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MAY 2022

THURSDAY MAY 26, 2022 3:31 AM CT..  We’ll talk with Mary Ann Winkowski tonight at 10. Call
early!  Usually the hour ends with many of your still on hold.  Start dialing at 10.  Mary Ann, as you
probably know, sees ghosts.  And if there are any in the building from which you are calling, she’ll
tell you about them. So, if too many things have been going bump in the night, or day, get to the
bottom of it tonight at 10.  Last night’s bumpers, almost all by your request:

Pointer Sisters- How Long (Betcha Got A Chick On The Side)
Hi-Lo’s – O Pato
General Johnson – Gone Fishin’
Donnie Elbert – Can’t Get Over Losing You
Sammy Turner – Lavender Blue
Gene Chandler – Familiar Footsteps
Cues – Why
Delfonics - La La Means I Love You
Sammy Turner – Always
Nolan Strong & The Diablos – Someday You’ll Want Me To Want You
Warren Smith – I’ve Got Love If You Want It

WEDNESDAY MAY 25, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  Sorry so many of you were on hold when the show
ended... but where were you when it started?  A full half hour and... crickets.  Call earlier tonight.  It
was interesting to get Sean from Sandwich’s take on why young people don’t want to work... many
of them are making money hand over fist on social media.  A 17 year old is making over $17 million
a year on TikTok.  And while she’s in rarified air, a whole lot of youngsters between 17 and 24 and
making over $100,000—doing something close to nothing.   So much for productivity.  As usual, the
Chinese are getting the last laugh.  I mentioned the late Bob Abrahamian’s SittingInThePark
website. Click on it for some great interviews.  What I played last night was virtually all by request
(list below). We’ll do it again tonight at 10. Talk to you then.

Little Richard – Directly From My Heart (1953 Peacock)
Little Richard – Directly From My Heart (1966 Modern)
Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You
Spyder Turner – Stand By Me
Cassius Clay – Stand By Me
Ben E. King – Stand By Me
Lou Rawls – Spring Again –
Nathaniel Mayer – Village Of Love
Joe Jeffrey Group – My Pledge of Love
Bobby Sheen – Sweet Sweet Love
Tavares – Whodunit

TUESDAY MAY 24, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  Full show tonight, starting at 10 CT.  Anything goes.  Fun
playing Monday Night Trivia last night. Took you a whie to get the first question:

An education question: prior to the mid 1920s, 22 states had laws making it illegal to study this
commonly taught class.  Study what?   Foreign language.  The supreme court struck such
restrictions down in 1923.  According to the publication Government Executive in 2002, the first
female governor of Texas proclaimed, “if English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it’s good
enough for us.”

But you knocked off the next two with great speed:

This common sight world wide wasn’t seen on a street anywhere until the 1850s.  What common
sight?   A mailbox.  The first four were installed on the Isle of Jersey in Great Britain on November
23, 1852 at the suggestion of a novelist and post office employee.   The first one in the US was
patented in 1858 in Philadelphia incorporated into a lamp post.

We’re talking the NFL here.  In 1980, this was true for only one player.  25 years later, it was true for
339 players. What?  The players weight was 300 pounds or more.  The first was Les Bingaman who
played offensive guard and defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions from 1948 to 1954.

Then we asked on that will be held over til next week—it’ll give you time to think about it.  Didn’t
hear it? Well, listen to the replay on Friday, or wait until next Monday when we’ll start out by asking
it again.

Bumper Stumpers by the numbers—we’re into titles now. The first word in every title was a number.
You got a few of ‘em:  (Crests, Pete Wingfield, Four Tops and Brook Benton) but you missed several
as well. Here’s what we played;

Berna-Dean One Gal In Town
Crests - 16 Candles
Sherwoods - Three Love Letters Ago
Pete Wingfield – Eighteen With A Bullet
Brian Hyland - 3000 Miles
Showmen - 39-21-40 Shape
Four Tops - 7 Rooms of Gloom
Lions - Two Timing Lover
Brook Benton - Two Tickets To Paradise
Reflections - Three Steps from True Love
Blenders - Two Loves  - 1959 Aladdin

FRIDAY MAY 20, 2022 3:31 AM CT... Fun talking about 100 years of WGN. If you didn’t catch the
documentary, you can see it at  Tonight is the replay of Monday Night Trivia,
which will be live again this coming Monday Night at 10. Talk to you then.  Here’s what we played
last night:

Frank Sinatra – Chicago
Young Holt Unlimited – Soulful Strut
Chiffons – One Fine Day
Faron Young – Hello Walls
Little Hank – Mr. Bang Bang Man
Lloyd Price – Personality
Big Daddy - Hamster Love
Keith – You’ll Come Running Back To Me
Kane & Abel – Break Down and Cry
Del Vikings – Jitterbug Mary
Matt Monro – Walk Away

THURSDAY MAY 19, 2022  3:31 AM  Happy Birthday to WGN Radio which celebrates 100 years of
broadcasting today. Check out the documentary tonight at 7 CT, on WGN-TV9.  If you’re outside the
viewing area, you’ll be able to see it as of Friday at  Tonight at 10 CT, we’ll talk
about the legendary history and hopefully hear from you about your favorite WGN moments. 
Bumpers by request last night. Here’s what we played:

Mary Wells – You Beat Me To The Punch
Gene Chandler – You Threw A Lucky Punch
Eddie Kendricks – Boogie Down =
Etta James – At Last
Etta & Harvey – My Heart Cries
Kool & The Gang – Take My Heart
Wilbert Harrison – Let’s Work Together
Cashmeres – Satisfied Pt 1 & 2
Robins – Smokey Joe’s Cafe
Robins – Cherry Lips
Robins – A Fool In Love

Oh, if you were waiting to hear Mary Ann Winkowski tonight, mark your calendar for NEXT
Thursday 5/26.  She’ll join us at 10!

WEDNESDAY MAY 18, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  As usual we entertained ourselves with utter nonsense
ignoring anything of substance going on around us.  This show is nothing if not your safe haven
from what you can’t control anyway.  And we played your requests too.  Full show again
tonight—talk to you at 10 Central.

David Ruffin – Walk Away From Love
Miss Toni Fisher – The Big Hurt
Jimmy Ruffin – What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted
The Prophets – Stormy (awful just awful)
Cadillacs – The Girl I Love
Spaniels – Stormy Weather
Woolies – Who Do You Love
Bo Diddley – Who Do You Love
Tiny Topsy – Aw Shucks Baby
Four Aces – Tell Me Why
Five Keys – Gee Whitakers
5 Stars – Aw Shucks

TUESDAY MAY 17, 2022 3:31 AM CT..  We’re live tonight at 10.  More murder, mayhem, your
bumper requests and whatever’s on your mind.  

Fun playing Monday Night Trivia last night. Took a while but eventually you dispensed with our

There’s a 75 percent chance that an American man owns at least one. One what? A pair of khaki
pants.  (They also own 4 pairs of denim shorts and two denim shirts, according to women’s wear

And our follow up question went in minutes:  In 1950, 7% of American women admitted they did
this.  By 2000, 55% said they did it.  Did what?  Dyed their hair.

Scotty knocked off a few of our Bumper Stumpers by the number. Here’s the whole list:

4 Fellows – Soldier Boy
4 Gents – Young Girls Beware
3 Degrees – No No Not again
4 Horsemen - A Long Long Time
4 J’s – Here I Am Broken Hearted
4 Mints – You’re My Desire
4 Jewels – That’s What They Put Erasers on Pencils For
4 Tops – I’ve Got A Feeling
7 Souls – I Still Love You
8th Day – You’ve Got To Crawl (Before You Walk)
3 Flames – Open The Door Richard

FRIDAY THE 13th OF MAY  2022 3:31 AM CT...  The Murder Meter clicked a few times last night
and we covered all of the salient points along with your calls. We played your requests too. 
Tonight’s a replay of Monday Night Trivia, but we’ll be back live Monday night at 10 to do it live
again. Talk to you then.

Moonglows – Secret Love
Roger Miller – King of the Road
Carla Thomas – Gee Whiz
Mary Wells – Two Lovers
Earl Jean – I’m Into Something Good 1
Arthur Alexander – Every Day I Have To Cry Some
Dovells – Your Last Chance
Miracles – Tracks Of My Tears
Royalettes – It’s Gonna Take A Miracle
Shangri-Las – Leader Of The Pack

THURSDAY MAY 11, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  Live tonight at 10.  Last night’s bumpers?

Ray Charles – Hallelujah I Love Her So
Heartbeats  - A Thousand Miles Away
Otis Redding – (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay
Daylighters – Cool Breeze
Brenda Holloway – You’ve Changed Me
Arthur Prysock – I Worry About You
Del Shannon – Runaway
Otis Redding & Carla Thomas – Tramp
Otis Redding – Respect
Eddie Cletro – Flying Saucer Boogie

WEDNESDAY MAY 11, 2022 3:31 AM... Played your requests last night, and talked about whatever
was on your mind—we opened with a call from Jay Melnick who discussed telephone scams. 
Billions of American dollars are lost to these nefarious call centers, often in India.  If you’re curious
about how they operate, check out, loaded with good info, and the scam of the day. 
Or go to and search for Jim Browning (the Scottish scam-bater); Mark Rober (of
Glitter Bomb fame, a former NASA engineer); or TrilogyMedia, which tracks scams in America. 
Nice to see the bad guys squirm and their videos will give you a bird’s eye view of it.

Donald & The Delighters – (Native Girl) Elephant Walk
Pastels – So Far Away
O’Jays – Stairway To Heaven
Kenny Vance – Looking for an Echo
Kim Weston – Looking For The Right Guy
Drifters – I Gotta Get Myself a Woman
Starlites – Valarie
Penguins – Hey Senorita
Ray Stevens – I Need Your Help Barry Manilow
Gene Pitney – Every Breath I Take
Charlie Rich – Rollin’ With The Flow

TUESDAY MAY 10, 2022  3:31 AM CT... We’ll be live tonight at 10, and anything goes.  Last night,
was Monday Night Trivia, and you quickly guessed my first question:  What inexpensive consumer
good gave away land with each purchase— over 20 million deeds in the 1950s. Breakfast cereal.
(Quaker Oats paid $1,000 for a 7.7 hectacre piece of land in the Canadian Yukon, divided it up into
one inch pieces and put the deeds to those pieces in 21 million boxes of Puffed Wheat and Puffed
Rice. Quaker still gets dozens of inquires each year from people with the deeds to the 1 inch
pieces.) The next question stumped you, and that’s where we’ll begin next Monday night. If you
missed it, you can hear it on the replay stream or download it, or listen to WGN on Friday night
when the show replays on the air.  We did Bumper Stumpers by the Numbers. Every group’s name
began with a number. Here’s what we played:

5 Discs – Never Gonna Let You Go
5 Royales – Catch That Teardrop
4 Seasons – Soon
2 of Clubs – Walk Tall
5 Stars – Ooh Shucks
5 Flights Up – Do What  You Wanna Do
5 Keys – I Took Your Love For A Toy
5 Satins – Our Annivesary
5 Stairsteps – Ooh Baby Baby
5 Smooth Stones – I Will Never Love Another
4 Deuces – WPLJ

FRIDAY MAY 6, 2022 3:31 AM...  Trivia tonight is a replay but mark your calendar for Monday Night
Trivia at 10 CT, when we’ll be live and hoping to hear from you.  We celebrated Cinco de Mayo last
night, talked with several of you about a wide variety of things (as usual) and played several
bumpers—mostly your requests: 

War – Cinco de Mayo 
Kool & The Gang – Take My Heart
Carla Thomas – B-A-B-Y
Sam Cooke – Good News
Mary Wells- The One Who Really Loves You
Cleftones – Lover Boy
Dionne Warwick – Don’t Make Me Over
Wilson Picket – Sugar Sugar
Wilson Pickett - Cole, Cooke & Redding
Malo – Suavecito
Crests – Step By Step

THURSDAY CINCO DE MAYO 2022 3:31 AM CT... It’s not a big holiday in Mexico, but it’s festivities
everywhere in Mexican American communities today.  And contrary to what the Smithsonian
Institute says, it’s not because of the invention of the frozen margarita machine.  (I kid you not, they
somehow tied it together. Check out this link. (Thank you, Carol.)   We jumped the gun early,
playing War’s Cinco de Mayo as our last bumper last night, and we’ll probably do play it again
tonight.  As usual the subject matter will be whatever you call to discuss.  Here’s what we played
last night. All by your requests:

Diablos – Mind Over Matter
Pirates (Temptations) – Mind Over Matter
Papa John Creach – Danny Boy
Papa John Creach – Three In Love
Judds – Mama He’s Crazy
Gene Chandler – Rainbow ’65
James Brown – You’ve Got The Power
Cookies – Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys
War – Cinco de Mayo

WEDNESDAY MAY 4, 2022 3:31 AM..  We were all over the place last night, including talk of
depression in the wake of Naomi Judd’s suicide, and on a happy note, Stacy’s report of the first
really good news since Raldo’s passing.  Apologies to those of you still on hold at show’s end, but
the good news is we’re live again tonight at 10 and I’ll look forward to talking with you then. As for
last night’s bumpers—all requests:

Cheryl Lynn – Got To Be Real
Luther Vandross – Never Too Much
Betty Wright – Clean Up Woman
Gene Chandler – Just Be True
Thee Midniters – That’s All
Moonglows – In My Diary
Chantels – Maybe
Judds – Why Not Me
Janie Grant – That Greasy Kid Stuff

TUESDAY MAY 3, 2022 3:31 AM CT... Talk to you tonight at 10!  Fun with Monday Night Trivia last
night, loss of phones in the first half hour of the show notwithstanding, but all was well after that,
and you not only knocked off the straggler, but the follow up as well:  The decade of the 1910s had
a lot of firsts, including the first one of these events.  It was held in Chicago. No one had ever seen
anything like it before.  Papers reported that every seat in the house was filled, with boxes replete
with society women and aristocrats. First one of what?  The first fashion runway show. (3 years
later, also in Chicago was a fashion show featuring 100 "shapely" women strutting 250 American
made styles.)  Once a month, every month the US Navy refrains from doing this. Doing what? 
Launching a ship on the 13th of the month (Friday or not).    And we concluded Bumper Stumpers A
to Z, at least from the standpoint of artists.  We covered X-Y & Z.  OK, there weren’t any X’s but as
for those Y’s and Z’s, here's what we played:

Zingara – Lover’s Calling
Yum Yums – Lookie Lookie (What I Got)
Young Jesse – Mary Lou
Youngtones – Come On Baby
Yvonne Carroll – Gee What A Guy
Young Holt Unlimited – Wack Wack
ZZ Hill – Gimme Gimme
Yvonne Fair – I Found You
Ze-Majestics – Bobbi Ann
Zodiacs – I Remember

So go ahead and make fun of me. I’ve got to be the only broadcaster at reduced power due to a
bald eagle not only deciding to make a large nest for her offspring on one of my towers, but to
ground it as well, stealing part of the AM ground system to do it, no less.

APRIL 2022

FRIDAY APRIL 29, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  It was great talking with Mary Ann Winkowski last
night—thanks for calling in.  Several of you had ghosts nearby, so that was fun to hear. Tonight
Monday Night Trivia replays, and we’ll be back at it Monday night with our straggler (which you’ll
hear tonight, if you don’t remember it).  That gives you time to think about it until next Monday night
at 10, when I’ll be eager to hear your guesses.  As for last night’s bumpers:

Vi-Tones – Blue Moon
Jimmy Preston & The Prestonaires - Rock The Joint
Bill Haley with the Saddlemen – Rock The Joint
Flamingos – But Not For Me
Jerry Butler – Mr. Dream Merchant
Intruders – Together
Wilbert Harrison – Let’s Work Together
Tierra - Together

THURSDAY APRIL 28, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  Mary Ann Winkowski joins me tonight for the first hour
of the show at 10 CT.  If you think you have ghosts around you, she’ll let you know.  All you have to
do is call—but call early.  Because if you wait, the chances of getting on the air drop significantly. 
We’ll follow it with, as usual, anything goes. 

At 104 years old Art Rupe died earlier this month.  He was the owner of Specialty Records, so we
devoted last night’s bumpers to songs that came out on Specialty. Here’s what we played:

Lloyd Price – Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Jesse & Marvin – Dream Girl
Tony Allen – Nite Owl
Ben Zeppa – A Foolish Fool
Larry Williams – Short Fat Fannie
Sam Cooke – I’ll Come Running Back To You
Joe Liggins – The Honeydripper

WEDNESDAY APRIL 27, 2022 3:31 AM CT... We’ll be on tonight after the last Blackhawk’s
interruption of the season, so I’m told. That means a start at 11 PM CT.  I hope you’ll join me.  As for
last night’s bumpers:

James Brown Polka
Arthur Prysock – When Love Is New
William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You Got
Wynonie Harris – Sittin’ On It All The Time
Freddie Scott – Hey Girl
Tremeloes – Here Comes My Baby
Willie Hutch – Slide
Eddie Cochran – Summertime Blues
James Brown – This Is A Man, Man, Man’s World
Chips – Rubber Biscuit
Billy Bland – Let The Little Girl Dance

TUESDAY APRIL 26, 2022 3:31 AM CT... Full show tonight (despite what I thought last week)
starting promptly at 10 CT. I hope you’ll call.  Thanks for playing Monday Night Trivia last night. I
threw out a new question and we closed the show without a correct answer so we’ll open with it
next Monday night. It’ll give you a week to think about it. (Missed the show? You can download it, or
listen to the stream.)  Bumper Stumpers A to Z wrapped up the letter “W” last night, and here’s what
we played:

Wade Flemons – Here I Stand
Wynonie Harris – All She Wants To Do Is Rock
Whispers – What Will I Do
Wild Cherry – Hold On
Willows – Church Bells May Ring
Woman – I Want To Get Back
Willie Tee – Teasin You
Wrens – Begging For Love
William Bell – Any Other Way

THURSDAY APRIL 21, 2022 3:31 AM.. It was over before I knew it—last night’s show ran from
12:30 to 1, after the Blackhawks.  Thanks to everyone who called, and apologies to most of you as I
ran out of time to talk. Tonight the Blackhawks are in LA, so no show for me.  Monday Night Trivia
next week, with a half hour late start—figure 10:30 CDT.   No show next Tuesday—but that should
be the last play by play interruption of the season.  Regular start Wednesday and Thursday--  and
Thursday I’ll be joined by Mary Ann Winkowski.    We had time for one bumper last night—The
Tuneweavers – Happy Birthday Baby, for Stacey whose birthday is today.  Scotty from East
Chicago suggested we all wish her a happy birthday, which I thought was a great idea.  Talk to you
Monday night at 10:30. 

WEDNESDAY APRIL 20, 2022 3:31 AM..  Tonight we’ve got a half hour show, right after the
Blackhawks who are on the West Coast. Expect a 12:30 AM CT start.  Full show last night and good
to hear from many of you.  Sad to note the passing of Sid Mark, who died at 88 Monday. For 65
years he had a show devoted solely to Frank Sinatra.  The last one played on Sunday on 1210 AM
WPHT Philadelphia.  In addition to some Frank, I played your requests and after the Barbra
Streisand/Don Johnson song, I publicly vowed not to play any more of them—unless you’re into
sweet soul and great R&B vocal group harmony.  Then by all means, weigh in.  Everything else is
subject to denial.  Here’s what we played:

Frank Sinatra – Learnin’ The Blues
Frank Sinatra – One For My Baby
Honeycombs – Have I The Right
Lavern Baker – Jim Dandy
Jaynetts – Sally Go Round The Roses
Four Tops – Ask The Lonely
Barbra Streisand & Don Johnson – Til Loved You
Gene “Duke of Earl” Chandler – Tear for Tear
Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride
Steppenwolf – Power Play
Frank Sinatra – Night & Day

TUESDAY APRIL 19, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  Full show tonight at 10 CT. Call!  (Not sure if there are
any other shows this week—Blackhawks are on the West Coast.)  We had fun with Monday Night
Trivia, and our straggler from last week went all night without a correct guess:   Alaska is loaded
with wildlife, but it’s the only state in the US where you can’t find this species What is it?  Bass.  (I
tried this question out on Jon, who got the right answer immediately-- it made me hesitant to use it,
but it turned out to be a real stumper.  It's probably not the only correct answer, but it was the one  I
was waiting to hear.)   As for Bumper Stumpers A to Z, you got the Wilburn Brothers, Wet Willie and
The Whispers. Here’s everything we played:

Wild Cherry – 1 2 3 Kind Of Love
Wilburn Brothers – Oo Bop Sha Boom
William Bell – Formula of Love
Wailers – Stop The Clock
Willie Hamilton – I’m So Glad You’re Mine
Wrens – C’est La Vie
Wet Willie – Street Corner Serenade
Whispers – I Was Born When You Kissed Me
War – Don’t Let No One Get You Down

FRIDAY APRIL 15, 2022 3:31 AM CT... Tonight it’s a replay of Monday Night Trivia, but Monday
Night, right after the Blackhawks, we’ll be live with trivia for at least two hours, maybe more, so start
checking around 10:20 and we’ll find out together when the show starts.   Last night we talked
about a lot of things, including how many Platters bands performed.  At one point world wide, the
number was reported to be 125. Lawsuits ensued, and the result was almost as cloudy as it ever
was.  But in case you’re interested, Unca Marvy has about the closest to a definitive recollection as
you’ll get, here.  But here’s another article of interest. And here's a list from a decade ago of over 12
active Platters groups (though it's dated-- in addition to Herb Reed being dead, Sonny Turner sadly
is too). As for some of the lawsuits, here’s what the Las Vegas paper had to say years ago.  Clear
as mud.  We did play my arguably my favorite Platters record (from their early Federal period,
though it could be tied with “I Love You 1000 Times” on Musicor).  And we managed to get in a few
of your requests as well. 

Capitols – Hello Stranger
Gene Chandler – What Now
Glencoves – Hootenanny
Donna Loren – It Only Hurts When I Cry
Platters – Voo-Vee-Ah-Bee

THURSDAY APRIL 14, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  Full show last night.  Like all the others, it will be on the
stream until the next live show (in this case, tonight after Blackhawks Hockey at 11 CT), and
downloadable anytime, including a file of the first hour with Richard Schickel. As for the bumpers
we played (mostly requests):

Jesse James Singers – Income Tax Evasion
Silhouettes – Heading For The Poorhouse
Barbara Lynn -You’ll lose a Good Thing
Trooper Jim Foster – Four On The Floor (And A Fifth Under The Seat)
Doris Day – Oo-Wee Baby
Elvis Presley – Lonesome Cowboy
Richard Berry – Have Love Will Travel
Marlo – Could Of Haad A Good Thing
Marlo – Understanding
Four Coins – The World Outside

WEDNESDAY APRIL 13, 2022 11:00 PM CT... We barely scratched the surface of IRS info, so we'll
have Richard Schickel on again, but if you're looking for an enrolled agent, RMS Consulting in
Tucson (520-448-3531) is where you'll find Richard and several other retired IRS agents.  Open
lines for the next two hours.  Call me now.  888-876-5593.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 13, 2022 9:30 PM CT... There's a couple more Richard Schickel books I
forgot to mention.  "Now Is The Best Time Ever To Owe The IRS."  ( Turns out things might be
worse for the IRS than they are for you-- but you need to know what you're doing.  And "What To Do
When The IRS Is After You," may prove to be mighty helpful too.  (Click on both for a good price
from Amazon, and check out Richard's other books in the post below.)  Call him with questions
tonight at 10 CT.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 13, 2022 3:31 AM CT... Had fun talking with you for a couple hours.  If you
missed it, yes I went to Home Depot with Jon and we determined that I could nicely fit in the 55
gallon plastic container with the lid snapped tightly shut.  There really wasn’t much activity.
Customers quickly backed out of the aisle while Jon was affixing the cover, and I was out of the box
before the helpful clerk asked if he could be of assistance.  “Why yes, yes you can—where are the
power strips?” was my reply, completely ignoring the fact that I popped out of a container as he
rounded the corner.  So the boys in Lyon, IL would have had no trouble burying mom and sis—not
in Tupperware mind you, that’s entirely too small, but in the more generic storage container, no
problem. In fact, if they were small gals, they might have ben able to get both of ‘em in a 70 gallon
model.  Bumpers were by request, and here’s what we played:

Summertime- Roger Williams
Summertime – Billy Stewart 
Raymond Lefevre – Ame Caline (Soul Coaxing)
Ral Donner – You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until You Lose It
Chi-Lites – Hot On A Thing
Jive Bombers – Bad Boy

Full show tonight, and I’ve got a guest in the first hour you’re gonna want to hear:  Richard
Schickel.  He spent 33 years with the IRS in Chicago and Tucson as a revenue officer and he’s
seen it all.  Even better he’s written about it. (Click on the links for good Amazon prices.)  “IRS
Whistleblower” is a great expose of the truth behind the most dangerous creditor in the world.  
More spellbinding is the recently published “Why The IRS Doesn’t Work Anymore” If you think
getting a letter from the IRS is a hellacious experience, working for them is even worse, and
Richard will tell you all about it and answer any question you might have. Call 888-876-5593 at 10
PM Central tonight.  Did you know there are two big things the IRS is hiding from you?  Find out
what they are on tonight’s show.  

TUESDAY APRIL 12, 2022 3:31 AM CT... 3 hours of Monday Night Trivia last night, and the first
question I threw out remained unanswered at the end of the show, so it’s a straggler to be held over
until next Monday Night.   As for Bumper Stumpers A to Z, we finished “V” and began to tackle “W”. 
All the artists’ first names or group names began with a “V” or a “W”. You got several of them! 
Here’s all we played:

Vito & The Salutations – Unchained Melody
Vocaleers – I’ll Be There
Vows – I Wanna Chance
Volumes – I Love You
Wade Flemons – That Other Place
Walter Jackson – What Would You Do
Webb Pierce – Who Wouldn’t Love You
Whatnauts – Give Him Up
Whirlwinds – Heartbeat
Whispers – Needle In A Haystack

Tonight’s show will start at 11 PM CT, just after the Blackhawks post game.  I did my homework.
Went to Home Depot to determine what size container would fit me (this makes no sense unless
you heard about the bodies discovered in a suburban back yard reportedly in Tupperware
containers.  Uh no,  Tupperware does not come in those sizes, even if you dismember the bodies.
But now I know for sure: other plastic containers could work.)  I’ll tell you all about it tonight at 11.

FRIDAY APRIL 8, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  When you find two bodies buried in a suburban back yard in
“Tupperware” containers (as the news reported it, though I suspect they were far from tupperware
given the sizes they’d have to be), questions are raised.  We asked ‘em.  We also played your
bumper requests:

Clovers – Blue Velvet
Jerry Butler & Brenda Lee Eager – Ain’t Understanding Mellow
Corsairs – Smoky Places
Arthur Prysock – Blue Velvet
Bobby Rydell – The Cha Cha Cha
Marvelettes – Playboy
Leon Huff – I Ain’t Jivin I’m Jammin

Full show Monday night.  Trivia!  Talk to you at 10.

THURSDAY APRIL 7, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  Tonight’s show starts at 11 CT, right after Blackhawks
hockey.  Talked about a variety of things last night, and played your reqeusts too:

Billy Ward & His Dominoes
Whispers – I Was Born When You Kissed Me
Bobby Bare – All American Boy
Masters – I Need Your Love
Charlie Gracie -  Butterfly
Charlie Gracie - Fabulous
Lesley Gore – Look Of Love
Mongo Santamaria – Watermelon Man
Johnny Tillotson – It Keeps Right On A Hurtin’
Jerry Butler – A Lonely Soldier

WEDNESDAY APRIL 6, 2022 3:31 AM CT..  We mourned the passing of Bobby Rydell & Bill Fries
last night, played your requests, took your calls and generally had a fine time.  We’ll do it again
tonight. Meeting starts at 10. Talk to you then.  As for what we played:

Bobby Rydell – Wildwood Days
Bobby Rydell – Forget Him
Jive Five – Hully Gully Calling Time
Floaters – Float On
Isley Brothers – Just Came Here To Chill
Ben Hewitt – My Search
Velvets – Tonight Could Be The Night
Flamingos – Lovers Never Say Goodbye
Eddie Cooley - Priscilla
Impressions – The Gift Of Love
Van Dykes – Gift Of Love

TUESDAY APRIL 5, 2022 3:31 AM CT... It was a short night for trivia, but you got the straggler and
the question I threw out after it:

New York exports more of this than any other state. Pennsylvania imports more of it.   What is it...
Garbage (according to Waste Age Magazine.  New Jersey ranks second in sending garbage to
other states).

This is sold everywhere in the world.   But it wasn’t sold anywhere until the mid 1800s. The first
place it was sold was America.  Sales were minimal.  What is it?  Chewing gum. (In 1848 John
Curtis brewed up a batch of gum in Maine using pulp from a spruce tree.  It was a poor seller as the
gum tasted a bit too much like the tree.)

On Bumper Stumpers A to Z, we may have concluded the weather “V”.  All the artists first names, or
group names begin with “V”.  But since there was only time for four of ‘em, we might showcase a
few more next week too. Or not.  As for what we played last night: 

Videls - I’ll Forget You
Vidaltones – Someone To Love
Vondells – Lenora
Vows – Dottie

Full show tonight and tomorrow night. Talk to you at 10. (Thursday we’ll start around 11.)

FRIDAY APRIL 1, 2022 3:31 AM... Great talking with Mary Ann Winkowski in the first hour last night.
One of you had two ghosts, and two others of you had negative energy.  And Valerie has portals on
every floor. But it was smooth sailing for everyone else.   After that it was anything goes as usual.
Bumpers by your request:

Charlie McCoy – Cherry Berry Wine
Spaniels – Tina
Dells – Q Bop She-Bop
Bent Fabric – Alley Cat
Pete Fountain – When The Saints Go Marching In
Dells – Tell The World
El Dorados – Rock ’N Roll’s For Me
Miracles – Ooo Baby Baby

Tonight there’s a replay of Trivia, but next Monday well be live with it, though we might get started
an hour of so late due to an NCAA game on before it. But we will get started and we’ll begin with
our straggler. If you don’t remember what it was, listen to the replay tonight.  Talk to you live on

MARCH 2022

THURSDAY MARCH 31, 2022 3:31 AM CT... Full show tonight! At 10 CT we’ll talk to Mary Ann
Winkowski for an hour.  If you’ve never heard Mary Ann, you’re in for a treat.  She’s got a wonderful
personality and a unique gift.  She see’s ghosts.  Dead people who are earthbound, and she sees
them like she sees you and me. And if you all tonight, she can tell you if there are any ghosts
nearby.  She’s not a psychic or a medium so if they’re not where you are, she won’t know about
them. But if they are, she’ll not only see them but she’ll see whatever they see—so you might want
to dust first.   As for last night’s bumpers, all by your requests:

Lavern Baker – Jim Dandy
Susan Phillips – Key In The Mailbox
Barbara Jean English – Key In The Maiilbox
Lil’ Soul Brothers – I’ve Got Heartaches
Manhattans – Give Him Up
Twiliters – Can’t You Stay A Little Longer
Twiliters – Restless Love
Capris – Morse Code Of Love
Capris – There’s A Moon Out Again
Chuck Jackson – I Wake Up Crying

WEDNESDAY MARCH 30, 2022 9:00 PM CT...  We're driving home from Jon's continuing medical
adventure as I type, and unless a meteor falls out of the sky directly on top of us or something
equally disturbing and arcane, I fully expect to be talking to you an hour from now.  It'll be close, but
I'm betting on me.  And hoping you'll call!

TUESDAY MARCH 29 11:15 PM CT... As you may have noticed, I'm not on the air talking to you
live.  I'm sitting in the second emergency room in the same day.  Jon is the patient, not me, and I'm
praying to everything Holy that this is not as big a deal as the first place made it out to be.  With any
luck, I'll be talking to you live tomorrow night.  Many apologies for this.  I'm as disappointed as some
of you have written to say you were. Thanks for all your well wishes.

TUESDAY MARCH 29, 2022 3:31 AM CT... Live show tonight starting promptly at 10. (Same goes
for tomorrow and Thursday.)  Fun spending two hours playing trivia with you.  We had a winner on
our straggler:  1440 Americans sought hospital treatment in one year alone for injuries related to
this recreational activity.  What recreational activity?  Ping pong.  (Injuries included a retirement
home resident running into wall, and a jail inmate falling on concrete floor.)  On Bumper Stumpers A
to Z, we’re still working on the letter “V”.  All the artists first names, or group names begin with “V”. 
Evelyn in Dearborn knew The Visitors and Vivian Copeland!  Here’s what we played:

Valentines – Got To Get Yourself Together
Videos –  Shoo Bee Doo Bee Cha Cha Cha
Virgil Henry – You Ain’t Sayin’ Nothing New
Vivian Copeland – He Knows My Key (Is Always In The Mailbox)
Visitors – Until You Came Along
Vocaleers – Is It A Dream
Volcanos – Storm Warning

WEDNESDAY MARCH 23, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  A fine three hours. Thanks for all the calls.  The
bumpers were by your request:

Jackie Wilson – Lonely Teardrops
Cleftones – Can’t We Be Sweethearts
Enchanters – True Love Gone
Vogues – Magic Town
Miracles – I Need A Change
Otis Williams & His Charms – Ivory Tower
Miracles – A Fork In The Road
Don Covay – See Saw
Ray Charles – Born To Lose
Little Anthony – Two Kinds Of People In The World
Baby Washington – That’s How Heartaches Are Made

Blackhawks games tonight and tomorrow night so next time we’ll chat will be Monday night at 11
PM.  Talk to you then!

