't be done in time for next Friday's show. 
But I'll talk to you then.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 7, 2017 9:00 PM MST...  Well, it wasn't my most elegant show but I lived to
talk about it.  We'll hold the trivia question over for next week.  Be thinking about it, since you've got
three scenarios to ponder:  We all know about insane soccer fans but nothing tops the antics of Far
Easterners in 2002.  One guy killed his wife, a woman broke off her engagement and turned to
prostitution, and another guy attempted suicide.   Pick any one of the three and tell me why. 

Downloads up, stream on, and with any luck, I'll talk to you Friday night at 7 (MST).


FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29, 2017  9:00 PM MST…   These days everything is dangerous.  But as far
back as 1888 a newspaper warned us about this practice among citizens that could  possibly lead
to the downfall of the republic. Decades later,  in 1929, the warnings became even more dire and
almost official claiming among other things that it would lead women to  nervousness, insomnia and
other ill effects, not to mention what it would do to the nation.  What is it?  Smoking Cigarettes On
June 10, 1929 the Surgeon General warned the Senate about smoking’s affect on women and the
possibility that cigarettes could lower the physical tone of the nation. But the New York Times went
farther, even earlier, reporting that this pernicious practice of smoking among adult Americans could
lead to the ruin of the republic.”    Downloads up, stream on, and I’m gone— talk to you next Friday
night at 7 MST.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 22, 2017  9:00 PM MST…  To combat cheating on judicial exams, South
Korea banned this. Banned what?  Bathroom breaks during the exam.  Buckets, plastic bags and a
convoluted device for women are in the back of the room, should anyone need to answer mother
nature’s call during the 3 hour exam.  The Washington Post reported the addition of the ladies’
accommodation in 2002.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 15, 2017  9:00 PM MST…  Trivia question:  Presidential images are
everywhere, but only one US president’s picture ever adorned a bowling magazine. Which one? 
Harry Truman. In 1947, his friends paid to have a bowling alley installed in the White House
basement for his 63rd birthday.  Shortly thereafter, in June 1947, a picture of Truman bowling was
featured on the cover of the National Kegler, a magazine dedicated to the sport. (“Kegler” is the
medieval term for bowling, no matter how much it sounds like a pelvic exercise.)  

Edric Floyd (Eddie Floyd’s son) needs your help.  Read the story here, and donate if you can.  Even
if you brown bag it for a day and contribute your lunch money, it’ll add up. 

Download’s up.  Stream’s on.  I’m gone.   Talk to you next Friday evening at 7 MST.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 8, 2017  9:00 PM MST…   Manufacturers, producers and suppliers are
always doing research on their brands.  Everything from how to improve the product to how to
distribute it is considered.   For instance, about 25 years ago, one big brewery spent $130,000 to
find out this.  Find out what?  Whether beer could be brewed in space.  German brewer Becks paid
NASA $130,000 to take a tube of its beer ingredient aboard the space shuttle to determine whether
beer produced in a weightless environment fermented faster and was less likely to produce a
Around the same time, a university in Denmark spent six months devising a way to get beer out of
kegs and into astronauts mouths in space.   After some refinements they got the beer to flow
smoothly out of the keg only to float around aimlessly in space in golf ball-size bubbles.   
Downloads up.  Stream on.  I’m gone— ’til next Friday at 7 MST

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 1, 2017  9:00 PM MST…  If you’re an American, odds are 7 in 10 you did
this last week (or during any week). Did what?  Had an alcoholic drink.  A 2003 survey showed 68%
of Americans had at least one alcoholic drink in the previous seven days.  A decade earlier— the
that figure was only 42%.  Downloads are up, Stream is on and I’m gone. 


FRIDAY AUGUST 25, 2017  9:30 PM...  Good thing we didn't get much action on tonight's trivia
question, as it turns out I gave you the wrong information about it. So we'll try again next week-- 7
PM Mountain STANDARD Time.  Until then, downloads are up, stream is on and I'm gone.

FRIDAY AUGUST 18, 2017  9:00 PM MST…  It’s a good bet we all do this, and most of us do it
often.  But people in Japan do it more often than in any other nation.  Do what? Watch television
Japanese viewers spend 4 hours and 29 minutes a day in front of the set—  four minutes longer
than the average American watches, according to Eurodata TV which compiles such stats. 
Downloads are up, podcasts are out (to the limited places they may go), stream is on and I’m gone
for another week.  Talk to you next Friday at 7, Mountain Standard Time.

FRIDAY AUGUST 11, 2017  9:15 PM....  Bob from Memphis got our trivia question!   All he wins is
bragging rights, I'll bet you didn't know this:  As of the year 2000, on average, American adults do
this 73 times a year, but the odds are that two out of three Americans actively dislike doing it at all. 
What is it?  Grocery shopping, according to the Detroit News, which notes that the 73 grocery
shopping trips in 2000 is down from 90 just a decade earlier.  Downloads up, podcasts out, stream
on and I'm gone.  Talk to you next Friday night.

JULY 2017

FRIDAY JULY 28, 2017  9:00 PM MST…  As reported in the Milwaukee Journal in 2003, according
to a recent study, this was the most integrated city in America.  What city?   Virginia Beach— and
the stats aren’t stellar.  38% of Virginia Beach residents live on a block that is at least 20% white
and 20% black— and as of 2003, that was the highest percentage?  Sad but true.  Downloads are
up.  Podcasts are out (or not, depending on how you get them).  Stream is on, and I’m gone.  No
show next week.  Going to Claude Hall’s memorial in Las Vegas next week.  Back on Friday August
11th.  Talk to you then!

FRIDAY  JULY 21, 2017  9:30 PM MST... When we last left our trivia question, we gave you a few
hints.  Even so, it took until Bob from Tennessee to get a right answer:  It was 1922 that we saw the
first use of skywriting as an advertising vehicle.  That was in the UK where British citizens saw
"Daily Mail" touting the well-read newspaper.  It wasn't until six years later, in 1928, that US
residents saw their first skywritten advertisement.  In 1928, New Yorkers were prompted to do this. 
Do what?   I'll take your calls next Friday at 7 PM MST.. until then, downloads are up, podcasts are
out, stream is on and I'm gone.

FRIDAY July 14, 2017  8:00 PM MST…  Short show tonight.  Calls kept digitizing out— not entirely
surprising as our broadband is weather affected (and affected by everything else as well, including
phase of the moon, near as I can tell).   So we’ll hold our trivia question over for next week, giving
you more time to think about it:  Advertising’s been around for eons, but it was in 1922 that we saw
the first use of this to advertise anything.  First use of what?  Radio has been ruled out (1919 for
that actually, if you count trades).  So have Billboards.   We’ll take your guesses next Friday at 7
Mountain Standard Time— until then, downloads are up, podcasts are out, stream is on, and I’m
FRIDAY JULY 14, 2017  4:45 PM MST...  Air conditioning installation completed. Live show tonight
at 7 (MST & PDT -  10PM Eastern).  Hope you'll join me.  I've got a trivia question waiting for you.
The only unanswered question is whether we'll have power.  Severe thunderstorms in the area.  If
necessary, I can switch to a generator but that's more than my broadband provider can manage. So
if I go silent, you'll know why-- but so far, so good.

THURSDAY JULY 6, 2017  10:30 PM MST...  No show tomorrow night.  Same deal-- no air
conditioning.  Whole system has to be replaced.  Still over 100 degrees where I sit and type (in a
Phoenix hotel at 10:30 at night).  Should be about 116 tomorrow. I doubt I'll leave the room.  Word is
that everything should be back to what passes for normal for us early next week, so barring an
ICBM cresting the pole, I expect I'l be talking to you next Friday night.

JUNE 2017

FRIDAY JUNE 30, 2017  1:00 AM MST...  No show tonight.  Nothing awful has befallen me other
than no air conditioning again during triple digit temperatures. A miracle could happen, but most
likely no one will show up until after the July 4th break.. meaning I'm stuck in a hotel until then. And
I've tried to do a live show with hotel wifi before.  That won't be happening again.  Big time
apologies about the gap.  Hope your holiday weekend is fun but otherwise uneventful.  Looking
forward to talking with you next week.

FRIDAY JUNE 23, 2017 11:30 PM MST...  Good to be back. And great to hear from all of you. 
Stream is on, downloads are up, podcasts were sent (whether they reach anyone is still a question).
Trivia question:  More than 50% of all Americans age 18-24 can't find this on a map.  What?  New
York (state).  Talk to you next week.

FRIDAY JUNE 16, 2017  5:30 PM MST...  No live show tonight.  Sorry about that.  Hope to talk with
you next Friday at 7 PM MST.  Thanks.

FRIDAY June 9, 2017  9:00 PM Mountain STANDARD Time.  These structures have been located
in other parts of the world for many centuries, but the first time one was built in America was in the
1930s.  What was it.  A mosque.  In the 1870s, Muslim immigrants began coming to Cedar Rapids,
Iowa to farm.  In 1934, they built what would become the Mother Mosque of America there.  It is
now a museum of the history of Islam culture in Iowa. (Disclaimers:  Some sources say 1929, North
Dakota for the first American mosque.  Beats me, I wasn’t there.)  Downloads are up, podcasts are
out, stream is on, and I’m gone til next Friday at 7 MST (the same as PDT).

FRIDAY June 2, 2017  9:00 PM Mountain STANDARD Time.   Downloads are up, podcasts are out,
stream is on, and I’m gone til next Friday at 7 MST (the same as PDT).  Trivia Question:  These are
pretty much a staple in our lives, but it wasn’t until almost 1940 that one was for widely available for
sale.  Actually, two of them were available.  Each one cost 25 cents. One what?  paperback book
Pocket books released  Lost Horizon by James Hilton and The Good Earth by Pearl Buck in 1939.  
The first paper back to sell a million copies came out a year later in 1940:  Dale Carnegie’s How To
Win Friends And Influence People.


FRIDAY May 26, 2017  10:00 PM Mountain STANDARD Time.  Everyone reads Playboy for the
articles, so it’s only fitting that the Playmates answer a series of questions.  Their answers vary, but
when it comes to their favorite books,  two are tied for the most amount of mentions.  Name one: 
The Prophet, and Gone With The Wind.  Downoads are up. Stream is on. Happy Memorial Day.  I’m
gone til next Friday at 7 MST (the same as PDT).

FRIDAY May 19, 2017  8:00 PM Mountain STANDARD Time.  Short show tonight.  Battling some
medical issues, and they’re winning at the moment.  But there’s always next week.  Per capita,
more adults do this in Minneapolis than any other US city.  38% of them, to be exact.  Do what?  Go
fishing. And unlike Saddam Hussein who used grenades, these people stick with traditional rods
and reels.   Downloads are up, podcasts are out (for those of you who can get them— making them
accessible for everyone is on my long range to-do list), stream is on, and I’m gone til next Friday at
7 MST (the same as PDT).

FRIDAY May 12, 2017  10:00 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  This happens all the time, but it
most often happens in January, and least often happens in September.  What? Death. According to
the National Center for Health Sciences, 9.5% of all deaths happen in January, 7.7% in September. 
After January, you’re most likely to die in March, December and February.  It’s assumed that winter
months are risker due to the cold weather and higher influenza and pneumonia.  Some experts
think January deaths are attributable to wanting to live through the holidays.  No one but the grim
reaper knows for sure.  Downloads are up, podcasts are out (for those of you who can get them—
making them accessible for everyone is on my long range to-do list), stream is on, and I’m gone til
next Friday at 7 MST (the same as PDT).

FRIDAY CINCO DE MAYO, 2017  10:00 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  According to a survey 
conducted by Carvel Ice Cream in the 1990s,  75% of all women do this every year.  But only 17%
of all men do it.  Do what?  (Hint: It has nothing to do with ice cream.)   Make Birthday wishes.  
Only 2% of adults, but over 50% of kids, wish for something for someone else.   The most popular
wish of adult women was spending more time with their husbands.  The most popular wish of adult
men was for a better golf game— more time with their wives ranked 23rd.  

Downloads not up, Stream from last week, but nevertheless, until next week, I’m gone.  Lying down
as soon as I hit send.  But I expect I’ll be back next Friday night at 7 pm Mountain.  And I might be
motivated to get a replay of this just ended show before that.  If so I'll let you know on this page.

APRIL 2017

FRIDAY APRIL 28, 2017  10:00 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  Billboards are everywhere these
days, but 1984 was the first time the side of this was used for a billboard.  Side of what?  A Cow. A
farmer from Canada sold space on the sides of his Jersey cows.  Price?  $500 a year.  These days
European farmers are not shy in offering stenciled ads on the sides of their herds.. most popular
sponsors? .. radio stations and ice cream.  Downloads up, Stream on, I’m gone.  But I expect I’ll be
back next Friday night at 7 pm Mountain.  Talk to you then.

FRIDAY APRIL 21, 2017  10:00 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  In 2003, at a meeting of the
Society for Consumer Psychology, a research study on the songs or jingles most often stuck in
people’s heads was presented. 74% of the respondents said it was songs.  15% said it was a jingle.
#5  was The Lion Sleeps Tonight, #4 was the Mission Impossible Theme,  #3 was the Kit Kat jingle,
“Gimme a break…”   What was #2 or #1…   #2 was “We Will Rock You” by Queen and #1 was
“Who Let The Dogs Out” by Baha Men.  Downloads up, Stream on, I’m gone.  But I expect I’ll be
back next Friday night at 7 pm Mountain.  Talk to you then.

FRIDAY APRIL 14, 2017  10:00 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  If you missed the first hour, you
missed a conversation with Neil Norman of GNP Crescendo Records.  (Click on it for an interesting
catalog with something you’ve probably got to have.)  Check out his documentary on The Seeds, at   In hour 2, we played trivia:  On any given day, the odds are 1 in 4 that
someone in America does this.  Does what?  Eats at a fast food restaurant.  Downloads up, Stream
on, I’m gone til next week at  7 PM Mountain Standard (which is the same as Pacific Daylight).

FRIDAY APRIL 7, 2017  9:30 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  The oldest person in the world to do
this, did it  at 91 years old in America in 2003. Did what?  Rob a bank.  Red Roundtree handed a
teller a note in an Abilene Texas bank in August 2003.  Once the teller determined he was serious,
she gave him $2,000.   Downloads up, stream on. I’m gone.

FRIDAY MARCH 31, 2017  9:30 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  There are 10 million of these in
China— that may sound like a lot but there are over 200 million of them in America.  What are they?
cars. There are slightly more cars than people in America while China’s 10 million cars are spread
out across 1.3 billion people.  Downloads up, Stream on.  I’m gone— til next Friday night, 7 PM

FRIDAY MARCH 24, 2017  9:30 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  1988 was the first time a tax
form was filed with this deduction. The IRS disallowed it, but after many appeals,  in 1994,the ruling
was that, pending a few specifics, this was definitely an allowable expense.  What was deducted? 
Breast Implants. Chesty Love (real name Cynthia Hess), a Wisconsin stripper successfully argued
that increasing her breasts to a 56FF increased her income and therefore was a business expense.
The court concurred saying they couldn’t find any other personal benefit for the breasts which were
10 pounds each.   Downloads are up.  Stream is on.  Podcasts are out (but whether anyone
receives them is still up for grabs— I’ll put it on the distant to do list).  Talk to you next week.