TUESDAY MARCH 22, 2022 4:45 AM CT.. Full show tonight at 10. Talk to you then!   Fun playing
Monday Night Trivia last night. The first question I threw out, I knew you’d get (and you did): 
According to one survey of American car buyers, what was the worst car of the 20th century?  The
Yugo. (Runner ups were the Vega, pinto, Gremlin and Chevette.) The second question has turned
into our straggler. We’ll pick it up there next Monday.    For Bumper Stumpers A to Z, we were
working on the letter V, and only one was guessed—Ken got The Videos - Trickle Trickle. Bob got
the Videls.  As for everything we played:

Videls – Mr. Lonely
Velvetones – Penalty of Love
Vickie Baines – Got To Run
Vibrations – You’re Mine
Vestells- Come Home
Versatiles – Blue Feelin’
Vi-Tones – Blue Moon
Vic Marcel -Come Back To These Rms
Videos – Trickle Trickle
Vibes – Darling
Victorials – I Get That Feeling

FRIDAY MARCH 18, 2022 1:01 AM CT... I was ready, but sports coverage wasn't ready to hang it
up for the night, so there was no show.  I have no idea when tonight's show will start, but whenever
it is, it'll be a replay of Monday Night Trivia-- speaking of which, it'll be a full three hours of Monday
Night Trivia next week starting at 10 PM CT.  Talk to you in a few days.

THURSDAY ST. PATRICK’S DAY 2022 3:31 AM CT  A very abbreviated show last night—about an
hour and a quarter.  Lots of calls though, and I appreciate that. I got in five of your requests too
(bumper list below).  As for tonight—I have no idea when the game wil end.  I’m figuring 11, but like
last night, it could be  closer to midnight.  I’d be honored if you stayed up and called!

Carl Perkins – Dixie Fried
Jackie Wilson – No Pity (In The Naked City)
Barbara Mason – Yes I’m Ready
John Prine – Dear Abby

WEDNESDAY MARCH 16, 2022 3:31 PM CDT.. We’ll start again late tonight, but probably not by
more than 20 or 30 minutes. If you tune in at 10:30, with any luck we should be underway.  We
talked about high school reunions last night— not that anyone sane wants to go— but even so, how
many schools no longer have 50th reunions.  Not sure how many people might be interested in
going, but  clearly no on is interested in planning one at an increasing number of schools. We also
played some Coasters’ requests for Scotty, along with the original Shopping For Clothes (which is
actually Clothes Line written by Kent Harris) and told the tawdry story behind Leiber and Stoller
stealing it—but not forever. A happy ending was had for Kent.  And we played a few for Wesley too.
Here’s what you heard:

Coasters – Brazil
Coasters – Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
Coasters – Shopping For Clothes –
Boogaloo & His Gallant Crew (Kent Harris) – Clothes Line (Wrap It Up)
Ambassadors – I Really Love You–
Dee Dee Sharp – I Really Love You

TUESDAY MARCH 15, 2022 3:40 PM CT.... The show starts around 11 CT tonight and Thursday,
and about 10:30 CT tomorrow. NCAA Finals-- but worry not. I'll be on just after basketball goes off.

TUESDAY THE IDES OF MARCH 2022  3:31 AM CT...  Fun on Monday Night Trivia.  Our straggler
went unanswered, so here’s the big reveal (don’t hit me):  This is done all the time, but it took a
University study to determine it takes at least 25 people to do it.  Do what?  The wave at sporting
events.  Researchers at the University of Budapest studied film footage of waves and drew the
conclusion that 25 fans were needed to start a wave. The original was published in the British
Journal, Nature. It also found that waves usually proceed clockwise at 20 seats per second.  
Bumper Stumpers A to Z had us focusing on “U” and “V”. Here’s what we played:

Ultimations – Without Out You
Untouchables – Raisin’ Sugar Cane
Universals – Again
Velvetones – Penalty of Love
VIPs – You Pulled A Fast One 
Varetta & The Thomases – Fly By Night
Valentines – My Story Of Love
Van McCoy – Mr. D.J.
Vee Jennings – Whoopsie Daisy
Velours – Remember
Velvets – I

FRIDAY MARCH 11, 2022 3:31 AM... At least I got it right at the end of the show last night—it was
Thursday night, and that is a wrap until Monday night when trivia will again be live, and tonight you
can hear last Monday Night Trivia, recorded.  So don’t call tonight, but do call Monday.  We talked
about several things, from where and how do you get a bucket of electricity when you run dry in an
electric car on the freeway--  to 850 people driving down the road, minding their own business when
their sun roof exploded. Yes, apparently this is a thing.

What we didn’t talk about was the shock I got earlier when I found out my oldest and closest
childhood friend, Bucky, died suddenly this past week.  I’m currently inconsolable, so we’re not
going to discuss it, but if I sound distracted, that’s probably why.  We’ll meet again in the blink of an
eye, I’m convinced, but until then, there’s a hole that only he could fill.  We hadn’t talked in a couple
years, and he was on my infamous call-back list. But thank god, he took the initiative and we talked
all night (about five hours) in January.  I can’t imagine how I would have felt if we hadn’t caught up. 
Haven’t seen him in person in 45 years, but the childhood memories we created will remain fresh in
my mind, as will all the adventures we shared as young adults.  I got him into the damnedest
situations.  But come to think of it, that started early. I can see his mother (who passed away a few
decades ago) laughing hysterically when she found I’d imparted the ‘facts of life’ to Bucky while we
young grade schoolers playing in the sandbox.  She apparently was amazed I had it straight—and
promptly phoned my mother to ask where the hell I learned that.  No cause of death, and no
autopsy planned (when you’re at our stage in life, they chalk it up to old age, I guess)—but what
does bring me comfort is to learn he went suddenly and quickly—the way we probably all want to
go. So much better for the departed, but harder for us left behind.  RIP Bucky.

As for bumpers last night, again your requests dominated:

Pretty Boy (Don Covay) – Switchin’ In The Kitchen
Reflections – (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet
Reflections – Three Steps From True Love
Ted Taylor – Be Ever Wonderful
Lee Andrews – Long Lonely Nights
Lee Andrews – Why Do I
Persuaders – Let’s Get Down Together
Jive Five – Hully Gully Calling Time
Big John Hamilton & Doris Allen – Them Changes
Frank Gay & The Gayblades – Down Bound Train
Cusco – Inca Dance

THURSDAY MARCH 10, 2022 3:31 AM... So I ended last night’s show saying I’d talk to you
Monday. That implies there’s no show tonight. That is wrong.  What it means is I thought it WAS
Thursday.  So much for my credibility.  There is a three hour show tonight, starting at 10 Central,
and I hope you’ll be listening. What I really hope is that you’ll call.  Last night’s bumpers were
mostly requests. Here’s what I played:

Cannon’s Jug Stompers – Walk Right In
The Miracles – Got a Job
Isley Brothers – For The Love Of You
Lou Rawls – Lady Love
Jerry Butler – Lost
Penny Candy – The Rockin’ Lady
Diane Renay – Kiss Me Sailor
Bill Withers – Lean on Me
Ruby Andrews – I Got A Bone To Pick With You
Carole Bayer Sager – You’re Moving Out Today

WEDNESDAY MARCH 9, 2022  3:31 AM CT...  We spent a couple hours together after the game
last night (full show tonight, by the way—10 PM CT start—attendance will be taken).  I played
several of your requests, and we waltz down radio’s memory lane as usual.  I had to wonder if
thieves knew they were stealing a box of human heads in Denver—and speaking of horrors,
Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday.  We don’t have it in Arizona, but it means my usual 9 PM
Mountain Standard start time (10 PM CST) becomes 8 PM Mountain Standard Time to coincide
with 10 PM CDT in Chicago. I’ll get used to it—about the time daylight saving time ends.  As for last
night’s bumpers:

Arthur Alexander – Where Have You Been
Tony Allen – I
Tony Allen – No One
Lions – No One
Jesse Belvin – Love Of My Life
Jesse Belvin – Guess Who 
Turbans – When You Dance
Bop Chords – Chapel In The Sky

TUESDAY MARCH 8, 2022 3:31 AM CT.... Always fun playing Monday Night Trivia, though I was
surprised you got the first question so quickly (I shouldn’t have been):  75% of Americans surveyed
in the mid 1950s cited this as a major reason for the rise in juvenile delinquency. What?  Comic
Books (Gallup 1954).   You also did well with the second question:  25% of Americans are good at
this.  40% of Americans are bad at it.  35% don’t do it.  What is it?  Dieting. (The figures come from
a Tufts University research study.) That leaves our straggler, which is where we’ll pick it up next
Monday night.   As for Bumper Stumpers A to Z, we finished the letter “T” with:

Tommie Young – Hit & Run Lover
Tommy Edwards – Please Love Me Forever
Tom & Jerrio – Come On And Love Me
Tommy Neal – Going To A Happening
Tony Allen – Nite Owl
Tramps – Ride On
Turbans – Sister Sooky
Tutu Jones with the Memphis Horns - Bad Loser
Tymes – Here She Comes
Tony Clarke – Landslide

Tonight’s show is delayed about an hour due to sports. Expect an 11P CT start. Talk to you then.

FRIDAY MARCH 4, 2022 3:31 AM CT.. It was a shorter show last night—2 hours (due to sports
interruptions) but we managed to take several calls and talk about a variety of things ranging from
Memphis radio to why the Stanford student would have committed suicide.  We also played some of
your bumper requests:

Bobby Helms – My Special Angel
Lou Rawls – For What It’s Worth
Ray Price – Different Kind of an Angel
Andre Williams – Just Because of a Kiss
Jerry Butler – A Lonely Soldier

Talk to you promptly at 10 CT next week for Monday Night Trivia.  (Tonight Monday Night Trivia will
replay from 10 to 1--  don’t call... but do call when we’re live on Monday.)

THURSDAY MARCH 3, 2022 3:31 AM CT..  We talked about everything from the history of Moishe
Levy (Roulette Records and so much more) to what to do when your HOA tells you that you can’t
have a TV antenna (you can, it’s the law that homeowners associations and municipalities can’t
prohibit residents from having antennas to get over the air tv stations, or dishes for satellite). 
Tonight there’s a sports preemption.  I expect an 11PM CT start time.  Talk to you then.  Meanwhile,
your requests determined last night’s bumpers:

5 Keys – Glory of Love
Velvetones – Glory of Love
Main Ingredient – Everybody Plays The Fool
Danderliers – My Autumn Love
Jerry Butler – He Will Break Your Heart
Tommy James & The Shondells – Hanky Panky
Richard Dimples Fields – She’s Got Paper’s On Me
Betty Wright – No Pain No Gain
Big Dee Irwin & Little Eva – Swinging On A Star
Bettye LaVette – My Man, He’s A Loving Man
Pet Clark – Downtown
Buddy Holly – Blue Days Black Nights

WEDNESDAY MARCH 2, 2022 3:31 AM CT... Don’t forget, new moon today at 11:35 AM CT.. write
those Law of Abundance checks if you’re into that.  New moon in Pisces at 12 degrees, conjunct
Jupiter, sextile Uranus.    New moons are always good for fresh starts, and the Jupiter conjunction
brings an auspicious flair to your undertaking, whatever it might be.  The sextile to Uranus brings
unexpected events, and given the timbre of the Pisces moon, probably good ones.  So there’s a
promise of happiness here, if you put any stock into this at all.  Played your requests tonight, read
the tabloids and took a few calls. I’ll be on promptly at 10 CT tonight, how about a few more calls? 
Here’s the bumper list.

Harptones – That’s The Way It Goes
Tower of Power – Soul Vaccination
Buck Owens (Corky Jones) – Hot Dog
Danleers – Half A Block From An Angel
Andy Williams – I Like Your Kind Of Love
Arthur Alexander- You Better Move On
BB King - The Thrill Is Gone
Clovers – One Mint Julep
James Brown – Licking Stick
June Valli – Apple Green
Jackson 5 – ABC

TUESDAY MARCH 1, 2022 3:31 AM CT..  Had fun playing Monday Night Trivia and every line was
full in the last half hour of the show.  This is compared to the prior 30 minute period when absolutely
no one called and I read the tabloids.   Maybe it was the difficulty of our straggler question, but
before the night ended, with some pointed clues from me, we got a winner:  15 Million people
around the world can do this.  It’s a good bet that no one listening to this show can.   Do what? 
Recite the entire Koran by heart. (To be admitted to Cairo’s Al Azhar University, all applicants must
be able to recite the entire Koran by heart-- all 77,430 words, even if they are studying to be an
engineer or doctor, according to that National Post in Canada)

And on Bumper Stumpers A to Z, we continued to concentrate on the letter “T”.  You got three of
them (the easy ones, of course). Here’s the whole list:

Topics – Hey Girl (Where Are You Going)
Tony Owens – Confessin’ A Feeling
Torches – Darn Your Love
Toulouse – What Would My Mama Say
Tower of Power – This Time It’s Real
Tremaines – Heavenly
Trammps – Hold Back The Night
Turks – I’m a fool
Tradewinds – Mind Excursion
Turbans – Golden Rings
Tru-Tones – Magic

Talk to you tonight at 10. 


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 25, 2022 3:31AM CT... Tonight it’s a replay of Monday Night Trivia. If you
called Monday night, you can listen to yourself on the radio.  If you didn’t listen, you can hear what
you missed, but whatever you do, do not  call. The show is not live.  The next Monday Night Trivia
will be on...Monday Night (appropriately enough), February 28th.  Will you be ready?  I’ll be ready
for you.  As for last night’s bumpers (mostly requests)...

Steve Lawrence – Pretty Blue Eyes
Ronald & Ruby – Lollipop
Etta James – Something’s Got A Hold On Me
Colts – Adorable
Mighty Mike Schermer – My Big Sister’s Radio
Marcia Ball – Foreclose On The House Of Love
Danderliers – Chop Chop Boom
Ernie K Doe – Shirley’s Tuff
Barrett Strong – Oh I Apologize
Stevie Ray Vaughn – Willie The Wimp
Elvis Presley – My Way

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 24, 2022 3:31 AM CT... Another AOR show—all over the road.  We 
covered everything from prostitution in ice fishing shanties (none, despite one mayor’s claim) to
prostitution on the exhibit floor of a cable  convention (sure looked like it).  We managed to play
several of your requests and talk about them too (list below). 

I mentioned this on the air last night, but wanted to say something here too.  In addition to Stacy in
Algonquin who is still reeling from the loss of Raldo; please put Chad from Louisville on your prayer
list.  Chad moved in with someone he thought was a friend and the result is he's out on the street
with no funds and no place to go.   Fortunately today, a couple of real friends invited him to stay
with them until he is back on his feet.  But all his possessions, particularly books and DVDs, are in
the place he was asked to vacate.  He promises to call Monday with more details, but it's a trying
time for certain, and he'd appreciate your good thoughts-- and suggestions!

Arthur Alexander – Soldier of Love
Cufflinks – Guided Missiles
King Cole Trio – Hit That Jive Jack
Velvelettes – Needle In A Haystack
Dells – Dreams of Contentment
Bobby Lester & The Moonlighters – Shoo Doo-Be Do
Ink Spots – Java Jive
Five Flights Up – Do What You Wanna Do
Main Ingredient – Just Don’t Wanna Be Lonely
Bobby Lewis – Tossin’ & Turnin’
Casinos – Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

Talk to you tonight at 10. Please call.

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 23, 2022 3:31 AM CT... Had a lot of fun last night meandering down
memory lane with lots of great soul and R&B airchecks. Al Benson, Lucky Cordell, Dick Kemp, Herb
Kent, Joe Cobb (Youngblood), Bill Crane (Butterball), Ed Cook (Nassau Daddy), Richard Pegue,
Big Bill Hill, Bill Kenner and more.   If I had more time, you would’ve heard more audio, but the
aforementioned took all day to gather, and an hour and a half to play on the air.  Played several
associated bumpers, and some requests too:

Earl Washington – The Cool Gent
Bobby Stone - HooDoo Man
Harold Burrage – What You Don’t Know
Ed Nassau Daddy Cook – The Dan Ryan
Norvells - Greasy Kid Stuff
New Birth – Dream Merchant
Whispers – Lady
Michel Rubini - Summer Song
Lenny Welch – Since I Fell For You
Eydie Gorme – I Want You To Meet My Baby
Winstons – Color Him Father

Talk to you tonight at 10. Attendance will be taken. Get close to your phone, pick it up, and call.

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 22, 2022 3:31 AM CT... Full shows all week, starting at 10 PM CT... You did
very well last night with my questions on Monday Night Trivia. 

You quickly got the straggler from last week:  As of 2030, it will be free to do this.  Until then, it’s
gonna cost you.  Everyone’s done it, but most people don’t know they’re supposed to pay to do it. 
Do what?  Sing Happy Birthday. (The copyright of the song doesn’t expire until 2030.  In 1935,
Irving Berlin was sued for putting it in a Broadway show-- it was settled out of court.  The current
owner of the rights, paid $25 million for it in 1988.  That’s why restaurants come up with their own
songs, though ASCAP admits it doesn’t have the resources to go after them—but they could.  What
is harder to grasp is how it is copyrightable at all.  A Louisville school teacher wrote it in 1893 as
Good Morning to You.  Later, probably by Robert Colman, it was changed it to happy birthday to
you.  By all accounts, any 1893 song would have become public domain in 1949, as the copyright
law at the time was 56 years--  28 plus a renewal of 28. So singing Good Morning To You is fair
game—however it wasn’t copyrighted as Happy Birthday until 1935, which put its expiration at
1991--- after the new copyright laws of life of the last living author plus 50 years were enacted.  
ASCAP says it becomes public domain in 2030. Until they you’ll hear stupid happy songs at
restaurants but now you know why.) THIS JUST IN:  A court overturned the copyright in 2015. I’ll tell
you about it on tonight’s show.

And you quickly dispatched with this:  If this happens to you, it most likely will happen on a Monday,
and least likely on a Saturday or Sunday.  What? A heart attack.

It took you a little longer for this, but you got it:  It’s commonplace today, but the first person to do it
did it in 1962, did what?  Had their breasts enlarged with silicon implants. (Timmie Jean Lindsey of
Houston was having a large tattoo removed from her chest when her plastic surgeon asked if she
wanted to be a pioneer. She agreed to the surgery only if the doctors agreed to pin back her ears.
After the procedure, her B’s turned into fully rounded Cs and she claimed she got more wolf
whistles than before.  She’s still alive-- turning 90 next year.  She has suffered many of the health
problems associated with implants, but never to the point of reporting it publicly or asking for

And that leaves another straggler that we’ll pick up next Monday.   As for Bumper Stumpers A to Z,
we’re still working on the letter “T” and this is what we played (you knew a couple of them):

Tommy Tucker – Hi-Heel Sneakers
Tokens – Oh What A Night
Tojo – Blue Lover
Tony Clarke – Ain’t Love Good, Ain’t Love Proud
Tony Middleton – Sweet Baby of Mine
Tony Allen & The Originals – Wishing Star
Tommy Roe – Your Love Will See Me Through
Tonettes – No Tears
Tony Orlando – Bless You
Tony & The Twilights – Paper Boy
Toquinho & Vinicius – Tarde Em Itapoa

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 18, 2022 3:31 AM CT... It’s a replay of Monday Night Trivia tonight after the
game tonight, so please don’t call. But do mark your calendar for Monday, when we’ll be live playing
trivia at 10 PM Central. Last night we came on around 11 CT after the Blackhawks game and it was
goo to hear from many of you.  We played some of your requests:

Jan Bradley – Back in Circulation
Andre Williams – Jailbate
Time Tones – Pretty Pretty Girl
Dennis Herrold – Hip Hip Baby
Louis Armstrong – La Vie En Rose
Ral Donner – Please Don’t Go
Arthur Prysock – Funny How Time Slips Away

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 17, 2022 3:31 AM CT... More fun strolling down memory lane, talking
about Howard Miller on WIND and a lot more. We’ll be on tonight after the game, probably around
11 PM CT, but check often. And please call

Shorty Long – Function at the Junction
King Floyd – Groove Me
Sunny Gale – Before It’s Too Late
Pentagons – Until Then
Cookie & His Cupcakes – Got You On My Mind
Gene McDaniels – Point of No Return

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 16, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  We looked at the original Record Row in
Chicago (47th St. & S. Cottage Grove Ave) last night and played some Parrot Chance and United
records (as evidenced by the bumper list below).  Tonight we’ll be on after play by play, figure
around 10:30, and I hope you’ll call.  Still battling whatever is causing continual nausea and your
calls really help. 

Mable Scott – Mr. Fine
Jimmy Forrest – Hey Mrs. Jones
Skippy Brown – So Many Days
Dells  - It’s Not Unusual
Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls – Mr. Fine
Glenn Miller – It Must Be Jelly
Tams – Hey Girl Don’t Bother Me
Patsy Cline – When I Get Through With You
Chi-LItes - Oh Girl
Jerry Butler - Rainbow Valley

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 15, 2022 3:31 AM... It was a short Monday Night Trivia show, but a fun one.
Thanks to those of you who called. Tonight the show will start promptly after the 10 PM news. 
Please call. (The show is always better when you do.) I think we had a straggler from last week, but
try as I may I have absolutely no idea what it was. Either way, I started with a new question and so
far, you haven’t gotten it. So we’ll save it for next week and I bet you’ll ace it then.  As for Bumper
Stumpers A to Z, we’re still working on the letter “T” and here’s what we played:

Temptations – I Want A Love I Can See
Tina Robin – Play It Again
Timothy Wilson – Just Another Guy
Theola Kilgore – This Is My Prayer
Thurston Harris – Over & Over
Timi Yuro – Turn The World Around The World The Other Way

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 10, 2022 9:45 PM CT... Sorry to say I won’t be on tonight.  Health
setback.  Nothing awful as far as I’m concerned, but Jon made the executive decision that I couldn’t
do the show. I protested for about an hour and finally realized he’s right, I am not right, so to speak. 
But I have every intention of being in fine shape by Monday night.  The show will be delayed for
about an hour and a half due to sports play by play, but we’ll celebrate the end of Valentine’s day
together around 11:30 Monday.  Looking forward to it.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 10, 2022 3:31 AM CT... Well, we solved the worlds problems last night. 
OK not even close, but we had fun talking anyway and we played some of your requests too.  Live
show tonight at 10 CT, no sports interruptions as far as I know. Here’s the bumper list:

Syl Johnson – Come On Sock It To me
Frankie Newsome – My Lucky Day
Lucky Cordell – My Love
Clovers – Here Goes A Fool
Arthur Alexander – A Shot of Rhythm and Blues
Arthur Alexander – You Better Move On
Timi Yuro – Whats A Matter Baby
Jerry Butler – Isle of Sirens
Gene Chandler – Groovy Situation
Jim Reeves – Welcome To My World

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 9, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  Had fun strolling down memory lane talking
about all the early R&B shows on Chicago radio.  Next Tuesday we’ll talk about the original record
row (not the one on S. Michigan).  I hope you’ll call in and share your memories. Likewise, I hope
you’ll call tonight. We’ll be on right after the Blackhawks, about 10:30 PM CT.  Talk to you then.  As
for the bumpers we played last night:

Arthur Alexander – Anna
The Sparks of Rhythm – Handy Man
Billy Eckstine – Taking A Chance on Love
Billy & The Kids – Take A Chance On Love
E. Rodney Jones – The Whole Thing
E. Rodney Jones – R&B Time
Lenny Miles – Don’t Believe Him Donna

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 8, 2022 3:31 AM.  Had a lot of fun playing trivia with you tonight, though my
heart goes out to Stacey who just lost her husband, Raldo.  We’ll all be there for her in the coming
weeks and months.  As for our straggling trivia question from last week, no one got it by the end of
the show, so I revealed.  Actually, it’s a tribute to you that you didn’t guess this, because it’s
unconscionable. Unfortunately it’s also true.  Maybe it’s debatable about what they did, but it’s open
and shut awful about how they did it. Far as I know, they still do it: 

South Korea is notorious for cheating on exams. A few yeas ago the ACT test pulled out of the
country.  But even before that, stories about applicants for their version of the bar exam were
notorious.  To combat it, South Korea did this.  Did what?  Stopped test takers from going to the
bathroom. (Since the tests were long affairs, buckets were placed in the back of the room.  But
female test takers complained, so in 2002, long plastic skirt-like receptacles were added for their

It was good to hear from Bob in  Memphis. He and Ken in Chicago knew one of the bumpers—The
Timetones.  No other guesses on anything else, which was surprising since some were well known.
Bumper Stumpers A to Z, working on the letter “T”. Here’s what we played:

Temptations – My Pillow
Thelma Jones – Salty Tears
Themes – Reminds Me Of You
Timothy Wilson – Baby Baby Please
Theresa Lindsay – Gotta Find A Way
Tierra – Gonna Find Her
Three Degrees – No No Not Again
Three Jades – I Care For You
Timetones – In My Heart
Tides – Chicken Spaceman
Tina Britt – The Real Thing

Not sure about the time of tonight’s start. It’ll be whenever Northwestern Basketball stops playing.
Talk to you then.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 4, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  We opened with True Love Ways in memory of Buddy
Holly.  Released posthumously as an album cut here. First time the song was a hit in the US came
six years later when Peter & Gordon brougt it back to us from England where the Buddy Holly
version had been released as a single and made the UK charts in '59.  Good to hear from so many
of you including a few new folks.  Thanks! We talked about AT&T’s cutoff of 3G this month (on the
22nd) so if you’ve got a device that runs on it, be advised, it won’t soon. And that’s potentially a lot
more than phones—think medical devices, alarms, cars.  We heard from Dennis in
Austria—demonstrations continue over the mandate that every citizen be vaccinated, and we
played a lot of your requests. 

Buddy Holly – True Love Ways
Marlo – I Could Of Had A Good Thing
Marlo – Understanding
Five Satins – To The Aisle
Pastels – Been So Long
Miracles – If You’re Ever In The Neighborhood
Nite-Liters – K-Gee
Impressions – Amen
Ray Stevens – Just One Of Life’s Little Tragedies
Little Anthony & The Imperials – So Much
Manhattans – Call Somebody Please

Tonight it’s a replay of Monday Night Trivia, but we’ll be back live playing trivia, appropriately, on
Monday night. Talk to you then.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 3, 2022 3:31 AM.. The Day The Music Died.  (Buddy Holly plane crash 63
years ago today—we won’t dwell on it, but by request we’ll get at least one Buddy Holly song on
tonight—maybe we’ll even open with it.)  Full show tonight starting at 10.

It was a short show last night, but I had fun with Slime From The Checkout Line.. Fauci’s finished,
Scientology is over and Bill Clinton needs a new heart.  (The stories are never as good as the
headlines.)  And we had time to play three of Scotty’s requests:

Miracles – Bad Girl
Chi Lites – A Letter To Myself
Chi Lites – Have you Seen Her

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 2, 2022 3:31 AM...  Will he or won’t he? Punxsutawney Phil that is.  And
News Nation’s Morning in America will have play by play coverage of the event. Don’t miss it.  
Yesterday marked the start of Black History Month, a commemoration going back to 1926.  We did
some waltzing down the second Record Row (S. Michigan Ave from Cernack to Roosevelt) and
spent the evening playing some of the wonderful One-Derful records (including subsidiaries M-Pac
and Mar-V-Lus) and a few of your requests too:

Accents – New Girl
Ultimations – Without You
Liz Lands – One Man’s Poison
Five Du-Tones – Shake A Tail Feather
Eddie Holman – Hey There Lonely Girl
Ruby & The Romantics – Hey There Lonely Boy
Rose Royce – Wishing On A Star
Beverly Shaffer- Where Will You Be Boy
Cicero Blake – Sad Feeling
Sounds of Dawn – How Many Times
Du-Ettes – Please Forgive Me
Fabulous Thunderbirds – Why Get Up
Alvin Cash – Twine Time

Tonight’s show will be abbreviated. Don’t expect to hear from me before midnight. Exactly when will
be determined by The Blackhawks.  (I’ll follow play by play and post game programming.)

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 1, 2022  3:31 AM CT...  Fun playing trivia. I almost didn’t ask the straggler
last week because I though it was so easy, being one of the three great lies, but it took until the
midnight hour to get a right answer:  62% of Americans have claimed this, when it wasn’t true.
Claimed what? The check is in the mail (according to multiple sources including polls in Readers
Digest and the Chicago Sun Times).  Those other lies, well... one is I’ll still respect you in the
morning, the other I can’t share in polite company, though it’s no less true.    I followed it up with
another question that will remain next week’s straggler. 

As for Bumper Stumpers A to Z, we started in on the letter T last night and here’s what we played:

T-Birds – Green Stamps
Tammi Terrell – Come On And See Me
Tams – Memory Lane
Terrans - Moonrise
Tams – Find Another Love
Ted Taylor – Somebody’s Always Tryin’
Temptones – Girl I Love You
Tavares – A Penny For Your Thoughts
Ten Years Later – Ride On Cowboy
Temprees – Dedicated To The One I Love


FRIDAY JANUARY 28, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  If it could go wrong it did, but we got through it
nonetheless.  Good news from Stacey—she’s got more of a support system than she realized, and
Raldo is hanging in there.   We’ll be back live for Monday Night Trivia at 10. Looking forward to
talking with you then.  As for the bumpers we played last night:

Isaac Hayes – Walk On By
Steve King – Satan Is Her Name
Antonio Carlos Jobim – One Note Samba
Eddie Hazel - California Dreaming
JJ Cale – Cocaine
Robert Palmer – Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley
Pentagons – I Wonder
Deon Jackson – I Can’t Go On
Aaron Neville – Over You
Huey Piano Smith - Little Chickie Wah Wah

THURSDAY JANUARY 27, 2022 6:00 PM CT... Talk to you live at 10 tonight.  Hoping to have a
Stacey from Algonquin update, and looking forward to your calls.

You asked about LaDonna Tittle?  Thankfully she's still with us, and if you're on facebook, check
out her page there.  Either way, if you're a LaDonna fan, you should check this link out.  It's from and it not only has her bio, but there are several video clips you'll want to
see.  They're 19 years old now (March 2003) but the info is priceless.  You'll love the Muhammad Ali
date story.   I don't have info more current than her facebook page (she last posted in November)
but from everything I can tell, she's alive and well, and Chicago radio is better for all of her

THURSDAY NIGHT JANUARY 27, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  Prayers for Stacey whose husband Raldo is
critically ill.  If you were listening last night, you heard the story. If not, listen tonight for an update.
We’ll be live at 10.   We also heard from Bernie Allen’s son Chris, which was a kick to stroll down
WLS memory lane.  And we played the first true discotheque song--  of course there’s a debate, but
the general consensus among those who care is it’s The Intruders... as for that, and what else we

Intruders – (Win Place Or Show) She’s A Winner
Linda Clifford – Runaway Love 
Marcia Griffiths – Electric Boogie 
Lee Shot Williams – Juke Joint Slide
Nolan Strong & The Diablos – Since You’re Gone
Delfonics – You’ve Been Untrue
Four Tunes – Marie
Del Vikings – When I Come Home
Sonny Charles & Checkmates LTD – Black Pearl
Ventures – Walk Don’t Run

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 26, 2022  3:31 AM CT... Full show again tonight, attendance will be taken,
trundle to your phone at 10 and call.  As for last night, we talked about everything from the side
effects of prescription drugs to the best screen reader for those who can’t see.  If you’re visually
impaired and are reading this, you already know all about it.  My surprise was that listener James
didn’t.  Now he does.  Several other facts of lesser importance were also covered.  As for what we

Johnny D – Cold Hearted Rollye (to the tune of Mohair Sam)
Jacksonians – California Dreamin’
Isley Brothers – Who’s That Lady (1964)
Isley Brothers – Just Came Here To Chill
Freddie Hughes – Send My Baby Back
Etta James – Strange Things Happen
Sam Cooke – You Send Me
Eugene Church – Pretty Girls Everywhere
Manhattans – I Call It Love
George Jones, Elvis, James Taylor – She Thinks I Still Care

TUESDAY JANUARY 25, 2022  3:31 AM CT...   Full show tonight- talk to you at 10 CT... as for
Monday Night Trivia last night, it was an abbreviated show due to play by play preemption.  But we
did spend an hour and a half tackling a question that is now officially a straggler. We also concluded
“S” in Bumper Stumpers A to Z.  Each group name or artist’s first name began with an “S”.  Here’s
what we played:

Sundials – Whether To Resist
Swallows – It Ain’t The Meat
Superlatives – I Don’t Know
Sugar  Pie Desanto – Soulful Dress
Sunglows – Til The End Of Time
Swans – You Better Be A Good Girl Now

FRIDAY JANUARY 21, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  Great to talk with Mary Ann Winkowski in the 10 PM
hour last night.  We discussed a lot about portals.  You can hear more on her youtube channel.  All
was going pretty well until it started “snowing”. Initially I thought insulation blowing out of the air
ducts thanks to the revision work going on in the studio building didn’t think it would be more than a
humorous dilemma.  Turned out it is a health hazard. I’m writing this from the other studio and
feeling worse by the minute. I’ll feel a lot better if the construction guys can clean and fix this without
much drama.  As for what we played last night:

Valentinos – It’s All Over Now
Outsiders – Time Won’t Let Me
Lavern Baker – See See Rider
Lynn White – May The Best Man Win
Drifters – Such A Night
Bobby Darin – Beyond The Sea
Barbara Lynn – You’ll Lose A Good Thing
Five Satins – In The Still Of The Night
Leo Sayer – Long Tall Glasses

THURSDAY JANUARY 20, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  Tonight at 10, Mary Ann Winkowski joins me.  Mary
Ann is just like you and me, except she sees ghosts.  Not dead people who have crossed over to
the other side, but earth-bound spirits no longer breathing.  And she sees them just as plainly as
she sees the living.  This means if you think you’ve got spirits surrounding you, she can tell you. 
When you call, you’ve got to be in the location you think is haunted, and if it is she’ll know it and tell
you a bit about who might be joining you in spirit.  If you’re going to call, call early.  Mary Ann joins
me for the first hour, and usually no one calls for the first half hour, then the flood gates open and
some of you don’t get on the air.  So, if you’re interested, call early!  888-876-5593.  Otherwise sit
back and enjoy the discussion and following it, we’ll talk about anything you’d like.  As for last
night’s bumpers:

Emotions – So I Can Love You
Clyde McPhatter and The Drifters – Money Honey
Wes Montgomery Trio – Missile Blues
Spiders – I Didn’t Want To Do It
Gary U.S. Bonds – Twist Twist Senora
Delfonics – Didn’t I
Laura Nyro – And When I Die
Rascals - People Got To Be Free
Righteous Brothers – Rock and Roll Heaven
Lavern Baker – Bop Ting A Ling

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 19, 2022, 3:31 AM CT...  Show started at 10:30 last night—after sports
play by play.  Tonight and tomorrow, we’ll have full shows, so please join us at 10 PM CT. Last night
we talked about 5G Low, Mid & High (it’s the midrange that is potentially affecting altimeters, but it’s
probably much about nothing), Lia’s potentially fatal overdose, bladder infections (how festive), and
Ken in Chicago introduced us to a song I can’t believe I never heard in 1976 (Faragher Brothers
below).  Here’s what we played:

Five Satins – Our Anniversary
Platters – I Love You 1000 Times
Platters – With This Ring
Dallas Frazier – The Conspiracy of Homer Jones
Harptones - Shrine of St. Cecilia
Manhattans – Call Somebody Please
Manhattans – It’s Gonna Take A Lot To Bring Me Back
Marvelettes – Strange I Know
Faragher Brothers – Never Get Your Love Behind Me
Peppermint Trolley Company – Baby You Come Rollin’ Cross My Mind

TUESDAY JANUARY 18, 2022 3:31 AM CT..  Fun as always playing Monday Night Trivia.  You got
all the questions I threw out:

Scrambled eggs and macaroni and cheese are the favorite foods of blank? Rats (their least favorite
foods are raw beets, peaches and celery).