FRIDAY MARCH 17, 2017  9:30 PM  Mountain STANDARD Time.  You can find these anywhere in
the world, but the oldest one still in existence dates back to 1745 in Bethlehem, PA.   There are less
of them today than 20 years ago.  What are they?   Book stores  Moravian Book Shop in
Bethlehem, operated by the Moravian Church is the oldest.  Downloads are up, podcasts are out
(though I’m not sure if anyone receives them anymore— it’s on the to do list.  Apologies to the guy
in Canada who hopes in vain that it’ll move further up that list quickly), stream is on and I’m gone til
next week.

FRIDAY MARCH 10, 2017  9:30 PM   The odds are 1 in 5 that you have a close friend or family
member obsessed with this.  With what?  Germs. Daylight Savings Time happens Sunday—
everywhere but here.  So as of next Friday, we’ll be live at 10 PM Eastern, 7PM Pacific. Downloads
are up, Podcasts are out,  Stream is on, And I’m gone, til next Friday at an hour later, thanks to
daylight time.

FRIDAY MARCH 3, 2017  9:15 PM MT... We've just established I have no idea what time it is.
Particularly with regard to when this show is on.  It's off now.  But it will be on again next Friday at 7
PM Mountaint Time.  Do not get used to that becasue Dalight Savigs will happen everywhere but
here.   So for this coming Friday, the show will be on at 9PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific.  After that (until
next fall) it'll be on at 10 PM Eastern / 7 PM Pacific. Make a note of it. God knows, I should. 

Kimberly in Kansas City passed along a great link.  You're probably aware of Unity and the host of
publications under their umbrella.  It dates back to 1889 when Charles Fillmore and his wife Mildred
formed an organization in Minnesota around the New Thought movement.  Whether you view it as
spirituality, enlightenment or just self-motivation,there's an exhaustive list of publications
surrounding the genre.  If you're blind, accessing the material is challenging--  but not anymore.
Unity as transformed hundreds of titles into braille and audio. (You've got to have the necessary
equipment but if you're blind, no doubt you do.)   Go to and see the treasure trove
for yourself.

Now for that trivia question...  It’s standard on today’s houses and has been for quite some time, but
the first time a home was sold with this was 1853.  The next time after that was 1869.  Sold with
what? A front lawn. Suburban houses in Llewellyn Park, NJ had front lawns in 1853. Today the New
York City close-in suburb, 12 miles from Manhattan, is a gated upscale community.    In 1869,
homes in Riverside, Illinois (suburban Chicago, near the Brookfield Zoo) included front lawns. 
Downloads up, Podcasts out,  Stream on, And I’m gone, til next Friday at 7 PM where I am sitting.


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 24, 2017  6:00 PM MT…  No show tonight.  Sorry for the short notice.  I
waited until the last minute as I was hoping my body would cooperate, but not tonight it won’t. 
Hopefully it’s a date next Friday night at 7 mountain time.  Thanks for your understanding.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 17, 2017  9:30 PM   Research labs are getting more expensive all the time. 
Starting one can run over a million dollars, but even so called consumables are costly.  In medical
research for instance, body parts have to be acquired.  What is the most expensive body part to buy
(from cadavers, not the living)?   Skin, at $1,000 per square foot.  Knees run abut $650,  heads
$500— a full torso will set you back $5,000 but that’s comprised of several body parts… 
Downloads up, Podcasts out,  Stream on, and I’ll talk to you next Friday at 7 MT.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 10, 2017  9:30 PM   At the turn of the last century, what passed for medical
care had some odd solutions.  For instance, at the end of the 100s,  the well-respected Merck
manual, said this was a the preferred treatment for asthma. What?  Cigarettes  — better than the
treatment for acne which was arsenic.   Downloads are up, podcasts are out, stream is on, and I’m
gone til next Friday at 7 PM Mountain Time.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 3, 2017  9:30 PM   Trivia question?  The average American does this 16 times
a year.  Blind Americans however, do it 20 times a year. Do what?  Read a book. These figures
come from a Gallup Poll and the National Library Service for the Blind.  Gallup finds that 83% of
Americans claim to have read at least half of one book within one year.  10% claim to have read
more than 50— (I don’t know if romance novels count), and 5% claim over 100.   Do comics count? 
No word on qualifiers for what constitutes a book.   Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is
on, and I’m elsewhere until next Friday night at 7 (mountain).


FRIDAY JANUARY 27, 2017  9:30 PM MT...  We held the trivia question from last week, and got a
winner (not that there’s a prize, other than pride in winning, which goes to RJ).  Until 1968, women
were not allowed to work at this well known company.  (This excludes the usual clerical positions
and such.)  Which one?  McDonald’s.  Corporate felt that women employees would attract young
men who would be hanging around the parking lot.  The rule was unwritten, but enforced.  In the
latter ‘60s, a franchisee in Elkhart, Indiana couldn’t find male workers, so they hired the wife of a
local preacher.  When corporate found out they threatened pull the franchise unless she was fired. 
The franchisee refused and eventually McDonald’s backed down and in 1968, McDonald’s formally
rescinded the informal ban.   Downloads are up, podcasts are out, stream is on, and I’ll talk to you
next Friday at 7:00 Mountain Time.

FRIDAY JANUARY 20, 2017  9:30 PM MT…  holding the trivia question over for a week…  and if
you’re wondering what it was, you’ll just have to listen next Friday night at 7 PM (Mountain Time) 
Podcasts out, downloads up, stream is on,  I’m gone— til next time.

FRIDAY JANUARY 13, 2017  9:30 PM MT…  Women all over the world have been doing this since
the 1800s—  most women anywhere today do it every day…  but in Japan, most women didn’t do it
prior to 1932.  Do What?  Wear underwear.  A Tokyo department store fire on December 16,1932
caused over a dozen deaths of women who refused to climb down rescue ropes for fear their bare
bottoms underneath their kimonos would be exposed.  We made it through the night without even
mentioning that it was Friday the 13th, but it’s over now.  Never told you Mercury was retrograde,
but it’s been direct since January 8th (and will be back to its pre-retrograde position in the 28th). 
Sorry for the delay in getting last week’s download up (along with the update on this page).  But
everything should be where it should be now.  Podcasts out, downloads up, stream on… Talk to you
next Friday at 7 MT (6 PT / 9 ET  —610-640-6400)

FRIDAY JANUARY 6, 2017  9:30 PM MT…  Most of us are faced with this every day, and we don’t
like it.  The first time anyone anywhere ever had to deal with it was 1978.  Deal with what?  An
unsolicited mass email… May 3, 1978.. Gary Thuerk, a marketing guy from DEC (Digital Equipment
Corp.) sent a mass email to 600 ArpaNet users touting an upcoming event where DECs newest
computer would be unveiled.   Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on, and I’ll be back
next Friday at 7 PM  MT  (9 PM ET / 6 PM PT).

NEW YEAR'S NIGHT 2017  9:30 PM MT...  Spent a couple hours on the phone with Val Shively
As far as I'm concerned, my new year started off just right.  Hope you enjoyed it.  This concludes
the  2016 edition of The Rollye James Show's I Hate The Holidays Club.  Podcast out, download
up, stream on, and I'll talk to you live Friday evening at 7 PM Mountain TIme.


NEW YEAR'S EVE 2016   9:15 PM MT…   Bottom line— here’s hoping that 2017 is the year we’ve
all been waitin’ for!   The Rollye James Show’s I Hate The Holiday’s Club will have its final meeting
tomorrow night (Sunday)  7 PM MT  (9 PM ET / 6 PM PT).    Please join us.  Better yet, call. 
610-640-6400.   Trivia question?  The first time a woman was allowed to do this in America was in
1992. Do What?  Play in an NHL game.  (Manon Rheaume for the Tampa Bay Lightening against
the St. Louis blues.)   Podcasts out, downloads up, stream on, and I’ll talk to you in about 20 hours.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 30, 2016 5:00 PM MT...  No show tonight because we'll be live for the final
two shows of the 2016 edition of The Rollye James Show's I Hate The Holidays Club.  That would
be tomorrow night (New Year's Eve) and Sunday night (New Year's Night) after which it will be over
til next Thanksgiving.  Talk to you tomorrow night. (I hope)  7 PM  Mountain Time (9 PM ET / 6 PM

SUNDAY DECEMBER 25, 2016 9:30 PM MT...  Great, as it always is, to spend a couple hours with
Steve Bryant tonight.  Here's Steve's YouTube channel, and here's Steve's blog site.  