Oklahoma has more of these per capita then any other US state. More of what?  Horses.  1 for
every 12 people.  As for ownership, that’s also the highest per capita.  One per every 46 residents is
a horse owner.

15 to 20 years ago, television networks lost, on average, $325 million collectively per year for airing
this. Airing what?   Be specific.  NFL Football.

On Bumper Stumpers A-Z, we were still working on the letter “S”.  You got The Spaniels,
Spellbinders, Sugar Boy Crawford, Superbs and Sly Slick & Wicked.  Good job.  Here’s everything
we played:

Scarlets – I Sold My Heart To The Junkman
Sunny & The Sunliners – No One Else Will do
Sophomores – Charades
Spaniels – Please Don’t Tease
Steve Alaimo – Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying
Spellbinders – We’re Acting Like Lovers
Sugar Boy Crawford – Jock A Mo
Superbs – Baby Baby All The Time
Sounds of Dawn – How Many Times
Second Nature – Who’s That Guy
Sly Slick & Wicked – Love’s Gonna Pack Up

Talk to you tonight around 10ish.  There could be a couple minutes sports delay, but unless
something unforeseen happens, it should be close to a whole show.

FRIDAY JANUARY 14, 2022 3:31 AM CT..  good spending a couple hours with you after the game. 
Thanks for all the calls.  So, Prince Andrew can’t get out of his civil suit in the US and the Queen
has stripped him of titles and tasks.. next week we’ll find out if Ghislaine Maxwell’s verdict stands in
light of the lying juror.  Full shows all next week (as far as I know).  Trivia on Monday, speaking of
which, tonight’s a replay of Monday Night Trivia from 10 to 1 (CT).. Don’t call, but do make a date to
call on Monday.  As for last night’s bumpers:

Sheppards – Sherry
Sandpipers - Wave
4 Seasons – Sherry
Enchantment – Gloria
Little Anthony & The Imperials – Better Use Your Head
Jackie Wilson – Come Back To Me

THURSDAY JANUARY 13, 2022 3:31 AM... Somewhat shortened show last night but nice hearing
from all of you, particularly some newcomers.  We’ll be on tonight after the game, not sure exactly
when that will be, but check back periodically, and do call.  As for songs we played, RIP Rosa Lee
from the Dixie Cups and Ronnie from the Ronettes.  You’ll hear about both if you listen to the show. 
Here's the bumper list:

Dixie Cups – Iko Iko
Sonny Curtis – I Pledge My Love To You
Ronettes – Walking In the Rain
Whispers – I Was Born When You Kissed Me
Sly & The Family Stone - I Ain’t Got Nobody (For Real)
Slim Harpo – Scratch My Back

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 12, 2022 3:31 AM CT..  Fun talking about everything from the marketing
of goldfish (the cracker, not the koi) to (of course) obscure oldies.  Here’s what we played:

Betty White – Nevertheless
Ruby & The Romantics – Nevertheless
Rainbows – Mary Lee
Lou Rawls – Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing
Brenton Wood – I Like The Way You Love Me
Brenda Holloway – You’ve Changed Me
Dells – She’s Just An Angel
Dobie Grey – Out On The Floor
Masqueraders – I Ain’t Got To Love Nobody Else
Five Stairsteps – Stay Close To Me
Cadillacs – Gloria

Talk to you tonight at 10. 

TUESDAY JANUARY 11, 2022 3:31 AM CT... Fun playing trivia last night. You knocked a couple
questions out quickly: 

59% of business executives claim that the way a person does this is indicative of how he or she
conducts business.  Does what?  Plays golf.   (82% of the same executives admit to cheating at
Golf.  That tidbit from the Seattle Times.)

They’re commonplace now —though much less are sold today than at their peak years ago.   You
see them almost daily, but you generally ignore them.  But the first time anyone saw one of these
was in the early 1700s.  One of what? The first newspaper ad.   May 1704 in the Boston Newsletter.

And before the show was over you got a third one too:  Minnesota has the highest per capita
number of this.  What? Boats.  (1 per every 6 residents. As for registered boats and raw numbers,
California over took Michigan about 15 years ago.  CA has 1,051,000.)

Bumper Stumpers—well you knew three of ‘em. As for all of ‘em:

Spiral Staircase – She’s Ready – 1969 Columbia (Billy Sherrill & Glenn Sutton wrote it)
Starlings – My Plea For Love – 1954 Josie  (from the Bronx)
Steinways – My Heart’s Not In It Anymore – 1964 Oliver (Sandy Linzer – Denny Rendall)
Sue Lynne – Don’t Pity Me – 1969 RCA  flip of a flop, third and final RCA release
Sugarbees – Big Time Lover
Stereos – I Really Love You – 1961 Cub
Starlites – They Call Me A Dreamer – 1956 Ember (flip of a flop)
Stick McGhee – Jungle Juice
Starbrights – He’s An Aries Man
Starbuck – The Slower You Go
Strands – How Will I Known

I was surprised you didn’t get Starbuck, but you did know Spiral Staircase and Stereos. Surprised
Sean in Sandwich knew the Starlites, but he clearly had a good baby-sitter.

Talk to you tonight at 10. Please call!

FRIDAY JANUARY 7, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  I wasn’t sure how many of you would call, since I
mentioned Wednesday night we’d have a very abbreviated show last night, but turned out that I
heard from a lot of you. Thank you!   Talk to you after the weekend promptly at 10 PM for Monday
Night Trivia.  As for last night’s bumpers:

Alley Cats – Feel So Fine
Blossoms – That’s When The Tears Start
Parliaments – Don’t Be Sore At me
George Benson – She Makes Me Mad
Gene McDaniels – Point Of No Return

THURSDAY JANUARY 6, 2022  4:45 PM CT...  Well, it turns out tonight's show won't be quite as
short as I was told. Latest info has me on as of 11:30 PM CT tonight.  So forget that part about not
calling tonight.  Please call tonight.  I can use the company.  Talk to you in a few hours!  Thanks.

THURSDAY JANUARY 6, 2022 3:31 AM CT....  Short show tonight—on after the blackhawks
around 12:30 CT..  hope you’ll join me.  Had a good time last night with topics ranging from Miami
Lakes wanting to remove Don Shula’s name from buildings and event spaces because.. no one
under 50 knows who he is; to what to do when your neighbors are spying on you.  Here’s what we

Channels – The Gleam In Your Eyes
Ringleaders – Let’s Start Over
Drifters – Whatcha Gonna Do
Drifters- Some Kind of Wonderful
Occasions – Baby Don’t Go
Joe Tex – All The Heaven A Man Really Needs
Arthur Conley – People Sure Act Funny
Charlie Rich – Mohair Sam
Garnet Mimms – A Quiet Place

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 5, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  we’ll be on about 15 minutes late tonight—figure
on 10:15 or thereabouts Central Time.  Fun talking about Poon Tang last night (I never thought I’d
write that in a sentence, but if you listen it’ll be tamer than it sounds here).  And numerology,
Country Joe, Johnny Adams and something else too numerous to mention (meaning I have
absolutely no idea).  As for what we played: 

Country Joe & The Fish – Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
Alley Cats – Puddin n’ Tain
Treniers – Poon Tang!
Lula Reed – Puddentane
Roger Miller – Kansas City Star
Bobby Sheen – How Many Nights
Charlie Rich – July 12, 1939
Johnny Adams – I Won’t Cry

TUESDAY JANUARY 4, 2022 3:31 AM CT...  We’ll be starting at 11 Central tonight.  Right after
Blackhawks Hockey.

Thanks for playing trivia with me last night.  No one ever got the straggler:  About 150 people are
killed in this profession every year, but people still line up to do it.  What profession?  Missionaries.  
(That’s an average—last few years it’s been less—or maybe more, depending on the source—a lot
goes unreported.) Had fun with your choice of questions and a few of you got some of the bumpers.
In Bumper Stumpers A to Z, we’re still working on the letter “S” (and will be next Monday too).  All
the artists first names, or the group names begin with the letter “S”.  Here’s what we played:

Sonny Holiday – Baby Baby
Solitaires – Walking Along
Solomon Burke – Cry To Me
Smiley Lewis – Bumpity Bump      
Sonny Roberts & The Echoes – I’ll Never Let You Go
Smokey Robinson – Ever Had A Dream
Sonny Knight – If You Want This Love
Softones – Laundromat
Stardusters – I’m A Fool To Care
Sons of Robin Stone – Love Is Just Around The Corner


FRIDAY DECEMBER 31, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Thanks for all the calls last night.  Sentiments
sincerely returned.  I hope 2022 brings you only good things—and lots of ‘em  Bumpers last night?

Del Shannon – Hats Off To Larry
Four Tops – Ask The Lonely
ELO – Strange Magic
Brenda Lee – (If I’m Dreaming) Just Let Me Dream
Patti Drew – Tell Him
Jive Five – What Time Is It
Ella Fitzgerald – Soldier Boy
Bertha Tillman – Oh My Angel

Back live next year.  Uh, that would be Monday January 3rd, 2022 at 10 PM CT.. full three hours of
Monday Night Trivia.  Talk to you then!

THURSDAY DECEMBER 30, 2021 3:31 AM CT... It was an AOR show, all over the road from Mill
Valley to the Ghislaine Maxwell verdict.  We started to get into New Years resolutions (they rarely
change and we rarely keep them) but maybe we’ll delve deeper into the futility of that on tonight’s
last-night-of-the-year show (for me, anyway).  I hope you’ll call. Talk to you at 10.  As for last night’s

Bo Diddley – Ooh Baby
Bo Diddley – Say Man
Classics IV – Stormy
Classics IV - Spooky
Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Ruby & The Romantics- Our Day Will Come
Miss Abrams & The Strawberry Point Third Grade Class – Mill Valley
Joe Harnell – Our Day Will Come

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 29, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Fun talking about radio and all things internet
(it isn’t a superhighway, it’s a dirt road)

Last night’s bumpers

Chords – Sh-Boom
Wilburn Brothers – Oo Bop Sha Boom
Incredibles – I’ll Make It Easy
Dee Clark – When I Call On You
Wade Flemons – My Baby Likes To Rock
Major Lance – Phyllis
Charlie Rich – Mohair Sam
Skeeter Davis – I Can’t Stay Mad At You
Charlie Rich – July 12, 1939
Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine
John Prine -  In Spite of Ourselves
Isley Brothers – I’m Gonna Knock On Your Door

3 hours of good times tonight starting at 10. Only thing that would make it better is your call.  Do it!

TUESDAY DECEMBER 28, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Turns out there is a full show tonight, so the fun
begins at 10 PM CT..  I hope you’ll join me. Monday Night Trivia was a good time as usual.  We
reminisced a bit, and apparently came up with a real stumper. We’ll hold it over for next week.  As
for last night’s Bumper Stumpers A-Z, we’re still working on the letter “S” and this is what we played:

Seminoles – I Can’t Stand It
(Bubber Johnson – There’ll Be No One – 1955 stumper)
Shorty Long – Devil With The Blue Dress
Shirley & Lee – I’m Gone
Showmen – It Will Stand
Sherwoods – Three Love Letters
Shirley Gunter – Oop Shoop
Skyliners – I’d Die
Showstoppers – Ain’t Nothing But A Houseparty
Salas Brothers – Donde Esta Santa Claus
Silver Caboose – Loving You Is Hurting Me
Sly Slick & Wicked – Never Had A Girl Like You

FRIDAY DECEMBER 24, 2021 11:21 PM CT.. Thanks to the wonderful Ashley at WGN Radio, all of
last night's show is available. It's on the stream until Monday Night Trivia, and it's available as a
download (use the nav bar above). Talk to you Monday night!

FRIDAY DECEMBER 24, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Apologies that I didn’t capture most of the first hour of
the show last night.  I’ve asked WGN for a copy and I’m guessing I’ll have it next week. When I do,
I’ll put the whole thing together as a download.  For now, it’s playing on the stream, which it will do
until  Monday’s live show—a full three hours of Monday Night Trivia starting at 10 Central. 

It was great talking with Steve Bryant all last night. Check out his and look
for Steve Bryant on  While I’m giving you links, I meant to pos this one last night:  They’re running an 8 hour Christmas special that Johnny Goyen did years ago while
he was on KFMK. 

As for what we played last night:

Huey Piano Smith & The Clowns – Almost Time For Santa Claus
Rusty Warren – Bounce Your Boobies
Steve Bryant – What Child Is This?
Steve Bryant – A Magic Christmas Eve
Steve Bryant – I’m So Glad It’s Christmas
Steve Bryant – 60 Days of Christmas
Steve Bryant – Older Wiser Kind of Guy
Steve Bryant – No More Than Christmas
Salas Brothers (with The Jaguars) – Donde Esta Santa Claus
Huey Piano Smith -  ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (Boogie Woogie Santa Claus)
Velons – Let’s Make Christmas New This Year
Jewels – Who’s It Gonna Be On New Year’s Eve

Good luck on making it through the next few days.  The Rollye James’ I Hate The Holidays Club is
in session until January 2nd.  Sorry I can’t be here tonight or tomorrow night—if I had scheduled
shows, I wouldn’t miss them.

THURSDAY DECEMBER 23, 2021 Last show before Christmas tonight and it’s only fitting Steve
Bryant will join me.  Not only was he the top selling host on QVC, peddling countless questionable
Christmas products with gusto, but he’s also written several Christmas songs. We’ll through caution
to the wind and play them, this being The Rollye James’ I Hate The Holidays Club and all.  No
forced frivolity here, but I bet we’ll get you laughing in spite of yourself.  Three big hours.   Tune in at
10 tonight.  As for last night’s bumpers:

Ray Stevens – Misty
Vernon Anders – Lovin’ John
Johnny Bristol – Keep This Thought In Mind
Tom Lehrer – A Christmas Carol
Otis Redding – Dock of the Bay
Hollywood Flares – Buzz Buzz Buzz
Allan Sherman – 12 Days of Christmas
Dee Clark – Hey Little Girl
Betty Wright - Life

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 22, 2021 3:31 AM  Another full show tonight, and tomorrow night.
Tomorrow night Steve Bryant joins me.  If you think you’ve seen the weirdest Christmas gift, I bet
Steve has sold it—or something even more out there during his decade and a half run as the top
seller on QVC. We’ll have a lot to talk aboaut and I hope you’ll call.  As fo what’s on tap tonight.
That’s such a good question—which translates to I have no earthly idea, so please call.  Tell your
friends to call. I’ll even talk to housepets.  OK, maybe not but definitely housepests, and this time of
year, you’ve probably got a few of those. As for last night’s bumpers:

Heatwave – The Night We Fell
Valiants – This Is The Night
Marvelettes – Forever
Velvelettes – Needle In A Haystack
Marvelettes – My Baby Must Be A Magician
Eartha Kitt - Champaign Taste (and your beer bottle pockets)
Pearl Bailey – Five Pound Box of Money
Effie Smith & The Squires - Champaign Mind (And A Soda Water Income)
Carla Thomas – Gee Whiz It’s Christmas

TUESDAY DECEMBER 21, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  The shortest day of the year (or longest night
depending on how you look at it. Last night was my shortest show of the year (or maybe longest
night depending again on how you look at it).  We followed sports for a few minutes. It was so short
I didn’t put it online.  I did have time to play “You Send Me” however, while talking about the events
in Chicago 57 years ago this past weekend when Sam Cooke was laid to rest in 1964. Hundreds of
fans stormed the A.R. Leak Funeral home, breaking glass doors and causing other damage to get a
look at Cooke on display. 

Full show tonight and your participation is encouraged—to put it mildly.  Talk to you at 10 CT.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 18, 2021 3:31 AM CT...   The next meeting of The Rollye James I Hate The
Holiday’s Club will be held Monday at Midnight:30 central time.  (We’re on late due to Blackhawks
play by play.)  But it should be a half hour of fun.  I’ve got between now and then to figure out what
that is.  I expect the Ghislaine Maxwell trial to rest by then, so maybe we’ll review.

As for last night’s bumpers, the first one coincides with the appearance of Mary Ann Winkowski,
who joined us in the first hour.  And she found a couple of ghosts too.  So we’ll follow up on that
next month.  Then we played some stuff for Scotty in East Chicago, and got in five Joe Simon

R. Dean Taylor – There’s A Ghost In My House
Marlo – Understanding
Sheppards – Mozelle
Luther Bond & The Emeralds - Written In The Stars
Jive Five – Don’t Believe Him Donna
Joe Simon - When
Joe Simon – The Chokin’ Kind
Joe Simon – My Adorable One
Joe Simon – Let’s Do It Over
Joe Simon – Nine Pound Steel

THURSDAY DECEMBER 16, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Looking forward to talkign with Mary Ann
Winkowski tonight at 10. Remember to call early. Mary Ann sees ghosts, and if you think you’ve
got one around you, she’ll tell you all about who it might be. 

It was great fun talking with Wild Bill Riley last night.  We played quite a bit of Westside San
Antonio music too:

Sunny & The Sunglows – Talk To Me
Commands – No Time
Sunny & The Sunliners – The One Who’s Hurtin’ Is You
Royal Jesters - I Want You Around
Little Jr. Jesse & The Teardrops – Ain’t No Big Thing
Dell-Kings – Just Remember
The Moods – Here I Stand
Denny Ezba - Suzy Q

I’ve long contended that it’s a love-hate relationship I have with the late Abe Epstein. I adored him
for all the wonderful Westside sound he committed to vinyl on his various record labels.  And I
intently disliked him for the quality of the recordings he made.  But Wild Bill told me that
Chicago-based reissue label Numero Uno has cleaned a lot of them up and they’ve got ‘em on
CDs. Normally I despise anything remotely remastered or remixed, but Abe’s stuff begs for it.  Can’t
wait to hear it. Meanwhile, if you’re on facebook, check out Wild Bill’s page here.

We also played a couple other songs:

Stylistics – People Make The World Go Round
Revels – Dead Man’s Stroll
Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter #23

Sorry to have abandoned you during the Brothers Johnson—I didn’t even get a chance to tell you
that Shuggie Otis, Johnny’s son, wrote Strawberry Letter #23 (Shuggie turned 68 this month) and
Quincy Jones produced it, but as I mentioned, if it were not for my excitement about talking with
Wild Bill Riley, I would have begged off on doing the show entirely given how lousy I was feeling. I
was amazed I was able to get through most of it, but in the waning moments, it caught up with me.  
I’m counting on feeling fine tonight. Or at least better.  Talk to you at 10.

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 15, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Got Blackhawk’s Hockey tonight, so I’ll be on
about 10:30 PM CT... and I won’t be alone!  Wild Bill Riley joins me and I’m really looking forward
to it.  I’ve often joked that the nicest thing about Austin is how close it is to Texas, given the political
differences between the capitol and the rest of the state.  While that’s absolutely true, even more
true is the nicest thing about Austin when I lived there was how close it was to San Antonio. 
Especially on Sunday nights when I could turn on the radio and listen to the Low and Slow Cruisin’
Show on KONO. Wild Bill Riley was the host, and though he didn’t know it, he was my every
Sunday night date.  What made him so compelling is how many Westside oldies he’d regularly play.
He knew all about this stuff—and I knew next to nothing. Heck, I thought Sunny Ozuna was from
California.  After all, he went to Burbank High—but as I learned from Wild Bill, not the Burbank High
on the west coast, the one on the west side of San Antonio.  And Sunny did so much more than
“Talk to Me”.  Then there were the Royal Jesters.  I could go on..  and I will tonight, or Wild Bill will. 
I’ll sit back enthralled and I bet you will too.

Then tomorrow night at 10, Mary Ann Winkowski joins me.  Mary Ann is just like you and
me—except she sees ghosts.  As if they were in the flesh. And if you’ve got any near you when you
call, she’ll not only see them, but she’ll see everything the ghost does. So clean up the house and
call to see if it’s haunted.

Last night’s bumpers were mostly requests, though nobody would have requested the last one. 
About all I can tell you is it was released on a real label—Mercury, and they were serious as a heart
attack, though the artist sounds like he was having one.

Big Maybelle – Candy
Ral Donner – She’s Everything
Joe Hinton – Funny
Freddie Cannon – Transistor Sister
Bessie Banks – Go Now
Patsy Cline – Strange
Ben White & The Darchaes – Nation Wide Stamps
J. Frank Wilson – Hey Little One
Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Paralyzed (mercifully just for a few seconds)

TUESDAY DECEMBER 14, 2021 3:31 AM... Monday Night Trivia was a lot of fun as always, thanks
to your many calls.  You got the straggler question from last week, and the new one posed this
week, and several of the Bumper Stumpers.   If you didn’t hear the show here’s what you missed,
(and if you want to hear it again, don’t forget it’ll replay on WGN on Friday night on WGN at 10
Central, or you can download it from the nav bar above):

In 1970 less than 3 million Americans had this.  Now it’s more than double that—by  some counts,
it’s over 7 million.  Have what?  A second home.

This is in use everywhere today. It was invented in the early 50s, but it wasn't until the mid 70s that
it was first used. What? The barcode. (It was invented in 1952 but deemed impractical so the two
guys who developed it sold the patent to IBM in the latter 50s.  It wasn’t until 1974 that a product
was first scanned:  A 10 cent of Wrigley chewing gum at a checkout line at Marsh Supermarket in
Troy Ohio.) 

Shalamar – A Night To Remember
Shirley & Lee – Baby
Sheiks – So Fine
Shells – Happy Holiday
Sheppards – Elevator Operator
Sherri Taylor – He’s The One That Rings My Bell
Shades of Blue – Lonely Summer
Shirley Gunther – Oop Shoop
Schoolboys – Please Say You Want Me
Sinners – Nightmare
Shields – You’ll Be Coming Home Soon
Shades of Blue – Lonely Summer

Talk to you tonight at 10.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 10, 2021 3:31 AM.  Tonight it’s a replay of Monday Night Trivia on WGN at 10,
so sit back and enjoy the show, then mark your calendar to call in live on Monday Night at 10. 

Sad to learn of the passing of Ralph Tavares, the oldies of the Tavares brothers who would have
turned 80 today. Died on Wednesday, and as they were booked to perform this weekend, I imagine
it was sudden.  That’s a shock to those of us left behind, but a blessing to him. Now heaven isn’t
missing an angel. Ralph has arrived. 

We talked a lot about civil forfeiture after the news that a Chicago woman was stopped between
flights at Love Field in Dallas and the almost $107,000 she had with her was confiscated. She was
not arrested, not even accused, of a crime.  That’s business as usual under civil forfeiture
provisions and I’ve been talking about needed changes for going on 40 years now.  It’ll be
interesting to hear the rest of the story, if we ever do.  As for last night’s bumpers, appropriately
Tavares hits were prominent:

Tavares – Whodunit
Chubby & The Turnpikes – I Know The Inside Story
Tavares – A Penny For Your Thoughts
Tavares – Goodnight My Love
Teddy & The Twilights – Woman Is A Man’s Best Friend
Tommy Hunt – Human
Tavares – Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel
JJ Cale – Crazy Mama
Frankie Ford – Sea Cruise
Chuck Jackson & Doris Troy – Tell Him I’m Not Home

THURSDAY DECEMBER 9, 2021 3:31 AM CT..  We talked with Jay about the alarming number of
scammers out there, and the startling number of people who fall for their ploys.  No one official will
ask you to pay for anything with a gift card. And if you get an email of concern, don’t click on any
link, no matter how real it looks.  Let’s say it’s supposedly from a bank where you have an account. 
Go to a web browser and enter the bank’s URL yourself.  Or look up the number and call them.
(Don’t call any number in the email that concerns you.)  In other words, go to the bank or business
directly—not through anything that has to do with the email.  And before you even get that far, there
are easy ways to rule out scammers.  The senders address can give you good clues—but that can
be spoofed too.

And as usual we talked about music—soul oldies in particular.  It was Jerry Butler’s 82nd birthday
so of course we had to play a few favorites of mine that he did.  Here’s a list of all the bumpers:

Jerry Butler – Mr. Dream Merchant
Jerry Butler – Make It Easy On Yourself
Jerry Butler – I Don’t Want To Hear It Anymore
Jerry Butler – Rainbow Valley
Jerry Butler – He Will Break Your Heart
Eddie Kendricks – Girl You Need A Change Of Mind
Four Shells – Hot Dog
Little Stevie Wonder – Contract On Love
Roy Rogers – Built For Comfort
Lee Andrews & The Hearts – Why Do I
Lee Andrews & The Hearts – Really Glad To Be Here

Full show tomorrow night starting at 10 Central. Plan to call!  Thanks!

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 8, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Good spending a couple hour with you afte the
game. Apologies to those hanging on when the show ended We’ll have a full show tonight so call
me at 10 (CT) and we’ll talk.  As for bumpers (and you had to be listening to get the story on why
some of them were played):

Frank Wilson – Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
Jubalaires – Noah
Georgie Fame – Sunny
Huey Piano Smith & The Clowns – High Blood Pressure
Ricochet – Let It Snow
Steve Alaimo – Lady Of The House

TUESDAY DECEMBER 7, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Quit the interesting trivia show.  Our straggler from
last week was answered right off the bat:  7% of Americans believe this.  Their proof is a number of
conspiracy theories, and an alleged DNA test and even an entire museum devoted to this.   Believe
what?  That Elvis is still alive.  (Bill Beeny runs the Elvis is Alive Museum. He paid for the DNA test
based on tissue samples he got from doctors in Memphis.  No match.  One of the more popular
theories is the misspelling of Elvis’ middle name on his grave—the extra “A” in Aaron.   Record
Producer Bill Smith (Paul & Paula, J. Frank Wilson and others) was so convinced he wrote a book
about it.  One of his facts (to use the term loosely) was an Elvis sighting at a Sonic Drive In.

A first-time caller stepped up and got our next question:  This happens more in Los Angeles than
any other American city. About a thousand times a year. Experts say it’s because of the extensive
freeway system.  What? Bank Robberies.  And the one we asked after that is still up for grabs. 
Think about it over the week, and call in next Monday.  Didn’t hear the question?  You can catch it
on the stream (which will play until tonight’s live show) or the downloads (almost in perpetuity) or
hear it on WGN on the Friday Night Replay of Monday Night Trivia (10-1 CT).

We continued with the letter “S” in Bumper Stumpers A to Z.  That mean that the group name, or
artist’s first name if it’s a solo act, begins with “S”.  I thought that was a pretty well established
concept—until Cleveland Dennis suggested he heard the Contours.  We’ll continue with the letter
“S” next week (and probably the week after that).

As for the “S” bumpers we played, several were guessed:

Serenaders – I’ll Cry Tomorrow
Sapphires – Gonna Be A Big Thing
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Strange
Sensations – I Won’t Be Hurt
Screamin’ A’s – Headin’ Out
Searchers – Ain’t That Just Like Me
Satintones – Fine Son In Law
Seven Souls – I Still Love You
Scott English – High On A Hill
Senators – Scheming
Senors – May I Have This Dance

We’ll be on tonight around 11 CT, sports play by play before that.  Talk to you then.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 3, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Missed Monday Night Trivia?  You can hear a replay
tonight on WGN.   Meantime we filled three hours of nothing much that mattered last night and
played a few requests as well:

Malo – Suavecito 
Sweet Inspirations – Sweet Inspiration
Little Willie John – Sleep
Bill Pursell – Our Winter Love
Penguins – Memories of El Monte
Calvanes – Fleeoowee
Drifters – White Christmas
Franklyn MacCormack – Why Do I Love You
A Lighter Shade of Brown – On A Sunday Afternoon
Revels – Midnight Stroll

THURSDAY DECEMBER 2, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Good talking with many of you about something
close to nothing.  Always fun.  As for bumpers:

Sam & Dave – I Thank You
Manhattans – I Call It Love
Manhattans - I’m The One Love Forgot 
El Dorados – At My Front Door
ElDorado – Bim Bam Boom
Manhattens – Why Should I Cry
Adam Sandler – The Chanukah Song
Drifters - Steamboat
Earl Bostic – Where Or When
Bruce Channel –Sorry Baby
Dells – I’m Calling

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 1, 2021 3:31 AM CT..  Played a lot of early Manhattans (mostly on
Carnival, but also DeLuxe) for Karen, but after awhile I lost track of what I played and didn’t. So
tonight we’ll have “I Call It Love” and “I’m The One Love Forgot”.  We’ll also have a 1957 record
from the “Manhattens”, an LA vocal group.  “Why Should I Cry”. They have absolutely no relation to
the New Jersey “Manhattans” but it’s a nice record and I like to entertain myself. Hopefully you’ll be
a kindred spirit. If not, remember it’s only 90 seconds.  We’ll also get Johnny D’s Sam & Dave “I
Thank You” request.  I will let you know how it goes with the shoe laces saga. If you don’t know of
what I speak, you missed the show.  And here’s all the songs you missed:

Manhattans – Searching For My Baby
Manhattans – Follow Your Heart
Manhattans – I Wanna Be (Your Everything)
Manhattans – Call Somebody Please
Manhattans – It’s Gonna Take A Lot To Bring Me Back
Manhattans - Give Him Up
Manhattans – One Life To Live

Talk to you tonight at 10 CT.


TUESDAY NOVEMBER 30, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Tonight’s show will be on after the game—figure
about 10:15.  As for last night’s trivia, after about an hour and a half, you did very well with my first
question: This specific sporting related injury sends over 20,000 people to the emergency room
every year.  What is it?  Dropping a bowling ball on a foot.  (The second biggest bowling injury:
getting fingers stuck between the balls on the return. By far longest lasting effect of the prior two:
severe embarrassment.)  I immediately replaced it with a new question, which remains unanswered.
It’ll be next week’s straggler.  You also did well on Bumper Stumpers A-Z. We wrapped up “R” and
started in on “S”.  Here’s what we played:

Ruth Brown – 5-10-15 Hours
Royal Teens – Believe Me
Royalettes – Only When You’re Lonely
Russell Byrd – Hitch Hike  (Bert Berns)
Rick Strickland – She Can’t Fix Grits
Solomon Burke – Presents For Christmas
Sam & Bill – For You Love
Sammy Ambrose – This Diamond Ring
Sammy Hagan & The Viscounts – Tail Light
Sammy Sevens – Watch Your Step
Sanford Clark – The Fool

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 26, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Had fun counting down the top 10 of the World’s
Worst Hit Records as voted on by YOU this year.  We opened the show with Little Eva “Turkey
Trot”.    Before tell you what else we played, let me give you the 2021 Top 10:

1    Debbie Boone – You Light Up My Life
2    Neil Diamond – I Am I Said
3    Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods - Billy Don’t Be A Hero
4    Paper Lace – The Night Chicago Died
5    Captain & Tennille - Muskrat Love
6    Tiny Tim - Tiptoe Thru The Tulips
7    Morris Albert – Feelings
8    Peggy Lee – Is That All There Is
9    Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry, Be Happy
10  Paul Anka – Havin’ My Baby 

Explanations and embellishments are throughout the show (listen on the stream until Monday Night
Trivia starts next week, or download it anytime, use the links above).   Now as for what else you

The Hello montage featured (in order) Adele, Nazz, Lionel Ritchie, Jimmy Norman, Neil Diamond,
Sopwith Camel, Hank Snow, Faron Young, Little Peggy March, Beatles, Allan Sherman, Prairie

The mechanized death medley featured (in order) Ray Peterson, Mark Dinning, J. Frank Wilson,
Jimmy Cross, Dickey Lee, Stonewall Jackson.