We'll be live again on New Year's Eve and New Year's Night (the last two meetings of The Rollye
James Show's I Hate The Holidays Club) next Saturday and Sunday. (Same time, 7 PM MT.)  If you
missed last nigh's show, you won't find it on the replay now (the show with Steve Bryant will play
until the next live show) but you can still download it.  (Click on downloads above.)

SATURDAY DECEMBER 24, 2016  4:30 PM MT... I am currently sitting in the dark as Globe-Miami
has a widespread power outage.  APS (our electricity provider) has not yet identified the problem
that has taken out four substations.  I am writing this on generator power (my own).  I'm shutting
down all the non-essentials now, and am planning to do the show in three hours. But I wanted to
post a message while I still could in case I'm unable to connect later.  The weak link in this equation
is the broadband provider and if they go down i'm toast.  (We're in the process of cementing a
dedicated connection from someone other than CableNone but for now I'm at their mercy.)  Hope to
talk with you soon, but if you don't hear me, you'll know why.  Three hours is a good amount of lead
time for APS to fix this.I'll keep my finger's crossed.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 23, 2016 5:30 PM MT...  No show tonight, but back to back live shows
tomorrow (Saturday 12/24) and Christmas night.  We'll talk with Steve Bryant again this year on
Christmas night, and that's alwys fun.  If you're a holiday hater, or are saying ho ho hum about now,
we'll keep you company and take your calls.  The Rollye James' I Hate The Holidays Club meeting
comes to order tomorrow and Sunday night at 7 PM MT (9 PM ET, 6 PM PT).  Talk to you then!

FRIDAY DECEMBER 16, 2016  9:30PM MT...  Triva question from tonight:  One out of three
Americans believe this about themselves (clue, it has nothnig to do with physical attributes-- it's all
mental).  Believe what?  That they have a great idea for an invention.  (This explains all the late
night  'invent help' commercials.)  Downloads are up, Stream is on, Podcasts are out.

Holiday Schedule:  In keeping with The Rollye James' I Hate The Holiday's Club, we'll have live
Shows on Christmas Eve (Saturday night) and Chrsitmas Night (Sunday night). No show next

KJAA has switched formats. Calling it a work in progress is a major understatement. But at least
you won't hear Neil Diamond, Chicago or any of the usual oldies mulch. As I type, Jimmy Norman's
"I Don't Love You No More" is playing.  Listen here.

THANK YOU for all your prayers and kind words. What I have is chronic, not acute, and I plan to
keep it that way.  Talk to you next week.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 16, 2016  2:30 PM MT... Live show in 4 1/2 hours  9 PM ET / 6 PM PT.   Talk
to you then.  (Apologies for the site being interimmitently down--  DNS issues. Hpefully fixed.  If not,
I'm writing to myself.  But the stream is unrelated, so you'll be hearing me, even if you're not reading

FRIDAY DECEMBER 9, 2016 12:30 AM MT...  No show tonight.  I'm really sorry about this.  I won't
belabor it other than to say, if I could, I would. And hopefully I will next Friday.  

Friday December 2, 2016  9:30 PM  Board games are a $400 million dollar a year industry in the
United States.  (most of it goes to Utah, at least from my experience). As of a decade ago, it’s no
surprise that the biggest selling board game of all time was Trivial Pursuit— it sold over a million
copies in 2002 alone.  But what was number 2?  Cranium.  (Monopoly was #3, Scrabble #4 and
rounding out the top five was “The Game Of Life”.)


THANKSGIVING 2016… 9:15 PM Mountain Time… I'm most thankful that I don't have to hear
anything associated with #6 or #9 on this year's version of the World's Worst Hit Records.  Here's
how you voted:

10 Relax - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
9 Christopher Cross - Sailing
8 Bad Blood - Neil Sedaka
7 Don't Think  Twice - Wonder Who
6 My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
5 Ebony Eyes - Everly Brothers
4 Honey - Bobby Goldsboro
3 Gimme Dat Ding - Pipkins
2 Brand New Key - Melanie
1 Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus

We got lots of email votes. Thanks to all of you- for the long lists: Bob, David, Dennis & Linda, Ed,
Gayle, Joan, Pam, Rob, and the four or five people who wrote anonymously… not to mention the
many people who sent in just a few votes. I have no idea if that many people even listen to this
show, but who can resist casting a vote in November for something?  Plus Soroya, Kimberly, Bob,
Richard, Dave and all of you who called in while we were live. Your vote counted.

The Rollye James' I Hate The Holiday's Club is now in session.  We'll have weekly meetings on
Friday at 7 PM MT.  So if it's HO HO HUM or worse, this is the place.  Talk to youa week from
tomorrow night.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 18, 2016   9:30 PM  Holdover question from last week regarding the World’s
Worst Hit Records.  We’ve been doing it for decades, but we’re not alone.  in fact when VH1
debuted in 1985, they did their own poll.  We’re assuming it’s in-house bur regardless, they
considered this the world’s worst hit of all time.  What is it?   We Built This City by Starship.  It was
the debut record for that incarnation of Jefferson Airplane and it went to #1 on Billboard in
November 1985.  

Speaking of the World’s Worst Hit Records, voting continues for a few days.  Remember, they’ve
got to be hits— any genre, any decade.  Vote until this coming Wednesday night, the day before
Thanksgiving by email here. Thanksgiving night, the night of turkeys, I’ll be live playing them back
live— take it as a threat or a promise.  Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on— and until
Thanksgiving I’m gone. But you find yourself wanting to escape the holiday, tune it at 7 PM MST (9
PM ET / 6 PM PT) and I’ll keep you company.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 11, 2016   9:00 PM  We’ve been doing the annual poll of the world’s worst hit
records since the mid 80s— but so have a lot of other sources... many music publications, writers—
most notably Dave Barry— and even TV networks have gotten in on it.  Speaking of the latter, when
VH1 debuted in 1985, they did their own poll— most likely in-house only, and most definitely
unscientific.  Never the less, VH1 declared this song as the worst hit record ever. What is it?  Turns
out we had a short show (too many people forgetting that we don't have daylight savings time in
Arizona so everyone else in the country started hearing us an hour earlier this week), so we'll hold it
over for next week, when hopefully you'll listen live-- at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT.

Speaking of the World’s Worst Hit Records, the voting continues.   Remember, they’ve got to be
hits— any genre, any decade.  Vote until the day before Thanksgiving, on the show (610-640-6400)
or by email here. Thanksgiving night, the night of turkeys, we’ll be live playing them back— take it
as a threat or a promise.  Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on— and until next Friday,
I’m gone.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 4, 2016   9:30 PM  In 1980, for the first time ever a Rhode Island public
school student was allowed to do this.  He had to take the matter to court, but he won, to the
dismay of school and police officials. The result was he was allowed to do what?  Aaron Fricke was
allowed to take a same sex date to his senior prom.  The school said no. The courts said, any date
of your choosing.  (Here’s a wiki article on it.)  Voting on the annual poll of the World’s Worst Hit
Records continues.  Only qualification is it’s got to be a hit— any genre, any decade.  Vote during
the show, or by email here.  Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on— and until
(hopefully) next Friday, I’m gone. DON’T FORGET:  Daylight savings time goes off this weekend
which means that unless you’re in Arizona, the show will start an hour earlier effective next week. 
As they say in telephone-speak, ‘please make a note of it.’