Pipkins – Gimme Dat Ding
Piero Umiliani – Mah Nah Mah Nah
Dr. Hook – Sylvia’s Mother (a listener-like not a nomination)

The maudlin death medley featured (in order) Tanya Tucker, Bobbie Gentry, Jody Reynolds, Pat
Boone, Everly Brothers, Porter & Dolly, The Gallahads, David Geddes. 

David Geddes – Run Joey Run
Kasenetz Katz Singing Circus – Quick Joey Small (Run Joey Run)
Sylvia – Pillow Talk

The Christmas medley: NewSong, Elmo & Patsy, John Lennon, Barking Dogs, Band Aid, Wings,
John Denver, Tiny Tim, Justin Bieber, NewSong

Henhouse Five Plus Two (Ray Stevens) – In The Mood
Blue Swede – Hooked On A Feeling

It’s official The Rollye James’ I Hate The Holidays Club is open for the season. Meetings will be held
Monday through Thursday evenings at 10 CT on WGN.  If it’s Ho Ho Hum for you, this is your safe
haven.  And we’ll be back at it in a couple ays with Monday Night Trivia. Talk to you then.

THANKSGIVING 2021 3:31 AM... Tonight’s the night. We’ll count down the World’s Worst Hit
Records, as voted on by you.  Poll is now officially closed and as I type, I’m tabulating.  Find out
how it came out tonight.

As for what we played last night:

Cab Calloway – Everybody Eats When They Come To My House
James Taylor – Hey Mister, That’s Me Up On The Jukebox
Cadillacs – The Girl I Love
Cleftones – why Do You Do Me Like You Do
Orlons – Not Me
Matadors – Vengeance
Little Anthony – Goin’ Out Of My Head
Garnett Mimms – A Quiet Place
Bill Deal & The Rhondells – What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am
Peanut Butter Conspiracy – It’s Aa Happening Thing (don’t ask, lol)

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 24, 2021 3:31 AM CT..  This is it—the last day this year to vote on the
World’s Worst Hit Records. We’ll play them back live tomorrow night on Thanksgiving—a night of
turkeys.   Fun talking with Tim from and taking your calls.  We mentioned a lot
of songs but here’s what we played:

Spike Jones & Linda Strangis – I Want Eddie Fisher For Christmas
Betty Everett – I Can’t Hear You No More
Louis Jordan – Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby
Bobby & Sylvia – I Broke Your Heart

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 23, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Fun playing trivia after the game. No right answer
on the straggler question so I revealed it at the end of the show:  A hotel in New York started
charging guests $1,000 for this in 2004. No word on how long it was around, but a few guests paid
for it.  What cost hotel guests $1,000? An omelet at the Parker Meridien Hotel in New York City. 
(Six eggs, lobster & ten ounces of sevruga caviar.  One guest said when they saw $1,000 on the
menu, they thought it was the calorie count.)

As for Bumper Stumpers A-Z, I thought this was the last week for the letter “R” but turns out we still
have a few to play.    As for what we did play:

Robert John – You Don’t Need A Gypsy
Ruby & The Romantics - Much Better Off Than I’ve Ever Been
Rufus Hunter – Caught Up
Ruby Andrews – I Guess That Don’t Make Me A Loser
Royaltones – Poor Boy
Ruby Winters – Just Like A Yo Yo
Rufus Thomas – Sister’s Got A Boyfriend

We’ll be on after play by play tonight, around 11:30 PM CT.  Tim Tillson the creator and owner of will be joining me.  If you’re into obscure oldies, you’ll want to join in.  And don’t
forget, there’s still time to vote on the World’s Worst Hit Records. I’ve tabulated everything you’ve
mentioned, and right now I’ve got a 17 way tie for #10.  Please continue to vote and save me from a
world of hurt.  (You can vote as often as you like for as many songs as you want, as long as you
don’t vote for the same one twice.)  Voting continues through tomorrow night (Wednesday). I’ll
finalize the is and play them back live on Thanksgiving, a night of turkeys.

Ann Winkowski couldn’t join us, but she’ll be back as soon as her voice returns.  Our prayers and
thoughts are with her.  But thanks for all the calls—full lines all night, and that’s much appreciated. 
We talked about everything from Hawaiian radio to the downfall of Seattle and took your votes on
the World’s Worst Hit Records 2021.  

About that, I’ve tabulated up to the moment and presently we’ve got a top 9 and a 13-way tie for
10th.  Not going to encourage you in any direction by naming any of them, but will try to encourage
you to vote for the songs you hate between now and Wednesdsay night. Just like our federal
elections, you can vote as often as you like, but unlike them—you can only vote for the same song
once.  We’ll be playing them back live Thursday night on Thanksgiving the perfect night for turkeys.

Next week, we’ll start Monday Night Trivia around 10:30 CT (ballgame before me) and Tuesday’s
show won’t start until 11:30 CT (another ballgame before me).  Wednesday and Thursdays we’ll
have full shows.  If it’s on your mind, it’ll be on mine.  And we’ll play your requests too as evidenced
by last night’s bumpers:

Marlo – Understanding
Freda Payne – Deeper And Deeper
B.B. King – I’m Gonna Do What They Do To Me
Bobby Hutton – 20 Years Later
Blackbyrds – The Runaway
Hot Chocolate – Every 1’s A Winner
B.B. King – Gambler’s Blues
Harry Belafonte – Jamaica Farewell
Bloodstone – Something’s Missing

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 17, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  No show tonight, the Blackhawks are playing. 
We’ll be back tomorrow night, but there might be a slightly later start (like 10:15CT) right after the
Blackhawks.  And the best part is I’ll be joined in the first hour by Mary Ann Winkowski. Mary Ann,
as you probably know by now, sees ghosts.  Just like she sees you and me. And if you happen to
have a ghost nearby, she can tell you.  The key to getting on the air with her is to call early in the
hour.  After that, voting  continues on the World’s Worst Hit Records.  We’ll be playing the top 10
turkeys live on the night of turkeys next Thursday.  As for what we played tonight—almost all
requests (Bop Ting A Ling was mine, the rest were yours):

Dobby Dobson – This Is My Story
Lou Rawls – Lady Love
Lanier & Co – Afraid of Losing You
Lavern Baker – Bop Ting A Ling
Barbra Streisand – Sam, You Made The Pants Too Long
Barbra Streisand – Stoney End
Heatwave – Always And Forever
Evelyn Champagne King – Shame
Neil Diamond – Until It’s Time For You To Go
Lucky Starr – I’ve Been Everywhere
Hank Snow – I’ve Been Everywhere

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 16, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Fun playing trivia with you last night. Thanks for all
the calls.  If you missed the show, it will replay this Friday at 10 PM on WGN Radio.  (Or you can
catch it on the stream until tonight’s live show, or download it at your leisure.)   I threw out a fine
question, and by the time the show ended, it remained unanswered.  So it’s a straggler and we’ll
pick it up next week.   Several of you did win with your own categories— music charts and
advertising slogans most notably, and a few of our bumpers were identified. (We’re playing Bumper
Stumpers A to Z, and we’re stil on the letter “R”.)  what you knew was Ronnie Hawkins, Rose
Colored Glass and the Royals.  What we played was:

Robins – Just Like That
Rosalinde Block – Never Known Love
Rosco Gordon – Surely, I Love You
Ronnie Hawkins – Mary Lou
Royal Five – Say It To My Face
Rose Colored Glass – Can’t Find The Time
Royal Chessman – Beggin’ You
Royalettes- It’s A Big Mistake
Roscoe Robinson – That’s Enough
Royals – Every Beat of My Heart
Roy Smith – Very Strong On You

Full show tonight at 10. No show tomorrow night.  Thursday we’ll have Mary Ann Winkowski on with

MONDAY NOVEMBER 15, 2021  3:31 AM CT... Apologies for not getting the replay streaming until
now. It is (and will until tonight’s live show) and it’s available as a download for the foreseeable
future.  It’s been a rough few days but I rallied earlier in the evening and hopefully by tonight’s show
I’ll be ready for you. Monday Night Trivia starts at 10.  As for Thursday night’s bumpers:

Glen Campbell – Universal Soldier
Johnny Cash – Singing in Viet Nam Talkin’ Blues
Richard Barbary – When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Dells – Does Anybody Know I’m Here
Inconquerables – Wait For Me
Andrews Sisters – Hold Tight
Pete Seeger – Draft Dodger Rag
Mel & Tim – Mail Call Time
Monitors – Greeting This is Uncle Sam
Allen Orange – V.C. Blues
Charmels – Dear Uncle Sam
Whispers – P.O.W. M.I.A.
Innocence – Mairzy Doats
Freda Payne – Bring The Boys Home
Johnny Darrell – Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town
Dave Dudley – Vietnam Blues
Monitors – Greetings This Is Uncle Sam

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 12, 2021 2:00 AM CT..  It doesn't happen often but I'm too sick to digitize the
file of last night's show and list the bumpers.  I'm hoping to do that later today.  Apologies.

THURSDAY VETERANS’ DAY 2021 3:31 AM.. We’ll celebrate with military songs tonight at 10.
Worry not, no marches.   Had a fine time last night.  We somehow got to talking about country
music, absolutely coincidental to the CMA awards being on TV.  Our bumpers reflected it too:

Dolly Parton – Jeannie’s Afraid Of The Dark
Hank Thompson – I See Them
Charlie Louvin – What Are Those Things With Big Black Wings
Ray Charles – I Can’t Stop Loving You
Tommy Edwards – Don’t Fence Me In
Ane Brun – From Me To You
Del Shannon – From Me To You
Stonemans – God Is Alive And Well
Johnny Cash – One Piece At A Time

On a somber note, Kayla mentioned that Brendan Santo disappeared a couple weeks ago from the
Michigan State University campus.  Absolutely no clue as to what happened or where he might be,
and it’s atypical for his behavior.  Search him.  You’ll see a picture, and with any luck, someone will
remember seeing him after October 29th.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 10, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Great hearing from so many of you last night. 
It was a lot of fun. Let’s do it again tonight at 10!   As for last night’s bumpers, it was 100% by
request. Here’s what we played:

Gino Vanelli – I Just Wanna Stop
Vito & The Salutations – Gloria  1962 Rayna
Amy Winehouse – Our Day Will Come
Melanie – Brand New Key
Magnificents – Ozeta
Babs Tino – Forgive Me (For Giving You Such A Bad Time)

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 5, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  No show Monday (sports pre-emption) and an 11 PM
(CT) Tuesday—talk to you then.

Thanks for calling last night.  Nominations were brisk on the World’s Worst Hit Records. Keep ‘em
comin’!  Bumpers?  Here’s what we played:

Jerry Lee Lewis & Buddy Guy – Hadacol Boogie
Magnificents – Off the Mountain
Leaders – Stormy Weather
Con Funk shun – Ffun
Peter Tosh with Mick Jagger
Buddy Holly – Ting A Ling
Shirelles – Foolish Little Girl
Cookies – Foolish Little Girl
Kingston Trio – The Everglades
Marvin Gaye – Try It Baby
Persuaders – Thin Line Between Love and Hate

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 4, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Murders and mayhem and more votes on the
World’s Worst Hit Records.  That sums up last night, and will probably be what’s on tap for tonight
as well, but call with whatever’s on your mind, I’ll be glad to discuss it.  And if all else fails we’ve got
some juicy tabloid trash tales to review.  Full show tonight. Talk to you at 10.  Here’s what we played
last night:

Count Basie – Li’l Darlin’
Clifford Curry – She Shot A Hole In My Soul
Bill Nettles – Hadacol Boogie
Cadillacs – My Girlfriend
Magnificents – Up On The Mountain

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 3, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Good to hear from many of you. We continued
to vote on the World’s Worst Hit Records. (The only criteria is it has to be a national hit. Doesn’t
matter what year, or what genre.  Just a bona fide big hit record.)  You can vote as often as you like,
but you can’t vote for the same song twice.  Great when you nominate horrors, even better when
you second other suggestions. Remember, it’s a cumulative total.  You can vote until Wednesday
night Thanksgiving Eve. Then I’ll tabulate and we’ll play them back Thanksgiving Night, which is
always associated with Turkeys.

We also updated the Murdaugh and Petito murders, talked about awful customer service and
managed to play a few bumpers associated with historical musical events:

Impressions – Shorty’s Got to Go
Friends of Distinction – Grazing In The Grass
Loleatta Holloway – Dreaming
Art Garfunkel – I Only Have Eyes For You 1
Ted Taylor – Somebody’s Always Trying
Herman’s Hermits – I Can Take Or Leave Your Lovin’
Maxine Nightingale – Lead Me On

Tonight we’re on after the Blackhawks. Figure on an 11 PM (CT) start.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 2, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Lots of fun on Monday Night Trivia last night, and
towards the end of the show we got an answer to our straggler:  A lot of people are afraid of
airplanes—flying in them, or having one fall on them.  But no one is afraid of this thing flying.  Yet in
the 1990s, three Americans, at different times in different places were killed by a flying one of these.
One of what?  Cows.  (In 1999 a motorist in Vacaville California was killed when a cow flew through
the windshield of his pickup after being hit by a car. The same thing happened to another motorist in
1998.  And in 1993, a Wisconsin farmer was killed by a bovine projectile—no info on what caused it
to be airborne.)

As usual all the bumpers were up for grabs with Bumper Stumpers A-Z.  We  continued to work on
the letter “R”.   All the artists first names, or group names began with an “R”.  Here’s what we played:

Ritchie Valens – We Belong Together
Robins – Cherry Lips
Righteous Brothers – Little Latin Lupe Lu
Rockmasters – Raining Teardrops
Roger Hatcher – Sweetest Girl In The World
Roger & The Travelers – Daddy’s Little Girl
Ron Henderson & Choice of Colour – Love Is Gone
Rosie & Ron – Bring Me Happiness
Rosemary Clooney – Miss Otis Regrets
Roy Hamilton – You Can Have Her

No game tonight. Talk to you at 10.


FRIDAY OCTOBER 29, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Fun last night with the start of the voting on the annual
poll of the World’s Worst Hit Records (any decade, any genre, as long as they’re bona fide hits).  
Remember, it’s a cumulative total, so if you hate something someone else has nominated, be sure
to vote for it.  You can vote as often as you like through Wednesday Night Thanksgiving eve.   We’ll
play them back live on Thanksgiving—a night of turkeys.  I prefer you vote live on the air (either
calling just for that, or getting it in while you’re talking about something else), but we’ll take email
votes too with one caveat—I may not see them. I try to keep up with email but when it gets out of
hand I mass delete everything, so while it’s not my plan, it is possible I’ll never read it.   As for what
we played last night (a mixture of the World’s Worst, your requests, and historical relatability):

Jimmy Cross - I Want My Baby Back
Intruders – Come Home Soon
Raindrops – The Kind Of Boy You Can’t Forget
Patience & Prudence – Gonna Get Along Without You Now
Bobby Goldsboro - Honey
Gene Pitney – If I Didn’t Have A Dime
Burl Ives – Funny Way of Laughing
Marty Robbins – A White Sports Coat And A Pink Carnation
Jayhawks – Stranded In The Jungle
Napoleon XIV – Split Level Head

Tonight you’ll hear a replay of Monday Night Trivia, so if you missed the show Monday Night you
can get up to speed on what we asked. We’ve got a straggler question, will we’ll start Monday Night
Trivia with that next week.  Talk to you then!

THURSDAY OCTOBER 28, 2021 3:31 AM Great to talk with all of you last night—and Jim
Bohannon, a guy who deserves all the success he’s had and much more recognition than he’s
gotten. As you probably know, his national show follows me nightly on WGN.  He’s in Chicago to
serve as master of ceremonies, which he’s done for many many years at the annual induction
ceremony at the Radio Hall of Fame tonight. Hearty congratulations to Erica Farber, Kim
Kommando and all of this year’s inductees.   Last night’s bumpers? Mostly your requests:

Dean & Jean – Tra La La La Suzy
Bettye Swann – Make Me Yours
Bettye Swann – Don’t Wait Too Long
Tavares – Being With You
Buster Brown – Fanny Mae
Taste of Honey – Sukiyaki
GQ – I Do Love You
Jive Five -If I Had A Chance To Love You
Marlo – I Could Of Had A Good Thing

Talk to you tonight at 10.  I hope you’ll call.

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 27, 2021 3:31  AM CT... The show was a pleasure to do, thanks to all of
you who called.  We’ll do it again tonight at 10.  Hope to hear from you then.  As for last night’s

Cellos – You Took My Love
Jimmy Dean – Big Bad John
Steve Greenberg – Big Bruce
Stevie Wonder – I’m Wondering
Frank Gallop – Ballad of Irving
Robbs – I Don’t Feel Alone
Belita Woods – That’s Why I’ll Stop Lovin’ You
Brainstorm – You Put A Charge In My Life
Tygers – Debbie On My Mind
Marathons – Peanut Butter
Olympics – (Baby) Hully Gully
Faron Young – Backtrack
Louis Jordan – Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens

TUESDAY OCTOBER 26, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Happy Birthday Pat Sajak. It's also Hillary Clinton's
birthday. Both born in Chicago.   We had a rousing edition of Monday Night Trivia last night. It’ll
replay this Friday at 10 PM on WGN.  You can also download it now (click on Downloads above) or
hear it on the stream until tonight’s live show.  In addition to the questions of your choosing and the
Bumper Stumpers, we had one question answered correctly:

What is the most patented device in history?  Well over 4,000 patents for it in the US alone.  What
is it? A mousetrap. As of 1996, the US Patent Office issued over 4400 mousetrap patents, including
impaling, choking squeezing, noose, electrocution and explosion.   The prototypical remains the
Victor, the snapping mousetrap invented in 1899 by John Mast and used in cartoons worldwide. At
least it’s good for something.

We’ve got another question that we’re holding over for next week (listen to the stream, download it
or catch the Friday night replay to know what it was, and listen next Monday to answer it).

As for those Bumper Stumpers A to Z, we were still working on the letter “R” and here’s what we

Robert Parker – I Caught You In A Lie
Robins – A Fool In Love
Rosco Robinson – That’s Enough
Robert  & Johnny – Try Me Pretty Baby
Rita Graham – My Cup Runneth Over
Rhythm Rascals - Why Do You Have To Go
Rivieras – Easy To Remember
Robbie Montgomery – Pee Wee
Robert John – If You Don’t Want My Love
Ringleaders – Baby What Has Happened To Our Love
Rivileers – A Thousand Stars

Talk to you tonight at 10!

FRIDAY OCTOBER 22, 2021 3:31 AM CT...A Replay of Monday Night Trivia tonight at 10 on WGN
Radio.  As for last night’s bumpers:

Penguins – Memories of El Monte
Tempo Toppers – Rice, Red Beans & Turnip Greens
5 Royales – Dedicated To The One I Love
Barrino Brothers – Trapped In A Love
Jimmy Beaumont - Everybody’s Crying
Nutty Squirrels – Uh Oh

THURSDAY OCTOBER 21, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  More murders, more often, we gave you the Brian
Laundrie update last night along with other stories, and all of your calls. Thank you for that!  Tonight
we’ve got a Blackhawks’ game until 11 (CT).  Then you’ve got two hours of me.  Please call!   As for
last night’s bumpers (by your requests):

Goldenrods – Color Cartoons
Coasters - Along Came Jones
Arthur Prysock – I Wantcha Baby
Louis Prima – Closer To The Bone
Al Green – Take Me to The River
Tornadoes – Telstar
Gene Pitney – Every Breath I Take
Sam & Dave - Wrap It Up
Sugarloaf – Don’t Call Us
Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 20, 2021 3:31 AM CT... The Murder Murder Meter is clicking along—we
talked about that saga, as well as the mystery of Christa Helm, whose murder won’t be settled,
though Amanda is sure she knows who did it.  The problem is, no one cares 44 years later.  All the
bumpers were by request (as evidenced by what was played):

Major Harris – Love Won’t Let Me Wait
Six Teens – A Casual Look
Bell Notes – I’ve Had It
Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Hollies – He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother
Moonglows – I Was Wrong
Roommates – Please Don’t Cheat On Me

We’ve got a full show tonight 10 to 1, central and I’m hoping you’ll be motivated to call. I may have
a topic that will drive you to the phone.  Talk to you then!

TUESDAY OCTOBER 19, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Our straggler kept you guessing all night last night
on Monday Night Trivia.  I revealed it at the end of the show:  San Franciscans spend the most on
this compared to residents of other cities A lot more than anywhere else in the country— more than
50% higher than the US average.  Spend the most on what?  Reading material (according to the
Bureau of Labor Statistics as reported in the San Francisco Chronicle). 

On Bumper Stumpers A to Z, we were working on the letter “R” and you nailed four of ‘em.  Here
are all of them:

Ray Bryant Combo – The Madison Time
Re-Vels – False Alarm – 1958 Chess
Realistic’s – Please Baby Please
Rays – Daddy Cool
Reflections – Three Steps From True Love
Regents – A Fool In Love
Richard Berry – Have Love, Will Travel
Rev-Lons – After Last Night
Red Caps – Let The Rest Of The World Go By
Richard Dimples Fields – You Send Me
Rene & Ray – Queen of My Heart

Don’t forget, Monday Night Trivia replays every Friday Night from 10 to 1 on WGN Radio.  Anything
goes on tonight’s show, which will start around 10:30, after the Blackhawks’ game.  Talk to you then.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 15, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Great talking to Mary Ann Winkowski and good to get
all of your calls.  Sorry to those of you who didn’t make it on. Please call earlier!  Talk to you next
week for Monday Night Trivia, then whatever’s on your mind Tuesday through Thursday.  Bumpers
last night:

Eddie Cletro – Flying Saucer Boogie
R. Dean Tayler – There’s A Ghost In My House
Fifth Dimenson – Last Night I Didn’t Get To Sleep At All
Ivory Joe Hunter – Landlord Blues
Chantels - Maybe
Foundations – Now That I’ve Found You
Vernon Green & The Medallions – Can You Talk
Vernon Green & The Medallions – The Letter
Prince – Raspberry Beret
Vernon Green & The Medallions – Magic Mountain

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 13, 2021 3:31 AM CT... A fine time indeed last night.  Tonight the
Blackhawks play hockey and since I know absolutely nothing about hockey, I’ll be sitting this one
out. Back tomorrow night with Mary Ann Winkowski and ghost stories—including, hopefully yours.
Mary Ann can tell whether there are any disincarnate spirits near you when you call.   Last night’s

Robins  - Framed 
Earl Bostic – Flamingo
Spaniels – You Painted Pictures
Rick Nelson – Travelin’ Man
Sippie Wallace – Women Be Wise
Charles Wright & The 103rd St. Rhythm Band – Loveland
Nat King Cole – That Sunday That Summer
Castells – Sacred
Waylon Jennings & The Kimberlys – MacArthur Park
(Other than Loveland, they were all your requests as you can tell by the last one, which I never
would have voluntarily played, but proving I'll do anything for a good caller, there it was.)

TUESDAY OCTOBER 12, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Fun playing Monday Night Trivia with many of you. I
realized the straggler question was too darn broad. As soon as I narrowed it, we had a handful of
instant winners:  "After scrupulous confirmation just after the new century (around 2003), it was
reported that this occurs 27,000 times a day somewhere in America.  What?"  An airline will lose
your luggage.  (98% of the time, they’ll find it within five days. But that still leaves 560 MIA bags
every day. No wonder the Unclaimed Luggage Store in Alabama has millions of items.)  The next
question remains unanswered so we’ll leave it as a straggler for next Monday night.  As for Bumper
Stumpers A-Z , we worked on “Q” and started in on “R” this week.   All the artists first names, or
group names begin with a “Q” or an “R.” And here’s what we played:

RB Hudmon – This Could Be The Night
Radiants – One Day I’ll Show You – 1962 Chess
Quinns – Hong Kong – 1957 Cyclone
Rainbows – They Say
Ramona King – What Have I Got To Cry About
Ravens – Green Eyes
Quinns – Oh Starlight
Ral Donner – She’s Everything
Quotations – Imagination
Ray Smith – Makes Me Feel Good

Tonight at 10, anything goes (as usual).  Wednesday, no show as I make room for Blackhawks
Hocky. But Thursday night at 10, we’ve got Mary Ann Winkowski.  If you think your house or
business is haunted, she can confirm it, and much more.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 8, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Rather slow night after Hockey, but thanks to those of
you who did call.  Tonight it’ll be a replay of Monday Night  Trivia, and then on Monday night at 10,
we’ll play trivia again!  As for last night’s bumpers, post Blackhawks play by play:

Lulu – I’ll Come Running
Marvelettes – My Baby Must Be A Magician
Louis Prima – Close To The Bone
Danderliers – Shu Wop
Falcons – Now That It’s Over
Lulu – If I were You

THURSDAY OCTOBER 7, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Fun as always.  And as usual, the bumpers were
mostly your requests:

Marlo – Different Strokes for Different Folks
Freda Payne – Memories & Souvenirs
The Stylistics – Can’t Give You Anything (But My Love)
Chantels – Whoever You Are
O.C. Smith – Long Black Limousine
Carlos Santana – Havana Moon
Dickey Lee – I Saw Linda Yesterday
Charles Wright & The 103rd St. Rhythm Band – Express Yourself
Mel Brooks – Springtime For Hitler (for Rollye)

Talk to you tonight—right after the Blackhawks. I figure around 10:30 CT?  We’ll see.

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 6, 2021 3:31 AM  Fun talking with you as always last night, on topics
ranging from murders to music—swamp pop in particular.  The bumpers were mostly by request.
Here’s what we played:

Janet Jackson – Whoops Now
Esquires – Get On Up
Coasters – Zing Went The Strings Of My Hearat
Donnie Elbert – Where Did Our Love Go
Blue Magic – Side Show
Bobby Darin – Black Coffee
Spanky & Our Gang – Leopard Skin Phones
Warren Storm – The Prisoner Song
Slim Harpo – Raining In My Heart
Lou Christie – Lightning Strikes
James Brown – Get Up Offa That Thing

Don’t forget to write your Law of Abundance check before 8:05 AM CT. Don’t know what I’m talking
about?  Go to and read about it.  Talk to you tonight at 10.

TUESDAY OCTOBER 4, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Fun with Monday Night Trivia thanks to your calls
and guesses. We had a lot of winners.  The first question I threw out was gotten fairly quickly: 

There are odds about everything—especially the odds of dying.  The odds of suffering a heart
attack during sex is 1 in a million.  The odds of being stung to death by bees is 1 in 85,882. The
odds of being murdered is 1 in 15,440.  The odds of dying this way is 1 in 11,469. Odds of dying
what way?  Drowning in the bathtub.  [It happened to Canadian Prime Minister RB Bennett in
England in 1947, to Jim Morrison of The Doors in Paris in 1971, and to four of George Joseph
Smith’s wives. He wasn’t charged with murder until the fourth one met her maker on their
honeymoon. The other three also died while honeymooning with him.]

The second question I proffered was somewhat more difficult. We’ll hold it over ‘til next Monday
night to give you time to think about it.  You say you didn’t hear it?  Well listen to the replay
(streaming until tonight’s show or downloadable anytime—use the NAV bar above—or better yet,
listen on Friday night at 10 CT for the replay.

You did pretty well on A to Z Bumper Stumpers too. It was the final week for the letter “P” and here’s
what you heard:

Premiers – Farmer John (Don & Dewey did the original on Specialty in 1959)
Prince Buster – 10 Commandments of Man (WAME jock Nickie Lee did it too)
Preston Epps – Bongo Rock
Petals – (You Can’t Close) The Windows To Your Heart
Prodigals – Marsha
Purple Mundi – Stop Hurting Me Baby
Pretenders – I Call It Love
Prince La La – She Put The Hurt On Me
James Dee & Piece of the Action & Primettes – Jealous Over Love
Prince Conley -I’m Going Home
Precisions – I Wanna Tell My Baby
Preludes – Don’t Fall In Love Too Soon

Talk to you tonight at 10.


WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 28, 2021 3:31 AM CT..  Last night was fun. We reviewed the Candy
Mossler/Melvin Lane Powers murder trial.  That’s still my favorite, but the Murdaugh Murders in
South Carolina are climbing rapidly.  Nothing new on them.  We also played a bunch of your
requests.  You’ll hear replays after the game tonight and tomorrow night, and Friday is a replay of
Monday Night Trivia. I have every intention of being here next Monday night to play trivia with you
and hope to talk with you then. Here’s what we played last night:

Scott Brothers – My Day Has Come
Buddy Scott & The Rib Tips – Never Be The Same
Critters – Mr. Dieingly Sad
Chuck Berry - Havana Moon
Derrick Harriott – What Will I Do
Smokey Robinson – Going to a Go Go
Donnie Hathaway – I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
Sanford Townsend Band – Smoke From A Distant Fire
El Dorados – Baby I Need You
Velours – Can I Come Over Tonight
Kitty Kallen – In the Chapel in the Moonlight

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 28, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  Fun as usual playing Monday Night Trivia.
Great to hear from so many of you, including several first time callers. Keep it up.  You pretty much
wiped me out on questions.   Here’s what you knew:

Some Americans do this every day, others don’t do it all, but on average Americans do this 33 times
a year. Do what? (This was the straggler from last week.) Eat eggs for breakfast.

Per capita, more is sold in Salt Lake City than anywhere else in the world. More what?  Jell-o
(Lime is the most popular flavor.) 

Four out of ten drivers have done this. Done what? Given another driver the finger.

Toward the end of his reign, Saddam Hussein consulted with 7 individuals offering this service. 
What service?  Fortune Telling—psychics, astrologers, you name it (and James did.   It wasn’t
unusual for Saddam, who according to his chief advisor, throughout his tenure Saddam frequently
consulted with Iranian, Turkish Indian and Moroccan magicians and sorcerers.)

No stragglers, but more new questions next week, and of course you can have your own category
of virtually anything. As for Bumper Stumpers A-Z  we’re still working on the letter “P” this week.   All
the artists first names, or group names begin with “P”. Here’s what we played:

Pookie Hudson – I Know
Phil Upchurch Combo – You Can’t Sit Down
Poets – Wrapped Around Your Finger
Pentagons – Until Then
Penguins – Be Mine
Peter Allen – The More I See You
Perfections – Hey Girl
Phil Terrell – Can I Come In
Platters – Maggie Doesn’t Work Here Anymore
Pearls – My oh My
Paul Jabara – Trapped In A Stairway
Philly Cream – Motown Review

Monday Night Trivia replays on Friday night, so you can hear what you missed, or if you called in,
you can hear yourself on the radio.  Talk to you tonight at  10!

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 24, 2021 3:31 AM CT... A rather quiet evening, interrupted by a few of your
calls—thank you for that.  We’ve got a replay of Monday Night Trivia on tap tonight at 10, and the
live version again this coming Monday night. As for last night’s bumpers, mostly by request:

Thee Prophets – Playgirl
Shep & The Limelights – Daddy’s Home
Jan Bradley – Mama Didn’t Lie
Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus
Eddie Bo – Walk That Walk
Marlena Shaw – Through The Eyes Of Love
Jeanie C. Riley – Harper Valley PTA
Cookies – In Paradise
Five Keys – Close Your Eyes

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Interesting as always talking to you.  Plenty of
societal riddles, none of the solved.  But there’s always tonight at 10.  Talk to you then. Last night’s
bumpers? Mostly requests:

Dave & Ansil Collins -Double Barrell
Michael Franks – Popsicle Toes
Passions – Just To Be With You
Billy Ward & The Dominos –Pedal Pushin’ Papa
Four Freshmen – I Thought About You
Champion Jack Dupree – Walkin’ The Blues
Champion Jack Dupree – Nasty Boogie Woogie
Jackie Wilson – Reet Petite
DuKays – Nite Owl
Brian Hyland – The Joker Went Wild
Dicky Doo & The Don’ts – Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu 
Frankie Avalon – Bobby Sox to Blue Jeans

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 3:31 AM..  Good talking with you last night.  We’ll do it again
tonight at 10.  Please keep Laura from Des Plaines in your prayers. She’s been battling the effects
of toxic mold, and on top of the physical drama, she’s got to move. On a happier note, here’s what
we played last night.

Bill Medley – Brown Eyed Woman
Coasters – Down in Mexico
Bing Crosby – Swinging On A Star
Brook Benton – Hit Record
Diablos – The Wind
Jesters – The Wind
Brooklyn Bridge – Worst That Could Happen
Phoebe Snow – Poetry Man
Brian Hyland – 3000 Miles

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 21, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  Monday Night Trivia was entertaining as always. 
You got the straggler:  The University of North Carolina is #1 in this category. No other school tops
them. What category? Sales of licensed apparel.  We threw out another question which you haven’t
gotten yet, so it will be next week’s straggler. As for Bumper Stumpers A-Z, we’re still on “P” (and
will be next week too, maybe even longer).  You got the low hanging fruit (Patty & The Emblems,
Pastel Six, Pete Wingfield & Phil Harris) but the obscurities still left you wondering. Here’s what we

Patty & The Emblems – Mixed Up Shook Up Girl
Pearls – Let’s You & I Go Steady
Parliaments – Don’t Be Sore At Me – 1967 Revilot  (flip of a flop)
Pastel Six – Cinnamon Cinder
Penguins – My Troubles Are Not At An End
Patrice Holloway – Do The Del Viking
Pepper & The Shakers – Need Your Love
Peppermint Harris – Wait Until It Happens To You
Perfections – You Don’t Want Me
Pete Wingfield – 18 With A Bullet
Phil Harris – That’s what I Like About the South

Talk to you tonight at 10.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 3:31 AM CT..  Great to talk with Mary Ann Winkowski last night. 
Some real revelations!  And a fine turn in the Murdaugh Murder Mahem, too.  What an amazing
story and it’s not over by a log shot.  Pun intended.  Bumpers? Several of your requests:

Genies – Who’s That Knockin’
Carole Bennett – Haunted Lover
El Dorados – A Fallen Tear
Little Dippers – Forever
Five Keys -  Dream On
Harptones – I Remember
Shirelles – Mama Said
Mayer Hawthorne – A Long Time
Jim Reeves – Welcome to My World
Elvis Presley – Return To Sender

Replay of Monday Night Trivia tonight a 10 on WGN, and the live edition of Monday Night Trivia
next Monday Night, appropriately.  Talk to you then.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  We didn’t have time to get into the latest
development in the Murdaugh Murders, but we will tonight, right after Mary Ann Winkowski who
joins me at 10.  If you think you’re haunted (or less spectacularly have ghosts in your environs) call
in early!  888-876-5593.  Among the things we did cover was nude swimming in high school PE
(before phys. ed classes were integrated).  As for bumpers, this was part 2 of Detective Chuck’s
request for duos. You’ll recall we did 50s R&B a while ago. Last night we did 60s soul, but we didn’t
get to half of them so there will be a part 3 at some point.  As for what we played:

Don & Juan – What’s Your Name
Sam & Dave – Hold On! I’m A Comin’
Otis & Carla – Tramp
James & Bobby Purify – I’m Your Puppet
Peaches & Herb – Let’s Fall In Love
Mel & Tim – Backfield In Motion
Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson – Pickin’ Wild Mountain Berries
Ike & Tina – A Fool In Love
Inez Foxx with Charlie Foxx – Mockingbird
Sam & Bill – For Your Love

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 3:31 AM... it was an interesting show.  You see what
happens when you don’t call?  I review favorite murders from days gone by, and we still haven’t
gotten to heart of the Melvin Lane Powers – Candy Mossler saga.  Tonight our bumpers will all be
60s soul duos for Det. Chuck in South Carolina, and tomorrow night we’ll talk to Mary Ann
Winkowski.  Think you have ghosts? Call from home or wherever you think it’s haunted and find out.
That’s Thursday at 10.  Last night’s bumpers were all requests. Here’s what we played.

Charles Heinz – Destiny
Jive Five - I’m a Happy Man
Moonglows – Tempting
Robert & Johnny – We Belong Together
Little Willie John – Sleep
Five Keys -  C’Est La Vie
Ray Goodman & Brown – Special Lady
Nat King Cole – That Sunday, That Summer
Turks - Emily

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 14, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Fun playing Monday Night Trivia with you as
always. Lines were jammed until after midnight, and then when I begged for calls, you came
through. So thank you. Lots of correct music answers.  With Bumper Stumpers A-Z  we started
working on the letter “P” last night.   All the artists first names, or group names began with “P”. 
Here’s what we played:

Packards – Ding Dong
Packers – Hole In The Wall
Paradons – Diamonds & Pearls
Passions – I Only Want You
Pat & The Blenders – Just Because
Pastels – Been So Long
Paragons – Twilight
Patti Drew – Hard To Handle
Patti & The Emblems – I’m Gonna Love You A Long Long Time
Paul Evans – Midnight Special

And after my clues, you quickly wiped out the straggling trivia question:  University of Indiana, in the
1950s, became the first American college to offer this.  What?  co-ed dorms  (in 1956.   UCLA at
Dystra Hall joined the trend 3 months later.  Mississippi was the last state to get them-- in this
century).  We’ll hold the subsequent question over for next week. If you were listening, that’ll give
you plenty of time to think about it.  If you weren’t, you can catch a replay of Monday Night Trivia
this Friday night, 10 to 1 CT.  

I’ll be back tonight at 10 to talk about whatever’s on your mind. So please call!

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 10, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  It was somewhat of an abbreviated show, following
Thursday Night Football, but there was still time for some interesting conversation, a few calls and
your bumper requests:

Bobby Byrd – I Know You Got Soul
James Brown – The Payback
Beatles – When I’m 64
Animals – Don’t Bring Me Down
Beatles – Birthday
Barbara Acklin – Am I The Same Sweet Girl
Spaniels – Doo Wah
King Pleasure – Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid

Tonight, being Friday Night, it’s a replay of Monday Night Trivia... and don’t forget, trivia is live on
Monday nights, so we’ll do it again then and hope you’ll phone!

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 9, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  Fun as always.  Thanks to those of you who
called, especially Detective Chuck with his update on the South Carolina murders. If I don’t need a
Venn diagram, I at least need a score card.  The Tabloids have nothing on the murdered
Murdaughs.   Have no idea of what I write?  Here’s a brief timeline that doesn’t do it justice—not by
a long shot, pun not necessarily intended. As for last night’s bumpers—your requests mostly:

Jimmy Lloyd – Where the Rio De Rosa Flows
Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses
G Clefs - Darla My Darling
Brenda & The Tabulations – The Touch Of You
Etta James – Stormy Weather
Chris Montez – The More I See You
Tommy Edwards – Love Is All We Need
Peter Allen – The More I See You
Little Milton – Baby I Love You
Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come
Teddy Pendergrass – Somebody Told Me

Talk to you tonight at 10.

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 3:31 AM CT... AOR,  All Over the Road as usual. Thanks to
those of you who called.  You didn’t call?  Rectify that tonight at 10.  Bumpers?  Mostly your

Highlights – To Be With You
The Masquerades – Mister Man, The Guitar Man
Eddie Jefferson – Benny’s From Heaven
Rochell & The Candles – Once Upon A Time
Fifth Dimension – Wedding Bell Blues
Junk Man Blues – Al Bowlly with Lew Stone & The Monseigneur Band
Jaynettes – Sally Go Round The Roses
Buddy Holly – Rock Around With Ollie Vee
Tony Allen – Nite Owl
Ronnie Dove – Happy Summer Days

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 7, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Monday Night Trivia went well.  I wondered how
many people would call on Labor Day but you pleasantly surprised me. Thanks!  And Happy New
Year to our Jewish Friends. It’s now 5782 on the Hebrew calendar. 

We’ve got a trivia question in play we’ll save for next week, and one that you answered:  South
Korea has the highest per capita rate of this profession. What profession?  Plastic Surgeons.  You
did pretty well on the Bumper Stumpers A-Z too. This week we were working on the letter “O”, all
the artists’ first names, or group names began with O. Here’s what we played:

O’Jays – I Cried My Last Tear
O’Kaysions – Little Miss Flirt
Ocapellos – The Stars
Odds & Ends – Let Me Try
Olympics – Boo Dee Green
Originals (Detroit) – Don’t Stop Now
Originals (LA) – Wishing Star
Orioles – Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me
Orlons – Envy
Oscar Boyd & The Calvaes – Anna Macora
Oscar Willis – Flatfood Sam
Otis Leavill – Keep On Loving
Ovations – I Believe I’ll Go Back Home
Oxford Nights – I’m Such A Lonely One

Talk to you tonight at 10.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 3, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Always a good time talking with you, and its even
better when you call.  Trivia replays tonight from 10 to 1 on WGN, and we’ll be back at it live
Monday night—yes Monday Night Trivia even on Labor Day.  If you’re by a phone, I hope you’ll use
it.  Until then, enjoy your Labor Day weekend.  Last night’s bumpers?

Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson – Soulshake
Soul Survivors – Expressway To Your Heart
Clyde McPhatter – A Lover’s Question
James Brown – Super Bad
Clovers – Your Tender Lips
Rivileers – A Thousand Stars
Frank Sinatra & Harry James – Castle Rock
Carol Blades - Candy Store Lullaby
Crusaders – Street Life

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 2, 2021 3:31 AM CT..  It was an AOR show. All Over the Road. If you
didn’t call, how about making up for it tonight.  We’ll be live at 10.  Attendance will e taken.  As for
last night’s bumpers, lots of requests and a Happy Birthday to Kayla’s mom Mary.  The first three
were for her:

Kool & The Gang  - Celebration
Earth Wind & Fire – September
Aerosmith – Last Child 
Barbara Lewis – Pushing A Good Thing Too Far
Barbara Acklin – Raindrops
Seaphus Scott & The Five Masqueraders – Summer Sunrise
Harry James Orchestra with Frank Sinatra – All Or Nothing At All
Archie Bell & The Drells – Tighten Up 
Steely Dan – Rikki Don’t Lose That Number
Shalamar – A Night To Remember

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 1, 2021  3:31 AM...  Nice to talk to those of you who called. If you’re
not on that list, make amends tonight at 10.  We had a fine time last night, with plenty of interesting
music. Here’s what we played:

Marlena Shaw – California Soul
Gene Allison – You Can Make It If You Try
Hank Thompson – I See Them
Johnny Bond & Cowboy Copas – Thinkin’ Tonight
Bobby Parker – You Got What It Takes
Alley Cats – Puddin N’Tain
Little Anthony – Hurt So Bad
Spaniels – Stormy Weather
Danderliers – May God Be With You
Stray Cats – I Won’t Stand In Your Way
Tempos – See You In September
Happenings – See You In September
Flamingos – I’ll Be Home


TUESDAY AUGUST 30, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Lines were packed on Monday Night Trivia last night. 
The two questions we threw out were answered:  A lot of things have been sent through the mail,
including a 5 year old boy in 1914, and a bank building in 1916 (one brick at a time).  Both of which
were outlawed.  But it wasn’t until this century that it was illegal to send this in the mail. What? 
Cremated remains.  And....

People are always misplacing things. Usually it’s not a crisis, or even remarkable. But each year
about 1500 of these are lost. The good news is they’re almost always found, and always in the
same place. Where? Inside the human body.  (According to the New England Journal of Medicine
in 2003, surgical equipment is left in the body of 1500 patients.  Usually it’s larger bodied patients. 
54% in the abdomen, 22% in the vagina, 7% in the chest.  The rest are scattered about.)  

With Bumper Stumpers A-Z, we worked on the letter “N”.  All the artists first names, or group names
began with “N”:

Nite-Liters – K-Gee 
Natural Four – Hanging On To A Lie
Naturals – Let Love Be True (Carlton Black was in that Evanston group)
Nutmegs – Comin’ Home
Nolan Porter – If I Could Only Be Sure
Nolan Chance – Just Like The Weather
Nomads – Have I Got A Right  (Chuck Cockerham released it first in 1969 on Mala)
Norman Fox & The Rob Roys – Pizza Pie
Natural Resources – If There’s A Tomorrow
Naomi Caryl – If You Want To Be My Baby (She was financier Joseph Hirshhorn’s kid)
Notations – Take It Slow

Talk to you tonight at 10.  Please call!

FRIDAY AUGUST 27, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Great to have so many of you calling last night.  It made
the show a pleasure to do.  Tonight you’ll hear a replay of Monday Night Trivia from 10 to 1, and I’ll
be back Monday night to do a live version.  So mark your calendars for Monday night at 10 Central. 
We’re moving on to “N” in Bumper Stumper A-Z.  Speaking of bumpers, here’s what we played last

Tex Williams – Don’t Telephone Don’t Telegraph
Billy Swan – I Can Help
Si Zentner – Up A Lazy River
Cornershop – Brimful of Asha
Vic Dana – A Lifetime Lovin’ You
Earls – Remember Then
Freddie Scott – Hey Girl
Earls - Lookin’ For My Baby
Motley Crue -Home Sweet Home

THURSDAY AUGUST 26, 2021  3:31 AM CT  So last night we had full lines all night.
Tonight—crickets.  Except for a few of you heartier souls.  If you’ve been silent, how about  calling
tonight? We’ll be live at 10.  As for last night’s bumpers, well I’ve come to a decision. I’ll play your
requests--  if I can tolerate them.  No more album rock.  And all sorts of other things I’d rather not
hear. But if you’re on my wavelength, I’ll go out of my way to find what you want to hear. 

Don Bowman – That’ll Never Sell Records
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – If I Could Build My Whole World Around You
Del Shannon – From Me To You
Neil Sedaka – Alice In Wonderland
Chris Montez – The End of a Love Affair
O.C. Smith – The Season
O.C. Smith – On Easy Street
Nat King Cole – Lush Life
Gogi Grant – Suddenly There’s A Valley
It’s A Beautiful Day (and a horrible song) – White Bird

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 25, 2021  5:55 AM CT  (Late night)... Wow. Full lines all night.  Thank you
for calling. If you didn’t, make up for it tonight. We’ll be live at 10. As for last night’s bumpers:

Marlo Lanier – I Could of Had a Good Thing
Miracles – Depend on Me    
Jimmy C. Newman – DJ For A Day (written by Tom T. Hall)
Mayer Hawthorne – The Walk
Country Joe & The Fish – Bright Suburban Mr. & Mrs. Clean Machine
Billy Bland – Let The Little Girl Dance
Hank Ballard – the Hoochie Coochie Coo
Mark Dinning – Top 40 News Weather & Sports
Kai Winding – Time Is On My Side
Chantels – Eternally
Chantels – He’s Gone
Brenda Holloway – Depend On Me

TUESDAY AUGUST 24, 2021 3:31 AM...  Fun playing Monday Night Trivia as always last night. 
Don’t forget, the show replays on Friday (same time – 10P-1A), so if you missed something (or the
whole show) you can hear it (or hear it again) on Friday.  We had one question knocked off:  As of
fifteen years ago, New York had more of these than any city in the world.  Moscow was #2. Most
what?  Billionaires. (New York had 34 in 2005, Moscow had 20.) And we’re working on another one,
which we’ll pick up promptly next Monday night.  As for Bumper Stumpers A-Z, this was the last
week for the letter “M”.  All the artist’s first names or group names, began with “M” except for the
mistake of playing Johnny Mathis (well his last name began with an “M” but that doesn’t begin to
explain how I happened to inadvertently play it).  Only one bumper guessed—Scotty recognized
The Moonglows. On to “N” next week, but as for the final “M”s here’s what we played:

Moments – Pocketful of Heartaches
Mob – I Dig Everything About You
Monarchs – Pretty Little Girl
Monzas – Hey I Know You
Johnny Mathis – Gina (mistake)
Metronomes  - I’m Gonna Get Me A Girl
Marvelows – A Friend
Moonglows – Lover, Love Me
Moovers – One Little Dance
Maurice Williams – Being Without You
Mood Makers – Dolores

Talk to you tonight at 10. Call early.

FRIDAY AUGUST 20, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Great talking with Mary Ann last night.  Glad many of you
remembered to call early. We’ll do it again next month and as soon as I have dates I’ll let you know. 
Meantime, check out 
Listen tonight for Friday’s replay of Monday Night Trivia, 10 PM on WGN.  And on Monday,
participate in the live version!  Attendance will be taken at 10 Central.  As for last night’s bumpers:

5 Jones Boys – Mr. Ghost Goes To Town
Larry Weaver – Ghost In The Trailer
Tymes – Ms. Grace
Harmonicats – Peg O My Heart
Olympics – Western Movies
Isaac Hayes – Walk On By
Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly Now
Barbara George – You Talk About Love
Steve & Eyde – I Can’t Stop Talkin’ About You

THURSDAY AUGUST 19, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Mary Ann Winkowski tonight at 10. She’ll spend an
hour with us, and if tonight is like past times we’ve talked with Mary Ann, you’re lining up toward the
end of the show to speak with her.  So this time, call early.  Right at 10 would be good.  If you’re not
familiar with Mary Ann, she’s just like you and me—except she can see ghosts. Checkout for more info or her youtube channel here, but if you’ve ever wondered if
you’re surrounded by ghosts, call in and she’ll tell you.   As for last night’s bumpers:

Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford
Wilson Pickett – Sugar Sugar
Olympics – Good Lovin’
Rivileers – A Thousand Stars
Betty Wright – Clean Up Woman
Little Anthony & The Imperials – Two People In The World
Clarence Reid – I Refuse To Give Up
Chantels – Look In My Eyes
Jessie Hill – Ooh Poo Pah Do
Deon Jackson – Hard To Get A Thing Called Love
Maxine Brown – Funny

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 17, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Good to talk to last night. Thanks for the calls. 
We’ll do it again tonight at 10, and if you didn’t call last night, I hope you will tonight.  888-876-5593.
All of our bumpers last night were duos—at the request of Detective Chuck in South Carolina,
though I don’t know if he was listening to hear them.  When looking for duos, dozens and dozens
immediately came to mind so I had to narrow it down.  I picked 1950s R&B as my criteria.  Below is
what we played. If you missed it, it’s streaming until tonight’s live show, and you can always hear a
replay whenever you want. Just click on Downloads on the above nav bar.

Johnnie & Joe – Over The Mountain
Bob & Earl – Gee Whiz 
Etta & Harvey – My Heart Cries
Teen Queens – Eddie My Love
Marvin & Johnny – Cherry Pie
Mickey & Sylvia – Love Is Strange
Shirley & Lee – Let The Good Times Roll
Don & Dewey – Farmer John
Gene & Eunice – This Is My Story
Billy & Lillie – La Dee Dah
Jesse & Marvin – Dream Girl

TUESDAY AUGUST 17, 2021 3:31 AM..  Fun playing Monday Night Trivia, as always. If you missed
it, or if you called in and want to hear your dulcet tones again) listen to WGN this Friday at 10 (or
check out the stream or the replay anytime, click on download on the above nav bar).   Trivia
questions?  You got two, and I revealed the third:

This notable thing happened in America every 20 years for 100 years.  It never starting in the mid
1800s. It never happened before then, and hasn’t happened since the mid 1900s. What?  We
elected a president who would die in office. William Henry Harrison was elected in 1840 and died in
1841. He was the first president to die in office, followed by Zachary Taylor, who was elected in
1848, died in 1850.  From Lincoln through Kennedy, every 20 years a president died in office.  Abe
Lincoln, elected 1860, assassinated 1865.  James Garfield, elected 1880, assassinated 1881. 
William McKinley, re-elected 1900, assassinated 1901. Warren G. Harding, elected 1920, died of
cardiac arrest 1923.  FDR, re-elected in 1940 (and 44) died in 45.  JFK, elected in 1960,
assassinated in 1963. 
17 million Americans are afraid of this.  Afraid of what? The number 13, according to the Ft. Worth
Telegram in 2002.

California has the most of them in America, followed by Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and
Texas. Most what?   Haunted Houses.

As for Bumper Stumpers A-Z, we’re still working on the letter “M” (and will be next week too). This is
what we played:

Maxine Brown – Oh No Not My Baby
Men-At-Work – Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive
Micki Lynn – I’ve Got The Blues
Mike & The Censations – Victim of Circumstance
Mary Wheeler – Prove It
Mike Pedicin – Burnt Toast & Black Coffee
Miracles – If Your Mother Only Knew
Millionaires – Never For Me
Mitty Collier – I Had A Talk With My Man Last Night
Mojo Men – Sit Down I Think I Love You
Monotones – Fools Will Be Fools

Talk to you tonight at 10.

FRIDAY THE 13th OF AUGUST 2021 3:31 AM CT... Fun, as usual, talking to you about something
close to nothing but certainly entertaining (to me, anyway).  As for the bumpers, 100% were
requests.  Make of that what you will.   Tonight’s show on WGN will be a replay of Tuesday night’s
show.  So if you missed it, or if you called in, give a listen.  I’ll be back Monday at 10, weather
willing, and I’ve already got some bumper stumpers and trivia questions lined up.

El Dorados – Three Reasons Why
James Brown – Living In America
Etta Jones – Don’t Go To Strangers
Scatman Crothers – Transfusion
Betty Wright – He’s Bad Bad Bad
Lulu – Me, The Peaceful Heart
Van Morrison – Tupelo Honey
Nat King Cole – That’s All
Nancy Wilson – Teach Me Tonight
Vibrations – Watusi

THURSDAY AUGUST 12, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Fun again last night. Thanks for calling.  Do it again
tonight!  10PM CT..  Here’s the link to the DXing site that Nick from Baltimore mentioned.   And
here’s last night’s bumpers:

Eddy Arnold – Smokey The Bear
Stampeders – Sweet City Woman
Midnighters – Sexy Ways
Barbara Mason – Are You Ready
Hurricane Smith – Oh Babe What Would You Say
Donnie Elbert – Have I Sinned
Razzy & The Neighborhood Kids – I Hate Hate
Dream Kings – MTYLTT
Crescendos – Oh Julie
B.J. Thomas – Here You Come Again

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 11, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Fun as always.  Thanks for calling!  You didn’t call?
Well then, rectify that tonight! Talk to you at 10.  As for what we played last night (entirely by your

Parliament – Flash Light
Chris Isaak – Wicked Game
Carrie Lucas – Hello Stranger
Lavern Baker – See See Rider
Frankie Lymon – Share
Little Anthony & The Imperials – Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop
Big Dee Irwin & Litttle Eva – Swinging On A Star
Carpenters – Goodbye To Love
C.W. McCall – Convoy
Frank D’Rone – Strawberry Blond

TUESDAY AUGUST 10, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Trivia started a half hour late due to weather coverage.
Luckily everyone from whom we heard was untouched, but it was grizzly for many others.  Thanks
to all of you who called.  Our straggler went unsolved:  Abe Lincoln is reported to have done this
more than any other president, but no proof exists of him doing it at all.  Doing what?  Haunting the
White House (particularly Lincoln’s bedroom where Winston Churchill, Harry Truman and Maureen
Reagan swear they encountered him. Truman’s accounts, while he was living in the White House,
were most detailed).

As for Bumper Stumpers A-Z, we’re still working on the letter “M” and here’s what we played:

Mary Wells – He’s A Lover
Masters – I Need Your Love (John Oates)
Mayer Hawthorne – The Walk
Mel Williams & The Monclairs – Stay With Me
Mickey Murray – Shout Bamalama
Mighty Pope – Heaven on the Seventh Floor
Margie Hendrix & The Raelettes with Ray Charles – My Baby
McKinley Travis- Baby There Is Something On Your Mind
Mighty Junipers – Hy Wocky Toomba

Talk to you tonight at 10!

FRIDAY AUGUST 6, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Don’t forget,  Monday Night Trivia replays on Friday nights
on WGN. Same time 10P-1A CT.  So if you missed a question Monday night, or want to hear
yourself answering one (if you called), listen tonight. Otherwise we’ll do it live again Monday night,
10 PM.  As for last night’s bumpers:

Velvets – Tonight (Could Be The Night)
Flamingos – My Foolish Heart
Sam Cooke – Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha
Dorothy Moore – Misty Blue
Thelma Jones – The House That Jack Built
Frankie Smith – The Auction
McKinley Mitchell – The Town I Live In
Ernestine Anderson – Hello Like Before
Clovers – I Got My Eyes On You

THURSDAY AUGUST 5, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Fun as always. Thanks for the calls!  Do it again
tonight at 10.  Bumpers last night?:

Frankie Ford – Time After Time
Ad Libs – The Boy From New York City
Ad Libs – He Ain’t No Angel
Dion – Donna (The Prima Dona)
Barbie Gaye – My Boy Lollipop
Timi Yuro – It’ll Never Be Over For Me
Olympics – Private Eye
Isley Brothers – It’s Your Thing
DeBarge – I Like It

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 4, 2021 3:31 AM CT...As usual we covered the landscape and I was
grateful for your calls.  Bumpers?

Tony Bennett – The Best Is Yet To Come
Whispers – Remember Me
Gary Lewis & The Playboys
Gene Chandler – Walk On With The Duke
Frankie Lymon – Goody Goody
Olympics – Dance By The Light Of The Moon
Freddy Cole – I’m Not My Brother
Pat Boone – A Wonderful Time Up There
Rufus Thomas – Do The Funky Chicken

Talk to you tonight at 10.

TUESDAY AUGUST 3, 2021 3:31 AM.  Fun playing trivia with you last night. Keep in mond we’re
live with trivia on Monday nights 10-1 and the show replays on Friday nights 10-1. So nice we do it
twice.  Call in on Mondays and hear yourself on Fridays.  (We’re still live Tuesday through Thursday
nights when anything goes.)

Straggler question:  Lawyers don’t have the best reputation for honesty among professions.  But,
believe it or not, five careers are even lower. Car Sales is one.  Name one of the other four:  
Stockbroking, Advertising, Insurance Sales and HMO management.

We never got around to another question, but we will next Monday.  As for Bumper Stumpers A-Z,
we’re still working on the letter “M”.  All the artists’ first names and group names begin with “M”. 
Here’s what we played:

Maurice Rodgers – Coming In Out Of The Rain
Marlo – Understanding
Marie Knight – Come On Baby 
Marvel Harrell – Don’t Play With My Heart
Mel & Tim – Good Guys Only Win In The Movies
Meadowlarks with Don Julian – Please
Merging Traffic – Bit by Bit
Mel Carter – Love Is All We Need
Metallics – Need Your Love
Mel Williams & The Monclairs – Stay With Me

JULY 2021

FRIDAY JULY 30, 2021  3:31 AM...  We’ll be back on Monday with Trivia Night, but starting next
week, we’ll do trivia live on Monday nights at 10, and WGN will replay the show on Friday nights.  In
case you missed an answer, or a question, or a Bumper Stumper, you’ll hear it on Fridays.  And
even better, if you call in on Monday, you can listen to yourself ont the radio on Friday.  So nice, we
do it twice—Trivia live on Monday nights, replayed on Friday nights, on WGN Radio. As for last
night’s bumpers:

Bob Luman – Private Eye
Flirtations – Nothing But A Heartache
Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers – Please Be Mine
Jean Knight – Mr. Big Stuff
The Miracles – I’ll Try Something New
Turbans – Sister Sooky
Wildweeds – No Good To Cry
Aliotto Haynes & Jeremiah – Lake Shore Drive
Dobie Gray – Out On The Floor
Bobby Hebb – A Satisfied Mind
Brenton Wood – Catch You On The Rebound

THURSDAY JULY 29, 2021  3:31AM CT...  Happy Birthday to Gary Burbank who turns 80 today! 
Thanks to all of you who called.  As usual made the show fun to do thought it was sad to note the
passing of Ron Popeil,  ZZ Top bassist and vocalist Dusty Hill, and especially Harptones leader
Willie Winfield.  All three died unexpectedly and suddenly, which is exactly how I think we’d all want
to go.  Willie was 91, Ron was 86, and Dusty just 72. RIP all.  As for last night’s bumpers:

Harptones – Cry Like I Cried
Brenda Holloway – You’ve Changed Me
Chuck Jackson – Tell Her I’m Not Home
Harptones – Laughing on The Outside
Tom Tall & His Tom Kats – Stack-A-Records
Spaniels – Don’Cha Go
Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson – Lover’s Holiday
Candy & The Kisses – The 81
Philip Upchurch Combo – You Can’t Sit Down (Pt 2)
Sue Thompson – James (Hold The Ladder Steady)
Starbuck – Moonlight Feels Right

Talk to you tonight at 10.

WEDNESDAY JULY 28, 2021 3:31 AM CT..  We had a few interesting calls last night, and proof that
I put some of you to sleep.  Get some rest and call early tonight. 

Spiral Staircase – I’ll Run / Surprise Package – I’ll Run
Brenda Holloway – When I’m Gone
Patti Drew – Tell Him – Drew-vels – Tell Him
Remy Shand – Take A Message
Dion - Little Diane
James Brown – Talkin’ Loud & Sayin’ Nothing
Bob Chords – Castle In the Sky
Darrell Banks – Open The Door To Your Heart
Intruders – Cowboys To Girls
Cassius Clay – Stand By Me
Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers – I’m Not A Know It All

No update on the spider bite, by the way.  I did make it to the doctor, but he seemed much more
interested in some other things, so it wound up being a full physical. I’ll get some of the results later
today. And I’ll have to do some hospital tests, but not this week (maybe a future week, but not this
one).  All he said about the bite was ‘Huh.  I dunno. Watch it and let me know if it gets worse.’ 
Worse than what?! And I drove 4 hours for that?  I guess I’m fine.  But I’ll be better tonight if you call!

TUESDAY JULY 27, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Fun playing trivia, even when the phones went south in
the last hour. Thanks to many of you who hung in there and kept calling back.   We finally got it
together, around the time the show ended (of course).  As for trivia,   We had winners on two
questions and one is a straggler for next week. As for what you knew:  In China there’s one of these
for every 13,000 people on average. In the US, there’s one for every 275 people. One what? 
Lawyer.  And Israel has one for every 225 residents.   Bumper Stumpers?  We’re still working on
“M” and will be next week.  Two of last night’s bumpers were guessed (Marlena Shaw & The
Marvellos).  But here’s the whole list:

Manhattens – Why Should I Cry
Marlena Shaw – California Soul
Marvellos – Don’t Play With My Heart
Marathons – Don’t Know Why
Marva Josie – Later For You Baby
Marv Johnson – My Baby-O
Matt Lucas – I’m Moving On
Mary Ann Fisher – It’s A Man’ World
Marvelettes – Too Strong To Be Strung Along

I can’t begin to know precisely what happened to the phones, but hopefully it won’t happen again
tonight.  I also don’t know precisely what spider bit me, but hopefully by tonight I’ll have a better
idea.   Going to the doctor where I am is a 4-hour round trip just to get there, but unless I have a
miraculous overnight healing, it’ll probably be worth it to find out.  I’ll keep you posted.  Talk to you
tonight at 10 CT.

FRIDAY JULY 23, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  We started out with stolen porta potties and wound up with
ghosts (unrelated, guaranteed).  We played some bumpers too:
Rays – Mediterranean Moon
Kay Starr – I’ve Got The World On A String
Parliaments – Don’t Be Sore At Me
Box Tops – The Letter
Miracles – Tracks of My Tears
Penguins – Memories of El Monte
Brook Benton - Rainy Night In Georgia
Don & The Goodtimes - I Could Be So Good To You
Annie Laurie – Since I Fell For You
Flamingos – Music Maestro Please

Monday Night Trivia coming up on the 26th. Talk to you then!

THURSDAY JULY 22, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Thanks to all of you who called.  Nice to have full lines
all night.  Apologies to those who had to wait.   We’ll do it again tonight at 10.  As for last night’s

Bobby Darin – Mack the Knife
Jackie Wilson – Rete Petite
Denise LaSalle – I’ve Got My Brand On You
William Bell – Crying All By Myself
Platters – Winner Takes All
Fred Towles & The Jacksonians – Hook It To The Mule
Roy Hamilton – You’ll Never Walk Alone
Duprees – Have You Heard
Gene Chandler – To Be A Lover

WEDNESDAY JULY 21, 2021  3:31 AM  CT...   Last night’s show was the definition of something
close to nothing, but different than the night before (since the night before was trivia otherwise the
difference was trivial).  The bumpers were 100% by your requests:

Drifters – This Magic Moment
O.C. Smith – The Season
Jimmy Buffett – Come Monday
Fever Tree – Wild Woman Ways
Emotions – Don’t Ask My Neighbors
Commodores – Zoom
Temptations – My Girl
Johnny Adams – Body And Fender Man
Jo Stafford – I Never Loved Anyone
Harry Belafonte – Mama Look at Bubu
Lord Invader – Rum & Coca Cola
Lesley Gore - She's A Fool

TUESDAY JULY 20, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Fun playing Monday Night Trivia lat night. No one got our
straggler question, so at the end of the show I revealed it: Golf!  You may not remember the
question:  In a survey taken in the late 1990s, 20% of spouses saying this is a major source of
stress in their marriages.  What?  According to Sports illustrated in 1998, it was golf. Sounded
amazing to me, but I did some searching and apparently it’s a problem for 1 in 5 of us--  spouses
spending too much time away from home playing golf.  Golf Widow, has become a popular term. 
Who knew?  Not you (and I wouldn’t have either, if it wasn’t in front of me).  As for Bumper
Stumpers A to Z, we were working on the letter “M”.  All the groups or artists’ first names began with
M.  Here’s what we played:

Mable John – Who Wouldn’t Love A Man Like That
Magnificents - Up On The Mountain
Mad Lads – Don’t Have To Shop Around
Magicians – Why Do I Do These Foolish Things
Major Harris – Laid Back Love
Madeline Bell – I’m Gonna Make You Love Me
Madisons – Can You Imagine It
Major Lance – Little Young Lover
Majors – She’s A Troublemaker
Marvello’s – Boyee Yoing
Mar-Vells – Go On And Have Yourself A Ball
Manfred Mann – The One In The Middle

FRIDAY JULY 16, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Great talking to Mary Ann Winkowski in the first hour last
night.  A link to her site, and to her YouTube channel are in yesterday’s entry below.  The rest of the
show ran the gamut (so what else is new?)  We’ll be back after the weekend with Monday Night
Trivia.  Bumper Stumpers A-Z move on to the letter “M”.  We’ve still got a straggler question, which
we’ll review (and maybe you’ll answer), new questions and your choice of categories too.  As for
last night’s bumpers:

Buddy Knox – Somebody Touched Me
Bobby Curtola – Three Rows Over
Lanier & Co. – Please Don’t Go
Reunion – Life Is A Rock
Penguins – Hey Senorita
Wilson Pickett – Mustang Sally
Four Coins – Shangri-La
Billy Eckstine – Wish You Were Here
Patsy Cline – She’s Got You

THURSDAY JULY 15, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Tonight at 10, Mary Ann Winkowski, the inspiration for
The Ghost Whisperer joins me to take your calls.  If you think your house is haunted, call in from it,
and she’ll confirm or deny.  Meanwhile, check out Mary Ann’s YouTube site here. Lots of fun stuff! 
Good to talk with you last night.  Here’s a list of the bumpers we played:

Crests – Strange Love
Concords – Should I Cry
Channels – All Alone
Harptones – Sunday Kind of Love
Gogi Grant - Wayward Wind
Al Wilson - Who Could Be Lovin' You
Lou Johnson – Magic Potion
Lydells – There Goes The Boy
Lovers – Someone

WEDNESDAY JULY 14, 2021 3:31 AM CT

Good to talk to many of you last night. I played a few of your requests too:

Leon Russell – Lady Blue 
Heatwave – Always and Forever
Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter #21
Peter Brown – Do Ya Wanna Get Funky
Orchids – Newly Wed
Pat Boone – Friendly Persuasion
Freddie King – Woman Across The River
William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You Got
Stylistics – Mine All Mine

Amanda wrote and wants more doo wop. We’ll try to oblige tonight. And hopefully hear from you.
The fun starts at 10.