FRIDAY OCTOBER 28, 2016   9:30 PM  After leaving the White House, Abe Lincoln did this more
often than any other president.  Did what?  Haunted the White House.  Among those who professed
to see him in, of course, the Lincoln bedroom, were Winston Churchill, Harry Truman and Maureen
Reagan.   Halloween’s on Monday, so it’s started…  the voting on the annual poll of the World’s
Worst Hit Records.  Only qualification is it’s got to be a hit— any genre, any decade.  Vote during
the show (Friday nights at 7 PM MST, which right now is the same as Pacific Daylight), or by email
here.  Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on— and until (hopefully) next Friday, I’m

FRIDAY OCTOBER 21, 2016   9:30 PM  In New York City, rat bites have been a problem.  But
statistically, New Yorkers are over 10 times more likely to be bitten by this than a rat.  Bitten by
what? A resident. Human bites are 11 times more frequently reported than rat bites in New York
City.  Let’s hope this figure accounts for only the reporting, not the reality.   Downloads are up. 
Podcasts are out. Stream is on (though it might take a bit before the stream starts.)  And I’m gone. 
As to when I’ll be back—  probably next Friday, but after this week’s medical emergency, all bets are
off.  We’ll keep the shows short, and I’m hoping to do them, but if not, I promise to find an intriguing
interview or two to play in my place.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 14, 2016 11:15 PM MST…  Congratulations to Soroya for finishing book two!  
Get a copy of Velvet Hammer:  Book Two of the Joey Roxy Chronicles. Absolute free to Kindle
Unlimited customers (and soon if I heard it right, free to everyone).  Not a Kindle Unlimited
customer, and don’t want to wait?  It’s only $5 right now.   Click here for all your options. 

FRIDAY OCTOBER 14, 2016   9:30 PM  Tucson has the cleanest.  New York has the dirtiest. 
Cleanest and dirtiest what?  Office desks.  New Yorkers eat at their desks.  They’d probably do
better eating off their toilet seats. On average toilets seats have 50 bacteria per square inch.  Office
desks have 21,000 per square inch.  (Phone receivers are worse— 25,0000 bacteria per square
inch.)    Why?   People tend to use disinfectant on toilet seats regularly.  Phones almost never.  
Downloads are up, podcasts are out, stream is on, and until next Friday 7 PM Mountain Standard
Time, I’m gone.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 7, 2016   Some US generals used it to calm their nerves during World War 2. 
British POWs in German camps used it to escape, but war or peacetime, for the last hundred years,
it’s mostly used by kids.  What is it?  Monopoly.  General Eisenhower was said to be an avid
Monopoly player, supposedly playing the game hours before he led the invasion into North Africa. 
As for escaping, it was British Intelligence officers in cahoots with the makers of the game to hide
maps, compasses and small saws under the Monopoly board for certain editions that were
distributed to those in prison camps by phony charities.  One run, for instance had a thin silk map of
northern France under the Free Parking space.   Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on,
and I’m gone— ’till next Friday at 7 PM  Mountain Standard Time.


FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 1:00 AM MT  I am taking off tonight.  But I'l be back next Friday
night at 7, looking forward to talking with you!  The stream was delayed in starting this week, but it's
up and running now.  Downloads from last week are also available.  Talk to you next Friday. 

RIDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 9:30 PM  The trivia question was a holder from last week— great
question (if I say so myself):  This product was introduced in 1957.  As of the year 2000, 40 million
had been sold in America.  Loved by some, derided by many, and outlawed in several places, what
is it?  Plastic Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornaments.  (Bet you thought they were around way longer than
that, but plastic isn’t all that old— not that that explains it.) Downloads are up, podcasts are out (for
those of you who signed up a long time ago, since you can’t sign up right now), stream is on and
I’m gone till next Friday at 7 PM Mountain Standard Time--  or the Friday after that.  Possible I'll skip
next week, but I'll give you plenty of notice to line up something better to do.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 16, 2016 9:30 PM  We had a great trivia question tonight— and no one got
it, so we’ll save it for next week, giving you some time to think about it:  This product was introduced
in 1957.  As of the year 2000, 40 million had been sold in America.  Loved by some, derided by
many, and outlawed in several places, what is it?  Downloads are up, stream is on and I’m gone till
next Friday at 7 PM Mountain Standard Time.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 9:30 PM  We’ll stick with spelling this week. Thousands of cities in
America, but which one is most often misspelled?  Pittsburgh.    I’ll be back next Friday night. 
Downloads are up. Stream is on (took a while longer than I expected, sorry).   Podcasts are gone
(and I’m not motivated to find out where). So until further notice download or stream, or better yet,
listen to the live show and call in! 

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 2, 2016 9:30 PM  Spelling for most adults is apparently a difficult task.  Even
very familiar words are mangled by a lot of us.  We’ll ignore restaurateur, which isn’t an English
word anyway,  and ask:  What is the most misspelled word in the English language?  Millennium.  
Gotcha!  We’ll do it again next Friday night.  Until then, stream is on, downloads are up, podcasts
are sent (and I don’t know why you can’t get ‘em if you’re not already getting ‘em, but I’ll put that on
the infamous to-do list) and I’m gone. 


FRIDAY AUGUST 26, 2016 9:30 PM  Tonight’s trivia question was apparently easy.  Congrats to
Soroya and Bob who knew instantly.  Over 65% of all American adults can name the three Rice
Crispies characters.  But less than 35% of Americans can name even one of these, and there are
three times as many of ‘em!  One of what?  Supreme Court Justices.  Anthony Kennedy (since
1988), Clarence Thomas  (since 1991), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (since 1993),  Stephen Breyer (since
1994),  Chief Justice John Roberts (since 2005), Samuel Alito (since 2006), Sonya Sotomayer
(since 2009), Elena Kagan (since 2010), and a vacancy due to the death of Antonin Scalia
(1986-2016).  Podcast is out, dowlonad is up, stream is on, and I'm gone-- until next Friday at 7. 

FRIDAY AUGUST 19, 2016 9:30 PM MST…  Trivia:  It dates back seemingly forever, but 1962 was
the peak year for this almost ubiquitous activity in America.  It’s been downhill ever since.  The
figure is almost half of what it was in 1962.  What is it?  Drinking coffee. In 1962, American’s on
average drank 3.12 cups a day.  Now we drink less than 1.64 cups a day.  Podcasts are out—
though I have heard that it’s no longer possible to subscribe from the link on the podcasting page.
I’ll work on that.  Meanwhile, download it, or listen to the stream.  And we’ll talk next Friday at 7
(Mountain Standard). Thanks!

FRIDAY AUGUST 12, 2016 9:30 PM MST…  Thanks to CableNone, the local broadband provider, it
was an interesting show. Apologies to Kimberly who may still be lost in telephone hell for all I know. 
The trivia question was gotten instantly, and worse yet, as an aside. But to be honest, I’m not sure if
I’ve asked it before:   From 1969 to 2004, the Philadelphia Flyers relied on this to win the game. It
was their Lucky Charm of sorts and who can argue with success.  During that time, they had 67
wins, 17 losses and three ties.  What was it?  The playing of Kate Smith’s “God Bless America”
before every game. I can only hope that fans knew to show up late.   Podcasts are out, downloads
are up, stream is on, and I’m gone—until next Friday night 7 PM Mountain Standard Time.  (Same
as Pacific Daylight).  610-640-6400 is the call in number.  I hope you’ll use it. 

FRIDAY AUGUST 5, 2016 9:30 PM MST…   There are over 105 million of these located in the
United States.  Leaving one of them takes 32 seconds on average, but if someone is watching, the
average is 39 seconds.  What are they?  Parking spaces.  Downloads are up, Podcasts are out,
Stream is on, and I’m long gone till next Friday at 7:00 PM  Mountain Standard Time.