TUESDAY JULY 13, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  Fun playing trivia. Holding over our main question til next
week to give you time to think about it.  If you didn’t catch it live, you can hear it on the stream (until
tonight’s show at 10), or download it (anytime).  Use the Nav bar above.  As for Bumper Stumpers,
this was the last week with the letter “L”.  Groups or artists’ first names all began with “L”.   Here’s
what we played:

Limelighters – Love Conquers All
Little Willie John – Big Blue Diamond
Lovettes – I Need A Guy
Little Joe The Thriller – The Echoes Keep Calling Me
Little Willie G – Make Up For The Lost Time
Liz Lands – One Man’s Poison
Love Committee – Cheaters Never Win
Lost Generation – You’re So Young, But You’re So True
Lula Reed – Rock Love
Lonnie Mack – Rings
Little Walter – My Babe
Lucky Clark – Let Me Be The Fool

FRIDAY JULY 9, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  I think I’m actually feeling better.  Your calls are no small part
of that. It makes doing the show a pleasure. With any luck, I’ll still feel good after the weekend, but
either way, I’ll be back with Monday Night Trivia at 10.  Last night’s bumpers?

Tempos – See You In September
Jesse Belvin – Goodnight my Love 
Susan Maughan – She’s New To You
Dee Clark – Gloria
Joe Tex – Skinny Legs & All
Orchids – You Said You Loved Me
Impressions – Falling In Love With You
Harptones – My Memories Of You
Seatrain – 13 Questions
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – California Soul
Gene Chandler – Simply Call It Love
Louis Jordan – Saturday Night Fish Fry

THURSDAY JULY 8, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Tabloid trash, murder mayhem and your calls last night. 
Some bumpers too:

Artistics – Patty Cake
Little Willie John – Fever
Linda Griner – Goodbye Cruel Love
Bobby Fuller Four – I Fought The Law
Al Wilson – The Snake
Silhouettes – Headin’ For The Poor House

We’ll start promptly after the 10 PM news tonight. Do call!

WEDNESDAY JULY 7, 2021 10:35 PM...  We'll be on as soon as hockey is off.  Tampa wins the
Stanley Cup and the post game continues.  Hang in there. I'll be talkin' to you soon.

WEDNESDAY JULY 7, 2021  3:31 AM CT..  Thanks for calling. The show ran the gamut from
attempted murder over spicy chicken at Burger King in Memphis (and not the first such shooting at
a Memphis Burger King this year—which is the amazing part of that story, to the UK’s proposed ban
on junk food advertising.  Bet they haven’t even considered the side benefit of reducing crime. 
Thank you for putting up with me.  I keep hoping my fever will break for good, but so far, it’s internal
shingles 1, Rollye 0, and I’m doing my best to sound better than I feel. Your calls make all the
difference!  So talk to you tonight at 10.  Bumpers?  Here’s what I played (mostly by your request):

Bloaters – Bloat On 
Floaters – Float On 
Tony Joe White – Polk Salad Annie
Shangri-Las – Remember (Walkin’ In The Sand)
Eddie Floyd – Bring It On Home To Me
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Tears of A Clown
Fontella Bass & Bobby McClure – Don’t Mess Up A Good Thing
Champion Jack Dupree – Walkin The Blues
Bob Kuban & The In-Men – Try Me Baby
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – The Onion Song
Roy Rogers – Built For Comfort
Gene Cotton – Like a Sunday in Salem

TUESDAY JULY 6, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  I was wondering how I’d get through the show last night,
and assuming I did, how I’d be able to digitize the replay.  Well no worries about the latter. I forgot to
capture it. We started late due to the Stanley Cup finals, and it slipped my mind.    We spent all
night on the straggler question from last week:

Most of us do this.  In 2002, there was a world wide survey about when we did it.  And the peak
time for doing it anywhere in the world in 2002, except in Japan, is 5 PM local time.  Peak time in
Japan?  Midnight, local time.  What is it we’re doing?  Online searches. (Japan’s usage was tied to
when phone rates dropped.  In 2002, many users were still on dial up.) 

Bumper Stumpers A-Z  We continued working on the letter L.  All the artists first names, or group
names begin with L. Here’s what we played:

Lee Williams & The Cymbals – Peepin’ (Through The Window)
Lenny Williams – 10 Ways of Lovin’ You
Lornettes – His Way With The Girls
Little Anthony & The Imperials – Better Use Your Head
Little Hank – Try To Understand
Lovells – Here Comes The Heartaches
Lynn Varnado – Wash & Wear Love
Little Milton – Baby I Love You
Lou Johnson – Unsatisfied
Little Royal – Jealous

Talk to you tonight at 10 (or after hockey if there’s a game)

MONDAY JULY 5, 2021 9:55 PM CT... A big thanks to Dan in New Jersey for alerting us to the
Stanley Cup Playoff game tonight-- which as I type is going into overtime.  We'll be on as soon as
the post game completes. I've got the Bumper Stumpers picked out and a handful of questions too.
All you have to do is call. 888-876-5593.   Talk to you soon.

FRIDAY JULY 2, 2021 3:31 AM CT....  Thanks for saving me with your calls last night. I hope your
holiday weekend is whatever you want it to be.  We’ll reconvene Monday night at 10 CT for trivia.
Please participate!  As for last night’s bumpers:

Carnations – Long Tall Girl
Clique – Sparkle & Shine
Presidents -Triangle Of Love
Lou Bega – Mambo #5
Otis Redding & Carla Thomas – Tramp
Wilson Picket – 634-5789 (Soulsville USA)
Sly & The Family Stone – Hot Fun In The Summertime
Andre Williams – Bacon Fat

THURSDAY JULY 1, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Thanks for calling last night.  Helped a lot. Please do it
again tonight. We’ll be live at 10 CT..  as for last night’s bumpers:

Motherlode – When I Die
Winstons – Color Him Father
Impressions – Fool For You
Sonny Charles & The Checkmates LTD – Black Pearl
Ebonys – You’re The Reason Why
Danny & The Juniors – Back To The Hop
C & C Music Factory - Things That Make You Go Hmmmm
Untouchables – Raisin’ Sugar Cane
Marlo – Understanding
Shangri-Las – Leader of the Pack

JUNE 2021

WEDNESDAY JUNE 30, 2021 3:31 AM CT... I somehow made it through the show (thanks in large
part to your calls!), emboldening me to try it again tonight (call often, call early!).  As for last night’s

Crash Craddock – Boom Boom Baby
Lanier & Co – Drowning In The Sea of Love 
Marty Robbins – Story Of My Life
Jonathan & Darlene Edwards – It’s Magic
Jo Stafford – You Belong To Me
Johnny Thunder – I’m Alive
Buddy Holly - Fool’s Paradise
Jr. Walker & The All-Stars – What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)
Marvelettes – The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
Louis Armstrong – Wonderful World

TUESDAY JUNE 29, 2021 3:31 AM CT...    Glad to be back. Thanks to you we made it through the
show.   Had a couple of trivia questions answered correctly (and one we’ll hold over until next
week).  Here’s what we revealed:

Police spend 15% of their time on the job time on this. What?  Responding to false burglar alarms.
As of the early 2000s, Los Angeles cops responded to 106,000 alarm calls.  95% were false.  In
2004 the city began assessing a $115 charge for false alarm response, probably a lot more than
that now.

Over 40 million of these have been sold in the US since the late 1950s, yet almost nobody admits to
buying one. What? Plastic Pink Flamingos. Would you admit it? 

And here’s what we played: 

LaBrenda Ben – Just Be Yourself
Lee Dorsey – Organ Grinder Swing
Lee Andrews & The Hearts – Why Do I
Lee Washington – Little Girl
Linda Griner – Good-by Cruel Love
Lions – No One
Lewis Lymon & the Teenchords – Your Last Chance
Little Joe – Don’t Leave Me Alone
Linda Lyndell – What A Man
Lewis Reed – Your Love

Is “Cholli Maye” Shirley Alston?  I’m pretty sure she is, and Scepter was none the wiser.  We put it
up for discussion with “You Will Never Get Away” and “Cry To Me”.   I think Bob Crewe was involved
(though he’s no where on the label—but the label (Gold Records Incorporated) had no other
releases—obviously Charlie Calello, Bob Gaudio & Frankie Valli were but they’ve never admitted
knowledge. Bob Gaudio said he forgot he wrote “Cry To Me” (until it came out in Jersey Boys).  The
label looked like it was pressed wherever Dimension was, but no one states on the record, who did
the record.

Talk to you tonight at 10.  I’ll rest up until then so I can pull it off.

MONDAY JUNE 28, 2020   9:30 PM CT....  I will be doing a show tonight. I hope you'll be calling it. 
Many apologies to those of you who wrote to enquire how I'm doing.  Honestly, I'm not doing well.
So not well that I haven't been up to answering or posting an update. But as of late Thursday I
started to read what you sent.  Probably missed many.  Got back home over the weekend.   Pain is
an energy killer, but even though I'm not feeling better, I do think I've got more energy now than I've
had in over a week so I must be going in the right direction. 

We'll play trivia tonight and hopefully before tomorrow night I will acknowledge your kind sentiments
by replying to your emails. That might be overly-optimistic though, but at least I'll do more of an
update here or we can talk about it tomorrow night. I'd like to stick to trivia tonight and I'd really like
you to call.  The show is a pleasure to do when you participate. 888-876-5593.  I've got the bumper
stumpers and some of my own questions lined up.  Hoping you'll have some answers or a few of
your own category requests.  Anything goes.  Talk to you in about half an hour.

MONDAY JUNE 21, 2021  5:25 PM CT... No live show tonight (but hopefully a replay of something
entertaining). If there were any way I could do it, I would, but this time it's auto-immunity 10, Rollye
0.  The working theory is the chemical retardant used on the nearby 200,000 acre wildfire made me
very receptive to all manner of physical hell.  Most specifically, shingles with complications (of
course, complications--  there may only be a 4% chance of something awful, but you can almost
guarantee I'll be in the unlucky 4).  I'm in Phoenix, undergoing a variety of useless testing (since
some of the symptoms point directly to the prostate, and about the only thing of which I"m certain,
being decidedly female, is it's not that).  The minute I feel better (regardless of diagnosis, or lack of
same), I'm going to be talking to you live, or as close to live as I can get.  I'm not going to jinx it by
predicting when that will be.  But I'll keep you posted if I'm up to doing updates and there are
updates to do.  Sorry about this.

FRIDAY JUNE 18, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Great talking with Mary Ann Winkowski.  She’ll be again
on July 15th.   Apologies to those that had ghosts (Fran, Dave & Jim) that we didn’t get to fully
discuss.  The hour goes fast. Call earlier next week.  Needless to say I was scattered as I played
our opener, Do Do Do Bah Ah, twice-- and Smokey’s Give Her Up twice.  The former I knew I did,
the latter I didn’t realize until I listened to the playback.  I’ll try to be more together for Monday
Night Trivia. I probably won’t succeed, but we’ll have fun anyway.  Talk to you Monday at 10.
Here’s what we played last night:

C & C Music Factory - Things That Make You Go Hmmmm
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Give Her Up
Diana Trask – Lover Is Another Name For Fool
Sid Ramin – Comes Love
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Give Her Up
Sunny Dae & His Knights – Rock Around The Clock
Bill Haley & The Saddleman – Rocking Chair On The Moon
Gil Scott-Heron – The Bottle

THURSDAY JUNE 17, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Thanks to your calls, fun last night, as always. And don’t
forget, tonight we’re talking with Mary Ann Winkowski at 10. Think you’ve got ghosts?  She can
confirm it.  Call!  888-876-5593.   Last night’s bumpers:

Bobby Freeman – You Don’t Understand Me  
Ray Charles – You Be My Baby
Gene Pitney – Louisiana Mama
James Brown & Lyn Collins –What My Baby Needs Now is A Little More Lovin’
Billy Joe Royal – Heart’s Desire
Bell Notes – I’ve Had It
Jacksonians – California Dreamin’
Romans – Hully Gully Again
Liz Damon & The Orient Express
Chan Romero – Hippy Hippy Shake

WEDNESDAY JUNE 16, 2021 3:31 AM CT... It was nice to hear from Mary Ann Winkowski last
night.  You can check out her live YouTube show at 10 AM ET this morning here, and catch her
weekly show on YouTUbe at 5:30 PM ET here.  Don’t forget, she’s joining us on WGN at 10 PM CT
on Thursday night. If you think you’re haunted, Mary Ann can tell you if there are ghosts nearby.
This woman is the real deal. I vouch for her without reservation. 

Had fun talking with you last night. Here’s what we played (mostly by your request, god knows I
wouldn’t have chosen some of them):

Little Anthony – On the Outside Looking In
Little Anthony – If I Remember To Forget
Ray Melton – Boppin’ Guitar
Jamestown Massacre – Summer Sun
Shangri-La’s – Remember (Walking In The Sand)
Edye Gorme – Blame It On The Bossa Nova
De’Bonairs – Mother’s Son
Tommy Dean & his Gloom Raiders – Lonely Monday
Bob Luman – Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy
Tyrone Davis – Heart Failure
Rocky Burnett – Tired of Toein’ The Line

TUESDAY JUNE 15, 2021 3:31 AM.. Fun, as always playing Monday Night Trivia last night.  No one
got the straggler from last week, so we revealed at the end of the show: In World War 2, it only
happened to 1 in 50 soldiers. At the start of the gulf war it happened to 1 in 4. What happened? 
Death by friendly fire (Americans accidentally shooting fellow Americans).

As far as Bumper Stumpers A to Z, we were working on the letter “L”.  All the artists’ first names or
group names began with “L”.  We’ll probably continue with L next week, but as for last night:

La-Rells – I guess I’ll Never Stop Lovin’ You
Larks – The Jerk
Lainie Hill – Time Marches On
Lee Andrews & The Hearts – All I Ask Is Love
Lamont Dozier – Dearest One
Lenny O’Henry – Across The Street
Laura Johnson – Wondering If You Still Miss Me
Leon Haywood – It’s Got To Be Mellow
Lenny Miles – Don’t Believe Him Donna
Leonie – Am I Losing You
Lenny Williams – Soo doo Fu Fu Ooh
La-Rells – Public Transportation

And if you'd like to check out Soroya's writing, go to  Fun stuff

FRIDAY JUNE 11, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  Thanks for all the calls. It makes the show a pleasure to do.
Talk to you next week for Monday Night Trivia at 10.  Bumpers last night?

Avantis – Keep On Dancin’
Chairman of the Board – Dangling on a String
Pookie Hanson – I Know
Skyliners – This I Swear
Little Eva – Locomotion
Shirelles – Baby It’s You
Cholli Maye – You Will Never Get Away
Boz Scaggs – We Were Always Sweethearts
Whispers - Lady

THURSDAY JUNE 10, 2021 3:31 AM CT... talked about radio mostly (no surprise there) and
Graeme was kind enough to send over tabloid headlines since the post office has evacuated itself
due to our fires (over 152,000 acres and burning).  As for what we played:

Linda Sampson – In-Between Lover
Four Tops – I Can’t Help Myself
Cicero Blake – Sad Feeling
Ronnie Dyson – I Think I’ll Tell Her
Ray Charles – That Lucky Old Sun
Billy Butler – I Can’t Work No Longer
Jackie Wilson – Am I The Man
Priscilla Bowman with The Spaniels - A Rockin' Good Way
Joe Stampley – Put Your Clothes Back On
Ray Stevens – Unwind

Don’t forget that the new moon is coming up at 5:53 AM CT in a few hours.  Write your law of
abundance check before that.  Have no idea of what I’m speaking?  Click here for instructions from
Mary Ann Winkowski.    Speaking of Mary Ann, she’ll be on with us next Thursday at 10.  Wonder if
you have ghosts around you?  She’ll know.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 9, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Another AOR show (all over the road) with some
wonderful callers. Thanks to all of you.  Here’s what we played:

Sister Sledge – Easier To Love
Kool Gents – I Just Can’t Help Myself
Little Guy & The Giants – It’s You
Flaming Ember – Westbound #9
Sheiks – So Fine
Hank Ballard – Hoochie Koochie Coo
Steve Bryant – Older Wiser Kind of Guy
Isley Brothers – Time After Time
Frankie Ford – Time After Time
Chris Montez – Time After Time
Marvelettes – Strange I Know

The local wildfires are burning over 142,000 acres currently, so mail is iffy.  There’s a sign on the
post office that says the mail has been evacuated. Not sure where it went, but this week’s tabloids
went with it.  So Slime from the Checkout Line will be sparse tonight—I’m counting on you to make
up the difference with your calls!  Talk to you at 10.

TUESDAY JUNE 8, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  You guys were good last night—aced multiple questions
on Monday Night Trivia

Whenever you do this, and you probably do this a lot, more than half a million people around the
world are doing it at the exact second you do.  Do what?  Hit the spacebar on a computer keyboard.
(It’s actually estimated to be 600,000 hits every 1/10th of a second.  It’s the most used key on the
board. 18% of all hits go to the space bar.) 

Recorded history tells a sociological tale.  World wide it’s common to find periods of feasts and
famines, weather disasters and calm seas, but only 8% of the earth’s recorded history reveals
periods of this.  Of what?  Peace worldwide.  (92% of recorded history includes a war somewhere.)

These have been around forever but it wasn’t until the 1950s that the first electric one was sold. 
Electric what?  Wheelchair.  (1956. Invented by Herbert Everest & Harry Jennings, who also
invented the first folding wheelchair in 1933.)

You didn’t do as well with Bumper Stumpers A to Z.  We tackled the letter “K”.  All the artists’ first
names, or group names began with K (including the 2nd hour, the “Kenny” hour).  Scotty knew the
Kool Gents.  Johnny Dee knew King Floyd:

Karen Small – To Get You Back Again
Kool Gents – This Is The Night
King Floyd – Groove Me
Kodoks – Oh Gee Oh Gosh
Kenny & The Impacts – Wishing Well
Kenny Esquire & The Starlites – They Call Me A Dreamer
Kenny Gamble – The Joke’s On You
Kenny Rankin – Haven’t We Met
Kenny Wells – Isn’t It A Shame
Kim Weston – Looking For The Right Guy
King Kolax & Combo with The Vondells – Lenora
Knight Bros – Temptations ‘Bout To Get Me
Knockouts – Darling Lorraine
Keystoners – Gossip

Talk to you tonight at 10. 

FRIDAY JUNE 4, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Another all over the road show, as the bumpers (mostly your
requests) attest.  Be back next week with Monday Night Trivia!

Sunrays – I Live For The Sun
Buddy Clark & The Girlfriends with Ray Noble and His Orchestra – Linda
Dream Kings- M.T.Y.L.T.T
O.C. Smith – The Season
Ronnie & The Hi-Lites – I Wish That We Were Married
Johnny Rivers – Poor Side Of Town
Eddie Cochran – Three Steps To Heaven
Eddie Floyd – Bring It On Home To Me
Del Amitri – Roll To Me
The Dells & The Dramatics – Love Is Missing From Our Lives
Isley Brothers – Twist & Shout

THURSDAY JUNE 3, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Happy birthday to Jim Loupas, former WCFL engineer
(he did all the Chickenman vignettes) and amazing audio mind (no one is better at FM processing).
He turns 82 today and I can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday he was turning 40.   

It was an AOR show last night— all over the road—everything from Big Bill Hill to Murray
Humphries, The Camel, and Pete Epstein Pontiac.  As for what we played:
Moroccos – Red Hots & Chili Mac
Al Kent – You Got To Pay The Price
Pat Boone – Love Letters In The Sand
Lewis Lymon & The Teenchords – Your Last Chance
Flamingos – Your Other Lov
Chubby & The Turnpikes – I Know The Inside Story
Sparks of Rhythm – Handy Man
Dells – I’m Calling

Talk to you tonight at 10 CT.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 2, 2021 3:31 AM CT... It was an interesting show off the air, and a while before
I realized there was no power to the processor and distribution amp—apologies for the uneven
volume on the live stream (but hopefully not on the air).  I’ve done a quick fix on the replay to make
it somewhat tolerable.  Content-wise it was also interesting, so it might be worth a listen.  As for the
bumpers I played:

Pat Boone – Bernadine
Linda Scott – Never in a Million Years
Gene Allison – You Can Make It If You Try
Wade Flemons – Easy Lovin’
Original Casuals – So Tough
Falcons – My Only Love
Dells – Does Anybody Know I’m Here
B.J. Thomas – Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
B.J. Thomas – Here You Come Again
Blue Magic – Stop To Start
Wilson Pickett – In The Midnight Hour
Chords – Little Maiden

Talk to you tonight. I’ve got between now and then to find another power supply.

TUESDAY JUNE 1, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Lots of calls last night for Monday Night Trivia and all of
them are appreciated.  We never got an answer to our trivia straggler from last week, but I ran out
of time before James could offer up his 370 guesses, so we’ll open with it next Monday, and if
James (or you, if you call) doesn’t get it quickly, I’ll reveal and move along. 

As for Bumper Stumpers A to Z, we completed the letter “J” (group or artist first names beginning
with “J”) and in the 2nd hour, offered some Memorial Day related ditties. If you were wondering,
here’s what we played:

Junior – Mama Used To Say
Junior Mintz – Mighty Cooty Fiyo
Jokers – Whisper
Charmels – Please Uncle Sam (Send Back My Man)
Players – He’ll Be Back
Valadiers – Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam)
Ella Fitzgerald – Soldier Boy
Elgins – Uncle Sam’s Man
Joy-Tones – This Love
Judy Thomas – Golden Records
Jive 5 – Don’t Believe Him Donna

Talk to you tonight at 10. 

MAY 2021

FRIDAY MAY 28, 2021 3:31 AM  CT.. Fun talking about the upcoming Indy 500, and the history of
the race including it’s first broadcast in 1924 on WGN.  WGN will be carrying it this Sunday, starting
at 6:30 AM with the Dane Neal pre-race show. Listen on 720 AM, or if you’re out of signal range,
check out the stream on

Speaking of links, I meant to get you one last night for Kevin Shields' Out Of Site Oldies show on  That’s Day Kysor and Ann Sylvia’s site chock full of interesting oldies. Listen to
Kevin 3 to 6 PM ET on Saturday evenings.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, and get ready for Monday Night Triva, 10 PM CT on WGN
Radio (or listen online, use the nav bar above). Bumpers last night?

Rebels – Wild Weekend
Medallions – Buick 59
Dubs – Chapel of Dreams
Arkie Shibley – Hot Rod Race
Playmates – Beep Beep
Nervous Norvus – Transfusion
John D. Loudermilk – Road Hog
Ronny & The Daytonas – Bucket T
Brother Lee Roy – Indian Giver
Rosinha de Valenca – Wave
Bachman Turner Overdrive – Lookin’ Out For #1
Cheers – Black Denim Trousers

THURSDAY MAY 27, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  Fun talking about something close to nothing. And we’ll
do it again tonight.  As for bumpers:

Donnie Elbert – A Little Piece of Leather
Dubs – Could This Be Magic
Miracles – Everybody’s Gotta Pay Some Dues
Dubs – Be Sure (My Love)
Dubs – You’re Free To Go
Dubs – Don’t Ask Me To Be Lonely
Donnie Elbert – Your Red Wagon
Four Tops – Shake Me Wake Me (When It’s Over)
Beach-Nuts – Out In The Sun (Hey O)
Dion & The Belmonts – I Wonder Why

Talk to you tonight at 10.

WEDNESDAY MAY 26, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Full Moon lunar eclipse in a couple hours (Chicago
Time).  It’s a flower blood supermoon, with Mercury in retrograde. What could go wrong?  We talked
about a variety of things last night in addition to that, and played several of your requests. Bumpers?

Dale Hawkins – Suzie Q
Gene Pitney – Half Heaven, Half Heartache
Five Satins – I’ll Remember (In The Still of The Night)
Five Satins – Our Anniversary
Aalon - Magic Night
Lou Rawls – You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
June Christy – Something Cool
El Dorados – Lights Are Low
George Thorogood – Bad To The Bone
Stevie Wonder – Ribbon In The Sky
Dee Clark – Raindrops
Ernie K-Doe – Wanted $10,000 Reward
Bobby Sheen – How Many Nights

Talk to you tonight at 10 CT.

TUESDAY MAY 25, 2021 3:31 AM CT..  Fun playing trivia with you last night. My question:

We are talking people here.  Looking at statistics and humans on the planet, 25% of the worldwide
population of this are in the united states. World population of what?  Prisoners.  The US has 25%
of the world’s prison population. 2.2 million.  China is next with 1.5 million, then Russia with 880,000.

We’re still working on the second question—giving you a week to think about it, if you were listening
and remember it.  As for the Bumper Stumpers—All the artists were John or Johnny (or Johnnie,
as the case might have been): 

John Fred (and the Playboys) – Shirley
Johnnie & Joe – Kingdom of Love
John Oates (The Masters) – I Need Your Love
John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom
Johnny & The Expressions – Something I Want To Tell You
Johnnie Mae Matthews – Worried About You
Johnny Adams – I Won’t Cry
Johnny Thunder – Loop de Loop
Johnny Bartel & The Soul Masters – I Waited Too Long
Johnny Nash – Love Ain’t Nothin’
Johnny Flamingo – Is It A Dream
Johnny Otis Show – Tell Me So
Johnnie Taylor – Ain’t That Lovin’ You (For More Reasons Than One)

Happy Birthday to Randy Michaels today. He recognized John Fred but didn’t call.  Don’t follow in
his footsteps.  Call!  888-876-5593. Monday through Thursday 10P-1A CT. Scotty in East Chicago
and Detective Chuck in South Carolina knew Johnnie & Joe; Johnny D in Youngstown (and
Engineer Dan at WGN)  knew John Lee Hooker, and everything else (along with John Fred) went
unanswered.   Talk to you tonight!

FRIDAY MAY 21, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Fun talking about radio and other insanity, and playing some
of my favorite guitar solos for Mike who clearly doesn’t share my musical tastes. Well, he asked... 
Here’s last night’s bumper list.

Bert Keyes - Lady In My Heart
Wet Willie – Weekend
Skyliners  - Since I Fell For You
Ohio Players – Love Rollercoaster
Undisputed Truth – Smiling Faces
Lenny Welch – Since I Don’t Have You
Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Skyliners – Since I Don’t Have You
Bucky Pizzarelli & George Barnes – Here There & Everywhere
Rosinha de Valenca – Wave
Charlie Byrd – Corcovado
Joao Gilberto – Maria Ninguem
Johnny Guitar Watson – A Real Mutha For Ya
Lenny Welch – Since I fell For You

Talk to you Monday night at 10!

THURSDAY MAY 20, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Good to talk with many of you last night who took time
out to call.  Great to get good news from Stacey. Hopefully Raldo will be home by tonight. 
Meanwhile, Hennessey is still missing.  He’s the cat who jumped five stories from a suburban
Chicago apartment and landed on his feet.   We’ll keep you posted on that too, should he surface. 
As for last night’s bumpers:

Lou Rawls- Lady Love
Chiffons – One Fine Day
Lavern Baker – Fee Fee Fi Fo Fum
Lillian Leach & The Mellows – Smoke From Your Cigarette
Sensations featuring Yvonne Mills – Please Mr. Disc Jockey
Del-Vikings – Don’t Be A Fool
Betty Everett – There’ll Come A Time
Keith – You’ll Come Running Back To Me

WEDNESDAY MAY 18, 2021 3:31 AM...  It was great talking with Norm N. Nite last night about The
House That Rock Built (click on it for a good price from Amazon), the fascinating history of the
behind the scenes deals that ultimately led to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame coming to Cleveland. 
I love that Norm is with me on the need to have more of the early players of mainstream rock and
roll inducted.  No Neil Sedaka? How is that possible?  Ignoring the role played by Pat Boone? 
Unconscionable. (I’m not saying his covers were good but without him, throngs of mainstream
listeners would have never heard countless gems.)  But apart from that is a spellbinding story of
what took place to make the dream of a hall of fame for rock and roll a reality.

Bumpers last night?

Showmen - It Will Stand
Billy Ward & The Dominoes – Sixty Minute Man
Platters – Voo Vee Ah Be  1990  (1954 Federal
Nite-Liters – K-Jee
Ravens – If You Didn’t Mean It
Main Ingredient – Just don’t Want to be Lonely (and Ronnie Dyson’s version too)
Cathy & Joe – I See You
Miracles – Ooh Baby Baby – 1965 Tamla 4rb, peaked at #16 56 years ago this week pop
Tower of Power – This Time It’s Real
Lou Rawls – Dark End of the Street

Talk to you tonight at 10!

TUESDAY MAY 18, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Monday Night Trivia was fun as always, thanks to your
calls.  We have one question we’re holding over for next week and if you were listening, you know
what it is.  As for the one you got:  One company, with numerous locations, loses 590,000 of this
item to theft every year.  What’s stolen... and from what company is it taken?  Towels – Holiday Inn.  

Bumper Stumpers A-Z, we’re still working on the letter J. This week all the artists’ first names were
Joe. Here’s what we played:

Jo Bataan – So Young, Too Young
Joe Jeffrey Group – My Pledge Of Love
Joe Brown & The Bruvvers – It Only Took A Minute
Joe Jones – California Sun
Joe Henderson – Snap Your Fingers
Joe Hinton – You Know It Ain’t Right
Joe Simon – When
Joe Tex – I Want To (Do Everything For You)
Joe Turner – Morning Noon and Night
Joe Van Loan Quartet – Forever
Joe Stampley – Not Too Long Ago
Joey Dee & The Starlighters – I Lost My Baby
Joe Graves – Debbie

Tonight we’ll be talking with Norm N. Nite.  I’m still indebted to him for his first Rock On book in the
mid ‘70s, but his latest work, The House That Rock Built chronicling the behind the scenes stories
of how the Hall came to be in Cleveland and what it took to build it is spell binding.  (Click on it for a
good price from Amazon).  He joins me at 10 CT. Check out his site,!  And we’ll
take your calls. Talk to you then!

FRIDAY MAY 14, 2021 3:31 AM CT..   We played the Guess Who Montage last night. You can hear
it on the replay (click on downloads on the nav bar above and click on Thursday May 13th.)  In
order, here’s the artists on it:

Jesse Belvin
Rosie & The Originals
Eddie Floyd
Ford Eaglin
Timi Yuro
Sam Fletcher
Dean Martin
Jackie DeShannon
David Porter
Bobby Vee (singing a verse that isn’t in the song, gotta love Snuff Garrett)
Gladys Knight
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
BB King
Ruby Winters
Geoge McCurn
Slim Whitman
Zona B
Righteous Brothes
Marva Wright
Bobby Patterson

We left out Larry Graham, Donnie Osmond, Narvel Felts, The Chambers Brothers and Bobby G.
Rice, and because I didn’t have them, The Vogues, Jerry Butler, Malcolm Dodds & Joe Hinton.

We managed to play a few other things as well:

Dreamlovers – When We Get Married
Rosie & The Originals – Angel Baby
Dreamlovers- Take It From A Fool
Malo – Suavecito
Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday
Circus Sideshow – Pink Cadillac
Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke
Stevie Wonder – I Was Made To Love Her
Stevie Wonder – Superwoman
Chuck Jackson – Any Day Now

Talk to you Monday night at 10 (CT) for trivia!

THURSDAY MAY 13, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  good to hear from many of you, last night.  Tonight I’ll be
playing the Guess Who montage. I’ll explain more at 10. In the meantime, here’s what we played
last night:

Malcolm Dodds & The Tune Drops – Beauty and the Beast
Kenny Chesney – Demons
Stylistics – People Make The World Go Round
Arthur Alexander – A Shot of Rhythm and Blues
Ella Mae Morse – The Blacksmith Blues
Intruders – Cowboys to Girls
Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan – Legendary Chicken Fairy
Dusty Springfield – I Only Want To Be With You
Royalettes – It’s Better Not To Know
Bob Luman – Let’s Think About Living
Jim Reeves – He’ll Have To Go

WEDNESDAY MAY 12, 2021 3:31 AM...  We talked about Lloyd Price, a life well lived, who will be
missed dearly, among other things.. as for bumpers:

Lloyd Price – Stagger Lee
Lloyd Price – Did You Ever Have The Blues
Al Green – I’m A Ram
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – 100 Days 100 Nights
Dolly Parton – Silver and Gold
O’Jay’s – Back Stabbers
Passions – Just To Be With You
Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters
Flamingos – My Foolish Heart
Charlie Gracie – Butterfly

TUESDAY MAY 11, 2021 3:31 AM CT...   Had fun playing trivia with you last night.  No one guessed
the question I put forth:

88% of employees say they’ve done this. Don’t what?  Told lies on behalf of their supervisors.

But we did have a few correct answers on the bumper stumpers. I made it easy. All of them were
done by Jimmy--  but what Jimmy and what song?

Jimmy Ricks & The Ravens – Daddy Rollin’ Stone
Jimmy Walker – Feel The Warm
Jimmy Ruffin – Since I’ve Lost You
Jimmy Radcliffe – Long After Tonight Is All Over
Jimmy Beaumont – The End Of A Story
Jimmy Hicks – Tell Her That I Love You
Jimmy Holiday – How Can I Forget
Jimmy Hughes – I Like Everything About You
Jimmy McCracklin – The Walk
Jimmy Norman – I Don’t Love You No More
Jim Gilstrap – Swing Your Daddy

Talk to you tonight at 10.

FRIDAY MAY 7, 2021 3:31 AM...  We never did get around to some of our topics (like the cost of
this item is surprisingly rising—maybe not as fast as houses, but still rising) and final exits (unusual
funerals, to say the least) but we did cover plenty about Little Tavern, White Castle, and a ton of fine
oldies. Below is what we played. I’ll be back Monday night at 10 (CT) for Monday Night Trivia.
Attendance will be taken, calls will be noted, and maybe you’ll be a winner!

Los Bravos – Going Nowhere
Cadillacs – My Girlfriend
Archie Bell & The Drells – My Balloon’s Going Up
Tom Jones – She’s A Lady
Ace Spectrum – Live & Learn
Mel McDaniel – Stand On It
Mel McDaniel – Stand UP
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Strange
Heartbeats- I want To Know
Vibrations – So Blue
Tyrone Davis – One Way Ticket To Nowhere
Ann Peebles – I Can’t Stand The Rain
Lefty Frizzell – Long Black Veil

THURSDAY MAY 6, 2021 3:31 AM CT....   Good talking with you. I promised Archie Bell’s address.
He suffered a stroke in March and will be rehab for a few months. The good news is a full recovery
is anticipated, but the bad news is it will take a while. He’d love to hear from you, so if you, like me,
are a fan, drop him a line:  Archie Bell, PO Box 24334, Houston, TX 77229.   As for what we played:

Lenny Welch – I Need Someone
Eddie Holman – Hey There Lonely Girl
Ruby & The Romantics – Hey There Lonely Boy
Connee Boswell – On The Isle Of May
Boswell Sisters – Crazy People
Toussaint McCall – Nothing Can Take The Place Of You
Eddie Holman – I Love You
Faron Young – Hello Walls
Smoke – Oh Love
Vibrations – Misty
Archie Bell & The Drells – I Could Dance All Night

WEDNESDAY CINCO DE MAYO 2021  3:31 AM CT..   Thanks to those who called last night.  We
talked about everything from finding human feet on the interstate to being abucted from state parks,
not to mention more on why we’re unhappy, and a flock of sheep showing up in a Brooklyn
backyard.  We also played some bumpers:

Little Walter – My Babe
Miracles – Whatever Makes You Happy
Lavern Baker – Saved
Delfonics - Ready or Not
Big Maybelle – What Are You Doing To Me
Loretta Lynn – Hey Loretta
Raydio – Jack & Jill
Little Willie John – Heartbreak (It’s Hurting Me)
Ruth Brown – Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean
Heatwave – The Night We Fell
Johnny Cash – Ballad of a Teenage Queen
Robert Knight – Blessed Are The Lonely

TUESDAY MAY 4, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Monday Night Trivia is always fun. Some of you won in
categories of your own choosing, but no one guessed my holdover question: 

An official survey measuring trends among Americans every year since 1972, shows a long term
gradual decrease in this since the latter 1980s.  Gradual decrease in what? Happiness.  (That’s
according to the General Social Survey, part of NORC based at the University of Chicago. For
almost 50 years, the GSS has provided politicians, policymakers, and scholars with a clear and
unbiased perspective on what Americans think and feel about such issues as national spendi​ng
priorities, crime and punishment, intergroup relations, and confidence in institutions.)

You didn’t do any better on any of the bumpers. Here’s what we played:

Jay & The Techniques – Are You Ready For This
Jelly Beans – I’m Hip To You
Jay W. King – I’m So Afraid
Janie Grant – That Greasy Kid Stuff
Jay Wiggins – You’re On My Mind
Jean Knight – Don’t Ask For 24 Hours
Jesters – I Laughed
Jeanie & The Darlings
Jerry Jackson – I’m Gonna Paint You A Picture
Jeanie Trevor – You Did It Before
Jerry Wallace - How The Time Flies
Jimmy Witherspoon – K.C. Loving 

Talk to you tonight at 10!

APRIL 2021

FRIDAY APRIL 30, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Great to hear from so many of you.   I promised to put a link
to Albert’s practicing  (Albert of caller Lia fame, that is), so here it is. Albert is the fine drummer.  I
also like the bass guitarist on the left, but Lia didn’t know who he was.  Hopefully he’s a star by now.
You can also checkout Albert’s Facebook page here.   And here’s a list of what we played:

Controllers – Crushed
Temptations – Dream Come True
Tony Clarke – This Heart Of Mine
Clovers – One Mint Julep
Miracles – My Baby Changes Like The Weather
Rose Royce – I Wanna Get Next To You
Marathons – Peanut Butter
Olympics – (Baby) Hully Gully
Everything Is Everything – Witchi Tai To
Ed Townsend – For Your Love

THURSDAY APRIL 29, 2021 3:31 AM...  Well, we dogged around for an hour and a half (as proven
by the bumpers listed below) and took your calls and requests.  Tonight we’ll be on at 10:30 after
the Blackhawks. Hoping to talk to you then!

Billy Ward & His Dominos- Can’t Do 60 No More
Count Basie – Doggin’ Around
Roscoe Gordon – No More Doggin’ (1952)
Roscoe Gordon – Keep On Doggin’
Ike Turner & The Kings of Rhythm with Tina Turner – No More Doggin’
Sonny & Jaycee – You Keep Doggin’ Me
Jackie Wilson - Doggin’ Around
Jean Knight – Doggin’ Around
Little Luther – Doggin’ Me -1966 Tarx
Albert Washington & The Kings – Doggin’ Me Around
Johnnie Taylor – Stop Doggin’ Me
Big Mama Thornton – Hound Dog
Rufus Thomas – Bear Cat
Rufus Thomas - The Dog 
Rufus Thomas - Walkin’ The Dog
Rufus Thomas - Can Your Monkey Do The Dog
Rufus Thomas - Somebody Stole My Dog
Prince Patridge – How Come My Dog Don’t Bark
Everly Brothers – Bird Dog
Gene Vincent – Bird Doggin’
Marvin Gaye – I’ll Be Doggone
Patsy Cline – Why Can’t He Be You
Bill Withers – Grandma’s Hands
Del Shannon – Runaway
Mel Carter – Band of Gold
Bloodstone – Something’s Missing
Freddie Scott – Hey Girl

WEDNESDAY APRIL 28, 2021 3:31 AM  CT...  I’m not sure what we discussed, but I’m so glad you
called to discuss it.  It was ‘one of those days’ all the way around for me, so the show served as a
respite and because of your calls, an easy thing to do. Thank you.  Most of the bumpers were
requests. Here’s what we played:

Ben Colder – Harper Valley PTA 
Coasters – Young Blood 
Jive Five – What Time Is It? 
Winstons – Color Him Father
Johnny  Dankworth – Experiments With Mice
Patsy Cline - Sweet Dreams
Tower of Power – What is Hip?
Nolan Strong & The Diablos – The Way You Dog Me Around
Joe Hinton – Funny How Time Slips Away 

TUESDAY APRIL 27, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  Fun playing trivia as we do every Monday night.

What is the second most misspelled American city? Last week we found out that #1 was Pittsburgh.
What is #2?   Tucson.  Others frequently misspelled: Cincinnati, Albuquerque, Culpeper (VA),
Asheville, Worcester (MA), Manhattan, Phoenix, Niagara Falls, Fredericksburg (VA), Philadelphia,
Detroit, Chattanooga and Gloucester (MA).

An official survey measuring trends among Americans every year since 1972 shows a long term
gradual decrease in this since the latter 1980s.  Gradual decrease in what?   I’ll leave that one
hanging in case we continue to take your guesses next Monday night. Either way, I’ll reveal it before
next Monday night’s show ends.

As for Bumper Stumpers A-Z, we tackled the letter J” Part 1.  All the groups, or the artists’ first
names started with “J”.  Here’s what we played:

J J Jackson – Oo-Ma-Liddi 
Jackie Brenston – Rocket 88
Jackie Moore – Both Ends Against The Middle
Jackie Paine – Go Go Train
Jackie Ross – New Lover
Jackie Shane – Comin’ Down
Jackie Wilson – My Heart Is Calling
Jacks – Why Don’t You Write Me
Jaedes – Teach Me A Lesson In Love
James Crawford – Stop And Think It Over
Jaguars – The Way You Look Tonight
James & Bobby Purify – Help Yourself To All My Lovin’
James Dee & A Piece Of The Action & The Primettes - Jealous Over Love

If you know more about that James Dee record than I do (which is most everything), I’d love to
know more. Fine song.  Talk to you tonight after the Blackhawks at 10:30 CT.

FRIDAY APRIL 23, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Had a good time reviewing the Annie Anthology last night.
First we played a few Risque Rhythms:

Swallows - It Ain’t The Meat
Dominoes – Sixty Minute Man
Moose Jackson – Big Ten-Inch Record
Dinah Washington – Big Long Slidin’ Thing – B side Mercury of Chicago uncharted
Toppers - Let Me Bang Your Box  Jubilee

And then we got into Hank Ballard’s finest:

The Royals – Get It 
The Royals – Work With Me Annie  (later The Midnighters on the label)
The Midnighters – Sexy Ways
The Midnighters – Annie Had a Baby
The El Dorados featuring Hazel McCullom – Annie’s Answer
The Midnighters – Annie’s Aunt Fannie
The Midnighters – Henry’s Got Flat Feet

I forgot to play “Can’t Do Sixty No More” which ended the Dominoes tale of Lovin’ Dan, but we did
get in a few 1955 items related to Annie:

Etta James – The Wallflower
Georgia Gibbs’s cover of the Etta James hit – Dance With Me Henry

Other Bumpers mostly by your requests:

Chris Bartley – The Sweetest Thing This Side of Heaven
Waylon Jennings – When Sin Stops
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – What Love Has Joined Together
Lavern Baker – Jim Dandy
Aalon Butler – Please Give Me A Chance
Sam the Sham & The Pharoahs – Li’l Red Riding Hood
Tom Jones – Green Green Grass of Home
Porter Wagoner – Green Green Grass of Home
Platters – My Prayer
Diamonds – She Say

Talk to you Monday night at 10 for Monday Night Trivia!

THURSDAY APRIL 22, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Fun as always. San Francisco topping the poll of most
environmentally friendly places to live, and people in Poland mistaking a croissant for wildlife. The
former is even more bizarre than the latter.  Here’s what we played:

Wet Willie – Street Corner Serenade
Jan & Arnie – Jennie Lee
Spinners – It’s A Shame
Charts – Zoop
David Rose – Swinging Shepherd Blues
Ohio Players – Jive Turkey
Dean Martin – Little Ole Wine Drinker Me
Ruby Johnson – Don’t Start Nothing
Charlie Walker – Don’t Squeeze My Sharmon
Al Wilson – Who Could Be Lovin’ You
Flamingos – Dream of a Lifetime

Talk to you tonight at 10.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 21, 2021 3:31 AM CT  Nice to hear from so many of you last night.  I
managed to get in some of your requests (and more tonight, I promise). Here’s what we played:

El Dorados - I’ll be Forever Loving You
Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto – The Girl From Ipanema
Sergio Mendes – The Girl From Ipanema
Cadillacs – Down The Road
Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson – Lover’s Holiday
Coasters – Poison Ivy
Miracles – Don’t Say You Love Me
Champs – El Rancho Rock
Wayne Cochran – Get Down With It
Charley Pride – Is Anybody Goin’ To San Antone
The Valentines – The Sock

TUESDAY APRIL 20, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Full lines all night for trivia.  Thank you to everyone who
called!  Monday Night Trivia is a pleasure to do when you call.  As usual, I threw out a question- and
eventually you answered it:  What is the most misspelled American city?  Pittsburgh.  We’re now
asking about the 2nd most misspelled city and you’ve got a week to think about it.  We’ve had a ton
of guesses, so if you were paying attention you know what to rule out. And the parameters limit the
possibilities.  It’s a city of at least 200,000 people.  As for Bumper Stumpers A-Z, we were working
on the letter I, All the group names started with  “I”.   Alexander got the first one, but everything else
remained illusive.  So, here’s what we played:

Icemen – How Can I Get Over A Fox Like You
Invitations – What’s Wrong With Me Baby
Intervals – Here’s that Rainy Day
Imaginations – I Want A Girl
Impalas – I Still Love You
Imperial Wonders – You Only Live Once
Imperials – Life Of Ease
Impressions – Shorty’s Got To Go 1959 Bandera  (Chicago)
Incredibles – I’ll Make It Easy – 1966 Audio Arts (LA)
Informers – If You Really Love Me -  1965  J-Rude (philly)

Talk to you tonight at 10.  (No Blackhawks interruptions tonight through Thursday, so we’ll start
promptly at 10:06. Attendance will be taken.  Be there or be square, as they say.)

FRIDAY APRIL 16, 2021  3:31AM CDT... another night of fun and frivolity... and bumpers:

Kool & The Gang – Too Hot 
Tune Weavers – Happy Happy Birthday Baby
Ray Charles – Here We Go Again
Spaniels – Everyone’s Laughing
Supremes – Up The Ladder To The Roof
Chantels – He’s Gone
Little Hank – Mr. Bang Bang Man
Coasters – Bad Detective
Lenny Welch – Since I Fell For You
Richard Berry & The Pharoes – Have Love Will Travel
Barbara Lewis – Some Day We’re Gonna Love Again

Talk to you Monday night, we’ll be playing trivia starting at 10 (CT) and I bet I can prove there’s
something about which you know enough to win.  I’ll also prove that the prizes aren’t worth the
postage it takes to get them to you but the fun is priceless.

THURSDAY APRIL 15, 2021 3:31 AM CDT...  Good waltzing down memory lane last night. We’ll do
it again tonight at 10. Attendance will be taken.  Please be on time.  Better yet, please call!  The
show is a lot more fun for me when you do.  As for last night’s bumpers:

Chuck Willis – Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes
Ray Goodman & Brown – Deja Vu
Buoys – Timothy
Five Keys – Dream On
Irma Thomas – Ruler of My Heart
Timi Yuro – Hurt
Patsy Cline – Faded Love
Skip Arne & The Dukes – Sunshine and Rain
Walker Brothers – The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore
Cab Calloway – San Francisco Fan
Timi Yuro – Turn The World Around The Other Way

WEDNESDAY APRIL 14, 2021 3:31 AM CDT...  We talked about murder last night--   specifically the
slaying of the English language and how your best bet when texting is to forget anything you ever
learned about grammar.  Whatever you do, do not end a sentence with a period... unless you want
to be labeled passive aggressive.  Fortunately, we also spent time playing your requests. Bumpers
last night included:

Stylistics – Heavy Fallin’ Out 
Halos – Oh What A Night
Chuck Berry – Roll Over Beethoven
Les Paul & Mary Ford – Auctioneer (I’ll Buy That Dream)
Dr. John The Night Tripper – Mama Roux
Jessie Hill – The Pot’s On Strike
Tony Allen – Nite Owl
O’Jays – For The Love of Money
Drifters - Adorable

Talk to you tonight at 10.

TUESDAY APRIL 13, 2021 3:31 AM CDT...  3 hours of trivia and one utterly useless question:  As
reported in the Chicago Sun Times in 2003, over 70% of Americans complain about this from time
to time. About what?  Their name being misspelled.  

Fortunately I’m not close enough for you to hit me.   As for the Bumper Stumpers, with each group
or artist first name beginning with the letter H:

Helene Smith – You Got To Be A Man
Heartbeats – I Won’t Be The Fool Anymore
Hearts of Stone – If I Could Give You The World
Harvey – Don’t Be Afraid To Love
Herbert Hunter – Make Me Know
Hi-Tones – What Was The Cause Of It All
Hill Sisters – Oh My Love Sweet Love
Holly Maxwell – Only When You’re Lonely
Honey Bees – Never In A Million Years
Hummers – So Strange
Hy-Tones – You Don’t Even Know My Name

Talk to you tonight at 10.

FRIDAY AUGUST 9, 2021 3:31 AM.. Another night of fun talking to you. I’ll be back Monday night at
10 to for Monday Night Trivia. Hoping you’ll call!  We’ll stay with H’s on the Bumper Stumpers.  As
for last night’s crop:

Trini Lopez – Gonna Get Along With Ya’ Now
Marcos Valle – So Nice (Summer Samba)
Major Lance – Rhythm
Lenny Welch – I Need Someone
Otis Williams & The Charms – Ivory Tower
Joe Tex – Be Your Own Judge
Delacardos – Got No One
Jimmy McGriff – All About My Girl
Nino Tempo & 5th Ave Sax – Sister James
Avalons – Heart’s Desire

THURSDAY APRIL 8, 2021 3:31 AM CDT..  Fun again, and plenty of music. We’ll be on tonight
around 10:30 after the game.  Here’s what we played last night:

Bobby Womack – Check It Out
Falcons – You’re So Fine
Big Walter & His Combo– Shirley Jean
Ral Donner – Girl of My Best Friend
Ray Sharpe – Linda Lu
Dubs – Could This Be Magic
Brook Benton – Shadrach
4 Seasons – Walk Like A Man
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters – Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go
Larry Williams – You Bug Me Baby
Cab Calloway - Minnie The Moocher

WEDNESDAY APRIL 7, 2021 3:31 AM CDT.. Had a lot of fun talking music with you last night.  We
played some nice stuff too (mostly your requests—the list is below).  We’ll be on at 10 tonight and I
hope you’ll join me and pray you’ll call.

Chariots – Gloria
Enchantment – Gloria
Bob Hayward – Gloria
Mills Brothers – Gloria
Cadillacs – Gloria
Platters – Washed Ashore
Radiants – Shy Guy
Cleftones – She’s So Fine
Fiestas – So Fine
Sheiks – So Fine
Animals – San Franciscan Nights
Nappy Brown – Don’t Be Angry
Kimball Coburn & The Sy Rose Orchestra - Cute

TUESDAY APRIL 6, 2021 3:31 AM  CDT... A very abbreviated trivia show last night, thanks to the
NCAA game.  I was rooting for Gonzaga so let’s move on.  We did have a trivia question that Rich
answered correctly: 

It wasn’t until the end of the 1960s that 2 countries fought a war over this.  It was unsanctioned but
3000 citizens of the countries were killed.  What?  Soccer. [On June 8, 1969 Honduras beat El
Salvador in the first half of a world cup qualifying match held in Tegucigalpa—Honduras’ capital city.
The previous night, Honduran fans surrounded the hotel where the El Salvadoran team was
staying, creating a ruckus  so they’d be sleep deprived.   When the series moved back to El
Salvador, the El Salvadoran fans got even—on game day they replaced the Honduran flag with a
dish towel and beat up a bunch of fans. The next night the war broke out in earnest.   A cease-fire
was quickly declared.]

We managed to get in a few bumper stumpers and even had a Wisconsin winner on Harvey Scales
& The 7 Sounds.  Here’s what we played:

Hal Miller – A Blessing In Disguise
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
Harold Dorman – Mountain Of Love
Harptones – Oobidee Oobidee Oo
Harvey Scales & The 7 Sounds – Love Itis

And one more that I like enough to hold over for next week when we’ll continue with H’s.  We’ll be
on after the game tonight- I anticipate a 10:30 start. I hope you’ll join me.  The show is so much
better when you call.

FRIDAY APRIL 2, 2021  3:31 AM CDT  We started after the Blackhawks finished, and as usual, I
had fun. Hope you did too. Here’s the bumper list for last night’s show.  Talk to you next week for
Monday Night Trivia.  It’ll start right after the NCAA game.  Figure around 10:30 CT, Monday.

Capris – Guardian Angel (and versions by the Princetones, Selections & Imaginations)
Edwin Starr – 25 Miles
Edwin Starr – Agent  Double O Soul
Johnny Fuller – My Heart is Bleeding
Roger Miller – King of the Road
Edwin Starr – SOS
Impressions – People Get Ready
Frankie Ford – Time After Time
Chubby Checker – You Better Believe It Baby
Charms – Bobby Vee

THURSDAY APRIL 1, 2021  3:31 AM CDT.... Had fun talkin’ with you last night.  Here’s a list of the
bumpers we played:

Toquinho & Vinicius – Esse Menina
Chairman of the Board – Pay to The Piper
Charlie McCoy – Cherry Berry Wine
Dr. Feelgood & The Interns – Right String but the Wrong Yo Yo
Four Tops – Reach Out (I’ll Be There)
Outsiders – Time Won’t Let Me
Big Daddy – Hamster Love
Fats Domino – My Real Name
Sparks of Rhythm – Handy Man
Superbs – Baby Baby All The Time
Platters – Great Pretender

Talk to you tonight at 10.

MARCH 2021

WEDNESDAY MARCH 31, 2021 3:31 AM CDT...  As always fun talking with you about something
close to nothing.  Occasionally we stray into something that matters, though I do my best to avoid it.
But if you’re interested in a big Covid-19 dilemma, especially with regard to vaccines, click here
We won’t be discussing it further on air.  Trying to keep nights a safe zone allowing us to escape
reality for a little while.  Bumpers are great for that. And here’s what we played last night:

Sugarloaf – Don’t Call us
George Benson – It Should Have Been Me
Little Anthony & The Imperials
Court Jesters – Roaches
Chords – Sh-Boom
Gene Chandler – Bet You Never Thought
Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows – 300 Pounds of Heavenly Joy
Freddie King – The Sky Is Crying
Astrud Gilberto & Antonio Carlos Jobim

TUESDAY MARCH 30, 2021  3:31 AM  CDT....  Fun playing trivia with you last night.  Answers to
the questions I asked? 

In the 1960s, more than 25% of teenage boys but less than 1% of teenage girls had one of these. 
One of what?  Guitar

According to a 1994 survey, 41% of Americans considered resorting to physical violence in this
situation.  However only 7% reported doing so.  What situation?  Taking revenge on a
malfunctioning computer.

It wasn’t until the early 20s that a woman ever did this. A Chicago woman at that.  Did what? Broke
a man’s speed record.  (In 1922 in Bermuda Sybil Bauer bested Stubby Kruger’s 440 yard
backstroke when she lowered it by 4 seconds to 6:24.)

Bumper Stumpers A to Z—we looked at the letter “G” (except for one song that began with the letter
“S” for screw up—that was me. I had thought it was by the Gatorvettes—but it wasn’t I realized too

Garland Green – Ain’t That Good Enough
Gallagher & Lyle – Heart on My Sleeve
Servicemen – My Turn
Gallahads – This Letter To You
Gaynotes – Plea of Love
Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters – A Quiet Place
Gaylettes – Groovin’
Gifts – Lovin’ You
Grover Mitchell – I Don’t Wanna Hear It  Baby
Gloria Jones – Tainted Love
Gold Bugs – Stop That Wedding
GQ – Sitting In The Park

Talk to you tonight at 10.

FRIDAY MARCH 26, 2021 3:31 AM CDT...  Fun as always. And more fun comin’ up Monday Night
at 10 Central with Monday Night Trivia.  As for last night’s bumpers:

Otis Redding – Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
Solomon Burke – Cry To Me
Moments – Sexy Mama
Don Covay – Mercy Mercy
Robins -  Smokey Joe’s Cafe
Dee Dee Sharp – Mashed Potato Time
Vibrations – Watusi
BJ Thomas – Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Chubby Checker – You Better Believe It Baby

THURSDAY MARCH 25, 2021  3:31 AM CDT.. Had fun talking with you again last night, and we’ll
do it again tonight, right after the Blackhawks game. Expect a 10:30 PM CDT start for the show.  As
for last night’s bumpers:

Teri DeSario – Yes I’m Ready
Dee Clark – Ride A Wild Horse
Jackie Wilson & Linda Hopkins – Shake A Hand
Drifters – Saturday Night At The Movies
Lovelites – How Can I Tell My Mom And Dad
Independents – Leaving Me
Bobby Taylor & The Vancovers – Malinda
Chad & Jeremy – Yesterday’s Gone
Little Stevie Wonder – Fingertips Pt. 2
Ral Donner – Girl of My Best Friend

WEDNESDAY MARCH 23, 2021 3:31 AM CDT...  Fun talking with you last night—didn’t even have
a chance to get to the tabloids. We’ll rectify that tonight, I’m sure. Talk to you at 10.  As for the
bumpers last night:

Ohio Players – Funky Worm
Mary Wells – Dear Lover
Marcels – Goodbye To Love
Whispers – Never Again –
Richard Dimples Fields – Sincerely
Otis Spann – See See Rider
Jerry Reed – She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft)
Elegants – Little Star
Gary Lewis – Count Me In

TUESDAY MARCH 23, 2021  3:31 AM CDT... Monday Night Trivia. We had two questions—one of
which is still in play, so I’ll leave that til next week. As for the one you answered:

College professors have studied humor.  Among the things they found was that Americans are
obsessed with cleanliness so there are more jokes are about being physically dirty.  Germans, on
the other hand, have the most toilet humor, because they were potty trained earlier than other
groups.  And as is not surprising given the Borscht belt and countless comedians, worldwide the
group that tells the most jokes about themselves are Jewish People.  What group of people tell the
fewest jokes about themselves? The Japanese.  

As for The Bumper Stumpers A to Z, we were working on the letter “F” this week,  “Fa” to be exact.
Here’s what we played:

Fabuleers – If I Had Another Chance
Fabulettes- Mr. Policeman
Fabulaires -While Walking
Fantastics – There Goes My Love
Fantaisions – Unnecessary Tears
Fabulous Flames – Josephine
Faye Adams – Shake a Hand
Fantasys – Why Oh Why
Fascinations – Girls Are Out To Get You
Fashions- A Lover’s Stand
Fashions – Lonesome Road

We’ll be on tonight after the game.  Talk to you at about 10:30!

FRIDAY MARCH 19, 2021 3:31 AM CDT... Had fun last night talking with you.  We’ll do it again
Monday night at 10 when we play trivia.  As for last night’s bumpers:

Nervous Norvus - Transfusions
Elkie Brooks – Pearl’s A Singer
Classics IV – Stormy
Nat King Cole – Mr. Cole Won’t Rock And Roll
5 Royales – Catch That Teardrop
Falcons – I Found A Love
Lesley Gore – Look Of Love
The Good The Bad & The Ugly – Hugo Montenegro / Ennio Marricone
Walter Jackson – It’s All Over
Frankie Laine – Moonlight Gambler
Blue Emotions – Doo Wop All Night Long

THURSDAY MARCH 18, 2021  3:31 AM CDT...  Another night of fun talking about something close
to nothing. We’ll do it again tonight at 10 CDT.  Here’s the bumpers we played:

Sly & The Family Stone – Hot Fun In The Summertime – 1969 Epic  3 rb, 2 pop
Prince Patridge – How Come My Dog Don’t Bark When You Come Round
Bobby Patterson - Everything Good To You
Bop Chords – Castle In The Sky
Huey Piano Smith – Don’t You Just Know It
Danleers – One Summer Night
King Cole Trio – Paper Moon
El Dorados – Looking In From The Outside
Phil Phillips – Sea of Love
Edward Bear – Last Song

WEDNESDAY ST PATRICK’S DAY 2021 3:31 AM CDT...  Good talking with you last night, we’ll do it
again tonight at 10 Central. As for last night’s bumpers:

Martha & The Vandellas – Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things
Safaris- Image Of A Girl
Jerry Naylor – Is This All There Is To A Honky Tonk
Lonnie Mack - Rings
Sapphires – Where Is Johnny Now
DeBarge - I Like It
Orlons – South Street
Kalin Twins – When
War – Why Can’t We Be Friends
Mills Brothers – Til Then
Poni Tails – Born Too Late
Prince Patridge – Choosing A Career

TUESDAY MARCH 16, 2021  3:31 AM  CDT... Yes, daylight time us upon us.  You really dispatched
with my trivia questions tonight.  Went through three of them and there’s one we’ll keep alive for
next week. As for the three you got:

Talking American shopping habits here.  6 out of 10 males will do this, but only one out of 4 women
will.  Do what?  Buy an article of clothing they try on.  Bob from Memphis knew it had to do with
trying on stuff, so we gave it to him.

You hear all about changing the names of things because of political correctness, now.  But in the
last 25 years 2, and only 2, of these living things were renamed because they might have offended
someone.  What living things?  Fish.  The Squawfish became the Pike Minnow after Native
American complaints in 1998, and the Jewfish became the Goliath Grouper in 2001.

It wasn’t until the mid 1960s that a woman did this. Not that she was allowed to do it, mind you.  But
she did it anyway.  Did what?  Run the Boston Marathon. In 1966, Roberta Gibb wrote for an
application and was turned down under the logic that women couldn’t run such a long distance. 
Forbidden to officially run, she hid in the bushes at the start of the race and jumped in, finishing in 3
hours 20 minutes. 

KJ got a lot of the Bumper Stumpers, but he wasn’t alone.  If you were wondering what we played,
keep in mind, it’s A to Z, and this week we focused on the letter “E”.  All the groups, or the artists’
first names, began with E.  Here’s what they were:

Earl Jean – I’m Into Something Good
Echoes – Ding Dong
Ebbtides – What’s Your Name Dear
Elgins (LA) – You Found Yourself Another Fool
Edsels – Rama Lama Ding Dong
Eddie & The Starlites – To Make A Long Story Short
Eddie Holman – Am I A Loser
Embers – Wait For Me
Eddie Friend & The Empires – Tears In My Eyes
Eddie Williams – Have A Heart
Eddie Riff- Ain’t That Lovin’ You
Elgins (NY) – Here In My Arms

Talk to you tonight at 10.

FRIDAY MARCH 11, 2021 3:31 AM CST...  Daylight Savings Time coming up this weekend
(everywhere in the Continental US except Arizona).   So set your clocks ahead an hour Saturday
night when you go to sleep.  And we’ll talk to you Monday night at 10 PM CDT.  I’ll be ready for you
with trivia, all you gotta do is call.  Last night’s bumpers:

Billy Stewart – I Do Love You
Ruby Andrews – I Got A Bone To Pick With You
Karen Carpenter & Ella Fitzgerald
Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford
Ink Spots – To Each His Own
Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers

THURSDAY MARCH 11, 2021  3:31 AM CST...  Another night of something close to nothing but
entertaining and almost informative, if I say so myself. As for the bumpers:

Sapphires – Who Do You Love
Sylvers – Stay Away From Me
Smokey Robinson – Just to See Her
Carole Bayer Sager – Don’t Wish Too Hard
Temptations – Heavenly
Carl Perkins – L-O-V-E-V-I-L-L E
Johnny Maestro – Besame Baby
Mirettes – In The Midnight Hour
Little Peggy March – I Will Follow Him
Silhouettes – Headin’ For The Poorhouse
Jerry Butler – Walk Easy My Son

Tonight we’ll be on at 11 after the Blackhawk’s game.  I’ll spend between now and then thinking of
what to use for caller-bait. Plan to do your part by responding.  I’ll also play some of your requests
and edit The Pusher as promised.  Don’t know to what I’m referring?  Another reason to listen.  Talk
to you then.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 10, 2021 3:31 AM...  Short but fun show, and we’ll pick it up with who really
runs the Institution tonight at 10. (If you missed the Harry-Meghan interview, that may make no
sense—heck, even if you heard it, it may make no sense, but apparently there is an institution (and
it can be argued all these people belong in one) that runs the Royal Family but isn’t the Royal
Family, so who runs it?  Maybe we’ll find out tonight (but don’t hold your breath). Expect some more
fun either way.  As for last night’s bumpers:

Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue
Everly Brothers – Walk Right Back
Marvin Gaye – Hitch Hike
Frank Sinatra – Summer Wind
Kyu Sakamoto – Sukiyaki
Gladiolas – Little Darlin’
Harry Belafonte – Mama Look At Bubu

TUESDAY MARCH 9, 2021 3:31 AM CST  Fun playing trivia last night but the caller volume was
erratic—sometimes crickets, other times packed lines.  As for the bumper stumpers, we focused on

Daisy Burris – Take The Same Thing 
Darrell Banks – Our Love (Is In The Pocket) 
David (Dave Crawford)
Dell-Vikings – When I Come Home
Dee Dee Sharp – He’s No Ordinary Guy
Diplomats – Here’s A Heart
Debbie Taylor – Never Gonna Let Him Know
Dee Irwin – I Only Get This Feeling
Don & Dewey – Don’t Ever Leave Me
Dobie Gray – Out On The Floor
Dontells – I’m Gonna Tell The World
Dream Lovers – Take It From A Fool
De-Lites – Lover

Trivia questions? Two of them:  A guy from Brazil spent 6 months in prison for being wrong about
this. About what?  The weather.  The tv weatherman in Rio forecast heavy rain for New Year’s Eve
2001 on the most watched television station in the country.  Torrential rains had caused mudslides
earlier in the month so people took him seriously and stayed home.  He was convicted of sounding
a false alarm.