JULY 2016

FRIDAY JULY 29, 2016  10:00 PM  MST…  Good to hear from all of you.  Fortunately the weather
was with us and we got through a whole show (and then some).  Downloads are up, PoasatMore
people in Nevada do this than any other state— more than 3 out of 5,  fewer people in Alabama do
it— less than 1 in 20. Do what?  Opt for cremation.  Talk to you next week.

RIDAY JULY 29, 2016 6:15 PM  MST..  There may or may not be a show or part of a show tonight. 
Gila County, AZ is having severe thunderstorms and the power and internet is iffy. (We've got
generators everywhere but the location where I do this show.  Of course CableNone doesn't have
them anywhere, near as I can tell, so it probably wouldn't matter.)   I figure the fact that I'm giving
you this warning is insurance that it won't happen, so I expect to talk to you in about 45 minutes.

FRIDAY JULY 22, 2016  10:30 PM MST  Several callers tonight. A wide variety of topics. 
Congratulations  The first time this two word phrase was used was in the 1790s in France.  It’s
commonplace today, worldwide but it’s doubtful people will think it went back that far.   What is it?  
Plastic Surgery.  Pierre-Jospeh Desault, a French anatomist and surgeon suggested using it for the
art of fixing facial deformities.

Congratulations to Kimberly on passing her braille exams.  Not reading it— editing it, which isn’t as
easy as it sounds.  Wait, it doesn’t sound easy at all.  Good work!    And congratulations to Soroya
Her first novel “Velvet Heaven” is now also available as a hard copy.  The July 1st post has the link
for those of you wanting to read it as a kindle. But if you prefer to hold it in your hands and read it as
a paper back, now you can, and it’s still eminently affordable.  Click here for a copy.

Downloads are up, Podcasts are out, Stream is on, and, you got it, I’m gone.  Talk to you next
Friday, 7 PM Mountain Standard Time.

FRIDAY JULY 15, 2016   9:10 PM MST…  17 million Americans fear this very common thing. What?
the number 13.  Triskaidekaphobia sounds suspiciously like the fear of Richard Nixon (the original
Tricky Dick) but alas it’s fear of a numeral.  The number 13 became unlucky because it was the
headcount at the last supper. The US Navy will not launch a ship on that date.  Podcasts are out,
downloads are up, stream is on. Talk to you next Friday night at 7 Mountain Time.

FRIDAY JULY 8, 2016   10:15 PM MST…  Downloads are up, Podcasts are out— and stream is on
though it might take awhile before today’s show is playing (instead of last week’s— long story,
probably take me longer to explain it than you’ll wait to hear the current show).  As for that trivia
question:  It didn’t take a team of sociologists to know that among ethnic groups and nationalities,
Jews tell the most jokes about themselves.  The British like jokes about irony and social class. 
Americans are obsessed with cleanliness, so jokes about being physically dirty are plentiful. 
Germans enjoy toilet humor, according to sociologists because they’re potty trained earlier than
anyone else.  But what nationality tells the fewest jokes, not only about themselves, but about
anything?  The Japanese, according to sociology professor Dr. Christie Davis in “The Mirth of
Nations”.  Talk to you next Friday night at 7 MST…

FRIDAY JULY 1, 2016  10:30 PM MST...  Three hours of trivia and only one guess at our trivia
question?  We'll hold it over for another week-- and you'll have to listen then to find out what it is. 
Not much music, but a ton of sociology, which you might or might not find entertaining. The
podcasts are out, the downloads are up, the stream is on, and I'm gone-- for now.

FRIDAY JULY 1, 2016 6:30 PM MST...  Soroya has published her first book!  And you can get an
e-copy here.   I'm sure she'll tell you more in about half an hour.  We won't hear from Tim tonight.
He's baby sitting his automation (which shows more dedication than I'll ever have-- what could
posibly happen?  Nobody dies from a few messed up oldies-- more messed up than they were
when they recorded them, that is.)  Deaths this week?  Sir Mack Rice and Soctty Moore. Talk to you
at 7.

JUNE 2016

FRIDAY JUNE 24, 2016  10:00 PM MST…  The podcasts are out, the downloads are up, the
stream is on.  Amazing but true.   As for that trivia question…  53% of adults say they do this every
night.  What?   The answer is not nearly as titillating as your guesses: Wake up to go to the
bathroom.  Talk to you next week.

FRIDAY JUNE 17, 2016  10:00 PM MST…  Wisconsin has the highest rate of this in America at
25%.  Tennessee has the lowest rate at 7.4%.   Rate of what?  Binge Drinking.   It’s defined as five
or more drinks in quick succession.  Among cities, San Antonio, Texas has the highest drinking rate
at just under 24%. Downloads? Podcasts? Stream?  Not this week.  And for a change, not of my
own fault.  Well, at least not directly.  Unbeknownst to me, the recording stopped 20 minutes after
the show began because the drive was full.  The drive was full because I didn't empty the trash in,
well, never.  Not for a few years anyway.  It's a big drive. So I have now dutifully emptied the trash
and stand ready to record every dulcid tone next week.  Too bad, too.  It was a good show.   Of
course they keep getting better and better when you have no reference to actually hear them again.
Oh well, talk to you next Friday night at 7 MST.

FRIDAY JUNE 10, 2016  10:00 PM MST…  Wisconsin has the highest rate of this in America at
25%.  Tennessee has the lowest rate at 7.4%.   Rate of what?  Well if you have utterly no idea,
you’re in luck. I forgot to give out the answer, so we’ll hold it over for next week and see if you come
up with a winner.  Not that there’s a prize or anything, but bragging rights are always fun.  
Meanwhile, downloads are up, podcasts are out, and stream will be on as soon as I can upload it.  
Talk to you next Friday night at 7 MST!

THURSDAY JUNE 9, 2016 6:00 PM MST...  So you see what happened was....  (all good stories
start out that way, don't they?)... Donna wrote to let me know our Amazon link wasn't working.  More
than that, it wasn't there.   In the process of investigating where it might have gone (and why it left),
I realized it would be easier to reconstruct the site. Yeah it was that bad--  the site was created in
three different programs over as many years with no thought toward integration (not to mention that
it was hosted on two urelated servers, which it still is for now).  But I haven't found the time to do
that.  So today I stopped what I was doing (something close to nothing but different from the day
before to quote Prince) and created this temporary home page with a promise to you to work on it
as time allows. Until then, with any luck, the Amazon link to your right is visible and working.

FRIDAY JUNE 3, 2016 10:00 PM MST… We spent the first hour tonight with the legendary Charlie
Gracie. A link to his must-read book is in the post below this one. But you’ve also got to check out
his latest CD “Angel On My Shoulder” (click on it for a good price from Amazon). The title cut is
terrific, and you’ll really want to hear his duet with Dee Dee Sharp, “Just A Closer Walk With Thee”.
We’re holding over tonight’s trivia question and will start with it next Friday. Talk to you then.
Downloads are up, Podcasts are out, I'm working on the stream right now, which should be
available by the time you read this.

FRIDAY JUNE 3, 2016 12:01AM MST… In the first hour tonight (10 PM ET / 7 PM PT) we’re talking
with my friend Charlie Gracie. He recently turned 80 (something I can’t wrap my mind around—
seems like only a couple years ago that he was recording for Cameo Records. Make that about 60
years ago now). Everybody including Paul McCartney shared their affection. (You’ll hear Paul’s bit

With the help of noted writer John A. Jackson (Bandstand, Philadelphia Soul, etc), Charlie finally
did what we all have been asking— he wrote a book! You can get a copy of “Rock & Roll’s Hidden
Giant: The Story of Rock Pioneer Charlie Gracie” here. But WARNING: If you’re anything like me,
you won’t stop reading for days. Check out too. We’ll take your calls and have
some fun. It’s gonna be Fabulous!

MAY 2016

FRIDAY MAY 27, 2016 Downloads up, Podcasts out, Stream on, Trivia answered: Most people in
America can claim this. More people in New Hampshire— 92%— can claim it than in any other US
state. Fewer people in Texas— 77% can claim it, fewer than in any other US state. Claim what?
They graduated high school. I’ll talk to you next Friday at 7 PM Mountain Standard Time.

FRIDAY MAY 20, 2016 10:30 PM MST… Trivia question: Per capita, Mongolia has more of these
than any other country in the world. Oklahoma has more, per capita, than any other state in the US.
More of what? Horses. Mongolia has 1 per every resident, Oklahoma has 1 per every 12 residents.
1 per every 46 residents in Oklahoma is a horse owner. Downloads are up, Podcasts are out,
Stream is on and I’m gone. Talk to you next Friday at 7 PM MST.

FRIDAY THE 13th of MAY, 2015 9:30 PM MST… Last week we talked about haunted houses. 46
states have laws that say a seller must disclose the presence of ghosts— four do not. Name two of
them: New York, Massachusetts, Virginia and Maryland. Podcasts are out, Downloads are up,
Stream is on and I’m gone ’till next Friday evening at 7 MST. Talk to you then.

FRIDAY MAY 6, 2016 10:30 PM MST… Here’s something novel… replays. I actually taped the
show. (Again sorry about last week.) Podcasts are out. Downloads are up. Stream is on. Now about
that trivia question— which I remembered to ask this week. In The US, most of these are found in
California than anywhere else. But that’s still only 274 of them. Virginia comes in second with 141 of
them. Pennsylvania with 99 is third. New York with 92 is fourth and Texas rounds out the top 5 with
73 of them. Of what? Haunted Houses. Talk to you next week 7 PM MST (10 ET / 7 PT).

APRIL 2016

FRIDAY APRIL 29, 2016 10:00 PM... Podcasts are not out, downloads are not up, stream is on, but
it's last week's show. Yes, I forgot to tape tonight's program-- but I also forgot to ask the trivia
question (got on late, more interested in my toasted ravioli and coke). Apologies with amends to
come next Friday night.

FRIDAY APRIL 22, 2016 9:30 PM MST… Podcasts are out, Downloads are up, Stream is On and
I’m gone. So is tonight’s trivia question, which was easily answered by Uncle Duke: As of 2001,
3,978 US government employees were authorized to do this. Do what? Stamp a document as “Top
Secret”. Talk to you next Friday 10 ET / 7 PT.

FRIDAY APRIL 15, 2016 9:30 PM MST… Kimberly aced the trivia question: The first member of
congress to ever announce this, did so in 1983. Announced what? That he was gay. Gerry Studs
D-Mass was the first openly gay member of congress. But what was more eye raising was his
conduct years earlier. He was censured for admitting to a an affair with a 17 year old page (age of
consent in DC is 16, but still considered inappropriate due to their vastly different status). Stream is
on, downloads are out, podcasts are up and I’m gone— till next Friday.. remember that’s 7 PM
Mountain STANDARD Time— 10 PM ET, 7 PM PT.

FRIDAY APRIL 8, 2016 9:40 PM MST… Stream’s on, Downloads are up, Podcasts are out, and
Trivia is hereby answered: McDonald’s golden arches are the second most recognizable symbol in
the world. What’s the first? The five rings of the Olympic Games (according to John Vidal in the
book McLibel). Talk to you next Friday, 7 PM Mountain Standard Time here in Arizona.

FRIDAY APRIL 1, 2016 9:00 PM MT… We got through the show, which is an accomplishment in
and of itself. Feeling much better than last week, but positive comparison to last week’s yardstick
would include pretty much anyone still breathing. Los Angeles police officers spend approximately
15% of their on duty time doing this. Doing what? Responding to false burglar alarm calls. The
department gets about 106,000 a year, 95% of which are false. Podcasts are out, downloads are
up, stream is on and I’m gone till next Friday— Mountain Standard Time. (That’s 10 PM ET, 7 PM

MARCH 2016

FRIDAY MARCH 25, 2016 7:00 PM MST… Writing this before the show as I’m not sure I’ll be well
enough to post it afterwards. Food poisoning. Since Monday night. Awful. So… the trivia question
(assuming I get through the show long enough to ask): According to one extensive research study,
Rio de Janeiro is the kindest city in the world. Kuala Lumpur is the least kind- followed fairly closely
by New York City. The researchers then turned their attention exclusively to America. Picking 36
cities at random, they conducted the same research. What city did they determine is the kindest in
the USA? Rochester, NY. The study, which took place in 2003, included the percentage of people
who would give inadvertently dropped pens back to their owner, whether a man with an injured leg
would get help picking up a dropped magazine, and whether a blind person would get assistance in
crossing a busy street. If you’re reading this, podcasts are out, downloads are up, replays are
streaming and I’m praying’ to die. It’s actually better than it was a couple days ago, but that’s little
consolation right now. Don’t forget about Daylight Savings Time— it probably means we’re on an
hour later than you’re used to hearing us— unless you’re in Arizona, then all is as usual. Talk to you
next week. Now there’s confidence, given my precarious state.

FRIDAY MARCH 18, 2016 10:00 PM MST Trivia question? If you’re an American adult, the odds are
1 in 4 that you’ve got one. More people in Seattle have them than in any other state, almost half of
them— 48.8%, have one. Have one what? A bachelor’s degree. Census figures show that 25.9% of
Americans over 25 have a bachelors degree or higher. Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream
is on, and I’m gone till next Friday. Daylight savings reminder. Arizona doesn’t have it. So the show
is probably on an hour later than it has been. That’s 7PM Mountain Standard Time, meaning the
show is on at 10 on the East Coast, 7 on the West Coast.

FRIDAY MARCH 11, 2016 In 1924 the New York Times declared that engaging in this was a sign of
“Temporary Madness” as it was nothing more than a “primitive sort of mental exercise”. Engaging in
what? Filling out Crossword puzzles. Rather ironic, no? They bemoaned crosswords’ popularity
coming right after the fad of mahjong, causing people to pay exorbitant rates for sets and tiles.
Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on and now I’m gone… Don’t forget, Arizona doesn’t
have daylight savings time— so next week, if you’re anywhere else, the show will start an hour later
. 10 PM ET, 9 PM CT, 8 PM MT and 7 PM PT. Talk to you then!

FRIDAY MARCH 4, 2016 8:10 PM MT... We planned, God laughed. Don't expect a podcast or
replay because there was no show. There was no show because there were no phones. There
were no phones because... no, that's far to embarrassing to admit. Let's just call it operator error. I
wasn't the operator (nor was Jon) but what went wrong was right in front of us, so we should have
been able to track it down quickly, even if it wasn't of our doing. I could elaborate but I won't. I was
back in business 45 minutes later, but too late to expect anyone to be hanging out "just in case". So
on to next week. But before I go, I want to mention someone who is gone: John Rook.

It pains me to report his passing, but his pain is now over, and for that I'm grateful. John was a good
friend for many years and I'll miss everything about him. Thinking of him will always make me smile.
But I mention it as it's also a big loss for radio. John programmed KQV in Pittsburgh to stunning
results that caused ABC to promote him to program director of WLS where he was from about 1965
through 1969. Everyone in the business is familiar with his reign there-- it was nothing short of a
phenomenon. The amount of people who got into radio because of WLS is huge- including one
Rush Limbaugh who used to listen to Larry Lujack (a Rook hire on both WLS and WCFL, which
he consulted after leaving WLS causing people to wonder if he was sane, trying to topple his own
handiwork but the results were predictably Rook-- he exceeded everyone's expectations).