Over 90% of NASA’s first group of astronauts had this is common with one another.  What?  21 of
the first 23 astronauts were all first born children. The other two were only children.

Tonight, we’ll be on at 11, after the Blackhawks game. Talk to you then!

FRIDAY MARCH 5, 2021 3:31 AM...  Turned out we didn’t start until after the game last night,
around 10:30 but great talking to you, reading the tabloids, discussing new cleaning products for
people who never cleaned before the pandemic (yes, this is a market) and more.. but we still
haven’t covered the screaming tomatoes, so there’s aways next week. But first, Monday night, we’ll
again play trivia. Three big hours starting at 10.  As for last night’s bumpers (mostly by request, as I
would never have played that Brooklyn Bridge or Cathy Carr record on my own):

Spinners – Ghetto Child
Rev. James Cleveland and the So. Cal. Community Choir – In The Ghetto
Hot Toddys – Rockin’ Crickets
Switch – Love Over And Over Again
Hank Snow – I’ve Been Everywhere
Barbara McNair – He’s A King
Tommy Tucker – Hi Heel Sneakers
Brooklyn Bridge – Piece of My Heart
Nina Simone - Feeling Good
Cathy Carr – Ivory Tower

THURSDAY MARCH 4, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  Fun talking with you last night. Let’s do it again tonight
at 10.   Most of last night’s bumpers were your requests. (Peter Allen was my choice.)  Here’s what
you wanted:

Marv Johnson – Come To Me
Sam Cooke – Mean Old World
Five Keys - Close Your Eyes
Jackie Wilson – Night
Fifth Dimension – One Less Bell To Answer
Louis Prima – Just A Gigolo
Fifth Dimension – Carpet Man
Billie Holiday and her Orchestra – The Very Thought Of You
Peter Allen – (I’ve Been) Taught By Experts
Peter Allen – The More I See You

WEDNESDAY MARCH 3, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Good to talk to Matthew Ferry... and better to talk to
you, once we remembered to take the phones off hold.  We’ll do better tonight.   Nothing particular
on my mind, so... your turn.  Call me at 888-876-5593 (88 88 ROLLYE) 10 o’clock central.  Thanks
to Johnny & Gary in Austin for getting me the Bill Doggett interview clip last night.   As for the
bumpers I played:

Little David Wilkins – One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show
Chuck Berry – Too Much Monkey Business
5th Order – A Thousand Devils (Are Chasin’ Me)
Bill Doggett – Honkey Tonk Pt. 1
Bill Doggett – (Let’s Do) The Hully Gully Twist
Julie London – Cry Me A River
Preston Epps – Bongo Rock
Barbara Acklin & Gene Chandler
Willie Mitchell – San-Ho-Zay
Fontella Bass & Bobby McClure - Don’t Mess Up A Good Thing

TUESDAY MARCH 2, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  Fun playing trivia, though I admit, my questions were
ridiculously difficult.  But then again, you can have your own category and that includes anything! 
As for what I asked: 

You’ve encountered this—probably more often than you’d like. And probably more now than ever.
But Saudia Arabia has banned this ubiquitous thing entirely. What?  Music On Hold.

Philadelphia folks give the most.  Seattle denizens give the least.  Most and least what?  Restaurant
tips. (It’s not far apart, either.  Philly averages 19.2%, Seattle at just under 18%.)

Some of you got the some of the bumper stumpers (all beginning with the letter “C”), but if you were

C.O.D’s – Cry No More
Cadillacs – The Girl I Love
Calvin Bose – Shamrock
Calendars – I’m Gonna Laugh At You
Candace Love – I Want To Get Back
Calvanes – Flee-oo-wee
Capitols – Tired of Running
Calvin Arnold – Satisfy My Woman
Cardells – Helen
Carl Carlton – Don’t Walk Away
Cameos – Never Before
Camelots – Don’t Leave Me Baby

Got a guest tonight at 10.  Matthew Ferry.  He’s going to tell you how to quiet your mind and enjoy
life.  Yeah I know, good luck on that.  But even a little improvement would be nice in these trying
times when more people are suffering from dis-ease than disease.  He’s written Quiet Mind, Epic
Life (click on it for a good price from Amazon) and he’s got a website that expounds on the theory: 


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 26, 2021 3:31 AM...  Fun as always talking with you last night.  I forgot to tell
Carol From Chicago about Thomas W. Jones  Hopefully I’ll remember Monday, when we’ll again
play trivia.  I’ll spend the weekend looking for questions that Bill from Bala won’t recall I asked years
ago.  In the meantime, last night’s bumpers (mostly by your request):

Nelson Riddle - Route 66
King Cole Trio - (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
Spinners – They Just Can’t Stop It  (Games People Play)
Edwin Starr – Release This Love
Persuasions - Medley
Rupert Holmes – Everything Gets Better When You’re Drunk
Bobby Blue Bland – I Pity The Fool
Odyssey – Weekend Lover
Little Willie John – Sleep
Little Willie John – All Around The World
Skyliners – Since I Don’t Have You

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 25, 2021  3:31 AM...  Another fine time talking with you last night,
technical glitches aside.  We heard from Carol who wanted to know about the book from the guy at
Cornell.   So of course I couldn’t remember his name, or the book title, until minutes after the show
ended, but I did promise to include the details here:  Thomas W. JonesFrom Williard Straight to
Wall Street  Click on it for a good price from Amazon.   As for bumpers:

Koko Taylor - Wang Dang Doodle
Kruze Band – Shoo Doo Fu Fu Ooh
Freddie King – I’m Tore Down
Mitty Collier – My Babe
Arthur Prysock & Count Basie – I Worry ‘Bout You
Aretha Franklin – Soulville
Swan Silvertones – Move Up
Chi-Lites – Have You Seen Her
Ozzie Nelson – Dream A Little Dream

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 24, 2021 3:31 AM   Fun talking about nothing that matters including the
history of WAAF and Johnny Maestro (unrelated). As for the bumpers, I fulfilled lots of requests and
got a couple faves of my own in there too:

Danderliers – Chop Chop Boom
Chocolateers – Bartender Blues
5 Royales – Baby Don’t Do It
Albert King – Cold Feet
Five Stairsteps – You Waited Too Long
Crests - The Angels Listened In
Brooklyn Bridge – Worst That Could Happen
Ernie K. Doe – Wanted $10,000 Reward
Marcels – Goodbye To Love
Platters – Voo Vee Ah Bee

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 23, 2021  3:31 AM   Trivia questions, we had four. Three were guessed (two
because Bill from Bala remembered me asking them on the air somewhere yeas ago--  good
memories will be the death of me) and one as a throwaway guess by Johnny D, never imagining
he’d be right.   And one is still in play. As for what was correctly guessed: 

Female prisoners in the 1800s were responsible for the origin of the name of this commonly worn
item that you most likely own.  What? Sneakers. (In an 1862 book, female prisoners referred to
the rubber soled silent shoes worn by the guards as ‘sneaks’.   By 1873, department store ads
referred to the rubber soled shoes as sneakers.)   

Three quarters of Americans think they’re above average at this.  Only 1% think they’re below
average?  Above and below average at what?  Driving.  

For political reasons, this well known pastime is still banned in 3 countries.. what?  The board game
Monopoly.  (It’s still banned in China, Cuba & North Korea  --formerly Russia and East Germany
were on the list.   Symbolic of an imperialistic and capitalistic system, said Castro.  Russia
denounced it as a decadent instrument of capitalism.

Bumper Stumpers?  All began with “B”.  WE had winners on Barbie Gaye and Bessie Banks:
Baby Washington – It’ll Never Be Over For Me
Bandwagon – Breakin’ Down The Walls of Heartache
Barbie Gaye – My Boy Lollipop
Barons – Pledge of a Fool
Ben White & The Darchaes – Nationwide Stamps
Ben Zeppa – Foolish Fool
Bessie Banks – Go Now
Berna Dean – He’s Mine
Big Jay McNeely – There Is Something On Your Mind
Big Maybelle – What Are You Doing To Me
Billy Harner – Homicide Dresser

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 19, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Fun talking to you last night.  Looking forward to three
hours of trivia Monday night. Until then, stay safe.  And warm. As for last night’s bumpers:

Coasters – Searchin’
Little Willie John – Fever
John Wright Trio – South Side Soul
Arthur Prysock / Count Basie – What Will I Tell My Heart
Everly Brothers – Poor Jenny
Brook Benton – Boll Weevil Song
Carman – Some-O-Dat
Cadillacs – Peek-a-Boo
Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 18, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  3 hours of open lines tonight starting at 10 CT. I
hope you’ll call.  As for last night’s bumpers:

Jimmy Reed – Take Out Some Insurance
Gene Chandler – Bet You Never Thought
Eddie Holman – Am I A Loser
Clarence Reid – I Refuse to Give Up
Valentines – Woo Woo Train
Blossoms- Good Good Lovin
Bertha Tilman – Oh My Angel
Blue Magic – Side Show
5 Royales  Dedicated To The One I Love
King Floyd - Groove Me

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 17, 2021  3:31 AM CT..  Fun talking to many of you last night.  Tonight in
the first hour we’ll talk with Jeff Arnold, author of “How To Beat Your Insurance Company” (click on
it for a good price from Amazon).  And check out his website, Jeff knows first hand
as he sells the stuff. But more than how to beat them, he’ll tell you what coverage you shouldn’t
drop. These days everyone is trying to save money, and it’s tempting to cut a lot of expenses when
it comes to insurance.  There are some things you should be dropping (or at least be doing a better
job shopping around) but dropping other things may be the most costly “savings” you’ve ever
attempted.  We’ll sort it out and answer your questions and follow with a couple hours of open lines.
As for last night’s bumpers (most by request): 

Tyrone Davis – Turning Point
Belmonts – I Wonder Why
Moments – Love On A Two Way Street
Gems – That’s What They Put Erasers On Pencils For
Four Jewels – That’s What They Put Erasers On Pencils For
George Strait – I’ve Come To Exect It From You
Kool & The Gang – Who’s Gonna Take The Weight
Syl Johnson – That’s Why

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 16, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  Fun talking with Frank Stallone, and playing trivia
with you. If you missed the question (or answer): More of this is consumed in Great Britain than
anywhere else in the world.   Generally, English speaking countries are the biggest consumers of it. 
Of what? Breakfast Cereal.   In 2000, British consumers spent $35 a year on it, Americans spent
$32 a year. By comparison, buyers in Spain spent $2 a year, and in Italy $3.40.  

Our Bumper Stumpers all began with the letter B, but on top of that, it turns out they all were done
by artists with the first name of Barbara.  Next week we’ll do more B’s (group name or artist’s first

Tonight, we’ll be on at 10:30 CT after the hockey game.  I’ll make sure I’ve got a fresh stack of
tabloids and will look forward to your calls.  As for last night’s aforementioned bumpers, here’s what
we played:

Frank Stallone – One For My Baby
Valentine – Take You Back
Frank Stallone – Darlin’
Barbara Acklin – Am I The Same Girl
Barbara Brown – So In Love
Barbara George – You Talk About Love
Barbara Green – Young Boy
Barbara Lewis – You Made Me A Woman
Barbara Lynn – To Get You Back Again
Barbara Mason – If You Don’t (Love Me, Tell Me So)
Barbara Stephens – That’s The Way It Is With Me

MONDAY FEBRUARY 15, 2021  9:30 PM CT...  In about half an hour we’ll be talking with Frank
Stallone.  Did it help his career that he has a famous brother?  Did you know he’s a
singer/songwriter across many genres?  There’s a documentary about his journey and it’s worth the
watch. To stream it on Amazon (rent or own) click here, and to buy the DVD, click here.  You can
also watch a trailer on his website, and find out more at  After that, we’ll play
trivia. I’ll be ready for you!   Speaking of trivia, we’ve assembled the prize packages for the past
month or so and they’ll go out tomorrow.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 12, 2021  3:31 AM...  Trivia Monday night and a conversation with Frank
Stallone before that.   Last night’s bumpers?

King Curtis – Memphis Soul Stew
Ral Donner – You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until You Lose It
Tower of Power – You Ought To Be Havin Fun
Channels – The Girl Next Door
Johnny Ace – Pledging My Love
Barry Mann – Who Put The Bomp
Leon Haywood – It’s Got To be Mellow
Ruby & The Romantics – Our Day will Come 
Five Du-Tones – Shake A Tail Feather
Ernest Tubb – Saturday Satan Sunday Saint

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 11, 2021  3:31 AM... Partial show again tonight. Expect a 10:30 PM CT
start, as soon as Blackhawks Hockey wraps. Following sports I can use callers, so consider this a
bleat for that and dial 888-876-5583. Thanks in advance.  As for last night’s bumpers:

Nolan – I Like What You Give
Nolan Porter – If I Could Only Be Sure
Nolan Porter – Keep On Keeping On
Natalie Cole – This Will Be
Willie Tee – Teasin’ You
Willie Tee – First Taste of Hurt
Little Anthony & The Imperials
Carole King – It Might As Well Rain Until September
Barbara Lewis – Love Makes The World Go Round
James Brown Polka
Chairmen of the Board – Give Me Just A Little More Time

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 10, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  It was a shorter show due to hockey, but great
to talk with Johnny, Graham, Ken, James and Lia last night.  It makes it a pleasure when you call. 
Full show tonight, starting at 10, and I hope to hear from you.  As for the bumpers last night:

Supremes – Floy Joy
Eddie Holman – Hey There Lonely Girl
Ruby & The Romantics – Hey There Lonely Boy
Sergio Mendes & Natalie Cole
Sergio Mendes Trio – Favela
Hawkshaw Hawkins – Lonesome 7-7203

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 9, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  Fun playing trivia.  If you missed the answer (or the
question), here you go:  In the middle ages, a child would be thrown into the river for this purpose,
what purpose?  To remember important events.  Before written language, a young child would be
chosen to observe important activities in the hopes that the shock would cause the events to be
forever imprinted on the young mind so the child could recall it over a lifetime.  We started a new
twist on the Monday night Bumper Stumpers.  Obscure Oldies A to Z.  Every song tonight was
alphabetical by group or artist first name, and all of them were A’s. We had some winners too. This
is what we played:

Accents – New Girl
Ad Libs – He Ain’t No Angel
Al Apollo – I’m Walkin’
Al Matthews – Fool
Al Wilson – Who Could Be Lovin’ You
Alvans – Love Is A Game
Amos Milburn – One Scotch One Bourbon, One Beer
Ann Cole – Have Fun
Apollas – Lock Me In Your Arms
Archie Bell & The Drells  - Go For What You Know

Tonight here’s a hockey game, so we’ll be on after it.  Expect a start no later than 11 PM CT.  Talk to
you then

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 5, 2021 3:31 AM...  Good to hear from many of you last night.  Makes it a
pleasure to do the show.  I’ll be back Monday night at 10 PM Central, for Monday Night Trivia.  Last
nights bumpers:

Penguins – Be Mine
Joe Tex  Show Me
James Brown – Please Please Please
Al Kooper – You Never Know Who Your Friends Are
Gladys Knight – Midnight Train To Georgia
Barrett Strong – Make Up Your Mind
Frankie Avalon – Venus
Gene Pitney – I Wanna Love My Life Away
Young Jesse – Mary Lou
Ronnie Hawkins – Mary Lou

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 4, 2021  3:31 AM CT... Great talking to many of you last night.  Tonight,
we’ll be on after hockey, so figure on about 10:30 CT.  Talk to you then. As for last night’s bumpers:

Gems – Talk About The Weather
Dee Clark – How About That
Richard Berry – Louie Louie
Bobby Darin – Long Line Rider
Silhouettes – Get A Job
Dells – It’s Not Unusual
Tom Jones – I’ve Got A Heart
Dells – Time Makes You Change
Commodores – Zoom
Jackie Ross – Everything But Love

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 3, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Late start due to hockey last night (and that will
be the same tomorrow night) but tonight we’ll start promptly at 10 PM.  Hope to talk to you then. As
for last night’s bumpers:

Mayer Hawthorne – You’ve Got The Makings Of A Lover
Del Vikings- Come Go With Me (audition tape)
Coasters – Down In Mexico
Dobby Dobson – Don’t Go Please Stay
Buddy Holly – It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
Ritchie Valens - La Bamba
Del Vikings- VooDoo Man
Nolan Chance - Just Like The Weather
Donny Gerrard – Darlin’
Etta & Harvey – My Heart Cries

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 2, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Fun playing trivia earlier.  And no one guessed the
straggler question:  In WW2, Dwight Eisenhower often used this to calm himself and other generals.
What?  Monopoly, the board game.  (Eisenhower was an avid fan, and it is reported he played
Monopoly for hours before he led the Allied Invasion of North Africa.) No word on how he did.  Great
talking to Philly Cuzz in the first hour.  If you missed it, it’s on the stream now, and on-demand
indefinitely.  Keep reading for a link to his Facebook group.  As for the bumper stumpers--  We had
one winner, identifying the Vidaltones—I fully expected a winner on the Marvellos and Major
Lance—both Chicago mainstays.  As for all of what was played:

Philly Cuzz - Wildwood Honky Tonk
Philly Cuzz – My Favorite Doo Wop Song
Philly Cuzz – The Summer Kids of Ireland
Tymes – Ms. Grace
Hy-Tones – You Don’t Even Know My Name
Major Lance – Think Nothing About It
Vidaltones – Forever
Whispers – The Dip
Donnie Elbert – What Can i  Do
Marvellos – Boyee Yoing
Capitols – Tired of Running
Tru-Tones - Magic

MONDAY FEBRUARY 1, 2021  9:45 PM CT...  Monday Night Trivia in about 15 minutes. We'll be
talking with Philly Cuzz in the first hour.  Don't know who he is?  Then you didn't spend time down
the shore (as they say about Atlantic City when you're in Philly) or Philadelphia. But I think you'll like
his music.  Check out his Facebook group here.  After that we've got two hours of trivia and I'm
ready for you.  Talk to you in minutes!


FRIDAY JANUARY 29, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  Another night of fun talking to you. I’ll be back live at
10 CT Monday night to play trivia with you.  Stream of last night’s show is on, and available on
demand (use the nav-bar above).  As for last night’s bumpers:

Southern Pacific – I Go To Pieces
Originals – Baby I’m For Real
Mello-Kings – Tonight Tonight
Jean Knight – Mr. Big Stuff
Ross Bagdasarian – Come On A My House
Ruben & The Jets – I Wanna Know
Brick – Dazz
Jackie Wilson – Lonely Teardrops
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters – The Twist
Vogues – Five O’Clock World
Antonio Carlos Jobim - Wave

THURSDAY JANUARY 28, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Another night of something close to nothing but fun
talking with many of you.  We’ll do it again tonight at 10.  As for the bumpers last night...

James & Bobby Purify – I’m Your Puppet
Lou Johnson – Magic Mirror
Aaron Neville – The Greatest Love
Cardinals – Come Back My Love
Wrens – Begging For Love
Bill Doggett – Honkey Tonk Pt 1
Kenny & Tommy – I’ll Get By
Huey Piano Smith & The Clowns – Havin’ A Good Time
Deon Jackson – Love Makes The World Go Round
Eugene Church – Miami

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 27, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  Fun talking about absolutely nothhing after the
ballgame last night and we’ll do more of it tonight. As for the bumpers I played:

James & Bobby Purify – Help Yourself (To All Of My Lovin’)
Etta James – Something’s Got A Hold On Me
Flamingos – Lovers Never Say Goodbye
Jimmy Castor – Hey Leroy, Your Mama’s Callin’ You
Aaron Neville – Over You – 1960 Minit
Little Milton – Baby I Love You
Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London
Drifters – On Broadway
Sam Cooke – For Sentimental Reasons
Frank Bishop – My Horoscope

TUESDAY JANUARY 26, 2021  3:31 AM...  Great talking with Jerry Blavat earlier. Fun to talk with
Sean Compton too, though the topic, Larry King’s death, is sad.  A long life, fully lived, but it marks
the passing of another unique individual who made radio so compelling.  After that, we had fun on
Monday night trivia.  One question answered: Rarely do you find a neighborhood without one, but
the first one in America didn’t appear until the 1880s.  It was in Boston.  First what?   Playground. 
(In 1886, for the first time ever in the US, a public area was set aside for young children to play.  It
was little more than piles of sand in front of a children’s mission.)  The second question is still in
play, so if you missed it, you’ll hear it again next Monday (or listen to the stream or replay file, use
the nav bar above)— for those who heard it, it gives you a week to think about it. If you’re here to
discover the artists of the Bumper Stumpers, here’s what we played:

Tommy Ridgley – Jam Up
Four Seasons – Soon
Flamingos – Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
Lee “Shot” Williams – Juke Joint Slide
Johnny Bartel & The Soul Masters – I Waited Too Long
The Robins – A Little Bird Told Me
Jay McChann & Priscilla Bowman
Gene Redding – This Heart
Little Milton – Baby I Love You
Gees – It’s All Over

MONDAY JANUARY 25, 2020 10:30 PM CT... Talking with Jerry Blavat as I type. If you haven't
ready "You Only Rock Once,"  the story of Jerry's life, click on it for a great price from Amazon.  At
any price, it's worth the read!

FRIDAY JANUARY 22, 2021  WGN Radio 3:31 AM CT..  Great hearing from many of you last night. 
If you missed the show, you can always catch the replay on the stream until the next live show, or
access it on demand anytime (use the nav bar above). One of the things we discussed was what
you wanted the show to discuss.  We stopped doing political topics for the benefit of my blood
pressure (that in tandem with not watching any news or reading it online has been alarmingly
helpful).  But what we discovered was many of you called saying you didn’t want to hear political
issues, you just wanted to have fun on the radio at night.  I can do that (providing enough people
call, because it’s you guys who lead me down the trail of good stories), and of course should major
breaking news happen, we’ll always stop to talk about it, but as for the day to day diatribe of
politically related topics, is that what floats your boat or would you prefer we steer clear?  Call and
tell me (or email me here, if you must).  As for bumpers last night...

Shirelles – It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
Ford “Snooks” Eaglin – Willy Lee
Miracles – Ooh Baby Baby
Nolan Strong & The Diablos – Since You’re Gone
Barbara Lewis – I Still Remember The Feeling
Jackie Wilson – Reet Petite
Barbara George –You Talk About Love
Gino Vannelli – People Gotta Move
Huey Piano Smith & His Clowns – Rockin’ Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu
Brook Benton – Two Tickets To Paradise

THURSDAY JANUARY 21, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  Another night of nothing of consequence but plenty
of fun.  What inauguration?  You didn’t hear about it from me.   More of the same tonight at 10.  A lot
of what I played earlier came from your calls, so thanks for that and keep ‘em comin’!

David Ruffin & Eddie Kendricks – I Couldn’t Believe It
El Chicano – Put On A Show
Tams – What Kind of Fool
Impressions – Senorita (I Love You)
Freda Payne – Memories & Souvenirs
Poets – So Young (And So Innocent)
Neil Sedaka – Stairway to Heaven
Nina Simone – I Loves You Porgy
Nina Simone – To Be Young Gifted And Black
Wayne Cochran – Goin’ Back To Miami
Corsairs – Smokey Places

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 20, 2021  3:31 AM CT...  We continue to ignore everything of
consequence.  Nothing makes sense, so no sense trying to make sense out of nonsense.  We’ll just
continue to read the tabloids and talk obscure oldies. Speaking of which, there’s a bumper list from
last night below.  But before I go, reminder:

TONIGHT'S SHOW STARTS AT 9:30 CT INSTEAD OF 10.  Or at least it's expected to do so. 
Could be anything as we're following sports play by play, but check in around 9:30 PM CT if you
don't want to miss a word of it.

Emotions – So I Can Love You
Delfonics – La La Means I Love You
Barbara Lynn – Until Then I’ll Suffer
Rays – Daddy Cool
Chris Montez – End of a Love Affair
Jimmie Rodgers – The World I Used To Know
Don Julian – I Want You Back
Marvelettes – Strange I Know
Paul Evans – Midnite Special
Jim Stafford – My Girl Bill
Hank Snow – I’ve Been Everywhere

TUESDAY JANUARY 19, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  Great time playing trivia and so nice to hear from so
many of you!   (We rescheduled Jerry Blavat for next Monday.)  The bumpers we played are below,
so if you were wondering what you heard, now you know. Tommy recognized The Spoiler but
everything else remained a mystery.   You did better on trivia questions. We had two of them, and
both were guessed: 

Americans do this more than residents of any other country.  On average, American does this 12
times in their life.   Does what?  Moves.   17% percent of us do it every year.  Australia ranks #2
with 10% of its citizens doing it every year.

More of these are sold every year in India than in any other country, though the USA is close
behind.  More of them are made in India than anywhere else.  The USA is number 2 but at only half
the annual amount.  Indonesia comes in third, making a tenth of what India does in a year.  What is
it that India makes the most of?  Movies.

We’ll continue to talk about absolutely nothing that matters tonight through Tuesday.  It does seem
to keep my blood pressure lower, and it also serves as a safe-haven from the incessant analysis of
the issues of the day. But it’s a lot more fun when you call, so if you want to talk about nothing of
consequence, I’d love to have you call!

Lou Johnson - Unsatisfied
Turbans – These Golden Rings
Marlina Mars – Just Another Dance
Eddie Purrell – The Spoiler
Monitors – Say You
Wade Flemons – Easy Lovin
Gifts – Lovin’ You
Peppermint Harris – Wait Until It Happens To You
Spellbinders – For You
Mayer Hawthorne – The Walk

FRIDAY JANUARY 15, 2021 3:31 AM CT... Fun time talking to all of you who called.  Back Monday
night, with Jerry Blavat with any luck.   Bumpers last night?

Roy Head – Treat Her Right
Bernie Moore – 45 RPMs
Neil Sedaka – Alice In Wonderland
Keystoners – Gossip
Dells – It’s All Up To You
Johnny Taylor – Blues In The Night
Major Lance – Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um
Whispers – The Time Will Come
Fats Domino – Whle Lotta Lovin’
Moonglows – We Go Together

THURSDAY JANUARY 14, 2021  3:31 AM... Had fun talking about nothing again earlier and will do
it toniht night too. I hope you’ll call. As for bumpers, here’s what I played:

Clarence Carter – Tell Daddy
Georgie Fame – In The Meantime
Doris Troy – Just one Look
Shirelles – Baby It’s You
Nino Tempo & April Stevens
Buckinghams – Don’t You Care
Big Al Downing – I’ll be Holding On
Kit Carson – Band of Gold

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 13, 2021 3:31 AM CT...  We talked about absolutely nothing of
significance last night and will probably do it again tonight and tomorrow night.  Jon noted my blood
pressure before the show and gave me two choices.  Not do it, or do it and not talk about the state
of the country right now.  I opted for the latter, but it only worked because you called.  We can talk
about absolutely anything you like as long as it’s not controversial or political. Damn. It’s sounding
like The Nitecaps.  But when I got done with the show my blood pressure was a couple points
lower.  I even went out for a drive before digitizing the replay.  It’s still off the charts high however,
so no ETA for the return of issues.  If ever. Actually it’s not a bad thing because there are a ton of
places to get news of consequence depending on your political persuasion (there really is
something for everyone) and you don’t need to social media to find what you want.  It’s harder to
find a respite where you can relax and just have fun, so for the time being, that’s what I am.  A
respite from insanity.  Hope you’ll call tonight.  As for last night's bumpers:

Jerry Butler – Hey Western Union Man
Gene McDaniels – Point of No Return
Jerry Butler – Walk Easy My Son
Sam & Dave – I Thank You
Shirley Brown – Woman to Woman
Sam Cooke - You Send Me
Lavern Baker – Tweedle Dee
Tyrone Davis – Can I Change My Mind
Dionne Warwick – Don’t Make Me Over
Roger Miller – Kansas City Star
Flamingos – Nobody Loves Me Like You Do

TUESDAY JANUARY 12, 2021  3:31 AM CT... No Jerry Blavat last night.  That’s unusual for him, so
here’s hoping he just forgot.  We’ll hopefully have him on again soon.  Last week’s straggler turned
out to be this week’s stumper on trivia:  Almost 4,000 federal employees have the authority to do
this. Do what?  Stamp a document as Top Secret.  3,978 to be exact (as of 2004, anyway).  And in
case you were wondering, there are 4.3 million Americans with a security clearance.  2.9 million
have Confidential or Secret clearance, 1.4 million have Top Secret.  By far the biggest reason for
denying someone a clearance is how they handle money.  Being in debt or late on bills is usually a
disqualifier.  Now, ass for the bumpers:

Clarence Hill – A Lot of Lovin Goin’  Round 
Dontells – I’m Gonna Tell The World
Hearts of Stone – If I Could Give You The World
Blinky & Edwin Starr – Oh How Happy
Little Anthony & The Imperials – If I remember to Forget
Bob & Earl – Gee Whiz
Jesse Belvin – Love My Life
Four Tops – Ask The Lonely
Marie Osmond – Who’s Sorry Now (I’m sorry I played it. but a listener wanted 1975 country)
Dells – Dry Your Eyes

MONDAY JANUARY 11, 2021 9:30 PM CT...  Comin’ up in a half hour, Jerry Blavat!  At least I think
he is, we haven’t heard back from him yet.  Either way, you gotta read his book, “You Only Rock
Once”  (click on it for a good price from Amazon).  And if you’re on Facebook, don’t miss a ton of
great interviews from Frankie Avalon to Lenny Welch here (and yes, they’re current, too!)   After that
(or maybe in lieu of that) it’s Monday Night Trivia.  Talk to you in 30 minutes on WGN Radio.

FRIDAY JANUARY 8, 2020  3:31 AM CT... Great talking with Luis Miguel in the first hour of the
show last night, which didn’t begin until 10:30 CT due to basketball. We talked for an hour and it’s
on the stream now (and available on demand too- use the nav bar above). Check out Luis’ website
at  Since I only had an hour with Luis’ we forwent the bumpers.  However,
after that, here’s what we played:

Joe Simon – Drowning In The Sea of Love
Young Holt Unlimited – Wack Wack
Johnny Adams – I Won’t Cry
Keith – You’ll Come Running Back To Me
Carl Perkins – Dixie Fried
Jackie Wilson – Come Back To Me

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 6, 2020 9:45 PM  CT...  No live show tonight.  I really feel bad about this,
but I really feel bad.  I was prepped and set to go on when I thought maybe I should check my blood
pressure.  You don't even want to know.  I'm lying down now.  But unless something totally
unexpected happens to me between now and then, I'll be on live tomorrow night at 10.  And I'll have
Luis Miguel on with me.  If you haven't read his latest article, pondering whether this is the start of
a civl war, that's your pre-show assignment.  (Click here.)  Talk to you about that and more in just
about 24 hours.  I'll have a lot to say and I want your take as well. Thanks for understanding.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 6, 2021 3:31 AM..  had fun talking with many of you last night, which in
part accounts for some of the odd bumper choices below. Here to serve, lol. 

Arthur Conley – People Sure Act Funny
Pat Boone - Wish You Were Here, Buddy
Pete Seeger – Draft Dodger Rag
Bobby Sheen – How Many Nights
Teresa Brewer – Till I Waltz Again With You
Rupert Holmes – Second Saxophone
Dottie West – You’re Not That Easy To Forget
King Floyd- Groove Me
Wilbert  Harrison – Goodbye Kansas City
Parliaments – Don’t Be Sore At Me

TUESDAY JANUARY 5, 2020  3:31 AM CT.. It was great talking with Ceasar (Al Berry), an original
member of The Tymes in the first hour of last night’s show.  Pleased to say he’s still performing with
the group, and expect to see them back on stage by March (pandemic willing). In the second and
third hour, we played trivia.   Question?   More than 1 in 4 American dog owners have done this. 
Done what?  Mentioned their dog in their will.    Dan in New Jersey got it right, so we threw out
another question. If you were listening, you heard it and you’ve got a week to think about it, if not,
you’ll hear it next week on Monday Night Trivia.   No correct guesses on the bumpers. Here’s what I
played (the first hour being Tymes records, while we talked with Ceasar). 

Tymes – So Much In Love
Tymes – Anymore
Tymes – Ms. Grace
Tymes – One Little Kiss
Whispers – Needle In A Haystack
Beverly & The Del Capris – Mama I Think I’m In Love
Purple Mundi – Stop Hurting Me Baby
Millionaires – Never For Me
Calvin Arnold – Satisfy My Woman
Sunny & The Sunliners – The One Who’s Hurtin’ Is You
Wade Flemons – That Other Place
Themes – Reminds Me Of You

FRIDAY JANUARY 1, 2021  3:31 AM...  Congratulations you made it through 2020.  Hopefully that
wasn’t the demo version of what’s to come in ’21.  But we’ll find out together.  In case you missed
last night’s show (Andrew Anderson’s contact info is below), here’s what we played:

Jewels - Who’s It Gonna Be
Heartbeats – After New Year
Ruby & The Romanics – Every Day’s A Holiday
Orioles – What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve 1
Shirelles – Blue Holiday
Moonglows – Sincerely
Pixies 3 – 442 Glenwood Aveue
Rupert Holmes – The Place Where Failure Goes
Steve & Eydie – I Want To Stay Here
Bo Diddley – Ooh Baby
Rick Nelson – Fools Rush In

Link to CCrane
Order Rollye's Book