It's been about a month since we talked but I want to share part of the conversation-- John was
complainin' (as only he could) that the press on him always played up WLS, but rarely mentioned
KFI (in Los Angeles which he programmed for years from the '70s into the '80s). Given the time
frame, and KFI's less than noteworthy track record, he felt what he was able to accomlish there was
actually more of a feat than 'LS. "And no one ever mentions it!" he almost wailed. I promised I'd go
in and edit his wiki page-- eventually. Now that his obit is everywhere, I haven't had a chance to see
how KFI is positioned, but John-- wherever you are, I hope you're reading this, knowing I set the
record straight.

One caveat: I tend to agree with those who highlight WLS, and I wish more folks knew what an
unlikely whirlwind he was in Pittsburgh, but probably most of all I recall Rook, as "Johnny Rowe"
filing in in both morning and afternoon drive on WABC in New York when the jocks there walked out
on strike.

I wrote about John in my book, but if you haven't read it, he's a prime example of winning every
battle and losing the war. He had a chain of small market stations that Clear Channel wanted to add
to their holdings. When he wouldn't sell, they undercut him (offering fatally low commercial rates to
his sponsors) to the point that it was impossible for him to operate. The Justice Department
confirmed he had a case, but they informed him he'd have to fight it privately. (That should have
been a clue to what would come.) John's assets were well in the 7 figures, but dwarfed by Clear
Channel's in-house legal resources. They had no problem delaying, appealing and all manner of
depleting John's funds. So each battle he won brought him closer to not having the money to fight,
which was the ultimate outcome. Shakespeare was right. First kill all the lawyers. None of them
explained the difference between the battles and war, and the end result was John Rook, who
made so much money for so many people, had none of his own. The last decade has been very

And now it's rougher on his sister Dot. She and John lived together on their ranch in Coeur d'Alene.
With him gone, so goes what income he had. Frankly, it's a stretch for her to afford the cremation
bill. And it's a damn shame. But I'm hoping that enough of us who remember John fondly will kick in
a few bucks. Jason Rook, who was the light in John's eyes and a hugh help to both him and Dot,
has set up a GoFundMe accout. Even if you've only got a dollar, every one will add up. Here's a
link: --Bless you for considering it.

I should mention that one of John's pet projects was his Hit Parade Hall of Fame. That will go on,
under the guidance of former CBS Records president Ron Alexenburg.
will keep you posted.

As Claude Hall says, "We come, we do, we go." I know John is in a much better place, and that's
the only thing that makes this easier to bear. RIP to our friend, John Rook.


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 26, 2016 10:45 PM MT… We got a correct answer on our trivia question:
Texas has the most of them in the USA— 229,000. Alaska has the least— 610. Most and least of
what? Farms. Podcasts are out. Downloads are up. Stream is on… and you guessed it: I’m gone.
Talk to you next Friday night at 7 PM Mountain Standard Time.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 19, 2016 10:45 PM MT… Stream is on, Download is up, Podcast is out, and
I’m outta here— but not before answering today’s trivia question: This cause of death is all too
common now , but the first ever report of someone succumbing to this was in the mid 1890s in
Great Britain. Three years later the first victim in America died from it. From what? Automobile
accidents— more specifically being hit by a car. In 1896, Bridget Driscoll was run over on a London
street. In 1899, Henry Bliss was stepping off a Trolley car at 74th and Central Park West when he
was hit by a taxi.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 12, 2016 9:40 MT…. Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on, and
I’m gone.. but first the trivia question, in case you missed it: The Philadelphia Flyers hockey team
claimed that doing this before a game led to a disproportionate amount of wins from 1969 to 2004.
What was their lucky charm? Playing Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” before the games led to 67
wins in that time frame. It accounted for 17 losses and 3 ties. No word on whether it was worth it.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 5, 2016 9:40 MT…. Trivia answer? First the question: It’s been widely reported
that the most intelligent dog is the Border Collie, followed by the Poodle and German Shepherd. But
what’s considered to be the least? Now the answer: The Bulldog, followed by Basenji, Afghan
Hound and Chow. Stanley Coren remarked that there’s probably furniture out there more trainable
than Chows.

Some links? Jon Gaunt’s Talk2MeRadio. And if you’re not up for the Super Bowl of football, how
about of radio? Air checks are duking it out Sunday 3 to 5 ET on  Podcast? Out.
Downloads? Up. Stream? On. And me? I’m gone. Talk to you live next Friday at 7 MT.


FRIDAY JANUARY 29, 2016 9:45 MT…. Podcasts are out, downloads are up, stream is on and
trivia question is answered. If you missed that last part: Countless hit movies were made in the 20th
century. Counting the curse words in those hit movies released before the year 2000, which movie
has the most profanity? Pulp Fiction is #1 with 411 curse words, released in 1994. South Park
Bigger Longer and Uncut from 1999 has the most profanity per minute, with 399 words in 80
minutes. Other notables include Scarface from 1984 with 299 curse words. Good Fellas from 1990
gets an honorable mention. It had 246 four letter F words alone. Talk to you next Friday.

FRIDAY JANUARY 22, 2016 10:15 MT…. Stream is on, downloads are up, podcasts are out, trivia
is answered: In 1910 only 9 people in America held this job. 100 years later, there are almost
14,000 doing it. Doing what? Working as a special agent for the FBI. And I’m gone, till next Friday at

FRIDAY JANUARY 15, 2015 10:30 PM... Trivia question? The size of them went up, but the number
of them went down. Today they are three times as big on average, but we’ve got less than half the
number we had in 1950. Back then, there were 5.4 million of these in America. 50 years later, there
are 2.1 million of them. What are they? Farms. (It’s a somewhat nebulous statistic as the
government defines “farm” as an enterprise selling more than $1,000 in agricultural products a year.
6 out of 10 farms sell less than $10,000 worth of goods annually. The average size of a farm went
from 139 acres in 1910 to 441 acres today. And of course the biggest change is corporate farming.)

So you like internet streams— particularly those that play some goodies you never hear on the
radio? Rich Brother Robbin has one, and you can hear it here. But Rich Bro is like so may
micro-streamers in that he has no idea what he’ll do if the CRB doesn’t carve out a niche for small
webcasters. This problem amplifies the reality that there’s no money in this labor of love for what
are essentially hobbyists. And there’s a real possibility that guys like Rich Bro will have to hang up
his online headphones. That’s where you come in. There’s a donate button on where you can contribute. Doesn’t have to be much. Even a couple bucks
will make a difference. And what better way to spend your snack money than supporting the kind of
radio you don’t hear on the radio anymore?

Stream is on, downloads are up, podcasts are out, and as the clock strikes go, I’m gone until next
Friday at 7 (Mountain). Talk to you then!

FRIDAY JANUARY 8, 11:59 PM MT... Happy Birthday Val Shively! Trivia question? 20% of spouses
claim this is a stress in their marriage. What? Golf, according to Sports Illustrated. No word on
percentage of wives verses husbands on that statistic. Podcasts out, stream on, downloads up, I’m
gone— till next Friday night, 7 PM MT.

FRIDAY JANUARY 1, 2016 10:20 PM MT… So good to talk with Tribune Television President Sean
Compton about Johnny Carson’s debut on AntennaTV tonight. Hopefully you caught it. If not,
there’s always tomorrow, or any day thereafter. 366 days in 2016 with 366 different shows to
watch— complete shows, not clips. Find out more at

We managed to get some trivia in too. And Mike knew the answer to tonight’s question: Fishing is
America’s oldest, and arguably favorite, pastime. But what American city boasts the highest
percentage of anglers? Minneapolis —with 38% of residents fishing, according to American
Demographics in 2003. Land of 10,000 lakes and all— "all" being 10 million mosquitos.

The Rollye James’ I Hate The Holidays Club is now officially closed. You made it through another
year! We’ll reopen next year on Thanksgiving— but lots of shows between now and then. Every
Friday at 9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT (until Daylight Savings Time anyway).

Downloads are up. Podcasts are out. Stream is on. And I'll talk to you live next Friday.

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